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Tuesday 7th February 2017, 10:00 am

Items Per Page

Description Estimate Hammer
1 Beswick figures ''Coddington Hilt Bar'' bull no.1439A, 12cm tall, and ''Hereford Champion of Champions'' bull and cow, no.1363B, (3). £80-120 £50
2 A collection of eight Will Young, Runnaford Pottery figures, depicting characters from Widecombe Fair including the Old Grey Mare and Uncle Tom Cobley (8) £60-80 £50
3 Beswick figures, two ''Highland'' bulls no.2008, 12cm tall, and another bull, all with damages, (3). £50-80  
4 Two Royal Worcester vases, one decorated with roses and flowers 9cm tall, one decorated with brambles H306, 10cm (2). £50-80 £45
5 Beswick figure ''Aberdeen Angus'' bull no.1562, 12cm tall. £60-90 £40
6 Three circular miniature prints, and miniature painting on ivory, (4). £50-70 £55
8 Patinated bronze horse on plinth, 10cm tall. £60-100 £70
9 Three Lalique glass scent bottles, all post-1945, with damages, (3). £40-60 £25
10 Beswick figures of ''Black Beauty and Foal'' on plinth, 20cm tall, Connoisseur model, with another brown Beswick Foal, 12cm tall, (2). £50-80 £18
11 Small Crown Devon rural lustrine pottery bowl, decorated with butterflies, 14cm. £50-80 £55
12 Pair of Royal Worcester bottle vases, the fields painted with roses and primulas, numbered to underside 1671, 16cm tall. £100-150 £100
13 Doulton Lambeth, 'Autumn Leaves' pattern vase, swollen bottle form, impressed with leaf design, stamped marks, 27cm. £80-120 £50
14 Set of six Aynsley china coffee cans and saucers, the coffee cans with pierced silver frames by Gorham Manufacturing & Co, Birmingham 1920, cased, the case 37.5cm. £100-150 £240
15 Staffordshire figures, Old Lang Syne, a large cow spill vase, pair of King Charles Spaniels, and another spaniel (5). £50-80 £30
16 Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern plate with other Crown Derby plates, figure of birds, dishes and dinner plates (12). £50-80 £35
17 Large Melba pottery model of a bull, 40cm wide 26cm tall, Beswick ''Champion of Champions'' bull, no.1363B, 12cm tall, and similar smaller Melba model, 16cm tall. £50-80 £80
18 Set of six Waterford crystal wine glasses, 'Lismore' Pattern, 17.5cm, (6). £40-60 £70
19 Three Beswick style pottery wall mounted budgies, the largest 16cm, Beatrix Potter Royal Albert ''Old Mr Pricklepin'', Beswick ''Tom Kitten'' and other figures, (9). £40-60 £28
20 Pair of metal vases decorated with birds and bamboo, 30cm tall, a Georgian cast lead tobacco box, and other metal items, (5). £30-50 £35
21 A Shelley part tea-for-two, circa 1926, Queen Anne shape decorated with landscape pattern with trees and sunrise, consisting of teapot, two teacups with sauces, milk bowl and sugar jug, (7). £70-100 £120
22 Four Prattware pots with lids, one modern, with other decorative ceramics, etc. £40-60 £22
23 Novelty teapots, including penguin shaped, AGA shaped, boiled egg shaped and others, two boxes. £50-80 £42
24 Box of decorative figures, pottery items and ceramics, one box. £30-40 £75
25 Royal Worcester ''Evesham'' pattern dinner and table ware, one box. £40-60 £22
26 Whitefriars, possibly, a Cased vase, aqua and green glass, 21cm high £50-70 £50
27 Spode loving cup, limited edition No.31/500, 16cm tall, Her Royal Highness Elizabeth, The Queen Mother. £20-30 £12
28 Sitzendorf group, Musicians, a similar pair of figures with game and two Continental porcelain ballerinas, lace dresses (5) £40-60 £65
29 Collection of cut glass decanters, some lacking stoppers, (10). £50-80 £28
30 Two Staffordshire figures, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, 36cm tall, (2). £80-120 £30
32 Coloured glassware, including Isle of Wight vases, Murano glass baskets, German style cut glass wine glasses etc. £50-80 £90
33 Stoneware jars, hot water bottles, bottles etc. £30-50 £10
34 Box of decorative teaware and transfer printed plates, one box. £30-40 £10
35 Box of coffee cans, ten cups and saucers, coffee pot etc. £40-60 £18
36 Two boxes of glassware including drinking glasses. £40-60 £80
37 English pottery urn-shaped vase, twin scrolled handles, blue and white transfer print on a gilt ground, with cover, (knop missing), 32cm; and a pair of similar baluster vases, (3). £50-80 £18
38 Candlesticks ceramic, 23cm tall, along with an eagle vase, 19cm tall (3). £40-60 £60
39 Two miniatures and a cold painted spelter donkey group, 9cm tall, (3). £30-50 £90
40 Selection of coloured glass scent bottles, (11). £30-50 £85
41 Staffordshire figures, including sheep and children figures, (6). £40-60 £50
42 Royal Doulton Flambe vase, decorated with cottage in a landscape, signed Noke, 30cm. £40-60 £38
43 Imari vase, the ground profusely decorated with foliate design, damaged, 26cm. £30-50 £25
44 Quantity of glass, including glass bowls, fruit dishes, spirit glass in case, cut wine glasses, early pressed glass etc. £40-60 £15
45 Royal Dux style camel group, 26cm tall, with two other figures, (3). £40-60 £55
46 Royal Crown Derby table lighter, along with other Continental porcelain and ornaments, (7). £30-50 £55
47 Staffordshire figure clock group, 34cm tall, and musician group, (2). £50-80 £32
48 Collection of Royal Worcester porcelain, including cup and saucer signed Sedgley, two small vases, shell dishes etc, (11). £50-80 £150
49 Box of ceramics, including plate, large modern Chinese vase and other decorative ceramics. £30-40 £38
50 Two boxes of glassware, including vases and bowls. £40-60 £18
51 Box of mixed ceramics to include Masons cheese dish and butter dish, studio pottery items, and decorative cake stand, etc. £40-60 £30
52 Pair of Staffordshire equestrian figures, 35cm tall and a Greyhound dog with game, 29cm tall (3). £40-60 £40
53 Small quantity early 19th century pink lustre tea ware. £30-50 £45
54 Italian art glass vase, oval, two others and blown vase, (4). £30-40  
55 Collection of Poole pottery, some hand painted, including bowl, diameter 24cm; another bowl plate, two hors d'oeuvre trays and two small vases. £30-50 £20
56 Whitefriars, a quantity of items; including tall vase pattern 9852, gold amber, 22cm; Geoffrey Baxter optic vase 9586, gold amber, 13cm; flanged vase, pattern 9351, 15cm; and another ribbed vase, baluster form, pedestal foot, 16.8cm (the last possibly not Whitefriars) (4) £30-40 £30
57 Dutch Delft plate, blue painted with flowers, slightly dished form, 23.5cm; a Japanese Imari plate; a Worcester style blue and white saucer, and a Belleek shell teapot (damaged), (4). £20-30 £25
58 Staffordshire figures, two dancers, 25cm tall, a man with guitar and a woman with jug, (4) £50-80 £48
59 Two Crown Derby porcelain mugs, circa 1800, in the imari pattern, 11cm high, pair of Crown Derby pedestal pot pourri vases with pierced rim and four masks on four paw feet on square canted bases, 10cm diameter, 11.5cm high, (4) £50-80 £60
60 Three Victorian decanters and three Royal commemorative glass plates, together with fluted edge bonbon dish, (7). £30-50 £22
