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Antiquarian Books

Tuesday 9th December 2008, 11:00 am

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Viewing Category Lots
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Books Architecture
1 Reconstruction of the City of London - A Report, Improvements and Town Planning Committee...., The Post War Reconstruction of the City of London 1944, published on behalf of the Corporation of London by B.T.Batsford, Ltd, including maps and photographs 27 in total. £40-60 £45
2 Henry Hallam, "View of the State of Europe During the Middle Ages", in three Volumes, published John Murray 1856. £100-150  
3 Rev. Kenneth Macaulay, "History of St. Kilda", printed for T. Becket and P. A. de Hondt 1764, with map, rebound. £50-70 £160
4 Washington Irving, "The Chronicle of the Conquest of Grenada From the Mss. of Fray, Antonio Agapida, Paris", published by A. & W. Galignani 1829, pirated edition, printed 1829 the First English Edition, two Volumes. £120-180  
5 Sir Walter Ralegh, "The History of the World", Eleventh Edition, in two illustrated Volumes complete with 122 plates and maps, some folding, printed for Conyers, Napton, Midwinter... 1736. £400-600 £360
6 William Maitland, "The History of London from its Foundations to the Present Time", printed for J. Wilkie, T. Lowndes, G. Kearsley and S. Bladon, 1772, two Volumes with 122 maps and illustrations and with differing bindings. £400-600 £460
7 J. Scott Russell, "The Modern System of Naval Architecture", printed by Day & Son, London, circa 1865, three Volumes rebound in seven. (One plate missing) £2500-3500  
8 John Preston Neale and Edward Wedlake Brayley, "The History and Antiquities of the Abbey Church of St. Peter, Westminster - Including Notices and Biographical Memoirs of the Abbots and Deans of that Foundation", illustrated by John Preston Neale, the whole of Literary Department by Edward Wedlake Brayley, London, published by the proprietor J.P. Neale, 1818, large paper copy, two volumes bound in three. £250-350 £200
9 George H. Birch, "London Churches of XVII and XVIII Centuries, a Selection of the Most Remarkable Ecclesiastical Buildings, Including St. Paul's Cathedral, Erected Within and Around the Ancient City Walls Between the Years of 1630 and 1730 From the Designs of Inigo Jones, Sir Christopher Wren, Nicholas Hawksmoor,and James Gibbs, a Series of Sixty-four Plates and Numerous other Illustrations with Historical and Descriptive Accounts by George H. Birch", London, B.T. Batsford 1896, subscriber's copy, one Volume. £100-150  
10 Sir Walter Ralegh, "The Historie of the World in Five Bookes", London, printed for G Latham & R Young, 1628, rebound in two volumes,with 5 maps. £400-600  
11 Francis Price, "A Series of Particular and Useful Observations, Made with Great Diligence and Care upon the Admirable Structure - The Cathedral - Church of Salisbury", London, printed by C. & J. Ackers and sold by R. Baldwin, 1753, with 14 illustrations Fourdinier after Price including 1 folding, rebound. £400-600 £300
12 C.F. Partington, (Ed.) - "National History and Views of London of its Environs" London, published Simpkin & Marshall, Edinburgh - published by Oliver & Boyd, Dublin - published by W. Curry & Co. 1834, two illustrated Volumes. £100-150  
13 John Clayton, "The Works of Sir Christopher Wren - The Dimensions, Plans, Elevations and Sections of the Parochial Churches of Sir Christopher Wren Erected in the Cities of London and Westminster", London, published by Longman, Brown, Green & Longman 1848 & 1849. £400-600 £300
14 Arthur F. E. Poley, "St Paul's Cathedral, London - Measured, Drawn and Described", London, printed for the author 1927, First Edition, folio, with a letter and receipt from Arthur Poley to Walter Cave fixed to the rear end paper, Walter Cave book plate, the cover with gilt stamp of St Paul's Cathedral. Restored by Blair Geary, Burghley House, Stamford, £300-400  
15 John Thomas Smith, "Antiquities of Westminster the Old Palace, St Stephen's Chapel (now the House of Commons), etc.- ", London, printed by T. Bensley for J.T. Smith, sold by R. Ryan and J. Manson 1807. £50-70 £95
16 John Nichols, "The History and Antiquities of Hinckley in the County of Leicester - Including the Hamlets of Dadlington, Stoke Wykin and the Hyde", the Second Edition , printed by Nichols, Son & Bentley 1813. £50-70 £75
17 Mrs Basil Holmes, "The London Burial Grounds", published Fisher Unwin 1896, with accompanying letter from the author's son. £80-120 £65
18 Pinnock, "County Histories", in 6 leather-bound Volumes with maps, , printed for G. Whittaker. Pages 29 - 32 missing from London section. £300-500  
19 Edward Wedlake Brayley and John Britton, "The History of the Ancient Palace and Late Houses of Parliament at Westminster", in one illustrated Volume, published John Weale, Architectural Library, 59 High Holborn 1836. £150-250  
20 An Historical Description of St. Paul's Cathedral...., printed for J. Newbery 1753: rebound "A Popular Account of St. Paul's Cathedral...", printed by Nichols 1831: a facsimile copy - "The True Report of the Burnyng of the Steple and Churche of Poules in London, 10th of June 1561", privately printed by Hazell, Watson & Viney Ltd. 1885, limited edition number 111/200.(3) £40-60 £25
21 Edmund Aikin, "Plans, Elevations, Section and View of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, London", in one illustrated Volume, with engravings by le Keux, printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme & Brown 1813. £40-60 £30
22 W. Niven, "London City Churches Destroyed Since AD1800 or Now Threatened", in one Volume, illustrated with eighteen etchings, seven photo lithographs by the author, printed for the author by T.Pettitt & Co. 1887, rebound. £30-50 £30
23 Lincolnshire Churches: An Account of the Churches in the Division of Holland in t he County of Lincoln, in one illustrated volume, printed and published by T.N.Morton, 1843. £50-70 £60
24 Sir William Dugdale, "The History of St. Paul's Cathedral in London from Its Foundation", with a continuation and additions by Henry Ellis, within one Volume, with folding and single page illustrations, printed for Lackington, Hughes, Harding, Mavor & Jones 1818. £200-300 £180
25 Edward Earl of Clarendon, "The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England", published Oxford University Press 1843. £80-120  
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Viewing Category Lots
Viewing Category Lots
View All Sections 1 - 366
Books Architecture 1 - 66
Books - Geography & Topography 75 - 102
General 103 - 366
Books Hunting & other Sports 120 - 138
Books Horticulture 150 - 157
Books Bibles and Religious Books 170 - 179
Books Authors Works 190 - 211
Books 220 - 324

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