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Tuesday 7th March 2017, 10:00 am

Items Per Page

Description Estimate Hammer
1 Pair of ruby glass lustre vases, with prismatic drops, height 32cm. £60-90 £150
2 Ten sets of Wade Whimsies, to include animals, birds etc, eight boxed sets. £450-500  
3 Five Wade cruet sets, to including Snowman, Village Stores, Andy Capp (plus Flo), Snowman and Woman, Tetley Gaffer/Sid, RHM Foods Boy/Girl Bisto Kids. £100-120 £85
4 Wade, My Fair Ladies, 1991/92, to include Amanda, Anita (boxed), Belinda (boxed), Diana, Emma, Lucy, Melissa (boxed), Natalie, (8). £70-100  
5 A Beswick Irish Setter ''Sugar of Wendover'', model No.966, in brown gloss, a Beswick English Setter ''Bayldone Baronet'', model 973, in speckled grey gloss, a Royal Doulton bone china figure of a dapple grey horse on a naturalistic ground plinth, HN2569 and a brown gloss mare and foal on plinth. (4) £50-80 £35
6 Craftsman studio enamelled metal hunting model, ''Across Country'', plinth base, limited edition 186/1000, by Mark Models, Birmingham, length 39cm; and a Spelter model of a Knight on horseback, (2). £40-60 £65
7 Collection of stone eggs, quantity in box. £30-50 £45
8 Royal Doulton china lady, Best Wishes, HN3971, 22cm, and four Coalport china ladies. (5) £40-60 £60
9 Irish Wade, donkey and cart, 1962/64, donkey with side panniers, 1965, oak leaf crock of gold 1957/59, pink elephant; Wade, two viking ships, two boats, a bridge, log and rabbit, two posy bowls; Wade, yellow budgie 1939/55, parakeet, chick, Arundel chick 1999. £150-200  
10 Clarice Cliff, Wilkinson Limited, octagonal jug, Crocus pattern, 17cm, Crocus pattern cups and saucers, bowls etc., (small quantity) some damage. £70-100 £65
11 Lladro porcelain model, two ponies, impressed mark MY-5 K, 30cm. £50-80 £100
12 Small collection of Swarovski crystal models, Royal Hampshire and other similar models, (a quantity). £60-100 £75
13 Fifteen Goebel Hummel figurines to include Apple Tree Boy and Apple Tree Girl, Soldier Boy, Be Patient, Friends, Little Goat Herder, Playmates, Little Drummer etc. (15) £100-150 £150
14 Collection of thimbles and other miniature china, (quantity). £30-50 £28
15 Victorian cut glass decanter with stopper, 24cm, other decanters, two chemist's jars and a poison bottle. (11) £50-80 £22
16 Pair of continental ewers, moulded with putti, the handles each a faun, 38cm. £40-60 £32
17 Royal Doulton, a set of pottery plates, The Hunting Man, The Mayor, The Doctor, The Squire, The Falconer, The Admiral and The Parson, diameter 26cm. (7) £70-100  
18 Lorna Bailey novelty teapot, The Snowman, limited edition No.43, height 25cm, the other Lorna Bailey models, two Royal Crown Derby, cat paperweights, mason's vase, and other china. £50-80 £160
19 Three Royal Doulton newspaper related models, including Stop Press, HN2683, 20cm (Slimming News); Stop Press HN2683, 20cm (Burslam Festival Procession); and The News Vendor HN2891, 22cm. (3) £50-80 £170
20 Nao china figure, Boy Newspaper Seller, 24cm, and other models relating to newspapers. (14) £30-50 £60
21 Royal Crown Derby, Royal Antoinette trio, Royal Crown Derby Imari trio, Chelsea Derby trio, Herend trio, and three other trios. £30-50 £70
22 Chinese blue and white baluster vase, decorated with figures on a terrace, four character mark, 26cm. £30-40 £40
23 Silver cigarette case, silver mounted glass bottle, assorted plated items, an ebonise ddesk stand, etc (one box) £40-60 £210
24 Old Sheffield plate, circular entree dish, engraved crest and other plated dishes (3 boxes) £50-80 £240
25 Cameras, Pentax etc, plus lenses and pair of binoculars. £40-60 £80
26 Marquis Waterford Crystal vase, other cut-glassware, passative glass items, Finnish art glass, and other ornamental glassware. £50-80 £40
27 Japanese eggshell china teaset, dessert plates, etc., vases, decanters. £30-40 £35
28 Two part tea services by Derby Crown Ware and Royal Albert, in ironstone red, blue and black. £30-50 £20
29 Dimple decanter, etched grape design to shoulders with silver mounted collar; together with a quantity of other glass decanters and a cocktail shaker (one box) £50-80 £75
30 Royal Crown Derby 'Derby Posies', teaware, Minton floral tea service, tea for two Royal Worcester, gilded. £80-120  
32 Three Royal Doulton figures ' Hilary' HN2335, 'Fair Lady' HN2193, 'Stephanie' HN4461. and a collection of Wedgwood Jasperware, mostly blue and white, some black and terracotta coloured. £60-90 £70
33 Royal Doulton miniature ladies, all boxed, to include - Annabel, Christine, Christmas Skater, Christmas Wishes, Barbara, Bess, Elaine, Ermine Coat, Festive Joy, Gail, Helen, Jane, Jessica, Laura, Margaret, Nicola, Ninette, Noelle, Soiree, Stephanie, Susan, Top o' the Hill. (22) £100-120  
34 Wade - My Fair Ladies, 1990/92, to include Caroline, Hannah (boxed), Kate (boxed), Liza (boxed), Marie, Rachel (boxed), Rebecca, Sarah. (8) £70-100  
35 Wade coasters, boxed, together with Wade napkin rings, boxed, Butterfly design. £40-60 £15
36 Burleigh Ware, Art Deco coffee set, six cups and saucers, plus a coffee pot. £80-120 £90
37 Royal Albert, 'Dorothy' pattern teaset, No.9814. (12) £50-70 £48
38 Chinese yellow ground ginger jar, flowering lily pad decoration, moulded seal mark, 19cm, and a smaller chinese ginger jar with a wooden lid, 12cm. (2) £100-150 £95
39 Continental porcelain spill vase moulded and floral painted, 23cm, restored, pair of Continental twin-handle vases, a Royal Crown Derby urn shaped vase, similar saucer, and a Bohemian overlaid hand-painted bottle vase. (6) £50-80 £42
40 Staffordshire pottery figure Will Watch, painted in colours, 34cm, a Staffordshire Red Riding Hood spill vase, other spill vases and figures, mostly damaged. (9) £50-80 £45
41 Dresden china table mirror, decorated with cherubs and flowers, 32cm, easel back, and two very similar Dresden china brackets. (3) £100-150 £140
42 Pair of Staffordshire pottery models, Hounds, 18cm, another Red Riding Hood, two Toby jugs, and other Staffordshire models, mostly damaged, (quantity). £40-60 £65
43 Pair of treacle glazed pottery jugs, Longpark, Torquay, 13cm; and a Chelsea Pottery mug. (3) £30-50 £20
44 Pair of German porcelain figures, boy and girl feeding chickens, 14cm. £30-40 £40
45 Lead crystal comport, diameter 23cm, and six various glasses with green tinted bowls. (7) £30-50 £20
46 Large Herend porcelain model of a cockerel, 43cm. £150-200 £150
47 Victorian transfer printed mug, J E Thompson, Hartshorne Pottery, near Ashby-de-la-Zouch, cracked, 13cm; three blue and white mugs, printed with hunting scenes, and a blue and white jug. (5) £50-80 £45
48 Royal Doulton character jug Robin Hood D2657, 20cm, another, The Falconer, D6533, 20cm, and another Athos, D6452, 19cm. (3) £30-50 £25
49 Cut glass jar and cover, 21cm, and a quantity of cut and moulded decorative glass. £30-50 £30
50 Commemorative ware, a Victorian nursery plate, Victoria Regina, marking the Coronation 1837, diameter 13cm; a Queen Victoria and Prince Albert cup and saucer, marking the Royal Wedding; and other commemoratives. (15) £70-100 £95