61 Box of drinking glasses, some cut glass, including two decanters with stoppers, and other glass. £40-60 £60
62 Collection of blue tinted glass, one box. £100-150  
63 Two boxes of mixed ceramics and pottery, with two jardinieres. £30-40 £15
64 Beswick figure of a cheetah, large Goebel figure of a Labrador dog, 31cm tall, two Border Fine Art figures of Labradors and a Royal Crown Derby figure of a mouse (no stopper). £50-80 £30
65 Thomas Webb etched goblet, Mayflower 70, cased, and a Caithness etched goblet, Cutty Sark, cased, (2). £40-60 £22
66 Quantity of cut and pressed glassware, two baskets, two comports, jug and two vases, (7). £40-60 £12
67 Shamrock Pottery novelty pig, decorated with a cloverleaf, 7cm; another with a flower; two others, similar, unmarked, named 'Bognor Regis' and 'Taunton'; and Shamrock pink glazed pigs, (7). £30-40 £20
68 Stoneware figure of a praying boy, 21cm. £30-40 £22
69 Three figure of large cats, on sculptured glass plinths, snow leopard, tiger etc, (3). £20-30 £55
70 Bargeware treacle-glazed teapot, spriggs depicting pheasants, dated 1887, 34cm tall. £50-80 £40
71 Three pottery cats by Winstanley and one other, (4). £20-30 £50
73 Decorative teaware and plates, one box and a glass bowl. £30-40 £15
74 Minton Pottery Solano ware, designed by John Wadsworth, part dinner service, one box. £30-50 £20
75 An Imari charger 31cm diameter, character jugs etc, one box. £40-60 £40
76 Aynsley blue and gilt dinner service, comprising 2 x oval meat plates, 6 x dinner plates, 6 x medium plates, 5 x side plates, 6 x fruit saucers, 6 x rimmed soup dishes, 2 x lidded tureens, sauce boat and stand, 4 x Hammersley white and gilt coffee cans and saucers. £30-50 £50
77 A pair of Edwardian green glass lustres, traces of gilt, glass droplets, 30cms. £40-60 £140
78 Staffordshire pottery figure of a couple, together with other Continental figures, including Capodimonte (8). £30-50 £30
79 Cut glass vase, comport, vase with square foot and lidded comport, (4). £80-120 £50
80 Three modern Coalport cottage models and five Hummel pottery figures, one small Lilliput Lane model, with other jugs, (12). £50-80 £38
81 Portmeirion dinner and teaware, 'The Botanical Garden' design, including dinner plates, toast rack, teapots, cake stand and others, two boxes. £100-150 £90
82 Three boxes of mixed ceramics, including Portmeirion, T G Green Cornishware pot and others, etc. £40-60 £55
83 Part Alfred Meakin dinner set including tureens. £30-50 £15
84 Assorted decorative pottery and china, including two Royal Doulton ladies, ''Marie'' HN1370, ''Rose'' HN1368, one box. £30-50 £42
85 Royal Doulton, 'Rondelay' pattern dinner, tea and coffee service, HN5004 and other china teaware and decorative ceramics, one box. £60-80  
86 Masons pottery kettle, other pottery and decorative ceramics, two boxes and three lamp bases. £80-120 £170
87 Two boxes of decorative ceramics, including large twin handled floral centre piece. £40-60 £65
88 A needlework tapestry, blue and white plates, Art Nouveau style vase, lamp, wall clock, one box. £30-50 £25
89 Box of brassware, including watering can, table lamps, candlesticks etc, one box. £40-60 £65
90 Two stamp albums and various loose stamps, together with a small Chinese miniature on silk (one box) £40-60 £25
91 Elliott mahogany cased mantle clock, arch brass dial applied with cast figural spandrels, height 18cm. £40-60 £120
92 Quantity of silver-plate ware, including teapots, boxes, coasters, trays etc, one box. £50-80 £110
93 Binoculars in leather case, ebony scent bottle holders, Franklin Mint model car and other items, one box. £20-30 £35
94 Miscellaneous items, to include silver champagne coaster, clock, abacus, carved wood figures of birds and a box of cutlery, two boxes. £40-60 £75
95 Herald stamp album, and small contents; Wanderer stamp album; Universal; Triumph illustrated stamp album; loose stamps; some covers; predecimal and other coins, (quantity). £40-60 £140
96 Box of wooden carved items, including birds and African wall masks, and a quantity of gourds and an Ostrich egg, etc. £30-50 £25
97 A carved wooden travelling table top desk with drawer, fully folding, 49cm x 35, an oak writing slope 34cm x 52cm. (2) £50-80 £70
98 Cast iron street sign, 'Brewery St', 32cm wide, 13cm tall. £40-60 £80
99 Silver topped malacca cane, 88cm; two other canes; two parasols and shooting stick, (6). £60-100 £60
100 Elliott mantle clock, onyx case, square brass dial applied with cast spandrels, 16cm tall. £40-60 £100
101 Victorian black slate and variegated marble mantel clock, circular white enamel dial with Roman numerals, French cylinder movement, striking on a bell, 31cm. £60-100 £50
102 Part canteen of silver plated cutlery, fiddle pattern, and other silver plated cutlery, in a fitted oak canteen, the canteen 50cm wide. £80-120  
103 Victorian mantel clock, black painted metal case, circular ivorine dial with Roman numerals. Ansoni USA movement, 28cm. £30-50 £30
105 A violin and bow, labelled Stradivarius, one piece back. £40-60 £100
106 Cutlery canteen box with draw, with other wooden boxes and cases, (6). £40-60 £42
107 Vintage brass car horn, coiled form £20-30 £30
108 Small collection of vintage handbags, including beaded and leather examples, (9). £30-50 £60
109 Victorian sampler, ''Martha S Scott 1876, with two framed embroidered Stevenograph hunting pictures ''The Meet'' and ''Full Cry'', (3). £40-60 £70
111 An embossed brass 'peacock' plaque 30.5cm diameter, and a cast metal armorial Eagle plaque (2). £30-50  
112 Two clocks: including a slate mantle clock and a brass cased carriage clock. (Catalogue amendment, there is now no domed cased clock in this lot), (2). £40-60 £45
113 A set of Victorian brass postal scales and another set of postal scales, along with brass serving tray and two pairs of brass candle sticks. £40-60 £30
114 Pair of rococo style cast and gilt cast table candlesticks, 25cm. £30-50 £70
115 Hailwoods type 01 Miners lamp, 28cm; together with a quantity of other Miners lamps, various sizes, and a WWI shell casing box £50-80 £80
116 A length of Snake skin, 137cm. £20-30 £25
117 Cannon 7 SLR Camera with case, with a selection of Canon and other makers lenses, including Canon 85mm F1.9 with caps, etc. £100-150 £480
118 After Emile Loiseau, reproduction bronze model of a horse and rider taking a jump, on oval marble base, overall 40cm wide by 30cm high. £70-100 £85
119 A ship's modern wall-mounted brass cased barometer by Weather Master, on a mahogany plinth, 23.5cm. £60-80 £110
120 A lacquered brass Anniversary clock, under a glass dome, 29cm tall. £40-60 £75
121 Dutch Art Nouveau style pottery and alabaster tablelamp, modelled with two children sitting on a wall, under a street light, 51cm. £60-100 £50
122 Victorian tortoise shell calling-card case, rectangular form, white metal shield cartouche, engraved, 10.5cm; Victorian walnut tea caddy; small horn beaker; napkin rings; boxes; purse; Victorian walnut work box, 38cm; leather bound jewellery case; walnut writing box, leather bound correspondence case, etc. £120-180 £140
