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Tuesday 21st February 2017, 10:00 am

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Description Estimate Hammer
1 Beswick pottery model, Huntsman standing, model 1501, brown gloss, height 21cm. £100-150 £110
2 Beswick pottery model, Lady Huntswoman, model 1730, grey gloss colourway, height 21cm. £100-150 £180
3 Beswick pottery model of a hound, height 7cm, two other models of a hound and a Beswick model of a seated fox, model 1748 (4). £40-60 £22
4 Beswick pottery model of a racehorse, chestnut matt colourway, height 23cm, Black Beauty, model 1748, matt finish (2). £30-50 £38
5 Beswick pottery model, Prancing Arab Type horse, model 1261 with Palomino gloss colourway, height 17.5cm and a similar model of a horse, brown gloss colourway; a foal, matt black colourway; three similar Large Head Down foals, brown gloss colourways, plus one other, (7). £70-100 £65
6 Beswick pottery model of a donkey, model 2267, height 14cm, another Donkey, model 1364B; and five other Beswick pottery models of foals, plus one other, (8). £60-100 £55
7 Beswick pottery model, Shire Horse, model 818, brown gloss colourway, height 21cm; a Beswick pottery model of a racehorse with swish tail, model 1182, brown gloss cw/, height 21cm; and two other Beswick pottery models, racehorses, 1772 and 1549, both brown gloss c/w, (4). £60-100 £75
8 Graduating group of five Beswick Mallard wall plaques, 596-0; 596-1; 596-2; 596-3 596-4, the two smallest with pockets between the wings (5). £200-300 £280
9 A Royal Doulton two handled loving cup commemorating the Silver Jubilee of King George V and Queen Mary, limited edition, No. 972 of 1000 relief moulded with the King and Queen to one side and St George on horseback to other, impressed Noke and Fenton. 26cm high. £100-200 £170
10 Four Wade Nat West Pigs, 'Woody', 'Sir Nathaniel', 'Maxwell', 'Lady Hilary', all with stoppers; and another by Ellgreave. £30-50 £38
11 Eighteen piece French porcelain dessert service, retailed by H.G. Stephenson, Manchester, blue band decorated with fruit. £80-120 £100
12 Beswick pottery model, Friesian Cow Champion Claybury Leegwater, height 12cm, and a Beswick pottery model, Dairy Shorthorn Calf, model 1406C (reglued leg) (2). £60-80 £70
13 Capodimonte group, 'The Blind Man', and another colourway of the group; together with a Capodimonte figure of a cobbler, (3). £50-80 £30
14 Royal Crown Derby tea cup and saucer, Witches pattern; Royal Crown Derby hexagonal vase, Old Imari pattern, and a similar table lighter, (3). £50-80 £55
15 Royal Albert, 'Old Country Roses', a 6-place tea service, including teapot, cups/ saucers, tea plates; one cream jug, sugar basin, sandwich plate, and four breakfast bowls. £50-70 £75
16 Quantity of crystal, including glasses, tankards,bowls, etc, (1 box) £30-40 £30
17 Collection of blue tinted glass, one box. £50-80 £25
18 A pale blue Bourne Denby bowl, Denby and Poole decorative plates, other studio pottery wares, two crackle glaze bottle neck vases. £30-50 £50
19 Pair of Victorian opaque and enamelled glass lustres, with prismatic cut droplets, height 28cm. £80-120 £120
20 Two contemporary glass chargers, with cherry and grape design, each 41cm diameter, and an abstract rectangular glass dish, (3) £20-30 £15
21 Capodimonte House of Heritage model, with a large bird on a log, Capodimonte model of a Blue Tit, and a Capodimonte model of a Kingfisher, the latter damaged, (3). £50-80 £20
22 Beswick pottery models, two Highland Bulls, model.2008, 12cm tall; Charolais Bull, 2463A, all with damages, (3). £30-40 £28
23 Large Capodimonte porcelain group, Courtship, signed Magioni 1975, 37cm. £100-150 £130
24 Italian art glass vase, green glass oval form; two others with squeezed and flared oval rim; and a cylindrical blown glass vase, (4). £20-30 £22
25 Staffordshire salt glaze charger, Creamware feather edge meat plate, and an unusually marked printware dish, possibly rare Liverpool mark (the latter AF) (3). £50-80 £20
26 A collection of coloured decorative glass, including a four piece German press moulded dessert set decorated with stylised fish, and a pair of pink glass vases, £40-60 £20
27 Royal Doulton Paisley H5039, dinner and teaset, six place setting, (two boxes) £50-80 £30
28 Coalport bone china urn-shaped vase, Hong Kong pattern, and a Hong Kong pattern jug and basin, (3). £60-90 £40
29 Two Staffordshire equestrian figures, including General Sir George Brown; a pair of dogs and a third Spaniel figure (5) £50-80 £40
30 Regency gold-ground glass rolling pin, internally decorated with Amherst pheasants and butterflies, 40cm. £40-60 £20
31 Dresden porcelain cup and saucer, together with six other assorted teawares and an Eastern dish (8). £40-60 £70
32 Staffordshire spill vase soldier and cottage, two Staffordshire figures and a Staffordshire quill stand, the largest 22cm (4) £40-60 £35
33 A glass Murano style cockerel, 28cm high, four coloured and etched glass rummers, other decorative glass wares. £40-60 £40
34 Small collection of Creamware, including pierced rimmed plate, dish, and pedestal dish, possibly Leeds, and a painted dessert plate decorated with Cape Aitonia, (6) £50-80 £38
35 Staffordshire stoneware figure of Sir Robert Tichborne, 37cm and another Staffordshire figure of a boy with bird, 29cm, (2) £40-60 £160
36 Japanese porcelain part dinner and tea service, Stylised wheat design, pale green band with silver lustre detailing. £30-40 £10
37 Crown Staffordshire fine bone china part tea set, six place setting, and a Japanese porcelain coffee set £40-60 £60
38 Royal Worcester ''Hyde Park'' dinner service to include:- 6 x dinner plates, 6 x medium plates, 6 x side plates, 6 x twin handled fruit/soup dishes, 4 x tea cups,10 x saucers, (38) £60-90 £100
39 Collection of Bridgwood dinner plates and soup plates, with gilt crests, retailed by Thomas Goode & Co. £30-40 £25
40 Royal Doulton, 'Ravenswood' dinner and tea service. £50-70 £110
41 Wedgwood Green Jasperware beaker-shape vase, and a small collection of Wedgwood Green Jasperware. £50-80 £20
42 Large Staffordshire pastille burner, 22cm, a Staffordshire pottery model of a church, and a painted Parianware box and cover, (3) £40-60 £15
43 Crescent shaped covered dish, Spode, together with a collection of blue and white printware, mostly af. £30-50 £18
44 Copeland stoneware jug, applied with stag hunt design, 12cm, and another sprig moulded jug and similar mug (3) £30-50 £20
45 Pearlware teapot, underglaze decoration of stylised carnations and flowers, 19cm high. £40-60 £28
46 Four Staffordshire groups, musicians, highlanders and courting couples, the largest 28cm. £40-60 £20
47 Large German salt glazed stoneware ewer, the handle formed as a female, with griffin form neck, the body moulded with figural panels, damaged, height 56cm. £40-60 £15
48 English part tea service, blue transfer, shell and seaweed design, another part service etc. £20-30 £10
49 Pair of Pearlware groups of The Sailor's Departure and Return, each modelled with sailor and his wife in an embrace, titled to plinth, 23cm; and an arbour figure, (old damages and restorations) (3). £30-50 £80
50 Wedgwood Corinthian ''Pembroke'' part tea and dinner service, (two boxes) £40-60 £18
51 Chamberlains part dessert service and other 19th century ceramics, (one box) £40-60 £10
52 Large pair of Amphora Art Deco stylised vases, height 33cm, together with another large Amphora vase 46cm, (3) £80-120 £50
53 Lead crystal spirit decanter, with a silver label, 'WHISKY'; and a pair of Victorian moulded glass mallet-shaped decanters, (3). £50-80 £30
54 Royal Crown Derby pair of boxed Curator's Collection cups and saucers, ''Derby Old Japan'' and ''Acanthus'' £20-30 £55
55 Royal Doulton figure, 'The Bride' HN2166; a Coalport figure 'Eugenie', and a Royal Doulton model, 'Dahlia', (3). £40-60 £35
56 A set of three Wedgwood Majolica style graduated jugs, moulded in relief with primulas, the largest 18.5cm. £30-50 £290
57 Small quantity of cut glass crystal ware. £30-40 £55