51 English hybrid hard-paste porcelain pearl teaware, probably New Hall, circa.1800, Bat printed decoration, some pieces pattern no.1063. £150-200 £230
52 Crown Staffordshire desk stand, with two inkwells, decorated with flower and prunus on green ground, 26cm, and two crested china salt cellars. £30-50 £65
53 Fulham type stoneware mug, moulded decoration of hunting incidents, 11cm; and a stoneware jug, The Old Musty. (2) £40-60  
54 Set of eight Goode & Sons coffee cans and saucers, mottled green exterior, gilt detailing (16) £40-60 £15
55 Pair of English porcelain coffee cans, possibly Chamberlains, early 19th century, 7cm; three Victorian presentation mugs, dated 1856, 1858, and 1872; and an early 19th century Staffordshire nursery mug. (6) £50-80 £60
56 Royal Albert bone china teaset, Old Country Roses pattern. £100-150  
57 Staffordshire blue transfer ware mug, decorated with country house and parkland, 14cm; and another Staffordshire blue and white mug. (2) £40-60 £48
58 Pottery egg basket, modelled with hatching chicks, 17cm; a duck and gosling tureen lid, and a basket weave moulded base. (3) £40-60 £70
59 Four boxes of assorted glassware (4 boxes) £50-80 £45
60 Victorian Staffordshire pottery part dinner service, floral decoration in Imari colours, and other crockery, (four boxes). £30-50 £70
61 Crown Devon pottery beehive box, 13cm, jelly moulds, vases and decorative pottery, (two boxes). £30-50 £28
62 English pottery part teaset, floral pattern; Coalport dessert service, Paragon Royal Doulton and other teaware, (two boxes). £40-60 £55
63 Set of seven Stuart Westbury pattern hock glasses, boxed, six matching whisky tumblers, boxed, together with a small tray, decanter and liqueur glasses and Royal Doulton crystal. £40-60 £42
64 Wedgwood commemorative mugs, including Shakespeare, Geoffrey Chaucer, two mugs designed by Richard Guyatt, a pair of Wedgwood limited edition black basalt medallions, and other Wedgwood. £40-60 £55
65 Pair of Continental porcelain models of fighting cockerels, 19cm and 17cm. £30-50 £28
66 Prattware group, model with two children by a plinth, 15cm. £40-60 £220
67 Beswick Disney figures, including Winnie The Pooh, Piglet, Roo, Eeyore, Owl, Rabbit, Tigger, and Christopher Robin. (8) £100-150 £110
67A Beswick model of a dog, Horseshoe Primrose; a Leornardo Collection model of a Jester, two cut glass decanters, a jug, biscuit barrel, etc. £40-60 £22
67B Set of six silver egg spoons, and a large quantity of assorted loose plated cutlery, canteen box, and circular tray. £40-60 £42
67C Medina tinted glass vase, other coloured glassware, turned wood vases, Royal Doulton figure, 'Rachel', a pair of spelter figures, two snowman figures, Blue Jasper ware, Falcon ware jug and bowl. £50-80 £42
68 Pair of Chinese polychrome bottle vases, decorated with scenes of figures at a table and figures in a garden, 46cms. (2) £500-800  
69 Chinese blue and white shallow dish, decorated with five-toed dragons amongst clouds, six character mark, diameter 35cm. £150-200 £650
70 Royal Doulton table service, 'Juliette' pattern, The Romance collection, some second quality. £50-80 £38
71 Royal Worcester 'Hyde Park' dinner service. twelve place setting to include, rimmed bowls, dinner plates, tea cups and saucers, starter plates, side plates, plus sauceboat and stand, teapot with lid, sugar bowl, milk, jug and tureen with lid. £200-300 £550
72 Wedgwood china dinner service, Ulander pattern, WY13. £50-80 £320
73 Crown Devon toilet set comprising washbowl, diameter 42cm, two chamber pots and toothbrush holder, hand painted bright floral design. (4) £20-40 £12
74 Collection of Brewery advertising jugs and other similar pottery. £40-60  
75 A reproduction blue and white foot bath, basin style, 48cm. £20-30 £42
76 A reproduction Chinese blue and white moon flask, 21cm, stick stand, vase, etc. £20-30 £25
77 Leather jerkin and three suitcases. (4) £30-50 £60
78 Victorian inlaid walnut box, 23cm, a boxed duplicator, cutlery etc. £20-30 £40
79 Hand-built model fishing boat, 51cm, an Olympus OM2M camera, and two model trains. £20-30 £80
80 An unusual wooden stationery case, in the form of a guitar, the cover with primitive abacus, 30cm. £40-60 £30
81 Beagle Aviation etc., a small file and a large folio, a booklet, including photographs and leaflets, other Aeronautical prints, photographs, etc. £30-50 £38
82 Pentax camera, another camera, lenses, etc. £40-60 £75
83 Silver plated cutlery (a quantity) and two tins. £20-30 £20
84 Oak cutlery box, hinged lid above two drawers, engraved plaque, 48cm; and a part set of electroplated cutlery. £70-100 £60
85 Gothic Revival style jewellery casket, turned wood pigeon caller/ decoy, and a large quantity of costume jewellery. £40-60 £120
86 Collection of crystals, together with related books. £100-150  
87 19th Century carved paddle, dated 1894, length 161cm. £80-120  
88 Victory stamp album, another album, and stamps. £130-200  
89 Box of cigarette cards and postcards. £20-30 £150
90 Collection of stamps, including First Day covers, some albums, books, some copper pennies and pre-decimal coins. £30-50 £60
91 Two brass meat jacks, oil lamp, two lamps, small barometer. £40-60 £30
92 Leather bound travelling case, watered silk interior with some silver mounted accessories, case width 46cm, canvas cover. £40-80 £48
93 Walnut framed concertina, with fretted end panels, bellows intact, in a walnut box, labelled J J Vicars, London. £250-300 £230
94 Oak and brass postal balance scales, with weights, 28cm. £30-50 £35
95 Grants Morello Cherry Brandy 1950. £30-40  
96 Victorian Coromandel teacaddy, single compartment interior with a cut glass mixing bowl, brass mounts, 23cm. £70-100 £120
97 A pair of blue ground cloisonne vases, floral design, 30cm, and a similar black ground vase, 31cm. (3) £30-50 £110
98 Silver repousse chased tray,William Hutton & Sons, Birmingham 1905, three silver backed brushes, and a silver backed hand mirror, and pair of silver-plated three light candelabra (7) £70-100 £190
99 Gent of Leicester double dial slave clock, bakelite case with Arabic dials, 21cm diameter, (no master). £80-120 £85
100 Three train dome top mantel clock, miniature longcase and similar to hold pocket watch, wall clock, (4). £40-60 £65
101 Japanese bronze and enamel vase, baluster form, with twin mask handles, height 39cm, together with a carved and stained wood stand. £50-80 £55
102 Chateau Hote-Mondain Bordeaux 1991, three bottles, Chateau bel air Bordeaux 1993, three bottles, Chateau dubraud 1993, four bottles. £50-80 £45
103 Charringtons giant toby advertising figure, height 49cm. £150-200  
104 Small collection of books, Paul Gallico, Ludmila; Legend of Liechtenstein, drawings by Frans Deack, First Editon, published Michael Joseph, London 1955; Love of Seven Dolls, First Edition, published Michael Joseph 1954, decorated boards but no dustcover; Tomasina, Second Edition, published Michael Joseph, November 1957, with dust jacket; The Small Miracle, published Michael Joseph, published 1951; and H.E. Bates, The Feast of July, First Edition, Paul Gallico, Scruffy, Reprint Society, 1963, published Michael Joseph, London 1954, cloth bound, no dust jacket. (6) £40-60 £20