123 Carved stone bust, South African, 39cm. £50-80 £85
124 Victorian lacquered brass monocular microscope, with accessories, unsigned, in mahogany box inset with brass presentation plaque. £80-120 £150
125 Papiermache crumb tray and brush, Abalone shells, brushes and pen quill stand. £50-80 £22
126 A reproduction bronze figure of a dancer, 43cm high, on circular veined marble socle, overall height 57cm. £70-100 £85
127 Plated knives and forks, with cased set of teaspoons. £30-40 £30
128 Mahogany brass bound writing slope (af), and a circular mahogany card tray with moulded edge. £40-60 £10
129 Two Knobkerrys, one with scalloped surface, 76cm and 67cm. £80-120 £70
130 Umbrella with silver mounted handle, with bamboo shaft by Kendall, 88cm; a parasol, silver mounted ebony cane with ivory handle, and a boat ensign.(4) £70-100 £90
131 Silver mounted five-piece dressing table set, engine turned, in a fitted case, the case 39cm. £60-100 £55
132 Edwardian silver-plated epergne, with five flutes, gadrooned outlines, circular base, 45cm. £50-80 £55
133 Small Victorian walnut chest, rectangular top with a moulded edge, three drawers, 33cm. £30-50 £100
134 Three brass jam pans, kettle on stand and shoe horn. £40-60 £15
135 1960s squat lampshade by Rotaflex and copper jardiniere, (2). £30-50  
136 Small quantity of assorted loose postcards. £20-30 £22
137 A Victorian brass dog collar, figural photograph frame, wooden shoetrees and butter pats, tin of coinage, etc. £40-60 £75
138 Victorian rosewood casket shaped tea caddy, with lion mask handles, satinwood correspondence box, pair of elaborate EPNS grape scissors with fox handles, crochet floral arrangement under a glass dome, etc. £80-120 £80
139 Tool box, cables, etc. £20-40 £25
140 Assorted brass and copperware, including a large oval warming pan. £50-80 £50
141 Quantity of silver plate items and other misc items. £30-40 £38
141A Box of kitchen related items, including Le Creuset casserole pan, Le Creuset baking dish and other cooking items. £30-50 £42
142 Fuller Sparta crystal receiver (cased), cased travel clock with date and minute chart, (2). £50-80 £85
143 Pair of leather motorbike gauntlets, sheepskin lined, 33cm. £40-60 £35
144 A Smith's mantle clock, with Bakelite case and an Enfield Art Deco style mantle clock, (2). £50-80 £160
145 Set of six silver bladed fish knives and forks, Sheffield 'd', in an oak fitted box, 35cm; set of cased silver-plated cutlery, mother of pearl handles. £70-100 £70
146 Edwardian silver-plated tray oval form with gadrooned outlines, twin reeded handles, 60cm. £50-80 £32
147 Basket of ancient artefacts and other collectables including candle and tallow pans. £60-100 £150
147A Pair of silver candlestick, with other platedware, teapots and cruet set, one box. £50-80 £80
148 Military piccolo, stamped TDA Wilkins & Co, London,1914. £50-80 £50
149 Five South African carved stone figures, including men, woman, lion, eagle (5). £40-60 £70
150 Conway Stewart twin pen set, cased, together with two other pen sets, three cigarette cases, and trinket box formed from a propeller, carved with RAF insignia. £50-80 £95
151 EPNS oval serving tray, punchbowl, cake pedestal and toast rack, (4). £50-80 £90
152 Copper and brass tea urn/samovar. £40-60 £48
153 Collection miscellaneous walking sticks, umbrellas. (13), in wicker stand. £30-50 £80
154 Rudyard Kipling Works (25), Bombay Edition, MacMillan 1914, Vol. 1, signed, some a.f., The Yellow Book, fourteen vols, 1894-97. £120-180 £380
155 'Lapus Calami' James Kenneth Stephen published by Macmillan and Bowes 1891, with accompanying signed letter from the Poet, along with a collection of fine bound poetry books, to include works by W.H.Davies, Ffrida Wolfe, C.Calverley, Audus Huxley, etc, (35). £120-180 £250
156 Shakespeare Illustrated by Kenny Meadows, in six volumes. £30-50 £55
157 Victorian salt glazed jug, by E. Walley of Cobridge, moulded in relief with hunting scenes, 22cm high £20-30 £15
158 John Wright, The Fruit Grower's Guide, in six volumes; together with Pictorial History of War, seven volumes; and one other book (14). £30-40 £140
159 Harmsworth Atlas & Gazetteer, folio 41cm. £40-60 £20
160 Pietro Verri, Storia di Milano, in two vols, Milan 1834 with fold out plates, half calf, and L'Assedio di Firenze, in three vols, 1840, half vellum, (wood wormed), (5). £15-20 £48
161 Collection of Military books etc., including Royal Engineers GRVI needlework badge. £30-50  
162 Oeuvre de Moliere, published 1770, in eight volumes, rebound (8) £20-30 £42
163 Reproduction bronze figure ''Amazon Warrior'' on green marble effect base, overall height 40cm. £90-130 £110
164 A Wheatstone rosewood accordion, fretted ends, labelled, in a case. £120-180 £550
165 Cote de Nuits, Burgundy; Vosne Romanee Les Malconsorts, 1955, (1 bottle), two bottles of French sparkling white wine, a bottle of dry red Elderberry wine and a half bottle of Churchill's dry white port, (5). £20-30 £65
166 Port: Skeffington 1977 Vintage, (1 bottle). £40-60 £30
167 One bottle of Taylors 1975 Vintage Port, bottle of Althorp Champagne selected for Earl Spencer, signed Spencer to the neck together with a bottle of pure white rum (3) £40-60 £50
168 Warres Port 1975, Vintage Port, six bottles. £100-150 £150
169 Pair of gentlemens black leather riding boots, with Rowell & Sons boot trees, together with two hunting jackets. £50-80 £110
170 Vintage Eveready portable radio, Amplion speaker, and a pair of vintage Salter scales, (3) £40-60 £55
171 Quantity of Vintage cameras and accessories, including Agfa, Kodak and Nikaiyo (one box) £40-60 £20
172 A collection of First Day covers, and quantity of various loose stamps, (3 boxes) £50-70 £50
173 Bound volume of Punch magazine 1902-1903, The Works of Henry Fielding (12 volumes), together with assorted books, (4 boxes). £50-70 £15
174 Antiquarian books, various, all as found, and a large assortment of other works (ten boxes) £40-60 £130
175 Ten boxes of assorted books, fiction and non-fiction, late 19th-20th century publications (10 boxes) £40-60 £42
176 A Georgian Officer's Universal pattern copper gilt gorget, engraved with crowned GR cypher within laurels, together with two Georgian keys, one engraved ''Hyde Park Barrs/ No servants without their Master'' (3). £150-200 £850
177 Four cast brass wax seals, formed as a classical maiden, gentleman in tails, hand holding a pipe, and a chess pawn (4) £20-30 £65
178 19th century slate and variegated marble mantel clock, enamelled dial with Roman numerals. £30-50 £50
181 Large Chinese pottery table lamp, late 20th century, printed bamboo design, 71cm £30-50 £20
182 Pair of leaded and stained glass ceiling shades, pale and dark blue starburst design.(2) £50-80 £65
190 Cased stopwatch, rolled gold cased pocket watch, silver vesta case, cigarette case, miniature photograph frame, and caddy spoon, and two small needlework samplers (9). £120-150 £150