58 Pair of Japanese baluster vases with covers, late 19th century, craquelure body, painted with figural battle scenes, 30cm high (2). £50-80 £55
59 Ashworth pottery meat plate, transfer printed with bird design, cantered rectangular form, 41cm; a large meat plate, and two pottery dishes, (4) £30-50 £25
60 Garniture of three opaque glass vases, late 19th century, ovoid form, one with cover, painted with flowers, the largest 50cm, (3) £40-60 £140
61 Quantity of crested ware, including City of Leicester Clock Tower. £30-40 £30
62 Collection of Royal Worcester Evesham pattern table ware, (2 boxes). £60-100 £75
63 Royal Doulton ''The Cavendish'' tureen and cover, two large meat plates and sauce boat, pair of Coalport white tureens and covers etc £20-40 £75
64 Hand painted china tea plates, by Grindley, Phoenix etc, two Midwinter plates in the ''Cannes'' design. £30-50 £10
65 Collection of Royal Worcester cabinet dessert plates, The Birds of Dorothy Doughty, (8). £50-80 £30
66 Capodimonte figure of boy with a duck and ducklings, three other Capodimonte figures of boys, and a dancing boy and girl (6). £50-80 £30
67 Victorian Staffordshire parian group, two girls and an arbour, 22cm, unmarked. £30-50 £10
68 Border Fine Arts, Courting Grebes, modelled by Ray Ayres, model WW3, wooden plinth, 22cm high. £50-80 £48
69 Beswick figures, Welsh horse, 16cm; and a Pinto horse, 17cm; Beswick dog Terrier, 7cm; Royal Doulton Horse, 20cm: and small Corgi dog. (5), £50-80 £65
70 Capodimonte figure of a mother and child, Capodimonte family group, and two figures of girls, and a boy and girl with doves (6). £60-90 £65
71 Border Fine Arts, two groups, 'Time for Reflection', model JH19, and 'Dogging Em Up', model 114A, both by Ray Ayres, on wood plinths (2) £50-80 £50
72 Beswick pottery model, Leghorn, model 1892, 23cm. £80-120 £90
73 French art pottery stoneware vase, late 19th century, painted slip decorated with large pink peony flowers, on mottled blue ground signed G Lambert, incised underside possibly stamped Sevres, chipped, 57cm. £60-100 £60
74 A Wiltshaw & Robinson Carlton Ware punch bowl ''Henry The Eighth'', Limited Edition, No. 77 of 250, the two handled bowl relief moulded with the King and his wives, bright enamels with gilding, rouge royal interior, 22cm high, complete with related ceramic plaque in case. (2). £100-200 £290
75 Beswick pottery group, Mare and Foal, model 953 (3rd version), damaged; together with a limited edition wall plate The Thoroughbred, (2) £20-30 £10
76 A Chance red and orange handkerchief vase, a Royal Winton chintz vase, seven decorative plates, pair of Japanese 30cm octagonal plates, lidded pot, (12) £40-60 £25
77 Royal Doulton, 'Rondelay' pattern dinner, tea and coffee service, HN5004 and other china teaware and decorative ceramics, one box. £30-40 £45
78 Pair of Royal Worcester oval tureens, Strawberry Fair pattern, and a collection of Royal Worcester Evesham pattern tableware.(7) £50-80 £20
79 Denby ''Chevron'' coffee set, coffee pot, milk and sugar, 7 x cups, 6 saucers, 4 x side plates, Hostess Tableware by John Russell ''Black Velvet'' coffee set, coffee pot, milk and sugar, 7 x cups, 6 x saucers, a Wade owl money box and two others, etc. £30-50 £50
80 Electroplated Victorian epergne, with four posy holders on stand, 38cm, and a pair of Continental bisque figures (3) £30-40 £10
81 An embossed brass 'peacock' plaque 30.5cm diameter, and a cast metal armorial Eagle plaque (2). £20-30 £10
82 An album of A&BC Chewing Gum and Nabisco Football Cards (215) some doubles, A&BC 1971/1972, purple backs, two check lists (marked), a small quantity of A&BC pop stars. £60-90  
83 Cased cutlery and other plated ware, including a tray. £30-50 £70
84 Silver rectangular cigarette case, J A Restall, Birmingham 1921, and electroplate, various, coffee grinder, perfume bottle, etc. £40-60 £95
85 Selection of early 20th Century postcards, including Malta, UK, cartoon humour and others, one album and some loose, along with family photos and illustrated greetings cards. £30-50 £20
86 A modern nickel-plated desk lamp in the Art Deco style, the circular steel shade on curved arm 59cm high supported on a stepped rectangular base, £80-120 £80
87 Bottle of Dimple blended Scotch Whisky by John Haig & Co. £20-30 £35
88 Vintage cased plastic travelling brush and mirror set, assorted Parker and other fountain and ballpoint pens, pipe, cigarette box, giant brass table lighter, cased Rand No 1 opera binoculars etc. £50-70 £50
89 Silver-plated candelabra, Spanish style goblets, and other silver plated wares - a quantity, together with two glazed cabinets containing silver-plated souvenir spoons (one silver). £40-60 £130
90 Two Stuart Devlin for Viners stainless steel bonbon dishes, 13cm diameter, a brass dinner gong, Old Hall coffee pot, three Keswick School of Industrial Art ''Firth Staybrite'' dishes numbers F1122, H397, 01046 and a similar LRI Borrowdale hand beaten dish, pair of American Greens Patent ''Arctic'' candle lamps 17.5cm. £40-60 £65
91 Six cut glass decanters including Caithness crystal decanter formed as golf club, together with two oval silver plated trays, (8) £60-100 £70
92 Box of board games and playing cards, ''Buccaneer'' draughts, dominoes, brass darts, a Metropolitan whistle, etc £20-30 £45
93 An oak cased wall mounted barometer/ thermometer with brass dial, 55cm, brass oil lamp with glass globe and chimney, pair of bronze finished twin handle vases 30cm, cased set of six silver-plated teaspoons. (5) £40-60 £55
94 Pair of opalescent glass table lamps, stepped twelve-sided form, on brass bases, 54cm including fitments (2) £60-80 £42
95 Art Deco style patinated bronze sculpture, late 20th century, depicting a nude female, on turned marble socle, 40cm, unsigned. £100-150 £270
96 Part canteen of silver plated cutlery, fiddle pattern, and other silver plated cutlery, in a fitted oak canteen, the canteen 50cm wide. £50-80 £28
97 Quantity of copperware, vases, trays, bellows, etc. £30-40 £32
98 Collection of cameras and accessories, a Zeiss Contaflex and lens, Sangamo Weston Universal Exposure Meter, a Kodak ''Hawkeye'' Ace De Luxe, an early Zeiss Ikon etc £40-60 £30
99 A box of assorted toys and games, Fourteen Observer books including No. 84 Roses, jigsaw puzzles, metal top hat money box, gold plush teddy bear, Walt Disney Mickey Mouse three metal cups and saucers, marbles etc £40-60 £38
100 Quantity of play-worn diecast vehicles, to include Matchbox and other makers, mostly 1970s examples. £50-70 £30
101 Elkington electroplated teaset, four piece, 21cm and smaller. £70-100 £65
102 Reproduction mahogany effect cased shelf clock, circular dial with Roman numerals, signed Highland, spring-driven movement, striking on a gong, height 58cm, together with a bracket. £40-60 £75
102A Collection of carved stone dishes and ashtrays. £10-20 £25
103 Small collection of plated ware, including twin handled wine cooler, and horse head stirrup cup. £30-50 £65
104 Arthur Price, Mason stainless six place cutlery set, and three other sets of cased cutlery (4) £30-50 £22
105 A mahogany inlaid twin compartment tea caddy, plywood box with enamelled name plate ''Nick'', small lidded box, metal box with bamboo relief design, fitted box to take a dressing table set.(5) £30-40 £28
106 Collection of railway related books, pictures, DVD's, mugs and clocks, a quantity in three boxes. £20-30 £28
107 Mahogany brass bound writing slope, 50cm x 25.5cm x 19cm £30-40 £28
108 Two large and three small albums of postcards, embroidered First World War cards, Bamforth & Co ''Songs Series'' ''Hymns'' etc, 1930s ''Rotary Photo'' greetings postcards and others, Edwardian and later topographical postcards, £300-400 £300
109 Silver plated ware etc. (one box) £20-30 £38
110 A canteen of silver-plated cutlery in the kings pattern, twelve place settings with seven pieces and a three piece carving set, by J N Lowe in a mahogany canteen with single drawer. £50-100 £260
111 Mahogany writing slope, and a burr walnut work box. £50-80 £45
