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Tuesday 9th February 2016, 10:00 am

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Description Estimate Hammer
1 Moorcroft baluster shaped lamp base, Honeysuckle pattern on shaded blue ground, 27cm. £120-180  
2 Moorcroft bulbous shape lamp base, 'Finches' designed by Sally Tuffin, on blue-green ground, second quality, 17cm. £80-120 £75
3 Moorcroft vase shape lamp base, 'Magnolia' design on ivory coloured ground, 16cm, a 'Magnolia' design pin dish and box, together with a small Moorcroft monochrome vase, (4). £80-120 £65
4 Moorcroft baluster shape vase, 'Finches' designed by Sally Tuffin, on blue ground, 24cm. £200-300 £170
5 Royal Doulton figure, At Ease HN2473, length 21cm and two other Doulton figures, Clarinda HN2724 and Grand Manor HN2723, (3). £50-80 £45
6 Royal Doulton figure, Bo-Peep HN2811, 14cm and four others, Cissie HN1809, Dinky Do HN1678, Tootles HN1680 and Marie HN1970, (5). £60-80  
7 Royal Doulton figure, Summertime HN3137, 21cm and three others, Rebecca HN2805, Kirsty HN2381 and Janine HN2461, (4). £60-80 £55
8 Royal Doulton figure, Coppelia HN2115, 19cm. £80-120 £75
9 Royal Doulton figure Tess HN2864, and three others from the Kate Greenaway Collection, Ruth HN2799, Lucy HN2863 and Amy HN2958, (4). £40-60 £40
10 Royal Doulton figure, Mary Countess Howe HN3007, 24cm and three others, L'Ambitieuse-Tissot HN3359 and two others, Daphne HN2268 and Debbie HN2385, (4). £70-100 £60
11 Royal Doulton figures, Bunny's Bedtime HN3370, 18cm and three others, Harmony HN4096, HN3635 and Joy HN3876, (4). £40-60  
12 Royal Doulton figure, Peggy HN2033, and three others Goody Two Shoes HN2037, Lily HN1798 and another un-named, (4). £40-60  
13 Royal Doulton figure, Carrie HN2800, 16cm and three others from the Kate Greenaway Series, Tom HN2864, Anna HN2802 and Lori HN2801, (4). £40-60 £42
14 Royal Doulton figure, Amy HN2958, 15cm and three others from the Kate Greenaway Series, Tom HN2864, Edith HN2957 and Emma HN2834, (4). £40-60 £42
15 Royal Doulton figure, Miss Muffet HN1936, 15cm and four others, Ivy HN1676, River Boy HN2128, Nell HN3014, and Cathy HN2346, (5). £60-80 £60
16 Royal Doulton Fair Lady HN2193, 20cm and four others, Grand Master HN2723, Camillia HN2222, Innocence HN2842 and Queen Victoria HN3125. £60-100 £90
17 Royal Doulton figure, Sophie HN2833, 16cm and four others from the Kate Greenaway Series, Louise HN2869, Anna HN2802, Georgina HN2377 and Beth HN2870, (5). £50-80 £45
18 Six Royal Doulton Bunnykins models, Nurse Bunnykins DB74, Bunty Bunnykins D82, Fireman Bunnykins DB75, Policeman Bunnykins DB64, Master Potter Bunnykins DB131 and Uncle Sam Bunnykins DB50, (6). £50-80 £48
19 Small Royal Doulton figure, The Jester HN3335, 11cm and three other Doulton figures, Nanette HN3248, Fragrance HN3250 and Southern Belle HN3244, (4). £60-100 £60
20 Royal Doulton model of a Retriever HN1028, 15cm and six Doulton models of puppies, (7). £80-120 £110
21 Royal Doulton model of a Parakeets, 17cm, a Doulton model of Budgerigars, another model of a Budgerigars, a Goldfinch, a Coppersmith Barbell, Humming Bird, Mandarin Duck and Kingfisher on rock, HN131, (8). £70-100 £85
22 Small Royal Doulton model of a German Shepherd dog K13, 13cm and eight other Doulton models of dogs, including K1, K3, K6, K7, K9, K10, K17 and K19 (9). £70-100 £85
23 Royal Doulton miniature figure, Chloe M29, 8cm, another Priscilla M24, another Pantelettes, un-numbered, and another small Royal Doulton figure, Top O' the Hill HN2126, (4). £60-100 £80
24 Small Royal Doulton figure, Kirsty HN3246, 11cm, three other small Royal Doulton figures, Christmas Morn HN3212, Elaine HN3247 and Sara HN3249, together with another Doulton figure, Invitation HN2170, (5). £40-60 £38
25 Coalport group, Restoration Stuart, modelled by John Bromley, limited edition 1/500, 18cm and three others, House of Tudor, House of Stuart and House of Hanover, (4). £70-100  
Pages 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19 

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