191 Quantity of mixed coins and tokens, including Five Francs French and South African 19th century Two and a half Shillling piece. £30-50 £60
192 Silver engine turned folding cigarette case, Deakin & Francis, Chester 1914, together with a Georgian silver caddy spoon, Birmingham, marks rubbed, with pierced and wavy rim to the bowl, (2) £30-40 £70
193 Quantity of silver medallions, many dance related weighing approximately 6oz, other copper and plated medals, a 9 carat yellow gold ring 3gms, a bloodstone/cornelian swivel £80-120 £160
194 Collection of pre-decimal coins. £40-60 £80
195 Two sets of silver coffee spoons, cased; and a set of plated fish knives and forks, in a walnut case, (3). £50-80 £55
196 An Edwardian oval silver teapot, Henry Williamson Ltd, Birmingham 1908, semi-fluted body, ebony finial and handle, gross weight 19oz. £150-200 £200
197 Silver tray, rectangular form with rounded corners, Joseph Gloster Limited, Birmingham, 1921, 30cm, 13oz. £100-150 £160
198 Small silver christening mug, William Neale Ltd, Birmingham, 1924, scrolled handle, stepped circular base, 7.5cm; silver candlestick, weighted; and a pair of Walker & Hall silver spill vases (af) (4) £70-100 £50
199 Silver octagonal Christening mug, Joseph Ansell and Joseph Ansell, London, 1844, chased and engraved body with crest and monogram to shield cartouches, scrolled handle, glass bottom, gross weight 7.9oz £60-80 £130
200 A George III silver cream jug, London, hallmarks rubbed, beaded outlines, 4.5oz. £50-80 £100
201 A silver baluster-shape caster, maker rubbed, London 1912, fluted body, 4.6oz. £50-80 £70
202 Three silver berry spoons, a matched pair hallmarked London 1839/1840 makers mark Samuel Hayne & Dudley Carter, a single berry spoon hallmarked London 1799, makers mark Richard Cook, all with gilded bowls,total weight approximately 7oz. (3) £80-120 £110
203 Silver rectangular cigarette box, J.B Chatterley & Sons, Birmingham, 1971, engine turned cover, 16.5cm x 10cm. £50-80 £65
205 Quantity of plated cutlery, silver pudding bowl, etc., (1 box) £40-60 £28
206 Small silver condiments and family tree, electroplate chafing dish. £30-50 £95
207 Small silver items, spoons, perfume bottle, napkin rings etc. £80-120 £120
208 Set of eight silver and enamelled cocktail sticks, terminals formed as cockerels; together with a cased set of salts, George Unite, Birmingham, 1915, planished finish, matched spoons; and three piece glass lined condiment set. (3). £50-80 £110
209 A cased set of eighteen French silver oyster forks, maker's mark for Edouard Corvasier, Minerva head stamp. £70-100 £320
210 Silver three-piece teaset, William Hudson & Sons, Sheffield, 1918, serpentine gadrooned outlines, each piece raised four paw feet, the teapot with stained wood handle and finial, 14cm, gross weight 36oz. £300-400 £370
211 Silver hotwater jug, B.B.&S. Chester, 1931, stained wood handle and finial, raised on four bun feet, 23cm. £80-120 £130
212 Italian silver-faced oval dressing table mirror, Florence (FI281), post-war, 800 standard, beaded and palmette outlines, 29cm. £150-200 £130
213 Pair of silver fish servers, C.W. Fletcher, Sheffield, 1921, with ivory handles, cased; and a silver-plated knife, with mother of pearl handle, cased (2) £50-80 £65
214 A George III silver marrow scoop, Charles Hougham, London, 1831, silver mote spoon (damaged); sifter spoon, caddy spoon and quantity of assorted silver teaspoons, in a white metal entree dish, weighable silver 10.8oz. £100-150 £180
215 Two modern silver tea strainers, one having a stand, both by Francis Howard, a silver ''Sherry'' label, two silver napkin rings, a silver backed clothes brush and an unmarked comb, total of weighable silver approximately 5.5oz (including both tea strainers). (8) £70-100 £70
216 A collection of silver flatware - tablespoons, table forks and dessert forks, 44.9oz. £400-600 £460
217 Pair of Victorian silver table spoons, Fiddle pattern, hallmarked London 1863, makers mark Samuel Hayne and Dudley Carter, a pair of silver sauce ladles in the Old English pattern, hallmarked London 1886, makers mark JSH, total weight approximately 9oz. (4) £80-120 £100
218 Matched sets of silver cutlery comprising:- six silver pastry forks hallmarked Sheffield 1979, six Fiddle pattern teaspoons London 1829, makers mark William Batemen II, six Old English pattern teaspoons, London 1863, makers mark A B Savory & Sons (William Smily), six silver coffee spoons, Sheffield 1925, Atkin Brothers, total weight approximately 13oz. (24) £120-150 £140
219 A Georgian silver sifting spoon, Fiddle pattern hallmarked London 1827, a modern Kings pattern cake slice and cheese knife, both in presentation boxes, a set of six modern dessert knives and four table knives by John B Chatterley (as new), a single silver handled knife. (14) £50-80 £100
220 Twelve silver dessert forks in the Fiddle pattern, Victorian, various makers and dates, total weight approximately 17.5oz. (12) £160-250 £190
221 Silver cutlery in the Fiddle pattern comprising:- six table forks Exeter 1874, makers mark JW&JW Josiah Williams & Co, six dessert forks Exeter 1857, same maker, eleven dessert spoons Exeter 1876 JW&Co, Josiah Williams & Co, total weight approximately 35oz. (23) £350-450 £380
222 Twelve silver table forks in the Fiddle pattern, Georgian and Victorian, various makers and dates, to include Exeter, total weight approximately 28oz. (12) £250-350 £290
223 Thirteen silver dessert spoons in the Fiddle pattern, Victorian, various makers and dates, to include Exeter, Edinburgh, total weight approximately 15.5oz. (13) £150-250 £180
224 A set of six silver fruit spoons, gilded bowls embossed with fruit with thread and scroll handles, hallmarked Sheffield 1936, makers mark NG Co. total weight approximately 7.5oz. (6) £60-90 £100
225 Collection of silver flatware, five coffee spoons, pickle fork, small ladle, three salt spoons and a mustard spoon, total weight approximately 3.5oz. (11) £30-50 £38
226 Six silver soup spoons, zig zag border, hallmarked Sheffield 1931, makers mark Walker & Hall, total weight approximately 9.5oz. (6) £80-120 £110
227 Silver forks 13oz, (8); two dessert spoons 30oz, etc., and a set of cased fish knives and forks with EP blades. £120-160 £200
228 A quantity of pocket watches, A ''Services Scout'', a German watch engraved on reverse ''H Becker Das Reich 1940'', open face pocket watches. (5) £70-100 £150
229 Pair of silver sauce boats, George Nathan & Ridley Haynes, Chester, 1908; a Victorian silver Christening mug, engine turned and chased, blank cartouche; a silver trophy on ebony stand, assorted cream jugs, silver mounted bottle, and a white metal tray, stamped 'Silver', weighable approximately 19oz £150-200 £370
230 Small silver and embossed rectangular tray, 11.5cm, marks worn; small collection of silver napkin rings; condiments; ashtray, approximately 18oz. (quantity). £150-200 £190