112 Two albums of postcards, topographical, comic, greetings, collection of playing cards. £40-60 £38
113 Volcanic rock boulder with hollow centre, roughly 20cm x 25cm, and other smaller pieces and small specimen stones, £50-80  
114 A collection of 1960s/1970s coloured glass vases and table lamps, large red glass bowl, a wedgwood brown mottled glass owl paperweight, similar mushroom and one other.(two boxes) £40-60 £60
115 A collection of Worldwide and GB Stamps in three Lindner stock books, eleven albums of First Day Covers dated 1960's - 1990's, £60-90 £50
116 1960s squat lampshade by Rotaflex and copper jardiniere, (2). £20-30 £22
117 Handmade and painted model trawler, 76cm, plinth base. £50-80 £42
118 Large Victorian electroplated salver, 45cm diam, and a pair of plated candlesticks, (3). £50-80 £30
119 Variegated marble and ormolu table lamp, 40cm high including fitment, together with another table lamp (2) £50-70 £230
120 Black slate mantel clock, architectural form, mounted with presentation plaque Oxford Royal Regatta 1913, 33cm high, with key. £40-60 £28
121 Three silver-plated gallery trays, candlesticks, punchbowl, kettle and stand, dishes, tankard etc. £50-80 £170
122 Pair of large brass jardinieres on stands, height 66cm. £40-60 £80
123 A modern silver-plated two bottle wine cooler, plain polished finish on an oval base with handle to each side, 23.5cm high. £80-120 £240
124 A pair of reproduction Tiffany style table lamps, coloured leaded light glass shades depicting dragonflies and glass jewels, blue mosaic and metal turned stems and bases, 56cm high (2) £80-120 £150
125 Globe mounted on silvered stand, the globe 12in diameter, overall, height 45cm. £60-80 £120
126 Louis XVI style cast and gilt brass mantel garniture, comprising clock, cased with urn finial, dial with Roman numerals, French movement, and two six-light candelabra, the candelabra 68cm. £100-150 £250
127 Five assorted oil lamps with brass columns, four with chimneys and shades, (5). £60-90 £95
128 Victorian electroplate tray, rectangular cast border, twin handles, worn, 73cm. £100-150  
129 HMV style stained wood and painted gramophone, octagonal case, 32cm, with 'soundbox', and horn. £70-100 £60
130 Painted spelter figure, African water carrier, 31cm. £30-50 £50
131 Pair of Coalbrookdale cast iron plates, vine pattern, 24cm, two metal hub caps, and a beaten metal jug.(5) £20-30 £32
132 Pair of cast iron door stoppers, lion rampant, 35cm. £50-80 £65
133 Oak desktop stationery and inkstand, with drawer base, 22cm high, 26cm wide. £40-60 £75
134 Rev. Matthew Henry, Family Devotional Bible, two volumes, circa 1870; and a Holy Bible, illustrated (3) £30-40 £22
135 Pair of cast polished white metal bookends, designed with galleons, height 15cm (2) £30-50 £30
136 Inlaid mahogany shelf-clock, and another Napoleon hat style clock with inlaid stringing, eight day movement, (2) £40-60 £48
137 A pair of modern silver-plated wine coolers in the traditional style, circular form with a floral and gadroon border and handle to each side, standing 21cm high on single round foot. (2) £80-120 £85
138 Edwardian mantel clock, domed mahogany case, with brass columns and ogee bracket feet, boxwood stringing, circular painted dial, signed C.E. Court, cylinder movement, height 18cm. £60-100 £85
139 Falcon bowler hat, size 6 and 5/8s, in an associated Walter Barnard hat box. £30-40 £28
140 An Edwardian lancet top mantel clock, circular 16cm arabic dial with red quarter minutes, three train movement with Westminster chime on a gong, named Junghams Wurtemberg B21 on back plate, inlaid motif to front of case and box wood stringing, all supported on brass ball feet, overall height 39cm. £250-350  
141 Collection of Daily Express Reviews of the Motor Show, from 1964 -1981, plus two Punch magazines. (11) £40-60 £25
142 Eleven albums of cigarette cards, Will's, Ogden's, Players, various subjects. £80-120 £85
143 Collection of Military books etc., including Royal Engineers GRVI needlework badge. £30-50 £10
144 Sigma 55mm lens; other camera lenses; ON10 camera body; Russian camera; filters and accessories, (one box). £70-100  
145 Postcard album, photograph album, cigarette and trade cards, etc. £50-80 £130
146 Two boxes of pottery and porcelain reference books. £30-50 £22
147 German dagger, composition handle, the hilt with Eagle and Swastika, metal scabbard with belt straps, 40cm. £120-180 £200
148 A black painted German style helmet, un-lined, three photographs etc, together with a reproduction Hitler stamp/seal £50-70  
149 African sword, brass inlaid decorated blade, carved handle, with hair, carved wooden scabbard, overall length 82cm, and a small African knife, (2). £60-80 £60
150 Medals: 26884 Private A.C. Packwood, R.A.M.C., a WWI group of three including War Medal, Victory Medal and 1914-15 Star, together with WWII medals and an Elizabeth II Imperial Service Medal named Ernest Richard Varney, boxed, (9). £50-80 £85
151 Three medals, including WW2 pair, and Edward VII Coronation bronze medal (3) £20-30 £80
152 French brass cased carriage clock, four columns, dished enamelled numerals, 12cm high, with key (no outer casing). £80-120 £100
153 Trebex wristwatch, yellow metal case, leather strap; ladies Accurist wristwatch, bark finish strap; compact; silver mounted desk calendar, ivorine panel.(two boxes) £180-220 £150
154 A quantity of steel and chrome-plated pocket watches, a 9 carat gold case holding a gilded penny approximate weight of case 3.8gms, gilt brooch, seal, chains etc. £50-70 £65
155 Eight Bank Notes, Three George V 1 notes - F1 91 208696, K1 40 368388, E 41 666217, another N90H 702416, three later green 1 pound notes and a 10/- note. (8) £90-130 £120
157 Longines ladies wristwatch, gold plated strap, boxed. £60-90 £55
158 A George III silver pair case pocket watch, white enamel dial with roman numeral chapter ring and bulls eye glass, the fusee movement by D Watson London. No. 81688, having a pierced gilt cock, matched silver outer and inner cases hallmarked London 1804, makers mark NTW £80-120 £70
159 A cased set of Maundy money 1904, four coins all matched date, (lid detached from box but present). £100-150 £95
160 George III 1779 Spade Guinea. £200-250 £200
161 George III 1793 Spade Guinea, worn with jump ring soldered to top, gross weight approximately 8.8gms. (1) £170-200 £200
162 Two Queen Elizabeth II 1979 Full Sovereigns (2) £350-400 £410
163 Two Queen Elizabeth II 1979 Full Sovereigns (2) £350-400 £420
164 Two Queen Elizabeth II 1979 Full Sovereigns (2) £350-400 £420
165 Queen Elizabeth II 1965 Full Sovereign. £170-200 £230
166 Queen Victoria 1887 gold Five Pounds coin, 35mm. £1300-1500  
167 Paper Money and Coins, pre Euro continental paper money some high denominations, French Francs 10-500 notes, Spanish, Swiss, Belgium, German, Norwegian, bag of Queen Elizabeth II sixpences, bag of continental coinage. £50-100 £150
168 Large collection of costume jewellery. Beads, necklaces, rings , bangles, brooches, many pairs of earrings, some jewellery boxes, £50-100 £170
169 Coin Collection, to include various bags of Victorian and pre-decimal coinage, (2 boxes) £50-80 £360
170 A pair of sapphire stud earrings, the 3.6mm stones six claw set in 9 carat white gold mounts with post and butterfly. £50-70 £50
171 A sapphire and diamond oval cluster ring, one sapphire and twelve eight cut diamonds claw set in a yellow and white metal mount with 2mm wide shank and shoulders stamped Birks 14K, ring size P, in a Canadian Birks silver-plated ring box. £200-300 £180
172 A cultured pearl dress ring, a 7.5mm cultured pearl peg set on a yellow metal mount with fine rope knot surround, gross weight approximately 4gm, ring size G. (1). £50-80 £60
173 A diamond solitaire ring, the brilliant cut stone illusion set in a square 9 carat yellow and white gold mount with plain D shape shank and shoulders, approximate weight of diamond 0.20carat, ring size R. £80-120 £80