105 Willliam Timym, Spirit of the National, limited edition, bronze, on wooden base, with certificates. £150-200 £300
106 French patinated spelter novelty inkwell, formed as a Cavalier fencing, width 19cm, damaged; together with a Norwegian peg tankard (2) £40-60 £90
107 Ship's gimbal compass, hardwood plinth, 17cm. £40-60 £100
108 Early bronze sundial, engraved 'Silently through the hours', diameter 26cm. £80-120 £100
109 G Bowers, A Month in the Midlands, an album with twenty-four illustrations, featuring Harold Quorn and Dick Pytchley, late 19th century. £40-60 £40
110 Victorian slate mantle clock, architectural case with figures under a portico, visible escapement, spring driven movement, 46cms. £40-60 £55
111 Chateau del Air Bordeaux 1990, four bottles, Pemartin Solera Rare Amontillardo Sherry 1914, one bottle, and Cotes du Marmandais 1983, one bottle. (6) £50-80 £60
112 Cane parasol, printed cotton shade with flags, two other parasols and a silver mounted ebony walking cane. £20-30 £60
113 Sigma 55mm lens; other camera lenses; ON10 camera body; Russian camera; filters and accessories, (one box). £30-50 £38
114 Box of brass rulers, compass etc. £50-80 £55
115 Part set of vintage golf clubs, hickory shafts, in a canvas bag, together with split cane fishing rods, shooting stick, etc. £50-80 £130
115A Copper warming pan, together with horse brasses, etc. £50-80 £60
116 Silver-plated cruet, rectangular base with a beaded edge, raised on four ball feet, by Walker & Hall, fitted with six cut-glass bottles and jars, 25cm; oval galleried tray; and engraved oval tray; Georgian style circular tray with a pie-crust edge; silverplated muffin dish; pair of silverplated candelabra; silver-plated egg cruet; cut glass preserve jar with a silverplated lid. Silverplated double entree dish, rectangular form and beaded edge, twin reeded handles, 40cm; silverplated trays, bowls, baskets, fish servers, and other metal ware, quantity (2 boxes) £150-250 £250
117 Surveyors level by C. Baker, No.2183, cased with tripod and pole. £40-60 £95
118 Two old leather saddles with large box of straps etc. £40-60 £42
119 Silver plate, silver, metalwares, etc, two boxes. £50-80 £65
120 Victorian mahogany and brass balance scales, drawer base, 41cm. £20-30 £20
121 The Finborough Estate, Suffolk, a folio bound album of seven Estate maps, hand drawn and coloured on vellum, with paper leaf table inserts, distressed condition. £50-80 £500
122 Persian brass and white metal floor vase, twin handles, tripod stand, height 76cm. £50-80 £2100
123 George III brass and mahogany bellows, 44cm, circa 1780, and a copper Samovar. (2) £80-120  
124 Conn Director trombone, hard case. £150-200 £140
125 Yamaha trombone, hard case. £100-150 £90
126 Half size cello, split, with a bow, soft case. £40-60 £38
127 A Fender accoustic guitar, model F210-S, 105cms, with soft case and stand. £100-150 £100
128 Romilly student flute, cased, a Bundy flute, cased, and an unnamed flute, cased. (3) £50-80 £120
129 Violin, two piece back, (15'') split, bears label, Carlo Ferdinando Landolfi, with a bow, in a leather case. £50-80 £290
130 Two clarinets, one stamped Buisson, Paris, the other La Fleur, both cased. £40-60 £180
131 Boosey & Hawkes Imperial cornet, silver plated, cased, and an unnamed cornet in a wooden box. (2) £40-60 £70
132 Violin two piece back (14.25'') indistinctly labelled, with a bow and in modern hard case. £40-60 £460
133 18th Century small sword, steel hilt, the shell guard and hollow pommel pierced with sunburst and foliate decoration, broad tapering tricorn blade, 75cm, woven wire grip. £250-300 £320
134 18th Century small sword, steel hilt with facetted pommel, tricorn blade, 82cm, wire bound grip, £150-200 £250
135 18th Century small sword, steel hilt with circular dish guard, tricorn blade, 81cm, wire bound grip. £150-200 £160
136 18th Century Officer's small sword, brass boatshell guard, double edge blade, 79cm, pitted, copper wire bound grip. £120-180 £130
137 19th Century Court sword, cut steel guard and grip, tricorn blade, 75cm, bright steel mounted patent leather scabbard. £160-240  
138 WWI German long sawback bayonet, blade, 52cm, marked Erfurt under crown, steel scabbard, leather frog. £120-180 £380
139 WWI German bayonet, long pipe back, spear point blade 53cm, by Horster, leather scabbard and frog. £120-180 £120
140 Antique Indian swords, brass hilts, curved blades, pitted. (2) £100-150 £110
141 19th Century Naval dirk 47cm, engraved blade, lacking cross guard, brass mounted leather scabbard, and two 18th Century, swords in relic condition (3) £80-120 £230
142 WWII three L.D.V. badges; an ARP hand lamp; Kriegsmarine ldle and other souvenirs. £30-50 £120
143 Policeman's black cloth helmet, Leicestershire and Rutland Constabulary. £30-50 £40
144 18th Century Malacca walking cane with ivory and pique handle. £400-600 £360
145 WWI Recruiting pamphlet, 4th Batt., Leicester Regiment, framed and three P.A.O. Leics., Yeomanry books. (4) £30-50 £75
146 WWII Kriegsmarine belt, two belt buckles, one with concealed Swastika, a WWI German belt and a hanging strap. (5) £40-60 £200
147 Pair of novelty sword grip candlesticks, brass mounted. £30-40 £160
148 A pair of Military binoculars, Barr & Stroud 7x, serial number 5700, leather case. £50-80 £45
149 WWII Leicestershire Regt, bass drum for Rothley Home Guard. £200-300 £190
150 WW I, 11th Sikhs Regt, pair of shoulder titles, eighteen buttons, Crown over Sikh, and other buttons and pips. £30-50 £30
151 17/21 Lancers white metal badge and a Prince of Wales badge. (2) £30-50 £28
152 19th Century brass helmet plate, West Surrey. £100-150 £90
153 Georgian shoulder belt plate, Warwick Local Militia. £200-300 £1250
154 18th Century Almanac (1755) listing Army and Naval officers, rates of pay to all ranks etc. The Court and City Register, 19th edition, 1755, including Lists of the Army and Navy, binding defective. £30-50 £28
155 India Service Medal., awarded to 5156 Private J Sheridan, Second Battalion Kings Own with two bars Tirah 1897-98, and Punjab Frontier 1897-98. £80-120 £150
156 Military badges, Nazi badges, 1951 Crown, and old bank notes. £50-80 £120
156A Three Second World War Medals, 1939-1945 Star; The Africa Star, War Medal; five embroidered postcards. £40-60 £30
157 Gold sovereign, 2016, cased. £200-220 £210
158 Gold sovereign, 2015, cased. £200-220 £220
159 George V 1912 Full Sovereign in a plain 9 carat yellow gold pendant mount with scroll top, hallmarked Birmingham 1970, gross weight approximately 9.7gms. £200-250 £220
159A Victoria 1894 Half Sovereign and another coin weighing 7.8gms (not a sovereign). (2) £250-350 £290
160 George V 1915 Full Sovereign. £170-200 £230
160A A 9 carat yellow gold Full Sovereign ring, Edward VII 1905 Full Sovereign set in a hallmarked 9 carat yellow gold ring, plain polished shank and shoulders with a diamond cut bezel, gross weight approximately 16gms. £200-300 £280