231 Yellow metal expanding bracelet, seven of the links set with sapphires or sea pearls, marked 18ct; Ladies Cyma wristwatch, yellow metal case and bracelet strap; Dress watches; simulated pearl necklaces and costume jewellery, pens (a quantity). £100-150 £470
232 Omega 9ct gold wristwatch. £200-300 £120
233 Two ladies wrist watches, one having a circular arabic dial in a 9 carat rose gold case on a gold-plated bracelet, the other having an arabic dial in a gold coloured tonneau shaped case with leather strap. (2) £30-50 £75
234 George III 1787 Spade Guinea. £200-220 £300
235 Netherlands 10 Guilder gold coin, 1913 £140-160 £170
236 A Sadufa yellow metal bracelet, 8mm wide woven construction with satin finish centre and polished border, stamped 750, approximate weight 12gms. £150-180 £240
237 Three Guinness buttons, including Toucan, Ostrich and Conductor. £30-40 £15
238 Ten bead necklaces, to include malachite, jasper, black, amber coloured and sodalite coloured beads. (10) £40-60 £160
239 Quantity of Costume jewellery wrist watches, bead necklaces, wooden bangles, fashion watches. £15-25  
240 Nine bead necklaces, to include pearls, amber and cornelian coloured beads, a metal chain pendant, (9) £40-60  
241 Three necklaces - amber coloured barrel shaped worry beads 50cm long with dropper, three sided moss agate bead necklace spaced by circular beads 50cm long, a green onyx bead necklace 90cm long. (3) £60-80  
242 Marcasite ring and silver costume jewellery. £30-40  
243 Fifteen bead necklaces, to include amethyst, decorated glass beads, stained agate, vintage plastic,(15) £50-80 £50
244 A heart shape pendant in a 9 carat yellow gold frame, 45mm, hallmarked Sheffield 1986, makers mark TAP, a silver set ring. (2) £40-60 £20
245 Two bracelets and a bangle, a yellow metal circular link bracelet approximate weight 10gms, a gold-plated three bar gate link bracelet, an open ended yellow metal bangle with a single amethyst set to the centre, approximate weight 5gms. (3) £100-150 £230
246 A hallmarked 9 carat yellow gold hollow belcher link chain, 3mm gauge, 48cm long, approximate weight 7gms. £50-80 £75
247 A 9 carat yellow gold cameo ring, size O, two shell cameo brooches, one hallmarked 9 carat yellow gold, one marked 585, a costume jewellery brooch set with a plastic cameo. (4) £70-100 £90
247A An emerald and diamond cluster ring, the rectangular step cut stone surrounded by twelve, eight cut diamonds, in a yellow and white metal mount with a small diamond set into each shoulder, approximate size of emerald 3mm x 2mm, ring size S, £150-200 £250
248 Four pendants and a brooch, two oriental disc pendants, one with a chain all stamped 585, approximate weight 7gms, a modern spinning seal pendant and chain set with cornelian, bloodstone and black onyx, an Edwardian style amethyst coloured pendant stamped 9ct, 2gms, a yellow metal brooch set with seven cultured pearls. (5) £80-120 £170
249 A hallmarked 9 carat yellow gold wedding band, 8mm wide plain polished D shape, approximate weight 9gms, ring size V. (1) £70-100 £100
250 A hallmarked 18 carat yellow gold wedding band, 6.4mm wide plain polished D shape, approximate weight 6gms, ring size N. (1) £100-120 £140
251 A Victorian dress ring, four small turquoise and two seed pearls set in a 9 carat rose gold tapered band, hallmarked Chester 1884, approximate weight 1.2gms, ring size N. (1) £40-60 £90
252 Three cabochon cut dress rings, an oval blue lace agate, green onyx and amethyst claw and collet set into yellow metal mounts, one ring size M, two with adjustable shanks. (3) £60-90 £75
253 Two diamond dress rings, one illusion set with twelve small diamonds around an oval mixed cut amethyst in 9 carat yellow and white gold, ring size L, the other having eight small diamonds with a blue topaz coloured stone to centre, in 9 carat yellow and white gold, ring size N. (2) £80-120 £120
254 A sapphire and diamond cluster ring, the oval mixed cut sapphire surrounded by fourteen small illusion set diamonds in a 9 carat yellow and white gold oval cluster mount with a small diamond in each shoulder, ring size P. (1) £50-70 £85
255 Five various coloured stone dress rings, four in yellow metal mounts, smoky quartz etc, one small silver signet ring. ring sizes L-O. (5) £60-90 £120
256 An opal dress ring, the three oval cabochon cut stones spaced by two pairs of rose cut diamonds in an all yellow metal half hoop mount, ring size L. (1) £70-100 £180
257 Two diamond rings, a diamond solitaire claw set in a 9 carat yellow and white gold single stone mount, approximate weight1.3gms,approximate weight of diamond 0.06ct, ring size H, a diamond five stone half hoop ring, stamped 18ct, approximate weight 1.5gms, total weight of diamonds approximately 0.10ct, ring size I. (2) £150-200 £150
258 A sapphire and diamond ring, a single illusion set diamond to centre surrounded by four small diamonds and four sapphires as a square cluster and mounted on a 9 carat yellow gold band, ring size M. (1) £50-70 £65
259 A collection of costume jewellery, Wedgwood Jasperware brooches, pendant and earrings, two marcasite brooches and a yellow stone necklace, (10) £50-70 £65
260 A moss agate suite of jewellery, set into white metal stamped 925, comprising an oval pendant 45mm x 30mm, and a bracelet collet set with five irregular shaped stones, a white metal pendant and chain and similar ring both set with faceted pale olive green stones, a faceted green stone pendant and chain with matching earrings.(6) £40-60 £60
261 Matched silver cutlery in the Old English pattern comprising:- 6 x table spoons, 6 x table forks, 6 x dessert spoons, 12 x dessert forks, 5 x grapefruit spoons, 1 x sugar sifting spoons, initialled ''W'', hallmarked Sheffield 1928/1929, makers mark Cooper Bros & Sons,total weight approximately 60oz. (36) £600-800 £630
262 Two silver table spoons, hallmarked Sheffield 1896, 6 x bright cut engraved tea spoons 1829, 11 x rat tail design coffee spoons Sheffield 1929, total weight approximately 11oz. (19) £100-150 £120
263 A quantity of silver flatware to include:- dessert forks, preserve spoons, salt spoons, small ladle with twisted handle, etc, total weight approximately 12oz. £120-150 £140
264 A silver caddy spoon with shell bowl, silver book match holder with engine turned pattern, silver and mother-of-pearl fruit knife, pepperettes, salt, metal thimble, marcasite sweetheart RAF wings brooch etc, total weight of silver approximately 4.5oz.. (9) £70-100 £110
265 Costume jewellery, a quantity of assorted compacts, perfume atomisers, and gold plated watches to include Ingersol, Limit, etc (one box) £40-60 £50
270 After Robert Morden, South Wales, hand coloured map; and After John Speed, York Shire, hand coloured map (2). £30-50 £28
271 Robert King, West Bridge demolition 1974, charcoal on paper; and three other works by local artists (4) £40-60  
272 After Mandy Shepherd, set of four limited edition prints depicting Race Meets, signed in pencil; together with four other print and pictures (8) £40-60 £42
273 After Howard Terpning, Native American Indians by a river, limited edition colour print, signed, No.858/1000, 53cm x 50cm. £20-40 £22