174 A diamond solitaire ring, the brilliant cut stone, claw set in a yellow and white metal single stone mount stamped 18ct Plat, plain shank with spear point and tube shoulders, approximate weight of diamond 0.22carat, ring size K1/2 £120-150 £120
175 An opal and diamond ring, the oval cabochon cut opal four claw set in a yellow metal mount with three diamonds collet set into each shoulder, opal 9.5mm x 6.5mm, plain shank with triple shoulders stamped 14K 585. gross weight approximately 3.5gms, ring size L1/2 £60-80 £95
176 Two gold wedding bands and two signet rings, two 22 carat yellow gold wedding bands total weight approximately 6gms, a signet ring stamped 18ct approximate weight 4gms, an 18 carat yellow gold signet ring 7.5gms. (4) £250-300 £360
177 A 9 carat yellow gold wedding band, 7.5mm wide D shape plain polished band, approximate weight 7.5gms, ring size S. £50-70 £75
178 Collection of gold and yellow metal jewellery, 9 carat musical note pendant, 22 carat gold wedding band 2gms, locket and chain, broken 18 carat gold ring 2gms, 2 x 9 carat gold rings 3.5gms etc (10) £70-100 £200
179 A pair of 9 carat yellow gold chain link cufflinks, the rectangular cut corner plates engraved with initial G, approximate weight 5.5gms £40-60 £75
180 A yellow metal hollow curb link bracelet with padlock fastener, six charms attached, total weight approximately 14gms. £120-150 £210
181 Three 9 carat yellow gold chains, a circular belcher link 50cm long, a box link 45cm long, a 40cm long twisted rope chain, total weight approximately 21.5gms (3) £150-200 £220
182 A rose metal three bar gate link bracelet, 6cm wide, tongue snap stamped 9ct, approximate weight 12.5gms. £100-150 £150
183 Four vintage yellow metal bar brooches, interlocking seed pearl hearts, a spider on a bar stamped 9ct (metal pin), two small pressed brooches, (4) £50-80 £180
184 A collection of cameo jewellery, a cameo ring with rose metal band, a 9 carat yellow gold S link bracelet claw set with five cameos, an oval cameo brooch in yellow metal frame, a pair of clip on earrings. (5). £50-80 £100
185 Two 9 carat yellow and white gold gemset pendants, an oval pendant claw set with a marquise cut amethyst to centre and surrounded by aqua coloured marquise cut stones and small pink brilliant cut stones, overall 20mm x 15mm, a pear shaped pendant set with an aqua coloured pear shaped stone 15mm. (2) £100-150 £85
186 9ct hallmarked gold articulated pendant, designed as a clown with a gem set tie, 5cm. £100-150 £140
187 A collection of silver and white metal jewellery, modern brooches in the Art Nouveau style, filigree brooch, perfume bottle on a chain, earrings, etc £30-50 £50
188 A collection of vintage jewellery, micro mosaic brooch, silver ''Miriam'' brooch hallmarked Birmingham 1895, paste set horseshoe brooch, enamel bird bar brooch, a modern silver and enamel pendant in the Art Nouveau style, cufflinks etc.(14) £50-80 £170
189 A cultured pearl necklace, fifty-five 7mm pearls knotted every pearl into a single row 43cm long and fitted with a silver safety hook fastener. £80-120 £75
190 A collection of coloured stone jewellery, a modern cameo, a moss agate brooch, an orange agate brooch in a claw setting, a pair of tigers eye earrings, a marcasite and coral brooch, a dirk style brooch, a gold-plated photo frame pendant etc (13) £50-80 £230
191 A silver chick pin cushion, Chester, maker and date mark rubbed, 4cm. £60-80 £80
192 A silver vesta case, floral and scroll decoration, hallmarked Chester 1913, a silver snuff box, plain polished finish hallmarked Chester 1907, gross total weight approximately 1.9oz. (2) £50-80 £75
193 Italian 9 carat white gold hallmarked necklace, sectional bar links alternating polished and bright cut each 15mm long, joining at front with a V shape section, fitted with a tongue snap fastener with safety catch, overall length approximately 40cms,approximate weight 17.4gms, complete with fitted necklace box. £160-200 £180
194 9ct gold wedding band, 9ct dress ring, silver bangle and costume jewellery. £50-80 £60
195 Three dwarf silver candlesticks, with filled bases, a silver topped glass perfume bottle engraved with masonic emblem, Hallmarked London 1920, a mother-of-pearl fruit knife with silver blade Sheffield 1930, four hallmarked silver napkin rings. (9) £70-100 £75
196 A silver paper knife commemorating The Royal Wedding 1981, hallmarked London 1981, a silver fork ''The British Bulldog Club'' hallmarked Birmingham 1905, two antique silver caddy spoons, teaspoon and a pair of sugar tongs. (6) £50-80 £75
197 Three cased sets of flatware, a set of six teaspoons Sheffield 1925, a set of six apostle top coffee spoons with twisted stems Birmingham 1905, a set of six tea knives with filled silver handles Sheffield 1927 (3) £60-90 £95
198 A silver pedestal bowl, repousse chased with floral, foliate and lion masks, two vacant cartouches, the lower half swirl fluted on a similar single round foot, 22.5cm diameter, 13.5cm high, hallmarked London 1910, makers mark James Wakely & Frank Clarke Wheeler, approximate weight 22oz £200-300 £290
199 A green glass silver mounted scent bottle, and a small quantity of silver spoons and a pill box. £70-100 £110
200 Five Victorian silver engraved Fiddle pattern teaspoons, hallmarked London 1843, seven other silver teaspoons, a pair of sugar tongs and a silver backed hairbrush, total weighable silver approximately 8oz. £80-100 £120
201 Set of fish knives and forks with xylonite handles, six similar tea knives, six tea knives with silver-plated handles and six other Chatterley knives. £20-30 £10
202 A Georg Jensen ''Continental'' pattern silver butter knife, six Swedish silver coffee spoons decorated with the three crowns and ''Sverige'' along stem, pair of enamelled spoons, gross weight approximately 4oz. £50-80 £130
203 A collection of silver spoons, five small fruit spoons with gilded berry bowls, a pair of sugar tongs, six various silver teaspoons, total weight approximately 6.5oz, five other unmarked pieces. (17) £50-70 £120
204 A silver cigarette box, engine turned lid with vacant cartouche, twin compartment, cedar wood lined suitable for use as a jewellery box, hallmarked Birmingham 1924, 18cm x 9cm x 5cm,. £70-100 £90
205 A silver three piece tea set, plain polished oval form on single plain oval foot, hallmarked Sheffield 1925, makers mark William Hutton & sons Ltd, total weight approximately 27oz. £200-300 £300
206 A pair of George III silver table spoons, Old English pattern with a bright cut border and monogrammed, hallmarked London 1790, a George II Hanoverian spoon, crested with raised arm holding a five ray star, hallmarked London 1736, makers mark indistinct, gross weight of three spoons approximately 5.5oz. (3) £80-120 £95
207 A plain silver barrel shaped mug with C handle, 10cm high, hallmarked Birmingham 1936, makers mark D&H, approximate weight 7.75oz. £70-100 £120
208 Pair of 19th century Burmese white metal pedestal bowls, wavy rims, repousse decorated with band of deities, 9cm high, one stamped .85, (2) £120-180 £100
209 Two Eastern white metal caddy boxes, one of serpentine form repousse decorated with fields of dancing figures, raised on supports, stamped 85, 10.5cm high; the other of hexagonal form, hinged cover, repoussed with deities, 8cm high; and a white metal and gilt measuring cup, with rural scenes, 10.5cm (3) £120-150 £180
210 Indian white metal Christening set, comprising dish, cup, and two rattles; another dish elaborately embossed; and three assorted cruets, one stamped Dass & Dutt, Calcutta (8) £60-80 £100
211 Indian white metal caddy box, repoussed with lotus floral motifs, cylindrical form, stamped 800s, 835cm high; and a similar double-ended measuring cup, 10.5cm high (2) £80-120 £120
212 Marcasite ring and silver costume jewellery. £20-30 £10
213 Three necklaces - amber coloured barrel shaped worry beads 50cm long with dropper, three sided moss agate bead necklace spaced by circular beads 50cm long, a green onyx bead necklace 90cm long. (3) £40-60 £10
