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Wednesday 20th October 2004, 12:00 am

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Viewing Category Lots
Viewing Category Lots
View All Sections 1 - 467
Silver & Plate 75 - 134
Objet d'Art 140 - 178
Venetian & Other Glass 180 - 228
Ceramics 230 - 282
Pictures 285 - 308
Furniture 310 - 467

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Description Estimate Hammer
Silver & Plate
75 Rectangular silver Cigarette Box, splayed sides, engine turned decoration with moulded laurel bands, raised on leaf-scrolled feet, probably Plante & Bannister, London 1931, 21cms. £100-150 £65
76 George III style silver Waiter, moulded piecrust edge with shallow scroll motifs, Deykin & Harrison, Birmingham 1928, 140grms, diameter 17cms. £80-120 £65
77 Victorian Britannia Standard "Lighthouse" caster, wrythen moulded form, with a moulded girdle, domed lid with urn finial, stepped base, Charles Stuart Harris, London 1895, 220grms, 17cms. £150-200 £200
78 Plain rectangular silver Dressing Table Tray, moulded serpentine outlines, engraved monogram, maker's mark rubbed, probably Birmingham 1913, 340grms, 29cms. £100-150 £70
79 Pair of Victorian silver Asparagus Tongs, Queens pattern handles, pierced blades, engraved crest, George Adams, London 1846, 170grms, 24cms and an electroplated Asparagus Stand, (2). £100-150 £200
80 Victorian ivory Pepper Mill, slightly tapering form, with four silver bands, probably Edmond Bennett, London 1890, 11cms, a French electroplated Pepper Mill by Peugeot Freres, an electroplated three-piece Condiment Set, a pair of ebony Condiments with plated mounts and one other, on an oval black lacquered tray, (10). £100-150 £210
81 George III silver Caddy Spoon, bright cut decoration to the handle, probably John Beldon, London 1805 and a George III Fiddle pattern Salt Spoon, London 1811,(2). £60-100 £45
82 George III silver pedestal Cream Jug of helmet form, reeded outlines, with an engraved band, bright cut cartouche with the initial "S" under a crest, Peter and Anne Bateman, London 1791, 85grms. £100-150 £380
83 George III silver pedestal Sugar Basket of oval ogee form with reeded outlines, bright cut engraved bands, engraved crest, within a shield cartouche, matched by a blank crest, Peter and Anne Bateman, London 1795, 198.5grms, width 17cms. £200-300 £440
84 Edwardian silver Matchbox Case, embossed decoration of feeding lambs, H. Williamson Ltd., Birmingham 1906, 7cms a similar Matchbox Case, embossed with seraphim, a small white metal Matchbox Case, a pair of Edwardian Napkin Rings, engraved with vine leaves and three others, (8). £100-150 £95
85 Dutch silver Pin Box of fan-shaped form, embossed decoration with figures, scrolling foliage, import marks for London 1906, 7cms and a rectangular Dutch silver Box, embossed with pastoral scenes and musicians and an Edwardian silver Pin Box, cushioned lid with gadrooned outlines, Chester 1902, 11cms, (3). £80-120 £100
86 Edwardian silver cylindrical Box with a domed lid, embossed decoration of floral tendrils, William Comyns, London 1901, 11cms and a white metal cylindrical Box, niello decoration of the Nile rivers cape, 8cms, (2). £50-80 £75
87 Miniature silver Tea and Coffee Set, plain circular form, comprising coffee pot, 3cms, teapot, hot water jug, milk jug and sugar bowl, on an oval tray, Birmingham 1953, (6). £80-120 £85
88 Small Victorian silver Milk Jug of oval semi-fluted form, with a moulded rim, T.W. and H.H. Dobson, London 1881, 9cms, and electroplated Cream Jug with a reeded girdle and gadrooned outlines and a pair of electroplated Sauce Boats with cut outlines, leaf-capped flying scroll handles, (4). £50-80 £120
89 George III plain oval Cruet and the frame with twin handles, raised on four ball feet, fitted with three cut glass condiments, each with silver lids, Rebecca Emes and Edward Barnard, London 1816, length 16cms, (damaged glass). £200-300 £170
90 Edwardian silver Ladle, Fiddle pattern handle with engraved monogram, "J.B.", Mappin & Webb, Sheffield 1902, 225grms, 33cms. £100-150 £110
91 Set of twelve Dessert Knives and Forks, Harlequin enamelled and silver handles, stainless steel blades, Turner & Simpson Ltd., Birmingham 1933, cased. £100-150 £220
92 Pair of silver Knife Rests, 'X' form handles, Robert Pringle, Chester 1919, 7cms, a cut glass Pounce Pot of pedestal form, white metal collar, domed lid and foot, a pair of electroplated Candle Snuffers, on a matched tray and two silver Ashtrays, (7). £80-120 £70
93 Electroplated pedestal Tureen of plain oval form, with twin reeded handles, domed lid with urn finial, length 40cms, an electroplated Basket with a clear glass liner, an electroplated pedestal Sugar Basket with a blue liner, plated Muffin Dish, Trophy Cup and Teapot, (6). £50-80 £90
94 Silver Cocktail Shaker, an engraved band to the shoulder, over a moulded girdle, domed lid, possibly Robert Culverwell, London 1929, 450grms, 22cms and an electroplated Siphon Stand, (2). £80-120 £210
95 Set of twelve German silver Coffee Spoons, spiral twist and cartouche handles, set of six electroplated Cake Forks and a set of six Tea Knives (24). £50-80 £50
96 Edwardian moulded glass "Gluck" Decanter, lightly wrythen moulded, doubled lipped silver collar and silver mounted stopper, H. Matthews, Birmingham 1906, 21cms. £50-80 £55
97 Cut glass Whisky Decanter, square shaped fluted shouldered form, with silver collar, fluted mushroom stopper, Barker Bros. Ltd., Birmingham 1949, 24cms. £50-80 £75
98 Twelve silver Dessert Spoons, Old English pattern handles, engraved initial "M", twelve matching Dessert Forks and Table Forks Jackson & Fullerton, London 1903-15, 1925grms, together with electroplated Table and Dessert Knives, beaded outlines, stainless steel blades, (58). £250-400 £560
99 Set of six George III silver Teaspoons, Old English pattern handles with engraved initial "B", Hester Bateman, marks rubbed and other Georgian silver Teaspoons, (30). £100-150 £110
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Viewing Category Lots
Viewing Category Lots
View All Sections 1 - 467
Silver & Plate 75 - 134
Objet d'Art 140 - 178
Venetian & Other Glass 180 - 228
Ceramics 230 - 282
Pictures 285 - 308
Furniture 310 - 467

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