274 Marie Walker Last, Wharfdale, mixed media, 29 x 42cm £60-80  
275 H. Smith, 'Monk', oil on canvas, signed, 24cm x 18cm, and a companion painting, (2). £50-80 £50
276 After Howard Terpning, 'Vanishing Pony Tracks', colour print on canvas, signed in pen and numbered 296/300, the title of this might be 114cm x 80cm. £30-50 £60
277 William Robert Symonds, Portrait of a gentleman at a table, signed oil on mill board, gilt frame, 25 x 21cm. £50-80 £60
278 Robert Morden, Leicester Shire, hand coloured County map, stained and foxed, 37cm x 43cm. £20-30 £15
279 J. E. Savage, Lakeland landscape, painted porcelain panel, 12 x 14cm. £80-120 £75
280 After Albert Moulton Foweraker, pair of townscapes by moonlight, coloured etchings, 20 x 16cm (2) £40-60  
281 Edward Hersey, Fly fishing on a river in wooded landscape, oil on canvas, signed bottom right E Hersey., 50cm x 59cm, £200-300 £1900
282 Reg Brown, Stream in a Meadow, oil on canvas, 49cm x 75cm, and a pair of companion works by the same artist, a country lane with woodland, both 28cm x 37cm, all signed bottom right. (3) £70-100 £75
283 After Geo. Morland, colour print, The Fern Gatherers and another after J. Reynolds, Lady Talbot, (2). £40-60 £15
284 After David Shepherd, 'Rhinoceros', coloured print, 25cm x 23cm; and 'Lion', colour print, 25cm x 23cm, (2). £20-40 £10
285 Roberts, After Abbott, Admiral Lord Nelson, K.B. and The Victory of the Nile, monochrome print, 43cm x 29cm. £30-50 £35
286 A Victorian small needlework sampler, Elizabeth George, 23cm wide by 24cm tall. £50-80 £65
287 R. Marshall, pair of landscapes, oil on canvas, signed, 40cm x 60cm (2). £80-120 £85
288 Hand coloured engraving of the University of Oxford, 43cm by 27cm, watercolour of a Continental Town scene, (2). £40-60  
289 English, Still life with game, watercolour, signed with monogram 'LS' and dated 1875, 31cm x 42cm, £30-50  
290 After Alan Ingham, 'In The Heart Of The Fells', limited edition, colour print, pencil signed, titled, No.276/600, Washington Green blind stamp, 29cm x 73cm; 'Sleepy Hamlet', limited edition colour print, pencil signed and titled, No.124/600, with Washington Green blind stamp, 30cm x 65cm; 'Heart Of The Country', limited edition colour print, pencil signed, titled, No.90/600, with Washington Green blind stamp, 25cm 50cm, (3). £20-40 £60
291 After William S. Phillips, 'Home Is The Hunter', limited edition, colour print, signed, No.20/550, 41cm x 83cm. £20-40 £10
292 After Paul Calle, 'Camp Fire', limited edition, colour print, pencil signed, No.112/950, 53cm x 75cm. £30-50 £20
293 After Tucker Smith, 'The Return Of Summer', (faded), signed, No.64/1000, 53cm x 74cm. £20-40 £10
294 After David Shepherd, 'Kudu', limited edition colour print, pencil signed, No.328/850, with blind stamp, 46cm x 76cm. £30-50 £32
295 After David Shepherd, 'The Ivory Is Theirs', colour print, 42cm x 78cm. £15-25 £35
296 After David Shepherd, 'The Hot Springs of Yellowstone', limited edition colour print, pencil signed, No.173/1500, with blind stamp, 42cm x 60cm. £70-100 £60
297 After David Shepherd, 'Luangwa Evening', limited edition colour print, pencil signed, No.360/1500, with blind stamp, 37cm x 71cm. £20-40 £75
298 Large quantity of prints and pictures. £40-60 £32
299 Collection of pictures, prints, maps, etc. £30-50 £60
300 Victorian monochrome print, 57cm x 72cm, gilt frame, (af); and After Bartolozzi, 'Ceres', and 'Pomona', silk engravings; and another smaller print, (4). £40-60 £30
301 English School, River over waterfalls, oil on canvas, unsigned, 46cm x 79cm. £50-80 £40
302 After Howard Terpning, 'When Careless Spelled Disaster', limited edition, colour print (faded), signed, No.961/1000, 60cm x 73cm. £20-40 £10
303 After John Stanton Ward, Gray's Inn Hall, lithographic print, signed and numbered in pencil 38/180, 52 x 66cm; a pen study of a town house, unsigned; Still life watercolour, etc (5) £50-80 £30
304 A modern Japanese print of figures on horseback, 32 x 40cm £40-60 £10
305 Walter Kinsley Meegan, rural landscape, oil on card, signed, 27cm x 36cm. £100-150 £95
306 After Simon Combes, 'Simba', limited edition colour print, pencil signed, No.360/1500, with blind stamp, 37cm x 71cm. £20-40 £45
307 Pears' Print, After Millais, 'Bubbles', 70cm x 47cm; another Pears' print, both in matching frames, (2). £30-50 £10
308 English School, Portrait of James Colley, pastel drawing, arched slip, 90 x 68cm. £80-120 £70
309 After Chiam Gross, ''Violinist'', lithographic print, signed and numbered in pencil 2/250, 71 x 48cm £100-150  
310 After Graciela Rodo Boulanger, ''Opus II'' ''Hontis'' 1981, lithographic print, 65 x 54cm. £60-100  
311 Marie Walker Last, Inspiration Lascaux I, oil/ monoprint on resized paper, labelled and dated verso 1988, 49 x 74cm; offered with an artist's catalogue (2) Exhibited The New Academy Gallery, London £100-150  
312 Leicestershire map print by Creighton, and three other various Northamptonshire maps, (4). £40-60 £20
313 English school, study of three horse heads, pastel, unsigned, 74 x 62cm; and a quantity of other pictured and prints. £50-80 £40
314 After Albert Findley, Interior of Guildhall, Leicester, print, 12 x 16.5cm; two abstract sketchbook studies of cattle, unsigned; and a small quantity of other pictures and prints £30-40 £42
315 Paul Draper, ''Covent Garden'' and ''Wren's London'', lithographic prints, signed in pencil, 50cm by 61cm and 83cm by 51cm, respectively (2) £50-80 £45
316 After Alken, three racing prints, hand coloured, and five other portrait prints, (8). £30-50 £32
317 Piotr Strelnik, River scene with barges, oil on canvas, signed, 100 x 120cm £100-150 £200
319 Perry King & Santiago Miranda for Flos, an 'Aurora' pendant light, designed 1982, this example 1990s, the domed ceiling rose suspending three horizontal discs on chord, housing three spot lights, the discs 60cm diam. £80-120  
320 Edwardian mahogany cheval mirror, rectangular adjustable plate, the frame with splayed legs, boxwood stringing throughout, width 74cm, height 150cm. £150-250 £200
321 Mahogany worktable, rectangular hinged lid above drawers, in curve platform base, 41cm. £50-80 £85
322 Victorian mahogany sideboard, rectangular top with raised panelled back, three ogee frieze drawers, twin pedestals with arched cupboards, bun feet, 183cm. £100-150  
323 George III mahogany bookcase top, cavetto moulded cornice, plain frieze, glazed doors enclosing shelves, on a later stand with a plain frieze and square tapering legs, 117cm. £80-120 £120
324 Victorian mahogany cabinet, with a moulded cornice, astragal glazed doors enclosing shelves, boxwood and ebony stringing throughout, on a later stand with a plain frieze, square tapering legs with boxwood stringing, 127cm. £150-200  
325 Victorian wrought iron sign, scrolled outlines, 99cm, together with original wall-mounted bracket. £200-300  
326 Victorian stained and grained pine blanket box, rectangular hinged top, plinth base, length 101cm. £50-80 £70