214 Nine bead necklaces, to include pearls, amber and cornelian coloured beads, a metal chain pendant, (9) £30-40 £12
215 Yellow metal pin, garnet and seed pearl set, star and crescent design, £40-60 £20
216 Gents Avia wristwatch, gold-plated case and plated bracelet strap; and a Timex Pilot's wristwatch. £40-60 £80
217 White metal half Hunter fob watch, engraved monogram to reverse, stamped 'Fine Silver', with a silver Albert chain and T-bar. £50-80 £60
218 Ingersoll Military pocket watch; another Smith's pocket watch; and three others (af). £50-80 £130
220 Sliver three piece tea set, by Marson & Jones, Birmingham 1931, oval form, comprising teapot with ebonised handle and finial, milk jug and sugar basin, gross weight 30oz. (3) £250-300 £310
221 Silver lidded jug, by Marples & Co, Birmingham 1901, with gadrooned rim on four paw feet ebonised handle and finial, gross weight 10oz £100-150 £110
222 Four piece silver plated tea service, by Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company, another jug, tea strainer and tray £50-80 £30
229 Sir John Lubbock Hundred Best Books 99 vols set, c1898. £150-250 £170
230 Sam Williams, abstract screen print, signed, dated '72, No.1/4, and another by the same hand, unsigned, both 49cm x 56cm. (2) £50-80 £28
231 George Hann, a street scene, oil on canvas, signed, 59cm x 49cm. £70-100 £110
232 Leslie Goodwin, 'Huntsmen' pen and ink with colourwash, 67cm x 48cm. £70-100 £45
233 Valerie Leedham, Studio Window, mixed media, 69cm x 55cm. £50-80 £65
234 J Dawson, 'Two Giraffes', watercolour, 72cm x 53cm. £50-80 £85
235 David Easton, 'Cyclamen', still life watercolour, 40cm x 41cm. £40-60 £22
236 Francis Carr, 'Big Ben and Shell-Mex House', mixed media, 59cm x 83cm. £100-150  
237 Mike Hoar, 'Towards Queniborough from South Croxton Road', acrylic on board, 41cm x 58cm. £70-100 £140
238 Mike Hoar, 'View to the right! from the South Croxton crossroads towards Queniborough', acrylic on board, 41cm x 58cm. £70-100 £140
239 John Lawrence, 'Fishermen on the beach', watercolour, 26cm x 35cm. £30-50 £65
240 M Grimshaw, Industrial landscape, a nocturne, mixed media, 50cm x 23.5cm. £80-120 £120
241 John Rimmer, 'Dickson Road', oil on board, 21cm x 29cm and another by the same hand, 'Cat and Flowers', 16cm x 22cm. (2). £50-80 £60
242 Michael Eisemann, 'Anemones and Komposition', signed limited edition colour print, 36cm x 45cm £30-50 £12
243 A Turbell (?), River landscape, watercolour, 36cm x 26.5cm. £50-80  
244 Popular print, 'On Ne Passe Pas', hand coloured, 29cm x 21cm. £40-60  
245 David Stewart Finlason, Venice with figures, watercolour, 23.5cm x 34cm. £50-80  
246 Elizabeth Organ, Haut de Tagnes, signed and dated 1969, watercolour with body colour, 37cm x 26cm. £50-70 £28
247 Harry Dorr, Carreg, Cennen Castle, watercolour, £300-500  
248 British school, Castle in woodland, oil on board, unsigned, 25cm x 30cm £30-40 £10
249 I Robertson, 'Tenby Harbour', black charcoal/ crayon, 19cm x 28cm. £30-50 £8
250 Crety, head and shoulders portrait of a young girl, oil on canvas, 31cm x 24cm. £200-300 £950
251 Graeme.W. Baxter, Muirfield, Scotland, signed limited edition print, 334/850, 42cm x 54cm. £30-40 £12
252 Collection of prints and a map, (9) £40-60 £28
253 F C Gill, Wiston Church, pastel and charcoal, 29cm x 40cm £40-60  
254 After George Braque, coastal scene, colour print, 22cm x 32cm; and British School, Loch Na Lathaich, watercolour, 28cm x 38cm, (2). £20-30 £5
255 19th century School watercolour, ''Samson to Rescue'', unsigned, 42 x 32cm. £20-30 £12
256 Seven framed share certificates, with decorative illustrations to include:- ''Barcelona Traction, Light and Power Company 1914'', ''North Butte Mining Company 1929'', ''Green Bay and Western Railway Company 1929'', ''Toledo, St Louis and Western Railroad Company'', varying sizes all mounted and framed in matching plain black frames, four unframed certificates to include ''The South-Eastern Gold Mining Company Limited'' £70-100 £70
257 Walter B Reed, [?], Castle with terraced garden, watercolour, signed lower left, 30cm x 22cm. £30-40 £25
258 Samuel Towers, Country Cottage, watercolour, signed and dated 1907, 42cm x 30cm. £100-150 £90
259 Continental school, Lakeside scene, reverse painting on glass, 39cm x 59.5cm. £30-50 £12
260 Peter Smith, Covent Square, London, oil on canvas, signed verso, 34cm x 38cm. £50-80 £48
261 Abraham Hulk Jnr, Three rural landscapes, watercolours, signed, 25cm x 16cm.(two portrait, one landscape orientation), (3) £100-150 £90
262 After Louis William Desanges, Captain Charles John Stanley Gough, 5th [Bengal] European Cavalry winning the VC at Khurkowhah, Indian Mutiny, 15 August 1857, oil on board, 23.5cm x 28cm. The original of this work is held by the National Army Museum and was one of a number commissioned to depict Victoria Cross subjects. £40-60 £260
263 Frank Field, Claddagh Reflections, oil painting, 60cm x 49.5cm. £100-150  
264 A M Simmonds, The Garden, Birmingham Hall, 1893, a pair of watercolours, signed, 25cm x 35cm. £30-40 £30
265 Sidney Perrin, River landscape, print signed in pencil, 36cm x 54cm. £20-30 £5
266 H A Harfield, Lakeland landscapes, a pair, watercolour, signed and dated 1882, 21cm x 29cm. £40-60 £30
267 Helen Eileen Cochrane, An Old Oak on Salisbury Plain, watercolour, signed, 25cm x 36cm. £20-30 £22
268 Neville Adams, Rooftops, monochrome etching, 15cm x 20cm, pencil signed, '50; and another industrial scene, plus one other. (3). £30-50 £35
269 After Roy Thockton, Reconnaissance, silverscreen print, signed, 22.5cm x 35cm. £40-60 £30
270 After Albert Moulton Foweraker, pair of townscapes by moonlight, coloured etchings, 20 x 16cm (2) £20-30 £40
271 Albert H. Findley, 'Groby Pool', watercolour, signed, 22cm x 29cm £60-80 £80
272 Abraham Hulk Jnr, Three rural landscapes, watercolours, signed, 17cm x 24cm, (3) £100-150 £90
273 Rowland Langmaid, ''Shipping off the Coast'', etching, signed in pencil, 16cm x 31cm. £30-40 £40
274 David Stewart Finlason, Venice, watercolour, 29cm x 56cm. £100-150  
275 A. Clarence, Fishing boats off the Quay, watercolour, signed, 24cm x 12cm. £40-60 £28
276 Lilla Bagwell, Bird's Foot trefoil, watercolour, 11.5cm x 16.5cm. £20-30 £25
277 J. S. Greasley, Moorland, watercolour, signed and dated 1901, 23cm x 31.5cm. £20-30 £15
278 After Edward John Poynter, study of a head, sanguine coloured print, 22cm x 17cm; a map of Leicestershire, print including John Wesley and other pictures. £20-30 £50
279 Ann Whitaker (?), Sunday Morning, signed limited edition print; together with three other prints (4) £40-60 £35
280 Quantity of prints, photos etc, (12). £20-30 £18
281 English school, naive painting of a cockerel, late 19th century, oil on canvas, 34cm x 49cm; together with an additional frame (2). £40-60 £180
282 Alan Moore, Tall Trees, Lamport, signed, watercolour, 29cm x 36cm; W. Wright, Ansty Green, signed and dated '96, oil on canvas; and four watercolours by Ken Brown, (6). £20-30 £25
283 After Tom King, 'Potting Up' and 'Red, white, and Blue', pair of limited edition prints; together with and two watercolours, including one by G Marler, 'Park Farm, Somerleyton, Suffolk', 33cm x 43cm (4) £40-60 £15
284 J. Crofts, Rough sea with sailing ships, oil on board,24cm x 49cm, signed bottom right; E. Stone, Ashness Bridge on the road from Borrowdale to Watendlath, overlooking Derwentwater, Lake District, watercolour, 18cm x 38cm.signed bottom right. (2) £60-90  
285 Two antiquarian maps of Leicestershire, William Kipp and Christopher Saxon, a map of Leicestershire ''Lecestriae Comitatus'' circa 1637, plate number 24, 29cm x 36cm, Robert Morden a map of Leicestershire, circa 1695, 36cm x 42cm sold by Abel Swale Awnsham & John Churchill. (2) £100-200 £190
286 After William Woodhouse, Pair of Setter prints, Limited Edition 247 & 253/500), 40cm x 35.5cm. £20-30 £10
287 Miriam Solomon, after Renoir, oil on canvas, pen signed, 61cm x 50cm. £50-80 £100
288 Three oak framed coloured prints, and a watercolour drawing of Groby Old Hall, 44.5cm x 35cm. (4) £30-50 £30