161 Edward VII gold Sovereign 1904, a George V Sovereign, gold, 1913, and an Edward VIII gold half Sovereign 1902. (3) £440-480 £520
162 Gold Deutsches Reich 1904 Ten Marks coin, and gold One Guilder. (2) £50-80 £100
163 United States of America Gold Twenty Dollar Coin, 1901. £700-900 £940
164 Coronation Jubilee photo set. £60-90 £55
165 Two American silver dollars, 1884 and 1885, and a small quantity of other silver coinage. £70-100 £150
165A Two Victorian crowns 1889 and 1890, other crowns and commemorative medals. £30-50 £50
166 Coronation Jubilee silver proof set, another set (base metal), two other coin sets, all boxed. (4) £120-180 £130
166A Four silver commemorative coins and two cupro nickel coin sets, all boxed (6) £60-90 £70
167 Collection of seven 5oz silver coins, cased. £300-400 £550
168 WWI related commemorative coins, including three 5oz silver coins. £200-300 £360
169 Collection of pre-decimal and post decimal coins, (quantity), including some silver. £50-80 £140
170 Box of pre-decimal copper coinage, commemorative Crowns, some silver coins, Isle of Man £5. £40-60 £90
171 Guinea Anniversary silver proof set, cased and Heraldry Coronation silver coin set. (2) £100-150 £160
171A Two DateStamp coin sets, cased (2) £50-80 £95
172 Assorted silver souvenir teaspoons, sugar nips, fruit knives, etc, 8oz weighable. £70-100 £100
173 Silver toast rack, arched divisions, marks worn, 10cm, and various silver condiments. £70-100 £160
174 Silver cigarette case, by Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co, London, 1932, engine turned and enamelled, mounted with badge of the Seaforth Highlanders, 8cm; and a Continental white metal embossed heart shaped dish (2). £70-100 £160
175 Silver Aladdin's lamp table/ cigar lighter, makers marks worn, Birmingham 1906, 10cms; a silver tankard, engraved, W.N.Ltd, Birmingham 1929, 9cms, 7oz gross (2). £70-100 £130
175A A large silver strainer, two scrolled handles with spikes, pierced bowl, makers marks rubbed, London, possibly 1758, 21cms. £70-100 £220
176 Silver pedestal bowl, HA (Viners) Sheffield 1916, 12oz, diameter 23cm. £80-120 £140
177 Silver swing handles basket, S Ltd Birmingham 1925, 12oz, diameter 22cm. £80-120 £140
178 Silver milk jug and sugar bowl, SB&S, Chester 1932, and a small silver tray, 10oz gross. (3) £60-80 £110
179 Silver teapot, by W B Limited, Birmingham 1903, embossed fluted decoration, ebonised handle and finial, 15cm, 16oz gross. £150-200 £220
180 Silver cigarette box, child's spoon, fox car mascot, two electroplated trays and coffee pot. £40-60 £70
181 Matched canteen of silver cutlery, Old English pattern, some Irish, together with steel bladed table knives and dessert knives, 104oz weighable. £1000-1500 £1400
182 Four boxes of silver teaspoons. £60-100 £100
183 Continental white metal dish, circular form with a crimped edge, raised three scrolled feet, diameter 14cm, stamped 925; another similar smaller bowl; three napkin rings; small trophy. £40-60 £95
184 Silver hip flask, by Hilliard & Thomason, Birmingham 1903, 14cm, 6oz gross. £120-180 £230
185 Indian silver box, rectangular form with a hinged lid, lid engraved with fish, the base with script, two stamp marks, 9.5cm. £100-150 £110
186 Continental and white metal cigarette case, the lid pierced with mistletoe panels, indistinctly marked, possibly French, circa.1925, 10cm. £200-300 £190
187 Small silver calling card box, W N Ltd, Birmingham 1923, engine turned. £40-60 £75
188 Hallmarked silver hip flask, by WN/GN London 1897, 14cm, 8oz gross. £150-200 £230
189 A pair of silver mounted plain peppermills, by AJP, Birmingham circa 1997, 11.5cms. (2) £60-100 £130
190 Four glass silver top perfume bottles. £60-90 £85
191 Silver ring box, mustard pot, salt, small dish. £50-80 £70
192 Silver dish, embossed lozenge form with scrolls and flowers, makers mark worn, possibly William Hutton & Sons, Birmingham 1899, 26.5cm, 9oz. £100-150 £140
193 Silver cigarette box, rectangular form, engine turned lid, cedar lined, TF & Co., London 1926, 17.5cms; silver mounted blotter, engine turned; and a silver skewer design letter-knife. (3) £120-180 £150
194 Edwardian silver mounted hand mirror, 28cm, dented; matching handbrush, together with a silver button hook. £30-50 £35
195 Small silver rectangular vesta, by Samson Morden & Co, Chester 1913, 5.5cm, 1.9oz gross, damaged; rectangular silver cigarette case, engine turned; silver spill vase, weighted; pair of silver candlesticks, weighted. (5) £80-100 £130
195A Victorian silver card case, makers mark worn, Birmingham 1876, bright cut decoration, 10cm. £80-120 £120
196 Brass carriage clock, silver cigarette case, plateware. £60-80 £110
197 Five silver backed brushes, and a napkin ring. £30-50 £42
198 Set of eleven (of twelve) silver teaspoons, Old English pattern handles, with engraved initials and fitted case, the case 27.5cm. CATALOGUE AMMENDMENT - ONE OF THE ELEVEN SPOONS IS SILVER-PLATED £50-80 £85
199 A silver mounted photograph frame, rectangular form, engine turned decoration, 28cm x 23cm, easel back, and another smaller silver mounted photograph frame, (2). £60-80 £80
200 Continental white metal basket, engraved border, raised on three scrolled feet, stamped 925, 25.5cm. £150-200 £160
201 Silver caddy, by JB Chatterley & Son, Birmingham 1926, 12cms, 6.5oz. £60-90 £130
202 Old Sheffield plate mug, plated cruet, glass bottles with plated mounts, plated novelty inkwell. £40-60 £42
203 Silver purse, small Victorian silver box, Victorian pocket watch, watch chain, enamelled charm bracelet and other items. £70-100 £240
206 A 9 carat yellow gold goblet, having an engraved scroll and foliate bowl on plain stem and single round foot, hallmarked Birmingham 1972, makers mark CSG&Co, height 14cm, approximate weight 140gms, presented in a fitted case. £1000-1500 £1450
207 A small tortoiseshell mantel clock with gilded mounts, convex white enamel dial with arabic numeral chapter ring and outer arabic minutes ring, pierced gilt hands, eight day timepiece movement with key, applied cast gilt scoll decoration and feet with floral basket surmount, height 29cm. £200-300 £260
208 Three Guinness Dickensian figures, 9cm and smaller; two New Hall ashtrays, advertising Bass; three miniature Guinness beer bottles, and four Guinness buttons. £40-60 £70
209 Pair of early Victorian silver plated coasters, cast and scrolled borders, turned hardwood bases, diameter 18.5cm. £70-100 £32
210 Glass and silver mounted inkwell, the lid with ivory netsuke, another netsuke and a letter knife. (3) £50-80 £110
211 Small silver cream jug, hallmarks worn, scrolled handle, moulded edge, 8.5cm, 2.5oz; silver mounted handbrush and silver mounted handmirror. (3) £40-60 £75
211A Set of three silver napkin rings, by Roberts & Belk, Sheffield, engraved initials ADB; together with another silver napkin ring, cased; set of six silver coffee spoons, cased; and a small silver trophy cup. £50-80 £70
213 Twenty-three wooden and resin Netsukes, animals, figures, etc £50-100 £65
214 Slate coil marked Blaenau Festiniog, 18cm. £20-30 £30
