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Viewing Category Lots
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Ceramics & Glass
1 A Victorian Parian figure Richard Coeur de Lion, with a replaced bronze sword, 45cm and a Parian bust of a Greek warrior on a circular socle, 32cm (2). £100-150 £170
2 A Victorian Parian ware tureen on stand, registration mark for 1852, decorated in the Renaissance style with mask heads and fruit swags, replaced finial to the domed lid, stand diameter 22cm, a Parian bread platter, wheat ear surround, restored, diameter 32cm, a Victorian Parian jug by Samuel Alcock and Co, leaf moulded, pewter mounts and a Parian leaf moulded dessert plate, (5). £50-80 £50
3 A Copeland portrait bust of the Prince of Wales, after Marshall Wood for the Crystal Palace Art Union, 26cm and another, Princess Alexandra, after Felix Martin Miller, 25cm, (2). £200-300 £160
4 A Victorian Parian bust of Lord George Bentinck, after Count D'Orsay, Copeland, circular socle, 25cm, a Copeland bust of Havelock, 25cm, a Goss Parian bust of John Bright, two Parian busts of W E Gladstone, and a bust of George Holyoake (6). £200-300 £360
5 A Victorian Parian ware memorial figure, The Duke of Wellington after G Abbott, Samuel Alcock and Co., 1852, damaged and hairline crack, 29cm and two Robinson and Leadbeater busts, Nelson and Napoleon, (3). £150-200 £230
6 A Victorian Parian ware bust, Clytie after the model by C Delpech, 20cm, a bust of Apollo after Delpech and two other classical style Parian busts, (4). £150-200 £250
7 A Victorian Parian bust of Prince Albert Edward, after Morton Edwards for The Art Union of London, 1864, circular socle, 35cm. £150-250 £150
8 A Victorian Parian bust, Dr Robet Bentley Todd, after Matthew Noble for the Crystal Palace Art Union, on a circular socle, 38cm; and a Parian bust of Charles Dickens, on a circular socle, 30cm (2) £200-300 £190
9 A Victorian Parian ware bust, by Robinson and Leadbeater, Queen Victoria, to commemorate the 60th year of her reign, 1897, on a circular socle, 25cm, a Parian bust of King George V, 18cm and two Robinson and Leadbeater busts, Lord Roberts and Lord Kitchener, after W C Lawton, 1900, 20cm and 22cm, (4). £200-300 £270
10 A Victorian Parian ware bust, Duke of Wellington after Comte D'Orsay for Copeland, circular socle, 20cm, a Copeland Parian bust of George Stephenson, 16cm, a Robinson and Leadbeater bust of a Victorian gentleman, 18cm and three others, William Shakespeare (2) and Robert Burns, (6). £150-200 £150
11 A Victorian Parian ware group, Naomi and her Daughters-in-Law, probably Minton, shaped bevelled base 36cm, a Turner and Co Parian figure, Classical Maiden with a Kid for the Norwich Art Union, 46cm and a Parian figure of a Classical maiden seated on on an oval cushion, 25cm (3) £300-500 £420
12 A Victorian Parian ware bust, The Duke of Wellington after Joshua Pitts, 1852, turned socle, 24cm and a Parian memorial jug Prince Consort, 1862, attributed Old Hall Earthenware Company, lacking mounts and chipped, 21cm, (2). £70-100 £170
13 A Victorian Parian group, Joe's Fairwell with Dolly Vardan and Joe Willet, after D C French, 27cm and a Victorian Parian figure of a young man in 18th Century costume, damaged, 29cm, (2). £100-150 £95
14 A Minton type biscuit china figure, John Wesley, 20cm, a Parian bust of Charles Dickens, 20cm, a bust of Benjamin Disraeli, a bust of Petrarch and a Robinson and Leadbeater model of Rev Dunnett, (5). £100-150 £190
15 A Minton type biscuit china figure, of Sir Robert Peel standing, 29cm and a similar figure of The Duke of Wellington, damaged (2). £70-100 £160