289 Fred Miller, Summer Clouds, aquatint, signed in pencil, 39cm x 54cm. £30-40 £22
290 Fred Wild, Stepping Stones - Moel Siabod, oil on canvas, titled and dated to reverse 1906, 50cm x 74cm. £80-120 £100
291 Dutch School, A Canal, oil on canvas, indistinctly signed, 38cm x 79cm. £30-50 £50
292 Albert H. Findley, 'Groby Pool', watercolour, signed bottom right, 46cm x 53cm. £80-120 £80
293 Newfoundland Dog, charcoal sketch by F Smithers?, signed and dated 1892, 47cm x 65cm. £40-60 £20
294 Fred Wild, Llanberis Pass, oil on canvas, titled and dated to reverse 1914, 49cm x 74cm. £80-120 £110
295 After Sir Alfred East, 'Morning, Corner of the Coppice', signed, aquatint, 30cm x 37cm. £100-150 £95
296 Robin Davidson, Wimborne Minster, oil on canvas, signed, 40 x 60cm. £80-120 £70
297 Tom Hunn, Coastal landscape, watercolour, signed, 49cm x 34cm. £50-70 £22
298 Barry Hilton, Storm clouds over a wheat field, oil on board, 69cm x 69cm. £150-200 £550
299 Two Chinese painted scrolls, one depicting an old gentleman. £20-30 £18
300 After Graciela Rodo Boulanger, ''Opus II'' ''Hontis'' 1981, lithographic print, 65 x 54cm. £40-60 £32
301 After Chiam Gross, ''Violinist'', lithographic print, signed and numbered in pencil 2/250, 71 x 48cm £60-80 £55
302 English, Still life with game, watercolour, signed with monogram 'LS' and dated 1875, 31cm x 42cm, £20-30 £10
303 Hand coloured engraving of the University of Oxford, 43cm by 27cm, watercolour of a Continental Town scene, (2). £20-30 £35
304 Victorian needlepoint tapestry, family around a spinning wheel £40-60 £42
310 American oak roll-top desk, serpentine tambour enclosing a fitted interior, twin pedestals, fitted drawers, plinth base, width 128cm, depth 77cm, height 120cm. £300-500  
311 George III mahogany fall front secretaire, with a rectangular top with a plain edge, frieze drawer with fall front writing surface, enclosing fitted interior with drawers and pigeon-holes, above panelled doors, width 119cm, depth 54cm, height 103cm. £70-100 £65
312 Victorian mahogany sideboard, rectangular top with raised panelled back, three ogee frieze drawers, twin pedestals with arched cupboards, bun feet, 183cm. £60-80 £65
313 George III oak bureau, fall front enclosing an interior fitted with drawers, pigeon holes and a cupboard, with four long graduating drawers, bracket feet, width 103cm, depth 49cm, height 116cm. £70-100 £65
314 Edwardian mahogany sideboard, rectangular top with moulded edge, central frieze drawer above an open shelf with a baluster turned column, circular panel cupboards, turned and wrythen fluted legs, joined by moulded stretchers, length 185cm. £100-150  
315 Oval wall mirror, carved and stained wood frame, ivy leaf pattern, 81cm x 52cm; and another oval wall mirror, bevelled plate, oak and inlaid frame, 80cm x 55cm, (2). £40-60 £50
316 Oval wall mirror, Florentine style swept gilt frame. £100-150 £90
317 George III oak hanging corner cupboard, moulded cornice, panelled door, enclosing three fixed shaped shelves, width 81cm, depth 44cm, height 100cm. £20-30 £35
318 George III oak hanging corner cupboard, moulded cornice, panel door enclosing three shaped shelves, width 85cm, depth 46cm, height 113cm. £80-120 £65
319 Traditional style Chesterfield settee, Egyptian-esque upholstery, stained wood bun feet, width approximately 240cm, depth 121cm, height 77cm. £300-500 £270
319A Victorian mahogany cabinet, with a moulded cornice, astragal glazed doors enclosing shelves, boxwood and ebony stringing throughout, on a later stand with a plain frieze, square tapering legs with boxwood stringing, 127cm. £80-120 £75
320 Oak leaded glazed three section bookcase, width 128cm, depth 32cm, height 123cm. £100-150 £230
321 George III oak bureau, fitted interior with drawers, cupboard and pigeon holes, fitted with four long graduating drawers, bracket feet, width 104cm, depth 55cm, height 110cm. £120-180  
322 Late Georgian mahogany linen press top, architectural pediment, panel doors enclosing slides, width 107cm, (damaged). £40-60 £25
323 Modern pine dresser, moulded cornice, carved frieze, two shelves to the panel back, base with rectangular top and three drawers above panelled cupboards, plinth base, width 151cm, depth 47cm, height 200cm. £80-120 £100
324 Oak china cabinet, arched top, glazed doors enclosing two fixed shelves, cabriole legs, width 78cm, depth 30cm, height 141cm. £50-80 £60
325 Joined oak table, 18th Century, oval top, with two fall leaves, frieze drawer, baluster turned gates joined by stretchers, the top 148cm x 118cm maximum, height 74cm. £100-150  
326 Oak gateleg table, 1930s oval top, two fall leaves, moulded edge, barley twist gate legs, the top, 104 x 132cm, and four similar dining chairs, (5). £50-80 £95
327 Oak elbow chair, slat-back, drop-in seat, turned legs joined by H-stretcher, width 56cm, and four matching single chairs, (5). £50-80 £60
328 Upholstered pine blanket box, width 93cm, depth 80cm, height 58cm. £20-30 £35
329 Victorian mahogany and pine bookcase, moulded cornice, the upper section with two glazed doors enclosing four fixed shelves, the base with a rectangular top and moulded edge, two panelled doors, plinth base, width 120cm, depth 44cm, height 226cm. £100-150 £90
330 Mahogany dwarf bookcase, rectangular top with rounded corners and moulded edge, blind fretwork frieze, astragal glazed doors enclosing two adjustable shelves, bracket feet, width 122cm, depth 36cm, height 115cm. £80-120 £75
331 Carved oak aneroid banjo barometer (af), 94cm. £20-30 £12
333 Victorian oak stick barometer, silvered chart, inscribed Agricultural Barometer and Hygrometer, Minoretti, Leicester, turned cistern cover, 96cm, (af). £80-120 £85
334 Oak sideboard, modern, rectangular top with a shallow back, three drawers above cupboards, width 137cm, depth 44cm, height 92cm. £50-80 £140
335 Reproduction pine low-line chest of drawers, rectangular top with a moulded edge, fitted with seven drawers, bun feet, width 111cm, depth 41cm, height 54cm; and a modern pine cheval mirror with rectangular plate, width 58cm, height 150cm, (2). £50-80 £50
336 Oak long-case clock, the hood with a swan-neck pediment, and turned columns, long arched door, plinth base, 12'' arched painted dial, with bird spandrels, Arabic numerals, subsidiary date aperture, eight-day movement, height 210cm. £250-300  
337 Oak waterfall bookcase, serpentine shelves, two drawers below, cabriole carved legs, width 93cm, depth 30cm, height 155cm. £80-120 £130
339 Victorian style cast iron fireplace, with tile inset, width 97cm. £50-80 £75
340 Modern mahogany waterfall bookcase, three fixed shelves, two drawers, below, bracket feet, width 93cm, depth 31cm, height 111cm. £60-80 £75
341 Reproduction yew wood freestanding corner cabinet, palmette frieze, lancet glazed doors enclosing two shelves, the base with a small slide above a cupboard, bracket feet, width 88cm, height 188cm. £70-100 £60
342 Victorian mahogany pedal organ, by DW Karn, Woodstock, Canada, mirrored gallery back, W113cm x D57cm x H163cm. £50-80  
343 Mahogany hanging corner cupboard, glazed door, with 'X glazing bars, enclosing two fixed shelves, width 76cm, depth 41cm, height 102cm. £30-50 £22
344 Victorian mahogany hall table, rectangular top with a moulded edge, two frieze drawers, turned front legs, square tapering back legs, width 115cm, depth 60cm, height 78cm. £100-150 £90
344A Large rectangular canvas bound shipping trunk, 93cm. £30-40 £50
345 Mahogany framed wall mirror, fretted frame in a Chippendale style, rectangular plate, 102cm, damaged; two other similar wall mirrors, and a toilet mirror, (4). £50-70 £28
346 Mahogany cocktail cabinet, cupboard over a slide and four drawers, bracket feet, W61cm x D46cm x H156cm. £70-100 £90
347 Reproduction stained wood side-cabinet, rectangular top with a moulded edge, two arched panelled doors, enclosing a fitted interior above two drawers, bracket feet, width 101cm, depth 48cm, height 156cm. £60-80 £110