215 Silver Quaich by CSG & Co, Birmingham 1939, 18.5cm, 5.5oz, engraved inscription, Brigadier A D Burley, June 1975, from the WD's and SGTS RAOC Training Centre, together with a hallmarked silver Aladdin's lamp table lighter, similarly engraved, 7.5cm, 2.5oz. (2) £120-180 £100
215A Silver paperknife, designed with a Crown and Fleur de Lis, Parkin Silversmiths, Sheffield 1985, 19cm, 2oz, engrved named, cased. £40-60 £70
216 Robet Hatfield Ellsworth 'Later Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy, 1800-1950'', in three large cloth bound volumes, published by Random House, New York, 1987, printed in Japan, ISBN 0 394 55463 9, presented in a titled box. £100-200 £95
217 A yellow metal filigree leaf brooch set with sixteen turquoise, 50cm, stamped 750, approximate weight 6.5gms, a small bar brooch with blue stone and a marcasite brooch stamped Sterling. (3) £100-150 £150
218 A collection of vintage brooches, a pearl and coral horseshoe, 20mm, a 50mm bar brooch with crown to centre and seed pearl ''VR'', a 20mm heart shape citrine with pearl set coronet hallmarked 9 carat gold, a carved coral cabochon in a 9 carat gold frame, a small crescent set with five untested blue stones. (5) £150-250 £280
219 Three pieces of amethyst jewellery, a 9 carat yellow gold brooch set with six amethyst and a cultured pearl, 30mm diameter, a 9 carat gold pendant with 11mm x 8m amethyst, a 35mm bar brooch with amethyst and seed pearl cluster to centre. (3) £70-100 £140
220 An oval carved shell cameo brooch, female profile 43mm x 35mm, in a yellow metal scalloped edge frame marked 9ct. makers mark WHW Ld. £80-120  
221 Nine 9 carat yellow gold rings, signet and wedding rings, one signet ring set with cornelion, various sizes and condition, total weight approximately 38.5gms. £350-400 £380
222 Two Edwardian brooches, an emerald and old cut diamond lozenge shaped brooch, milgrain and pave set in yellow and white metal, 40mm x 20mm, a yellow metal wishbone with scroll to centre set with three small sapphires and two rose cut diamonds, stamped 15ct, 35mm, metal pin. (2) £100-200 £380
223 Four hallmarked 9 carat gold brooches, all in the Victorian style, an oval locket back brooch with butterfly hallmarked Birmingham 1887, a sapphire and diamond bar brooch Chester 1894, another set with seed pearls and a small rose cut diamond brooch, another unmarked knot brooch. (5) £120-150 £170
224 A sapphire, opal and diamond brooch, the diamonds pave set as ''wings'' with the marquis shaped opals and brilliant cut sapphires to centre with a pear-shaped opal drop, 40m diameter. £70-100 £130
225 A yellow metal scrab beetle design ring, the brightly cut engraved model of a beetle set on a frame, plain shank with etched shoulders, approx weight 3.5gms, ring size V. £50-80 £75
226 18 carat yellow gold wedding band, 4.8mm wide D shape, approximate weight 6.4gms, ring size V. £100-150  
227 22ct hallmarked gold wedding band, D-shaped, hallmarks worn, 4grms, finger size R/S. £80-120 £100
228 Two stone set dress rings, a diamond and red stone cluster stamped 375, ring size P; a 9ct yellow gold half hoop ring set with four pink stones and three small diamonds, size N. (2) £80-120 £80
229 Three opal dress rings, a five stone half hoop in 9 carat yellow gold, ring size M, an oval cluster set with one opal surrounded by eighteen rose cut diamonds, mount stamped 14K, size M, an oval cluster set with one opal and surrounded by eight small diamonds and eight rubies in 9 carat yellow gold, size O. (3) £150-200 £150
230 Six gold rings, a 22 carat yellow gold 3mm wide wedding band, approximate weight 3.5gms, an 18 carat yellow gold signet ring approximate weight 6gms, three 9 carat yellow gold rings and another marked solid gold weighing approximately 13gms. (6) £200-250 £330
231 Four dress rings, a 9 carat rose gold dress ring set with amethyst, an 18 carat gold ring set with a small turquoise and two rose cur diamonds, an oval carved shell cameo ring, a 9 carat yellow gold half eternity ring set with sapphires and cubic zirconia, ring sizes K-L. (4) £100-150 £140
232 Two gold wedding rings, a 3.4mm wide plain polished D shape, approximate weight 5gms, ring size S, a 9 carat yellow gold 8.5mm wide half D shape, approximate weight 5gms, ring size L. (2) £150-200 £180
233 Six hallmarked 9 carat yellow gold dress rings, some set with small coloured stones, ring sizes J-S, total weight approximately 13gms. (6) £150-200 £150
234 22 carat yellow gold wedding band, 5mm wide plain polished D shape, approximate weight 14.5gms, ring size P. £230-280  
235 Four gem set rings, an 18 carat yellow gold five stone diamond half hoop, ring size Q, a small un-marked ruby and diamond ring size J, an un-marked rose metal ring claw set with two cats eye stones and a sapphire cloured stone size P and a 15 carat yellow gold in-memoriam ring with thirteen seed pearls surrounding a rose cut diamond, closed back setting hallmarked London 1902, size N. (4) £200-300 £200
236 A diamond solitaire ring, the old brilliant cut stone claw set in an all white metal mount stamped Plat, approximate weight of stone 0.25 carat, ring size L. £150-250 £150
237 Four white metal eternity rings, all diamond set with baguette and brilliant cut stones, two channel set, ring sizes Q-T. (4) £200-400 £110
238 A sapphire and diamond oval cluster ring, the rectangular sapphire surrounded by twelve old cut diamonds and twelve small sapphires, all pave set in a platinum mount, ring size U. £150-250 £600
239 A cultured pearl dress ring, the 8.5mm pearl peg set on a yellow metal mount stamped 585, ring size O, a pair of 9 carat yellow and white gold earstuds, pierced fittings with post and butterfly. (3) £60-90 £80
240 Two yellow metal half hoop rings, a sapphire and diamond ring with seven sapphires and five old cut diamonds in an all yellow metal mount, ring size Q, a modern 9 carat yellow and white gold ring set with three emeralds and six small diamonds, ring size R. (2) £150-250 £110
241 Two dress rings, a hallmarked 9 carat yellow gold ring set with three amethyst, approximate weight 3gms, ring size R, a hallmarked 18 carat yellow and white gold cluster set with an oval garnet surrounded by eight small diamonds, approximate weight 5.5gms. ring size L. (2) £100-150 £130
242 Four 9 carat gold stone set dress rings, hallmarked 9 carat yellow and white gold and set with opal and other coloured stones, all ring size N. (4) £100-200 £150
243 ''Fit for a Queen'', a replica royal ring four claw set with an oval topaz coloured synthetic stone 15mm x 10mm, with three synthetic white stones set into each shoulder, in an all yellow metal mount, ring size T. £50-80  
244 ''Fit for a Queen'', a replica royal ring eight claw set with an marquise cut clear synthetic white stone. 20mm x 10mm, with a small brilliant cut stone in each shoulder, in an all white metal mount, ring size Q. £50-80  
245 ''Fit for a Queen'', a replica royal ring four claw set with an emerald cut clear synthetic white stone, 12mm square, with a baguette cut stone in each shoulder,in an all yellow metal mount, ring size T. £50-80  