327 Mahogany wine table, circular top with a moulded edge, turned column, tripod legs, diameter 53cm, height 61cm. £60-80 £42
328 Oval wall mirror, gilt and gesso, compartmentalized frame, 72cm x 94cm. £50-80 £55
330 Oak Georgian style dining suite, comprising of an extending dining table with one extra leaf, four Windsor style chairs, narrow sideboard, dresser, made by Cumpers, 98cm x 48cm x 179cm, sideboard 107cm x 33cm x 77cm , (7). £400-600 £360
331 Pair of modern Satsuma style table lamps, hexagonal vase shaped body standing 45cm high decorated with flowers and cranes. £50-80 £65
332 Oak and close-studded leather fire-screen, embossed and painted with a Rugby crest, motto 'Orundo Laborando', 1567, front feet, oak easel back, width 51cm, height 81cm. £80-120 £160
333 Satin walnut bedroom suite comprising head and footboard, matching mirror backed dressing table, 140cm x 60cm x 178cm, a stool and a pair of bedside tables, all carved and raised on lion claw supports (6) £200-300 £600
334 A mahogany inlaid overmantel, mirror back, W126cm x H81.5cm. £30-50 £10
335 Chippendale style wall mirror, fretted walnut frame, 92cm x 54cm. £40-60 £20
336 Carved oak aneroid banjo barometer (af), 94cm. £30-50  
337 Pair of gilded table lamps, urn shape body standing 46cm high decorated with Adam style swags. (2) £50-80 £65
338 Large Victorian oak mirror back sideboard, W215cm x D74cm x H230cm, fruiting vine frame, serpentine top, twin pedestal. £600-800 £600
339 Reproduction gilt pier glass, 99cm x 73cm. £20-40 £65
340 Georgian oak hanging corner cupboard, bow front, reeded columns, D49cm x H97cm. £70-100 £55
341 19th Century fruitwood polished top dining table, W158cm xD 83cm x H79cm, on turned supports and a set of five modern ladder-back chairs, with seagrass seats, (6). £100-150 £140
342 Continental fruitwood dresser, single shelf to back with pair of cupboards, together with a similar side table and chair, with two frieze drawers, on square cross-section supports, W105cm x D59cm x H69cm (3) £80-120 £70
343 Matched set of eight spindle-back chairs. £200-300  
344 Oak extending dining table, with carved frieze, trestle base, W122cm x D81cm x H77cm. £60-80  
345 Modern oak monks bench, carved decoration, box base. £50-70 £80
346 Joined oak chest of drawers, 18th century and later, two short over two long drawers, oval plaque handles, width 90cm, depth 53.5cm, height 81cm. £120-150 £110
347 Continental fruitwood two-door cabinet, W91cm x D40cm x H101cm; together with a small pine side table (2) £60-80 £80
348 South African hardwood centre/coffee table, square chamfered supports, frieze drawer, W122cm x D85cm x H46cm. £60-80 £85
349 Pair of hardwood circular top side-tables, on four carved supports. £40-60 £20
350 Indian Gabbeh wool carpet, salmon ground with abstract motifs, with geometric borders, 295cm x 188cm. £150-200  
351 Four-piece lounge suite, figured upholstery on a beige field, comprising three seat settee, two single chairs, and a footstool. £80-120 £65
352 Reproduction inverted bowfront corner cabinet, glazed upper section enclosing two shelves above cupboards, together with a Bevan Funnell Reprodux coffee table with lyre supports, (2) £60-100 £100
353 GEC All electric radio-gramophone Carnival model, inlaid walnut case, with Bakelite dials, W48cm x D40cm x H95cm. £50-100 £80
354 Gramophone by Gramophone Manufacturing Company, Tottenham Court Road, in walnut case fitted with record cupboard, W42cm x D50cm x H103cm. £40-60 £25
355 Gilt framed lozenge shaped mirror, and a Victorian mahogany gout stool, (2). £30-50 £60
356 Gainsborough style armchair, with studded leather upholstery, carved and fluted mahogany frame. £100-150 £170
357 Oak roll top desk, shaped tambour, fitted interior, twin pedestals with drawers, W122cm x D66cm x H114.5cm. £100-150 £65
358 George III oak bureau, fitted interior, four long drawers, on bracket feet, W102cm x D52cm x H111cm. £200-300  
359 Oak serving table, rectangular top above two linen fold drawers, shaped apron on fluted supports, W137cm x D46cm x H82cm. £100-150 £100
360 Georgian oak side table, rectangular boarded top with a moulded edge, frieze drawer, shaped apron, plain legs, width 78cm, depth 55cm, height 74cm. £80-120 £85
361 Reproduction brass Regency style ceiling light, six scrolled arms, 53cm diameter £40-60 £10
362 Eastern style gilt metal stained glass fall lantern, 68cm high. £40-60 £48
363 Edwardian mahogany chest of drawers, raised back, two long and one deep drawer, W84cm x D43cm x H100cm. £60-80 £60
365 1960s Teak low profile dressing table, full width easel back mirror, concealed drawer to knee-hole, backed with two drawers for pencils, probably G-plan, W152cm x D46cm x H120cm, together with a circular upholstered stool, (2). £40-60 £100
366 Modern stripped and waxed pine chest, three drawers over two columns of two drawers, W165cm x D55cm x H83cm. £80-120 £150
367 Stripped and waxed satin walnut marble top washstand; a pine side table, and a pine triptych dressing table mirror (3). £60-80 £55
368 Stripped and waxed pine mule chest, with two drawers towards the base, W86cm x D47cm x H54cm. £70-100 £110
369 Victorian mahogany toilet mirror, and a pine bedside cabinet with singe drawer and cupboard W45cm x D35 x H77cm (2). £40-60 £45
370 1960s teak 'pandoras box' coffee table, moulded square top above an arrangement of drawers, cupboards and shelves, W76cm x D76cm x H45cm. £50-70 £42
371 Mahogany and oak dining table, 19th century on fluted square section legs, W207cm x D104cm x H72cm. £80-120 £50
372 A set of six Victorian mahogany dining chairs, bar backs, drop-in seats, octagonal tapering legs, 50cms. £100-150 £100
373 Edwardian painted mahogany towel rail, 70cm and a walnut towel rail, (2). £100-150 £160
374 19th Century scrubbed top pine kitchen table, with frieze drawer, W129cm x D87cm x H75cm, and four fruitwood lathe back kitchen chairs. £120-150 £130
375 19th Century mahogany torchere, adapted, square top and base, height 143cm. £30-40 £15
376 Burmese rosewood occasional table, circular top, shaped frieze, tripod legs with masks, carved throughout, height 74cm, diameter 68cm. £80-120 £250
377 An old travelling trunk with leather corner mounts, handles and straps together with a fibreboard suitcase. (2) £20-40 £10
378 Domed top travelling trunk, width 76cm. £40-60 £70
379 Oak fire screen, with longstitch panel, the frame with folding gate-leg mechanism to form a table, together with a circular oak occasional table inset with a needlework panel, (2) £40-60 £100
380 19th Century mahogany circular tilt-top pedestal table, turned column, tripod legs, 75cm diameter, height 73cm. £50-80 £55
381 19th century oak coffer, with three panel fascia, W110cm x D46cm x H69cm. £70-100 £140
382 An oak Arts and Crafts style dresser, the back with two shelves above a rectangular top, two drawers alongside a single cupboard, raised on cabriole legs, width 137cm, depth 48.5cm, height 187cm. £100-150 £130
383 Carved cased aneroid barometer and thermometer, 90cm. £30-50 £10