16 A Copeland and Garrett transfer ware meat plate, circa 1840, decorated with oriental objects and flowers, 54cm £50-80 £48
17 A pair of Staffordshire models of seated Greyhounds with hares naturalistically coloured, oval bases, 22cm and a Staffordshire Bocage group with a musician and dancer over a bridge, 18cm and a Staffordshire spill vase group with sleeping children, 17cm, (4). £50-80 £65
18 A small Lowestoft blue and white basket shaped dish, circa 1770, double loop handles, basket weave moulded with prunt like rosettes, interior painted with Chinese river scene, with a figure in a boat and pavilions, small rim chip, width 12cm. £700-1000  
19 A very rare Prattware pot lid, GENUINE BEARS GREASE, hairline cracks and repairs, diameter 7.5cm Footnote: See A. Ball's 'Pot-Lids and other underglaze multicolour prints on ware', Antique Collectors Club, 2nd Ed., p.285, no. 458 for a similar lid to the one offered here, titled 'The Two Bears'. Provenance: Prof. Keith Mortimer Collection £1500-2000  
20 A Westerwald grey salt glazed stoneware armorial jug, initialled and dated 1687, press moulded stylised floral decoration, manganese and cobalt decorated, 23.5cm. £80-120 £1700
21 A Set of three Staffordshire Earthenware graduating jugs, Cork, Edge and Malkin, registration mark for 1864, decorated with holly leaves and berries, rubbed, one cracked, 19cm and smaller, a Staffordshire pear shaped jug, MERRY CHRISTMAS, 17cm and a set of three Staffordshire copper lustre graduating jugs, one repaired, (7). £50-80  
22 A stoneware jug, Lord Nelson, perhaps Derbyshire, late 19th Century, treacle glazed triform hat, 27cm. £50-80 £75
23 The Royal Patriotic Jug - The Crimean War, Staffordshire porcelain jug, dated 1855, printed with a battle scene and a widow and family after designs by G Eyre, 20cm. Footnote: ''...Being desirous of putting within the reach of all to possess a memorial both of the present war and of the noble and generous sympathy displayed by all classes towards to truly brave soldiers, have published a patriotic jug, illustrative alike of the horrors of war as well as of the Nations grateful efforts to alleviate them evidenced by The Royal Patriotic Fund. Copies of this interesting work can be had at all china and glassware houses in the kingdom''. Illustrated London News, March 31st 1855. £50-80 £90
24 A collection of Staffordshire portrait series plates, by or attributed to Wallis Gimson and Co., 1880's, each of octagonal shape, Queen Victoria, HRH The Prince of Wales, The Right Honourable Marquis of Salisbury, Lord Randolph Churchill, Joseph Chamberlain, William Gladstone, Benjamin Disraeli, James Fraser, the Lord Bishop of Manchester, Rev. C H Spurgeon, together with two other plates, Victoria Jubilee Queen and Empress 1887 for Silber and Fleming, London and W E Gladstone for Heins Bros, (11). £80-120 £190
25 A Staffordshire commemorative jug, LONG LIVE THE BRITISH NAVY, GOD SAVE KING GEORGE V by Collingwood Brothers Ltd, 16cm, two Edward VIII commemorative mugs, both designed by Dame Laura Knight, 8cm, George VI and Queen Elizabeth commemorative mug, designed by Dame Laura Knight, other commemorative mugs, cups and saucers and plates, together with a George VI commemorative glass vase for T Goode and Co Limited, No. 14, 25cm, (41). £200-300 £180
Pages 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22 

Viewing Category Lots
Viewing Category Lots
View All Sections 1 - 541
Ceramics & Glass 1 - 65
Works of Art 66 - 116
Silver 120 - 147
Jewellery & Watches 150 - 296
Pictures & Sculpture 300 - 436
Furniture 440 - 541

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