246 ''Fit for a Queen'', a replica royal ring four claw set with an emerald cut clear synthetic white stone. 22mm x 20mm, in a yellow and white metal mount, ring size Q. £50-80  
247 A gentleman's 18 carat yellow gold diamond set snake ring, five old cut diamonds graduating in size set into the head, overall width 15mm, hallmarked Chester 1915, approximate weight 8.5gms, ring size X. £200-300 £460
247A A sapphire and diamond suite of jewellery, a white metal ring stamped 750 channel set with two baguette cut diamonds and nine square cut sapphires, ring size K, a similar pendant set with four princess cut diamonds and eight sapphires, in all white metal stamped 750, on a fine trace link chain. (2) £200-300  
248 Two hallmarked 18 carat yellow gold rings, a diamond solitaire, approximate weight of diamond 0.12 carat, ring size N, a garnet solitaire, ring size, total weight of two rings approximately 5.5gms. £100-150 £110
249 A diamond solitaire ring, set with an old brilliant cut stone, approx weight 0.06 carat illusion set in all white metal ring size T, a 2mm wide wedding band stamped platinum, approximate weight 2gms, ring size K. (2) £50-80 £50
250 A sapphire and diamond circular ring, a circular sapphire surrounded by eleven old cut diamonds, yellow and white metal mount stamped Plat. Ring size M. £80-120 £180
251 A diamond full eternity ring, the diamonds set in a 1.5mm wide white metal mount stamped 750, ring size M. £70-100 £65
252 Seven various dress rings, all gold coloured and set with an intaglio bloodstone, rubies, small diamonds, ring sizes L-V. (7) £100-150 £320
253 Two 18 carat gold dress rings, a circular diamond cluster set with seven old brilliant cut stones, ring size I, an 18 carat yellow gold band, gypsy set with two small diamonds and three blue stones, hallmarked Chester 1918, ring size P. (2) £120-150 £130
254 Three gold dress rings, a 9 carat yellow gold signet ring, approximate weight 4.gms, a cameo ring with the band stamped 15ct, an 18 carat yellow gold band star gypsy set with an old brilliant cut diamond, hallmarked Birmingham 1911, approximate weight 3.5gms, ring size N. (3) £100-150 £160
255 A Victorian 18 carat yellow gold knot design dress ring set with a small diamond and two rubies, hallmarked Birmingham, approximate weight 3.3gms, ring size L. £50-80  
256 An open face pocket watch, cream enamel dial with arabic numerals in a yellow metal case with foliate engraved decoration around a vacant cartouche, case marked 14K, No.124951, metal iner case, top wind cylinder movement. £200-300  
257 A gentleman's Garrard wrist watch, circular cream baton dial with date aperture and sweep seconds in a yellow metal case with presentation inscription on back, strap model, in Garrard red watch box, a lady's vintage Audax wrist watch, rectangular cream arabic dial in a 9 carat rose gold case, hallmarked London 1951, strap model. (2) £120-180 £160
258 A pair of 9 carat yellow gold chain link cufflinks, approximate weight 4gms, an oval carved shell cameo brooch in a 9 carat yellow gold mount 22mm x 18mm, a lady's wrist watch in a 9 carat rose gold case, a gentleman's Trebex wrist watch, circular cream arabic dial with secondary seconds dial in a yellow metal case engraved on reverse with personal inscription on a gold-plated bracelet. £70-100 £180
259 Rado - A lady's Rado Diastar stainless steel wrist watch, circular black baton dial in a stainless steel case No.4155349, with integral stainless steel and yellow metal bracelet, boxed with guarantee and product information. £100-150 £100
260 9ct hallmarked gold cased wristwatch, circular case, enamelled dial with subsidiary seconds dial, leather strap. £50-80 £50
261 A gentleman's Cyma wrist watch, circular cream baton dial with sweep seconds in a gold-plated case, strap model. £50-80 £22
262 A gentleman's Trebex wrist watch, a Perpetuum-Mobile Automatic 21 jewel watch with circular cream baton dial having quarter arabics and sweep seconds in a yellow metal case, strap model. £150-200  
263 A lady's diamond set platinum cocktail watch, the tonneau shaped dial having blue arabic numerals in a platinum case set with eighteen small diamonds, fitted with a blue leather strap. £80-120 £90
264 Longines - A lady's 'Le Grandes Classiques' gold-plated bracelet watch, rectangular cream baton dial in a gold plated case with integral 15mm wide integral bar link bracelet, case numbered 27024979 L5.137.2 £80-120  
265 A collection of jewellery, an oval carved shell cameo brooch, 30mm x 22mm, in a yellow metal mount, a lady's 9 carat gold Omega wrist watch, strap broken and repaired several times, gross weight approximately 16gms, a lady's 9 carat yellow gold Accurist wrist watch on a gold bracelet, gross weight approximately 9.5gms, a 22 carat gold wedding band 2gms, another ring stamped 18ct, two signet rings and other wrist watches. (13) £380-450 £540
266 A modern gold-plated Bernex demi-hunter pocket watch with masonic interest, the circular white dial having masonic emblems as numerals, sweep seconds, top wind movement, a gentleman's Seiko gold-plated Quartz World Timer wrist watch. (2) £50-80 £85
267 A lady's yellow metal fob watch, circular cream roman numeral dial in an 18k yellow metal case with square glass to front, floral engraved decoration, vacant cartouche, metal inner case, top wind movement, complete with a metal converter to wear as a wrist watch. £60-90 £75
268 9ct gold cased wristwatch, rectangular form, the dial signed Benson, London, 9ct hallmarked Dennison case, 20mm x 40mm, leather stap. £80-120 £100
269 9ct hallmarked gold cased wristwatch, circular case, the dial signed Mappin, lacking winding crown, 9ct hallmarked gold bracelet strap, 46gms gross. £300-400 £320
270 A 9 carat yellow gold open face pocket watch, white enamel dial marked ''English Lever'' ,with Roman numeral chapter ring and subsidary seconds dial (missing hand), plain polished 9 carat yellow gold outer case hallmarked Glasgow 1910, with chased border, top wind movement number 862699. £200-300 £220
271 A 9 carat yellow gold fob watch with metal inner case, a circular 9 carat gold back and front locket 26mm diameter ,another rectangular locket, A Crown USA wristwatch with white Arabic numeral dial in a 9 carat yellow gold case. (4) £120-180 £110
272 A collection of gold jewellery, 9 carat yellow gold 18mm wide half-hinged bangle (some dents to back), 9 carat gold chains, bracelets and rings, total weight approximately 65gms £600-800 £660
273 A pair of 9 carat yellow gold rectangular chain link cufflinks, engine turned to one face and bearing initials HHGB to other, a similar oval pair of engine turned cufflinks with monogram to one face, total weight of both pairs of cufflinks 12gms, four yellow metal dress studs. (8) £80-120 £150
274 A pair of 9 carat rose gold cufflinks, the plain oval faces joined by chain links to torpedo shaped backs, hallmarked Birmingham 1920, total weight approximately 7gms. £50-80 £90
