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Description Estimate Hammer
1 Arthur W Coaten, ''British Hunting, A Complete History [1909]'', limited edition 267/500, half morocco folio and a companion volume, ''British Sports and Sportsman, London 1912'', limited edition 53/1000, morocco calf (2). £200-300  
2 Arthur G Butler, ''Et Al British Birds and Their Nests and Eggs'', in six volumes, illustrated by F W Frohawk, numerous chromolithographic plates, n.d, 4to, tooled green cloth (6). £80-120  
3 Rev.W.Houghton, ''British Fresh water Fishes'', in two volumes, London, Edinburgh and Dublin, n.d., with coloured illustrations, 4to, tooled cloth. £200-300 £400
4 John Nichols, ''The History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester'', volume I only, in two parts, London 1795 and 1815, some copied-in preliminary pages, engraved plates, folio, rebound half calf, (2). £350-500  
5 John Harwood Hill, ''The History of Market Harborough, Leicester 1875'', together with ''The History of the Parish of Langton, Leicester 1867'', rebound, morocco spine, folio (2). £300-400  
6 Geoffrey Gambado, ''An Academy for Grown Horsemen, Containing the Completest Instructions for Walking, Trotting, Cantering, Galloping, Stumbling and Tumbling'', London 1787'', illustrated with soft ground etchings after Henry Bunbury, (repairs and old restorations), 4to, half spine defective. £80-120  
7 Robert T. Vyner, ''Notitia Venatica - A Treatise on Fox-Hunting'', new edition revised, corrected and enlarged by William Blew, in two volumes, London, n.d. 8vo, tooled cloth, (2 volumes). £50-80  
8 Georges Louis Le Clerc, Comte de Buffon, ''A Natural History, General and Particular; Containing the History and Theory of the Earth...'', translated from the French by William Smellie, new edition collection and enlarged to which is added ''A History of Birds, Fishes, Reptiles and Insects, Together with an Account of the Most Curious Foreign Plants, by Henry Augustus Chambers, in two volumes, (circa 1800), some hand coloured plates, 4to, rebound, leather spines (2). £70-100 £90
9 Thomas Hepplewhite, ''The Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer's Guide; Or, Repository of Designs for Every Article of Household Furniture in the Newest and Most Approved Taste...'', third edition improved, London 1794, engraved plates, folio rebound calf. £500-800 £500
10 Francis Peck, ''Academia Tertia Anglicana; Or, The Antiquarian Annals of Stanford in Lincoln, Rutland and Northampton Shires'', London 1727, some losses compensated in freehand, folio calf, (old repairs). £50-80 £85
11 William Smith, ''A New and Complete History of the County of Warwick'', illustrated by a series of views, engraved on steel from original drawings, Birmingham 1829, 4to rebound calf. £100-150 £90
12 T. Noble and T. Rose, ''The Counties of Chester, Derby, Leicester, Lincoln and Rutland, illustrated from original drawings by Thomas Allom'', Fisher, Son & Co., London, Paris and New York 1836, 4to, contemporary tooled green calf. £100-150 £110
13 Charles Deering, ''Nottinghamia Vetus et Nova or An Historical Account of the Ancient and Present State of the town of Nottingham'', with an appendix, ''Nottingham 1751'', with a folding engraving of the East Prospect of Nottingham, together with another folding plate and a folding plan, 4to rebound calf. £100-150 £95
14 Alexander McDonald, ''A Complete Dictionary of Practical Gardening; Comprehending all the Modern Improvements in the Art...'', in two volumes, London 1807, with engravings after Sydenham Edwards, 4to, calf defective. £500-800 £480
15 Robert Hogg and George W. Johnson, ''The Wild Flowers of Great Britain'', in eleven volumes, London 1863-1880, numerous chromolithographic plates, green cloth. £100-150 £320
16 William Shakespeare, ''The Plays'', accurately printed from the text of Mr Stevens's, last edition in nine volumes, London 1798; Daniel Defoe, ''The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, Cooke's edition, in three volumes and other antiquarian books. £50-80 £110
17 J.H.F. Brabner (Ed), ''The Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales'', six volumes, circa 1900, cloth; ''A London Reverie'', illustrated by Joseph Pennell 1928'': Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, ''Historical Memorials of Westminster Abbey'', 6th Edition, 1886 and other books of topographical interest. £30-50 £65
18 ''The Art Journal Illustrated Catalogue of the International Exhibition 1862'', 4to, calf, defective; ''Websters International Dictionary'' two volumes, ''Burke's Landed Gentry'' and two other books, ''A Complete Guide to Heraldary and Armorial Book Plates'', 2nd series (6). £40-60 £38
19 Izaac Walton, ''The Complete Angler'', illustrated by Arthur Rackham, 1931, cloth, three titles from ''The Fly Fishers Classic Library'' and other books on fishing. £30-50 £48
20 Montague Summers, ''The History of Witchcraft and Demonology'', London 1926; Arthur Edward Waite, ''The Book of Ceremonial Magic'', London 1911, C.G. Harper ''Haunted Houses'', third edition 1927 and other books on magic, ghosts and witchcraft. £30-50 £130
21 J.S. Fletcher, ''A Picturesque History of Yorkshire'' in three volumes, London 1899, cloth; Kellys Directory of Cumberland and Westmoreland 1910; ''A Dictionary of North Riding Dialect''; A History of Sedbergh School'' and ''Church Bells of England'' (7). £40-60 £55
22 The Holy Bible, Oxford 1746, small 4to calf. £20-40 £55
23 ''La Nouvelle Maison Rustique au Economie Generale...'', two volumes (of three), Paris 1768, small 4to, half calf, (damaged). £50-80 £45
24 Samuel Howitt, ''The British Sportsman'', a collection of seventy plates, London 1812, 4to, green morocco spine. £80-120 £75
25 Henry Mayhew and John Binny, ''The Criminal Prisons of London: And Scenes of Prison Life'', London 1862, with folding prospect and engraved plates, 8vo, calf spine. £50-80 £60
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