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Tuesday 23rd August 2005, 10:30 am

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Viewing Category Lots
Viewing Category Lots
View All Sections 1 - 485
Ceramics & Glass 1 - 70
Silver & Plate 80 - 147
Objets D’art & Metalware 160 - 224
Jewellery 235 - 263
Wine 270 - 327
Pictures 340 - 377
Clocks & Barometers 385 - 394
Furniture & Effects 400 - 478
Car 485

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Ceramics & Glass
1 Royal Worcester coral handled Jug, with fluted collar, painted with Summer flowers with gilt outlines, on a blush ivory ground, on a circular base, marked, pattern number 1507, date mark for 1906, 15cms, (6”). £80-120 £95
2 Late Victorian Studio Pottery Saucer Dish, decorated with a stylised owl amongst trees and within a geometric border, the reverse decorated with scrolls, signed with initials, “D.R.W.”, (the “W” within a sailing boat) and dated 1895, 33cms, (13”). £68-80 £170
3 Worcester Barr, Flight and Barr “Queen Charlotte” pattern Saucer Dish, a matching large Cup and two Plates. £80-120 £160
4 Flight, Barr and Barr porcelain Plate, decorated with flowers and leaves in the Imari style, marked, impressed mark, 21cms, (8”). £30-50  
5 Sitzendorf Figure, of an actress holding a mask in her hand and wearing a floral decorated dress, with rope sandals, standing by a tree, marked, 13cms, (5”). £80-120 £50
6 19th Century Continental Figure of a young boy in Regency striped dress and standing by a tree, bears crossed swords mark, 9cms, (3½”). £40-60 £916
7 19th Century Derby Imari pattern Cup and Saucer, decorated in gilt iron red and blue, two others, varying designs, a plate and a Davenport tapered Sugar Bowl with riband handles, (8). £100-150 £90
8 Minton Pottery Tower Jug, the cover with pewter mount and jester finial, above an entwined twig handle and the tower moulded with dancing figures, on a twig base, marked, date mark for 1876, 34cms, (13”). £200-300 £200
9 Late 18th Century Chinese waisted Tankard with reeded rim, scrolled handle and painted with an armorial in enamels, above a motto, “Non Sine Pulveri Palma”, flanked by floral sprigs, circular base, 16cms, (6”). £100-150 £540
10 Eleven Copeland Spode Decorative Plates, each with a gilt border, decorated with panels of flowers, on gilt ground, interspersed by cobalt blue ground tendrils, marked, numbered 5647, retailed by Burley & Co., Chicago. £100-150 £85
11 19th Century Continental Figure of a gentleman in tricorn hat and pink coat and floral decorated trousers, holding a loaf in one hand with a terrier jumping at his waist and a lamb at his feet, on an open scrolled base, bears crossed sword marks, impressed number, 30cms, (12”). £500-700 £480
12 Samson porcelain Group of a couple, each with a musical instrument and seated against a bocage, on a moulded scrolled base, bears red anchor mark, 10cms, (4”) and another similar, bears Derby crown mark, 12cms, (5”), (2). £150-250 £95
13 English porcelain oval Basket, in the Coalbrookdale style, with encrusted twig handle, the interior painted with flower sprays and gilt scrolls, within a border of encrusted roses and other flowers, the exterior green ground with gilt outlines, on scrolled feet, 22cms, (8½”) and a two-handled rectangular Vase and associated Cover, (3). £50-70  
14 English porcelain Desk Stand in the Coalbrookdale style, the rectangular base with twin pierced scrolled handles, the borders encrusted with Summer flowers, the pen tray finely painted with Summer fruits and flowers, fitted with two inkwells and covers, Vase, Quill Holder and Cover and Taper, all similarly decorated, on scrolled supports, 30cms, (12”). £150-250  
15 19th Century Moore Brothers Vase, with gilt “Greek Key” pattern collar, above encrusted thistles and lily of the valley, on a pierced twig base, 17cms, (7”). £60-100 £75
16 Pair of 19th Century Continental and gilt metal mounted Baluster Vases in the Sèvres style, the domed covers with urn finial, painted with a band of Summer flowers, within a gilt and enamel border, on a plain blue ground, above twin pierced and scrolled handles and painted panels, each with a courting couple to one side and Summer flowers to the reverse, with gilt borders, on a spiral fluted scrolled circular base and octagonal stand, 46cms, (18”). £1000-1500 £1450
17 Royal Worcester urn-shaped Vase, the cover with replaced pineapple finial and cast with panels of harebells, with gilt outlines, the urn-shaped body with twin gilt lion-mask ring handles and with an oval panel painted with apples and grapes, signed “Hawkins”, with a reeded border, with riband finial, the ivory ground base with panels of cast harebells, with gilt outlines and on a square base, marked, pattern number 2255,date mark for 1903, 55cms, (24½ “). £1500-2000 £5600
18 Pair of Samson porcelain Figures, the seated gentleman wearing a feathered and ribboned hat, blue jacket with iron red and gilt florets, holding a posy of flowers, with a hound at his side, on a circular base encrusted with flowers, bears gold anchor mark, the female wearing a purple jacket and a matching blue dress, with a feathered hat on her knee and lamb at her side, on a floral encrusted circular base, bears gold anchor mark, 20cms (8”). £200-300 £400
19 Pair of heart-shaped Mirrors, each with bevelled plate, contained within a Thuringian pottery frame, each with double putto final, joined by floral swags, above encrusted roses and leaves, one marked, easel backed, 17cms, (10½”). £300-500 £230
20 Royal Worcester Jardiniere, with gilt rim, above a collar moulded with lozenges and motifs, the cauldron body finely painted with orchids and leaves and signed, F. Roberts, below moulded acanthus scrolls, on a fluted circular base, marked, pattern number 1976, date mark for 1899, 38cms, (15”). £600-800 £4400
21 Pair of Staffordshire Pottery flat-back Figures, “Queen of England” and “Prince of Wales”, each on an oval base, with gilt inscription, 46cms, (18”). £300-400 £180
22 Samson porcelain Figure of a flower seller and beggar, with a putto with an open book in the centre, standing by a table with a kettle, on a moulded a scrolled base, bears Derby mark, 18cms, (7”). £100-150 £120
23 19th Century Staffordshire Pottery cornucopia Vase and pierced Cover, both sides finely painted with roses and other Summer flowers, leaves and buds, within leaf-moulded borders with gilt outlines, acanthus scrolled handle and on a scrolled base, unmarked. £100-150  
24 Pair of Volkstedt-Rudolstadt Baluster Vases and domed Covers, of pink ground and each cover and vase hand-decorated with a Watteauesque scene, flanked by panels painted with Spring flowers, circular bases, marked, 30cms, (12”). £1000-1500 £360
25 Pair of Continental pottery campana Vases, each with twig handle and with a flared collar, painted with stiff leaves, above an encrusted floral swag, with pedestal stem encircled by a serpent, the bases each with a finches’ nest and eggs, unmarked. £200-300 £100
Pages 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17 

Viewing Category Lots
Viewing Category Lots
View All Sections 1 - 485
Ceramics & Glass 1 - 70
Silver & Plate 80 - 147
Objets D’art & Metalware 160 - 224
Jewellery 235 - 263
Wine 270 - 327
Pictures 340 - 377
Clocks & Barometers 385 - 394
Furniture & Effects 400 - 478
Car 485

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