275 Pair of 9ct gold cufflinks, oval panels joined by chains, engraved initials, 12grm, boxed. £100-150 £120
276 A 9 carat yellow and white gold bracelet, 6.8mm wide flexible construction with alternating white and yellow gold diagonal stripes, hallmarked London (imported) 1979, length 19cm, approximate weight 15gms £150-200 £160
277 A 9 carat yellow gold solid curb link charm bracelet, fitted with a padlock fastener and safety chain, twenty charms attached including a rolled 10/- note, passport, a Cancer zodiac disc stamped 750, church etc, padlock hallmarked Birmingham 1989, gross weight approximately 55gms. £550-650 £600
278 An emerald AND PEARL bracelet, the six stones (one missing) and varying in size set in yellow metal mounts with small seed pearls, the bolt ring stamped 9c, a 9 carat yellow gold oval link bracelet with four charms, approximate weight 22.5gms, a yellow metal flat curb link chain 45cm long, approximate weight 8gms. (3) CATALOGUE AMMENDMENT EMERALD AND PEARL BRACELET, NOT DIAMOND £250-350 £650
279 Two gold pendants and chains, a 9 carat yellow gold marine link chain with smoky quartz fob, the chain 50cm long, approximate weight 11gms, with three-sided smoky quartz in a 9 carat frame. a 9 carat yellow gold belcher link chain 56cm long, approximate weight 12gms, with 15mm heart shape citrine with 9 carat gold coronet. (2) £200-300 £270
280 A ''Lightning Ridge'' black opal necklace, the yellow metal necklace marked 375 set with fifty stones, including seven cats eyes, 45cm long with suspended pendant to centre, two opal matrix coloured pendants 50cm and 45cm, in 9 carat yellow gold frames, hallmarked on bale London 2006. (3) £100-200 £340
281 A 9 carat yellow gold elongated curb link chain, 72cm long, approximate weight 12gms, a 9 carat rose gold two row curb link bracelet with applied horseshoes and padlock fastener, approximate weight 9.5gms. (2) £200-250 £210
282 A yellow metal oval belcher link chain, 82cm long and fitted with a swivel fastener, approximate weight 21gms, (probably part of a Victorian guard chain). £150-200 £210
283 A yellow metal curb link chain, 34 cm long and fitted with a bolt ring and swivel fasteners stamped 9ct, approximate weight 9gms. £80-120 £90
284 A hallmarked silver half-hinged bangle, scroll engraving to front, a ''Peruvian Connection'' white metal six strand bracelet, a white metal bracelet and collection of charms. £60-90  
285 Two pearl necklaces, a freshwater pearl necklace, thirty oval pearls average size 12.5mm x 10.5mm, in shades of pale peach, pink and grey, 42cm long, fitted with a silver fastener, another necklace of forty-eight multi-coloured freshwater pearls, 44cm long with a silver fastener, a jet coloured bead necklace. (3) £50-100 £48
286 A collection of jewellery, some stamped 925 and silver set with malachite, turquoise matrix, heamatite, agates etc. rings, bangles, earrings, necklaces, including a large buckle. £50-80 £100
287 A collection of jewellery, cultured pearl necklace graduating from 4mm to 7mm, overall length 60cm, and a pair of pearl earrings, a tigers eye pendant on a 90cm long silver coloured chain, three silver coloured bangles, porcelain brooch, thimbles, silver propelling pencil etc. £60-90 £50
288 Fifteen pairs of earrings, a pair of pearl earrings with screw fiitings, the rest pierced fittings, a pair of 9 carat yellow gold studs set with amethyst, a pair of knot studs, silver coloured hoops and cube drops etc. £120-180 £270
289 A box of costume jewellery, silver chains, various rings, two wrist watches, earrings etc. £30-50 £180
290 A collection of silver jewellery, chains, stone set pendants, lockets, charm bracelet, dress rings, a half-hinged bangle etc. £50-100 £48
291 A box of assorted gold and metal jewellery, some halmarked, bracelets, earrings, rings, assorted condition. £150-200 £600
292 A collection of jewellery to include a 9 carat yelow gold garnet ring, 2.5gms, a silver collar necklace, four row simulated pearl bracelet, vulcanite bracelet,metal open face pocket watch, paste brooch etc, £30-50 £85
293 A collection of jewellery to include an amber coloured necklace, agate bracelet, brooches, fob watch, earrings. mother of pearl, card case, Royal Crown Derby 'Old Imari' 11.5cm dish. £80-120 £140
294 Ten pieces of Wedgwood Jasperware jewellery, white metal and silver,brooches and rings etc. £40-60 £75
295 A collection of lady's wrist watches, Storm, Accurist, Gucci, Swatch, Rotary, Lorus etc. and a box of costume jewellery, bead necklaces, pendants, bangles. £30-50 £22
296 Collection of lighters £40-60 £48
297 Collection of costume jewellery, a Pia 14 carat gold pendant and chain, gold-plated chains, a lady's Rotary wrist watch, large silver coloured oval locket and chain, small bar brooches etc. £50-80 £70
298 Dress watches, etc. £40-60 £220
299 A gentleman's vintage Waltham USA wrist watch, circular cream Arabic dial with subsidary seconds dial in a gold coloured cushion shaped case, strap model, two lady's vintage wrist watches, 9 carat yellow gold cases with gold filled bracelets. (3) £80-120 £200
300 Gold-plated belcher link chain, with a yellow metal cross marked 9ct approximate weight 1.3gms. £20-30 £10
301 A length of 9 carat yellow gold curb link chain, 17cm, approximate weight 17gms, a child's 5.5mm wide silver bangle. (2) £130-150 £340
302 Two 5mm cultured pearl studs, with 18 carat gold fittings, Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co., three 6mm 18 carat yellow gold studs, (not matching), total weight approximately 3.8gms. £100-120 £110
303 A pair of pearl earscrews, a 7.5mm cultured pearl to each with 18 carat white gold fittings, a cultured pearl necklace, pearls graduating from 4mm to 7.5mm. £40-60 £55
304 A green enamelled bar, 30mm long with length of yellow metal chain to each side attached to a swivel fastener (designed to take a fob). another bar brooch individually set with three turquoise beads in floral motifs, a yellow metal chain link bracelet. £60-90 £170
305 Two 22 carat yellow gold plain wedding bands, one 3.5mm wide and weighing 2.3gms, the other 2mm wide weighing 2.3gms. £90-120 £105
306 A yellow metal bar brooch, stamped 18, formed from three circular discs with Japanese symbols, approximate weight 2.4gms. £45-60 £50
307 A hallmarked 9 carat yellow gold hollow rope link chain, 45cm long, approximate weight 8gms. £70-100 £95
308 A collection of pocket watches and wrist watches, a 9 carat rose gold rectangular face wrist watch, other vintage wrist watches, one a metal full hunter, metal and silver pocket watches, all in various conditions, together with a pocket watch stand. £80-120 £350
309 A jewel box containing brass buttons, a silver fruit knife, beads, earrings, oval locket, a barometer wheel, six silver teaspoons and a coffee spoon. £40-60 £420
310 Two leather boxes of cufflinks, dress studs, tie bars, tie pins and other assorted metal and fabric dress studs. £200-300 £700
311 Victoria 1887 £5 Gold Coin £1000-1500 £1350
312 Queen Elizabeth II 1982 - Five Gold Half Sovereigns (5) £400-500 £510