384 Rosewood barometer (a/f.), 95cm. £20-30 £15
385 Tabriz pattern carpet, dark blue ground, central medallion with similar spandrels with broad repeat pattern borders, 280cm x 205cm. £200-300  
386 Three piece lounge suite and matching footstool, carved, pierced and stained wood frame, burgundy upholstery, including three seat sofa, two armchairs and stool. £100-150 £55
387 George III mahogany fall front secretaire, with a rectangular top with a plain edge, frieze drawer with fall front writing surface, enclosing fitted interior with drawers and pigeon-holes, above panelled doors, width 119cm, depth 54cm, height 103cm. £120-150  
388 Victorian upright piano, the top with hinged section, fretwork and fabric-backed panel to the front, hexagonal legs to the front with pottery casters, width 140cm; together with a late Victorian piano stool, rectangular upholstered seat, turned and ringed legs, joined by a galleried shelf, 45cm. £70-100 £50
389 Georgian mahogany folding tea table, single frieze drawer on square section tapering legs, W91cm x D45cm x H73cm £100-150 £240
390 Late Victorian aesthetic style ebonised sidetable, rectangular top, two frieze drawers, turned and ringed legs joined by rails, width 91cm, depth 50cm, height 72cm. £80-120 £80
391 Reproduction mahogany effect sofa table by Bevan Funnell, with two short, one long drawer, together with a reproduction burr walnut effect side table, (2) £60-100 £75
392 Late Victorian mahogany hall stand, with rectangular bevelled mirror, surrounded by an arrangement of hooks, above a stepped umbrella stand with single drawer, turned and ringed legs, W83cm x D35cm x H225cm. £50-70 £60
393 Oak hall chair, shaped and moulded back on turned legs. £20-30 £25
394 Oval wall mirror, bevelled plate, gilt reeded frame, 68cm x 100cm. £50-80 £95
395 An Edwardian walnut bureau bookcase, dentil cornice, leaded stained glass doors to the upper section, the base with a fall front writing surface enclosing pigeon holes and drawers, above two drawers and panelled doors, plinth base, width 130cms. £100-150 £120
396 Stripped and waxed pine Butler's pantry dresser, sliding glazed panel doors above work surface, with frieze drawers and cupboards below, W94cm x D46cm x H183cm. £60-80 £70
397 Walnut dresser base, rectangular top, two frieze drawers above cupboards, geometric mouldings, ebony herringbone stringing, bun feet, width 193cm, depth 51cm, length 93cm. £200-300 £300
398 Joined oak settle, carved panels, box base, 18th century and later, W125cm x D56cm x H142cm. £300-400 £1200
399 Carved oak bookcase, moulded cornice above glazed panel door, enclosing four fitted shelves, on bracket feet, W84cm x D34cm x H180cm. £60-80 £110
400 Victorian carved oak side table, the drawers with a mask head, turned legs, width 84cm. £80-120 £180
401 George III style mahogany corner cabinet, cavetto moulded cornice, blind fretwork frieze, astragal glazed doors, enclosing three shaped shelves on a stand, with central frieze drawer flanked by dummy drawers, shaped apron, cabriole legs, width 90cm, height 205cm. £200-300 £130
402 Oak lowboy, 19th century, in the 17th century style, rectangular top with a moulded edge, three frieze drawers, with a shaped apron, turned legs and shaped stretchers, bun feet, width 107cm, depth 59cm, height 72cm. £150-200 £150
404 Cambridge Audio Azur 540A integrated amplifier, and 640C hot CD player, with pair of Mordaunt- Short speakers. £30-50 £60
405 Tekke rug, crimson field with three rows of thirteen guls, enclosed by geometric borders, 210cm x 121cm. £30-40 £32
405A Super Kashan hall runner, pink ground, another similar, and a small prayer rug, (3). £80-120  
406 A set of nine black lacquered arm chairs, circa 1980, downswept arms with black leather arm pads, back and seats slung with red leather, stitched detailing (9) £300-400 £320
407 Pair of Victorian ebonised bedroom chairs, open shell shaped backs inlaid with traces of mother of pearl, rattan seats, turned legs. (2). £30-50 £20
408 Set of six late Victorian oak dining chairs, balloon backs, leather upholstery (af), on turned supports. £200-300  
409 Pair of Victorian rosewood framed bedroom chairs, the balloon backs having three inverted acorn shape finials, woven rattan cane seats. (2) £40-60 £55
410 Victorian mahogany salon armchair, striped buttoned upholstery. £50-80 £130
411 Pair of cream leather upholstered Stressless adjustable chairs and two foot stools. £400-600 £360
412 Two modern Stressless leather armchairs, nut brown leather, reclining. £200-400 £280
413 Cream leather upholstered Stressless chair and a similar electric recliner chair, (2). £200-300 £650
414 Wing-back maroon leather armchair, applied label 'Sherborne', and matching footstool. (2). £100-150 £100
415 1930s wing-back armchair, floral tapestry upholstery, cabriole legs, width 82cm. £200-300  
416 Edwardian wing-back armchair, dralon upholstery, cabriole legs, ball and claw feet, width 74cm. £100-150  
417 Edwardian armchair, carved cabriole legs, with ball and claw feet, width 70cm. £80-120 £180
418 Edwardian armchair, turned walnut legs, green dralon upholstery, 70cm wide. £80-120  
419 Victorian mahogany framed armchair, scrolled arms, buttoned dralon upholstery. £150-200 £140
420 Adjustable easy chair, with matching footstool, tan and cream stitched upholstery. £40-60 £30
421 Mahogany side table, 19th century, rectangular top single frieze drawer, square moulded legs, W76cm x D44cm x H70cm. £80-120 £130
422 A mahogany swing toilet mirror, inlaid and box strung outlines, three drawers to the base, W48cm x DH70cm. £30-50 £70
423 Stefano Giovannoni for Magis, a 'Bombo' table and three stools, late 20th century, injection moulded ADS shells, the table with matt white finish, the chairs in lime green finish, on adjustable chromed steel bases, 56cm diam, height approx 89cm (4) £80-120 £150
424 A white painted oval cheval mirror, the rectangular frame having gilded highlights and supported on four arched legs holds an oval swing mirror 120cm x 65cm, overall height of frame 172cm. £100-200  
425 Pair cane work elbow chairs, together with a small cane occasional table.(3) £40-60 £80
426 Victorian cast iron bench, branch effect and a cast iron pub table, (2). £120-150 £95
427 Stained leaded glass window panel, with abstract Art Deco design, 64cm x 76cm. £20-30 £42
428 Pair of cast iron painted garden urns, raised on tapering columns, overall height 104cm. £100-150 £320
429 A large copper copper, 65cm diameter, 45cm high. £30-50 £360
430 Large stone salting trough, 58cm x 120cm £80-120 £55
431 Thomas Perry & Son, West Bromwich, safe, with keys, 45cm. £50-80 £130
432 Combination safe, supplied by Rossells Locksmiths, exterior measurements 56 x 57 x 76; interior measurements 42 x 37 x 64cm £80-120 £60
433 VW Golf Plus 1.4 TSI SE 5dr hatchback, petrol engine, automatic, low mileage - 10,806 miles, silver, first registered 2009, registration 707 JJ, MOT until 1st July 2017. £6600-8000 £8500