348 Victorian mahogany dining table, oval pull out extending top, with a moulded edge and a plain frieze, turned and fluted legs on castors, with three extra leaves, width 142cm £300-500  
349 Set of eight walnut dining chairs, 20th Century in the Queen Anne style, shaped crestings, vase shaped slats, six with leather, two with needlework seats, width 50cm £80-120 £70
350 A modern light oak extending dining table, rectangular top, rounder corners, moulded edge, on twin baluster turned columns, incurved platform base, the top 182cm, width 100cm, height 77cm. (DOES NOT COME WITH CHAIRS) £100-150 £100
351 Oak dining table, rectangular draw leaf top carved frieze, turned and carved legs, central stretcher, the top 182cm x 81cm maximum, height 77cm. £40-60 £22
352 Matched set of eight spindle-back chairs, Lancashire style, rush seats, turned legs joined by rails, comprising one elbow chair, width 62cm; and seven single chairs. £120-180  
353 Solid oak dining table rectangular top with draw leaves, turned and ringed legs, joined by a stretcher, the top minimum 152cm x 84cm, height 76cm. £120-180 £200
354 Set of six oak dining chairs, early 20th Century, carved scrolled crestings, reeded slat backs, drop in seats, baluster turned legs, joined by H stretchers, width 48cm £80-120 £190
355 Edwardian inlaid oak aneroid barometer, Art Nouveau style, 87cm. £50-70 £40
356 Victorian walnut games table, by Gillow of Lancaster, moulded serpentine drop-leaf surface, with rotating token holders, raised on four turned and fluted supports, on shaped pedestal, stamped to underside 'GILLOW' (refurnished top surface) £200-300 £200
357 Victorian style writing table, rectangular hinged top with a moulded edge, lifting to reveal a writing surface and pigeon-holes, square tapering splayed legs joined by shaped stretchers, width 74cm, depth 43cm, height 79cm. £70-100 £200
358 Small oak coffer, in part 19th century, rectangular hinged lid with later hinges, width 104cm, depth 36cm, height 43cm. £50-80 £130
359 Victorian mahogany side table, rectangular top with rounded corners, reeded edge, frieze drawer with turned handles, turned ringed and fluted legs, brass casters, width 93cm, depth 54cm, height 76cm. £100-150 £90
360 Victorian mahogany toilet mirror, oval plate, platform base, width 49cm, height 55cm. £30-50 £45
361 Edwardian mahogany Sutherland table, rectangular top with rounded corners, satinwood crossbanding, boxwood and ebony stringing, two fall leaves, splayed legs, the top 68cm x 86cm, height 71cm. £30-50 £28
362 Oak occasional table, rectangular top, turned and ringed legs, joined by a shelf, the top 92cm x 51cm, height 74cm. £50-80 £55
363 Victorian mahogany bureau, fall front with broad crossbanding enclosing interior, fitted with drawers, pigeon-holes and cupboard, two short and three long graduating drawers with brass bale handles, bracket feet, width 93cm, depth 50cm, height 102cm. £150-200  
364 Victorian mahogany chest of drawers of small proportion, rectangular top with a moulded edge, fitted with two short and three long graduating drawers, with brass bale handles, bracket feet, width 71cm, depth 43cm, height 79cm. £150-200 £170
365 Pair of antlers, mounted on a shield shaped plaque. £30-40 £28
366 An Edwardian walnut snooker/ dining table, by E Riley Ltd, raised on turned baluster legs, width 203cm x depth 110cm x height 83cm. £200-300  
367 Perry King & Santiago Miranda for Flos, an 'Aurora' pendant light, designed 1982, this example 1990s, the domed ceiling rose suspending three horizontal discs on chord, housing three spot lights, the discs 60cm diam. £50-80  
368 Set of six late Victorian oak dining chairs, balloon backs, leather upholstery (af), on turned supports. £100-150  
369 Victorian style chaise longue, scrolled ends, serpentine back, buttoned upholstery, stained wood cabriole legs, length approximately 140cm, height 73cm. £80-120 £130
370 Victorian mahogany bow-front chest of drawers, the top with broad cross-banding and ebony stringing, fitted with two short and three long graduating drawers, shaped apron-piece, splayed bracket feet, width 106cm, depth 55cm, height 105cm. £100-150 £190
371 A mahogany swing toilet mirror, rectangular plate with turned supports, bow-front base with three drawers, turned feet, width 53cm, height 57cm. £40-60 £65
372 Oak monk's bench, rectangular adjustable top/back, bobbin-turned arm supports, panelled box-seat, the top 92cm x 48cm, height 72cm. £40-60 £190
373 Victorian walnut breakfast table, circular tilt top with a moulded edge, plain frieze, tapering octagonal column, triform plinth base on scrolled feet, diameter approximately 104cm, height 70cm. £120-180  
374 Victorian walnut nursing chair, the frame carved decoration and barley-twist supports, buttoned dralon back and bow-front seat, turned and fluted legs, pottery casters, width 50cm, height 99cm; and a similar nursing chair, (2). £100-150 £85
375 Small painted metal Valor stove, 61cm. £30-40 £50
376 Edwardian oak framed chaise longue, with baluster rail back, turned feet, length approximately 172cm, height 73cm. £40-60 £100
377 Joined oak table, basically late 18th century, oval top with two fall leaves, two frieze drawers, shaped apron, turned legs, pad feet, the top 144cm x 160cm maximum, (one leaf af). £120-180 £100
378 Victorian mahogany framed sofa, shaped back with carved pediment, scrolled and carved arms, turned and ringed legs, length 270cm, depth 27cm, height 99cm. £400-600  
379 Reproduction mahogany bow-front bedside pedestal, the top with broad crossbanding, reeded edge, fitted with four drawers, shaped apron piece, splayed bracket feet, width 41cm, depth 35cm, height 71cm. £30-40 £70
380 Regency rosewood work table, fold over rectangular top, tapering canted column, on shaped pedestal base, width 49cm x depth 36cm x height 75cm. £80-120 £85
381 Edwardian mahogany bedside cupboard, rectangular top with a moulded edge, panelled door enclosing a shelf, square tapering legs, width 42cm, depth 34cm, height 84cm. £40-60 £35
382 Victorian mahogany framed settee, carved and scrolled back and arms, turned and fluted legs, length 198cm, depth 60cm, height 96cm. £300-500 £230
383 Reproduction mahogany jardiniere stand, carved decoration, hexagonal legs joined by a stretcher, the top 31cm square, height 108cm. £40-60 £32
384 Mahogany jardiniere stand, circular top, diameter 23cm, carved and fluted bedpost column, three splayed legs, height 146cm. £50-70 £35
385 Folding wooden card table, green baize top 79cm square. £30-50 £15
386 Reproduction Regency, sofa table, tan tooled leather inset top, two frieze drawers, lyre shaped supports, width 90cm x depth56cm x height 74cm £30-40 £38
387 Mahogany framed dressing table mirror, shield shaped plate, splayed legs, width 43cm, height 59cm, and two other dressing table mirrors, (3). £40-60 £45
388 Edwardian five division folding screen, glazed and cloth covered panels, height 114cm. £50-80 £70
389 Pair of modern Chinese hardwood bedside cabinets, each fitted with a drawer above a cupboard, the top 56cm square, height 56cm. £60-100 £50
390 Carved and stained beechwood spinning chair, turned legs, height 99cm. £25-40 £28
391 Eastern carved and stained Elephant seat, width 80cm x depth 63cm x height 86cm. £60-80 £80
392 Victorian mahogany card table, rectangular foldover top with rounded corners, plain frieze, turned and ringed column on four splayed reeded legs with brass toes and casters, width 91cm, depth 45cm, height 73cm. £150-200 £160
393 Reproduction mahogany drum-top library table, adapted as a coffee table, short turn column, four splayed legs, brass toes and casters, diameter 112cm, height 55cm. £50-80 £110
394 Victorian walnut Canterbury, turned and ringed divisions, drawer to the base, turned and ringed legs, 54cm x 38cm, height 51cm. £100-150 £150
395 Victorian figured walnut loo table, oval tilt top, with a moulded edge, plain frieze, turned and carved column on four scrolled and carved legs, pottery casters, the top 123cm x 188cm, height 72cm. £150-200 £170
