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Tuesday 16th August 2016, 10:00 am

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Description Estimate Hammer
1 Pair of Royal Doulton Lambeth stoneware vases, tubelined with geometric and chevron banding, pale green ground, impress mark, 22.5cm high. £40-60 £35
2 Royal Crown Derby comport, Mikado pattern, gilt highlights, 12cm high. £60-100  
3 Pair of Chinese pottery vases, printed with Pho dogs, against a gilt ground, six character mark, 18cm high; together with two Staffordshire pottery cheese dish and covers, (4) £30-50 £38
4 Six Doulton figures and a Murano glass lady in amber and turquoise 35cm, Fragrance HN2334, Olga HN2463, Simone HN2378, Invitation HN2170, Daphne HN2268, The Little Bridesmaid HN1433. (7) £80-120 £85
5 Beswick - Black Beauty and Foal, Connoisseur matt finish model on a wooden plinth, 19cm high. £30-40 £30
6 Royal Doulton Dickens ware plates, Alfred Jingle, diameter 27cm, another Fagin, another Trotty Veck, another Mr Micawber, square dish, Old Peggotty, small plate Dick Swiveller, diameter 18cm, small plate Little Nell, diameter 16cm, another plate The Artful Dodger, diameter 19cm and another Sairey Gamp, diameter 19cm, (9). £80-120  
7 Leon Sala, ''For Saint Louis'', a crystal vase, plain flared form, with applied leaves, moulded signature, lozenge Cristaux de Art Saint Louis, height 22cm, (chipped foot). £20-30 £12
8 Pair of Royal Doulton cabinet vases, (both have repaired handles), painted with landscapes, signed J.H. Plant, 16cm. £40-60 £22
9 Royal Doulton series ware plate, Sir Roger de Cloverley 34cm, together with two Doulton Whisky flasks modelled as a falcon and buzzard, designed by John G Tongue, (3). £30-40 £25
10 Royal Doulton series ware jug, Izaak Walton, The Compleat Angler, The Clock of Old St Duston's Church, Fleet Street, height 20cm, another jug, a Bayeux tapestry jug D2873, and a Cavalier tankard D4750 and another jug Canterbury Pilgrims, height 19cm, (5). £80-120 £80
11 Naples porcelain gilt mounted dish and three Limoges oval dishes and a pin box, (5). £80-120 £45
12 Lladro group ''Walk in the Park'', height 51cm (a.f) £60-100 £60
13 Venetian style enamelled soda glass beaker, 14cm, another beaker and a Bohemian champagne, (3). £40-60 £30
14 Three Masons Ironstone plates, two circular, one rounder rectangular, with later transfer printed oriental scenes (3) £20-30 £20
15 Royal Crown Derby 'Posies' part coffee set, including five cups, six saucers, a jug and dish; together with a Royal Worcester pat tea set including six cups, saucers and tea plates, one cake plate, one dinner and one side plate; a Staffordshire comport; and a small number of Foley tea ware £60-80 £65
16 Pair of Staffordshire King Charles Spaniels, Staffordshire cats and figural flatbacks; with other assorted continental figural groups (one box) £50-70 £80
17 Twelve miscellaneous cut-glass bowls, vases, candlesticks, etc. £30-40 £20
18 Capodimonte six place coffee set. £20-30 £10
20 Six Chinese polychrome rice bowls, five spoons and five saucers. The vase in the image is not included in the lot. £40-60 £42
21 A West Country art pottery vase, circa 1920, possibly C. H. Brannam, incised and slip decorated with a crane amidst reeds, against a blue ground, 33cm high, (restorations). £20-30 £22
22 Early 20th century peach ground floral tea service, floral decoration with gilt highlights, 12 cups, saucers, side plates, 2 bread and butter plates, jug and bowl, green stamp MR Limoge, backstamp ''Made for Sneddon & Sons Glasgow by M Redon Limoge France'' £40-60 £22
23 P. Ipsen, terracotta ewer, 30cm high, (damaged). £10-20 £8
25 Royal Doulton circular plate, Shylock, diameter 23cm, another circular plate and page, another Falstaff, another Friar Tuck joins Robin Hood, small plate Bodiam Castle, a pair of candlesticks, Hamlet and Ophelia, (damaged), etc. £60-100  
26 Four Royal Doulton figurines, ''Autumn Breezes'', ''Kirsty'' HN2381, ''Rhapsody'', and ''Diana'' HN3310, (4). £30-40 £38
27 Continental porcelain centre bowl, with cherub to either side of the lattice ware basket, applied with floral garlands; together with nine small cherub musicians (10). £80-120 £90
Pages 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21 

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