396 Set of four Victorian walnut balloon-back dining chairs, carved decoration, upholstered serpentine seats, French cabriole legs, width 47cm. £200-300 £180
397 Victorian rosewood prie-dieu, needlepoint upholstery, turned legs, width 47cm, height 93cm. £30-50 £28
398 Reproduction walnut bureau, fall front enclosing an interior fitted with a drawer and pigeon holes, above three long graduating drawers, carved cabriole legs, width 83cm, depth 52cm, height 105cm. £50-80 £65
399 French black slate mantel clock, architectural form with gilt metal mounts, circular dial, cylinder movement striking on a gong, width 31cm, height 37cm. £100-150  
400 Oak and mixed wood log bin, adapted from a coffer, carved panels, width 49cm, depth 40cm, height 50cm. £50-80 £65
401 George III mahogany commode, hinge back and seat, square tapering legs, width 58cm, depth 52cm, height 81cm. £100-150 £100
402 Stripped walnut chest of drawers, rectangular top with a moulded edge, fitted with three long drawers, Art Nouveau pattern handles, bracket feet, width 85cm, depth 41cm, height 82cm. £60-80 £70
404 Reproduction burr walnut etagere, two galleried oval tiers, frieze drawer, cabriole legs, width 44cm, depth 31cm, height 71cm. £40-60 £70
405 Victorian mahogany tea table, rectangular foldover top with rounded corners, gadrooned edge, plain frieze, turned and ringed column on four leaf-capped scrolled moulded legs, with brass toes and casters, width 97cm, depth 48cm, height 76cm. £150-200 £160
406 Victorian mahogany double chair back settee, shaped cresting, scrolled arms, bow-front seats, square tapering legs, inlaid decoration with satinwood cross-banding and boxwood ebony stringing, trellis pattern upholstery, width 118cm. £80-100 £130
408 Mahogany worktable, rectangular hinged lid above drawers, in curve platform base, 41cm. £50-80 £70
409 Reproduction mahogany effect Canterbury, four-sections above two frieze drawers. £40-60 £55
410 Victorian mahogany pot cupboard, rectangular top above with two cupboards, on plinth base, width 45cm, depth 39cm, height 80cm. £40-60 £30
411 Reproduction walnut table, circular top with broad yew wood crossbanding and stringing, turned columns, fluted splayed legs, diameter approximately 130cm. £80-120 £48
412 Victorian walnut stool and dressing table stool (2) £40-60 £50
413 Reproduction mahogany side cabinet, width 41cm, depth 37cm, height 88cm. £40-60 £45
414 Mahogany demi-lune table, shaped apron, square legs, width 100cm, depth 51cm, height 73cm. £60-80 £48
415 Reproduction camphor wood chest, carved with panels of pheasants and dragons, width 92cm, depth 43cm, height 53cm £50-70 £65
416 Victorian papier mache spoon backed salon chair, with scrolled and trailing gilt design, with fields of Classical figures, turned octagonal supports, drop in dralon seat, stamped FS, 89cm high. £150-200 £110
417 Mahogany Sutherland table, width 68cm, depth 90cm (extended), height 73cm. £30-40 £25
418 Eastern hardwood circular table, carved fretwork frieze, circular suports, 96cm diameter, 78cm high. £60-80 £45
419 Arts and Crafts oak spinning chair, stamped with a beetle. £40-60 £70
420 Contemporary light oak table, rectangular top, square block supports, width 162cm, depth 80cm, height 60cm. £50-80 £45
421 Reproduction mahogany gout stool, button leather upholstery; a reproduction mahogany drop-leaf side table; and a nest of three occasional tables. £50-80 £90
422 Mahogany pedestal table, circular top on tripod legs, and another similar, (2). £50-80 £110
423 Victorian washstand, three quarter gallery back, turned supports, under shelf with frieze drawer, width 75cm, depth 40cm, height 96cm. £40-60 £35
424 A black lacquered and smoked glass display cabinet, brass mounted outlines, glazed upper section enclosing three adjustable shelves, above a pair of cupboards, width 90cm, depth 51cm, height 207cm. £100-150 £90
425 Victorian brass Gothic Revival style floor lamp, serving as a standard lamp, 126cm high. £50-80 £110
426 Snooker accessories, including a cue stand, cues, rests, billiard balls, and other accessories including a scoreboard. £50-80 £65
427 Late 20th century Eastern lacquered bureau bookcase, broken swan neck above two arched doors, enclosing open shelves, above a fall front enclosing pigeon holes and single drawer, above one long, two short and two long drawers, painted all over with figural and floral panels, width 91cm, depth 45cm, height 200cm £120-150 £170
428 Reproduction pier glass, moulded cornice with a shell and scrolled frieze, rectangular plate flanked by fluted columns, 152cm x 112cm. £100-150 £110
429 George III mahogany bureau, fall front enclosing fitted interior, with cupboard drawers and pigeon holes, four long graduating drawers, bracket feet, width 101cm, depth 56cm, height 114cm. £120-150 £95
430 Pair of large table lamps, urn form, marble effect, painted, shades, height 94cm. £60-100 £320
431 Georgian mahogany linen press, top converted into a cabinet, with hinged top and double folding doors, width 112cm, depth 53cm, height 107cm.. £60-80 £42
432 Set of eight French limed walnut dining chairs, carved acanthus scrolled top rails, gilt Damask upholstery (8) £120-150 £200
433 Set of four reproduction Georgian style Gainsborough chairs, each with shaped arms, moulded legs joined by H-stretchers, width 60cm. £200-300  
434 Victorian mahogany framed armchair, hoop back, upholstered arms and seat, scrolled grips, turned and leaf carved legs, width 68cm, height 93cm £200-300  
435 Victorian easy chair, arched back, serpentine seat, buttoned floral upholstery, turned and ringed walnut legs, 69cm. £50-80 £40
436 Late Victorian walnut framed tub chair, reeded arm supports, bow-front seats, turned and ringed legs, 67cm. £30-40 £65
437 Victorian mahogany library chair, burgundy coloured button upholstery. £150-200 £160
438 Victorian nursing chair, floral upholstered scrolled back and bowfront seat, turned, ringed and stained legs, width 50cm, height 74cm. £30-50 £55
439 Edwardian closed back settee, mahogany frame with crossbanding and stringing, width 123cm, depth 61cm, height 96cm. £120-150 £160
440 Victorian mahogany framed armchair, scrolled back, arms with spindle galleries, bowfront seat, turned and fluted legs, width 70cm. £170-200  
441 Victorian mahogany framed armchair, wingback and shaped arms, bowfront seat, turned and ringed legs, width 74cm, height 105cm £200-300  
442 1930s wing-back armchair, floral tapestry upholstery, cabriole legs, width 82cm. £100-150  
443 Edwardian wing-back armchair, dralon upholstery, cabriole legs, ball and claw feet, width 74cm. £60-80 £38
444 Edwardian armchair, turned walnut legs, green dralon upholstery, 70cm wide. £40-60 £25
445 A Phantasm metal framed adjustable artist's easel, 138cm high, 53cm wide. £30-50 £55
446 Contemporary machine made wool carpet, abstract design in grey, purple and teal, 238 x 169cm. £80-120 £55
447 Afghan Tekke rug, with three rows of guls on a red field, silky pile, 151 x 108cm, torn £50-80 £35
448 Chinese pattern sculptured wool rug, green ground with stylised bats, 190 x 88cm. £30-50 £35
449 Turkish Caucasian pattern rug, red ground, 215 x 137cm. £60-90 £90
450 Tabriz pattern carpet, dark blue ground, central medallion with similar spandrels with broad repeat pattern borders, 280cm x 205cm. £120-180 £100
451 A modern carpet by Gabbeh, geometric pattern in shades of beige, dusky salmon pink and olive green, 100% Polypropylene 235cm x 315cm. £50-100 £45
452 Large Cartwheel, iron bound, twelve spokes, 140cm diam. £30-50 £65
453 Stone bench seat, two irregular supports, approximate dimensions, width 178cm, depth 32cm, height 56cm. £50-80 £30
454 Saddle stone, with a circular top, and another top (3). £100-150 £95
455 Victorian wrought iron sign, scrolled outlines, 99cm, together with original wall-mounted bracket. £100-150 £80
456 Indian Gabbeh wool carpet, salmon ground with abstract motifs, with geometric borders, 295cm x 188cm. £100-150 £100
457 Super Kashan hall runner, pink ground, another similar, and a small prayer rug, (3). £50-80 £80