313 A 9 carat yellow gold identity bracelet, solid flat curb links with a plain polished identity bar 45mm x 15mm, overall length 22cm, hallmarked London 1976, makers mark RCo, approximate weight 151gms, no engraved inscriptions or monograms, £1500-2000 £1500
314 A pair of yellow metal cufflinks, scroll engraving to the face with chain fittings to torpedo backs, stamped 18ct, total weight approximately 9gms, no personal engravings or monograms. £150-200 £180
315 A diamond set bar brooch, the yellow metal arrow design, 50mm long, collet set with an old brilliant cut diamond to the centre, fitted box named ''Jay's Diamond Merchan,t Essex Road and Oxford Street'', approximate weight of diamond 0.40 carat £300-400 £320
316 A quantity of wrist watches, gold and metal, a small gun metal open face fob watch, the white enamel dial with Roman numeral chapter ring in a plain gun metal case, top wind movement. £80-120 £190
317 A silver cigarette case, Birmingham 1935, engine turned and enamelled decoration, 8cms, a similer silver and enamelled compact, a silver vesta case, engined turned and a silver vesta with inset compass, with chain, (4). £60-100 £170
318 A silver and enamelled MAGUNCOR LODGE 3806 pendant, by G.K. & S, London 1917, silk ribbon and enamelled bars Maguncor Founder 1917, 11cms, buttons, beads, copper and leather animal collar, etc. £60-100 £200
319 A set of six Guinness buttons, compact, coin bracelet, etc. £30-40 £60
320 Waltham gold plated pocket watch, Dennison case, diameter 50mm, a silver watch chain and silver ingot pendant on a chain. £50-80 £120
321 9ct gold sapphire and diamond eternity ring,and two other dress rings,(3) £150-200  
322 Yellow metal crucifix pendant, set with sapphires and diamonds, 45mm drop. £70-100 £65
323 An 18 carat yellow gold half hoop ring, set with four sapphires and six rose cut diamonds, hallmarked Chester 1910, approximate weight of mount 3.9gms, ring size P. £100-130 £100
324 A contemporary nickel-plated three hinge desk lamp, circular base, 60cm high,. £100-150 £210
324A A pair of plated wine coolers, with ring handles on single round foot, 20cm diameter, 24cm high.(2) £75-100  
325 A pair of modern silver-plated corinthian column table lamps in the traditional style, green marble type column with acanthus leaf caps and square stepped bases, 50cm high, (2) £250-350 £230
325A A large modern silver-plated champagne wine bath, oval form with bead edge and ring handles on four cast lion mask and paw feet. 48cm x 32cm x 22cm high. £130-180 £170
326 David Stewart Finlason, Venice with figures, watercolour, 23.5cm x 34cm. £30-40 £38
327 T.A. Pegg, after Rembrandt, figure study, signed and dated 1985, oil on board, 100cm x 39cm. £50-80 £50
328 Francis Carr, 'Big Ben and Shell-Mex House', mixed media, 59cm x 83cm. £50-80 £32
329 Nancy Bailey, 'Holywell Bay', oil on board, signed, titled verso, 38 x 78cm. £200-300 £290
331 Tony Houghton, 'Battleship', oil on canvas, signed, 40cm x 60cm. £50-80 £28
332 Dugald Findlay, 'Spring Sunshine, Angus', oil and acrylic, 49cm x 64cm, signed bottom right, gallery label to verso - The Torrance Gallery Edinburgh - footnote Dugald Findlay studied at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, and went on to study at Glasgow School of Art. £100-200 £240
333 Dugald Findlay - ''Point of Danna'', oil and acrylic, 38cm square, signed bottom right, gallery label to verso - The Torrance Gallery Edinburgh - footnote Dugald Findlay studied at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, and went on to study at Glasgow School of Art. £80-120 £150
334 Harry Dorr, 'Carreg, Cennen Castle', watercolour, signed, 45cm x58cm. £180-220  
335 After Boris O'Klein, 'Dogs along a wall', coloured etching, pencil signed, 16cm x 44cm. £30-50 £35
336 Frank Field, 'Claddagh Reflections', oil painting, 60cm x 49.5cm. £60-80 £160
337 F J Ellis, 'Low Tide, Norfolk', oil on board, signed, 38cm x 60cm. £40-60 £60
338 A Turbell (?), River landscape, watercolour, 36cm x 26.5cm. £30-40 £22
339 Frank R Jowett, 'Cornish Harbour', pen and ink and watercolour, signed, 25cm x 35cm. £30-40 £65
340 Bogdan Kaudetzky, turkey and chickens, oil on canvas, signed, 29cm x 40cm. £40-60 £65
341 Sidney Hall, Northamptonshire, map, 1831, 25.5cm x 21cm, another by Cary and two others. (4) £25-40 £22
342 George Harrison, 'Cranford at Winter', pen and ink, and two other pen and ink works. (3) £60-80 £130
343 Popular print, 'On Ne Passe Pas', hand-coloured, 29cm x 21cm. £20-30 £25
344 Caryl, Poppies, pastel, 44cm x 35cm. £40-60 £15
345 J Hall river scene, D Rivers landscape, landscape oil and small landscape oil. (4) £80-120 £50
346 Verow and others, a portfolio of original artworks for print calendars, maps etc. £100-200 £200
347 Ernest Pile Bucknall, a farmstead, watercolour, signed and dated '86, 29cm x 45cm. £100-120  
348 David Stewart Finlason, Venice, watercolour, 29cm x 56cm. £60-80 £35
349 After David Dipnall, 'Nearly Home', Giclee on canvas, 60cm x 45cm, with certificate. £60-80 £30
350 John Steepe 1878, 'Glencoe', watercolour, signed, 34cm x 50cm. £100-200  
351 English School, 'Shrimper by the shore', oil on board, unsigned, 29cm x 43cm. £70-100  
352 J. Crofts, 'rough sea with sailing ships', oil on board, 24cm x 49cm, signed bottom right E. Stone; 'Ashness Bridge on the road from Borrowdale to Watendlath, overlooking Derwent Water, Lake District', watercolour, 18cm x 38cm, signed bottom right. (2) £40-60 £22
353 After Harold Harvey, rural scene, colour print, 39cm x 44cm, Frost & Reed label verso. £20-30 £10
354 Victorian Indenture, relating to Middlesex County 1869, 58cm x 71cm, framed and glazed, and another Indenture 1874, framed and glazed. (2) £40-60 £40
355 After Lionel Edwards, three unsigned hunting prints, published by Eyre & Spotiswoode, 38cm x 51cm, and another print. (4) £50-80 £85
357 Large collection of modern prints and frames. £40-60 £40
358 After Karen Vernon, coloured still life print of flowers entitled 'Wings' in a pale blue and gilt frame, 67cm x 54cm. £50-70  
359 Claude Montier, Amsterdam, oil on canvas, signed and titled, 60cm x 90cm. £50-80 £48
360 Ordnance Survey map of East Anglia, framed, 82cm x 71cm. £20-30 £10
361 A hand coloured etching, fishing boat on a river in woodland, 49cm x63cm, mahogany frame. £20-30 £10
362 Davin Kostar, pair of artist's proof lithographs, 56cm x 77cm, signed. £30-50 £85
363 English School, mid 20th Century, head and shoulders portrait of a lady, oil on canvas, unsigned, 39cm x 34cm. £60-80 £90
364 Miss M.E.Devon (Wollaston), 'Still life of fruit', watercolour, 15cm x 11cm, George Buchanan, 'Wollaston Witherley Church Leicestershire', colour print, and Jan Lee, 'Shenton Village', watercolour, a watercolour of the Wollaston crest, engravings, etc. £40-60 £55
365 After George Morland, No.9 'Milkmaid and Cow Herd', monochrome print, 46cm x 56cm, a print on canvas, The Durham Ox, and a large oleograph. (3) £30-50 £140
366 Set of four prints, punting sketches, and other prints, various. £30-50 £12
367 Cartoon print, 'The long and the short of the tail', published by Humphrey 1821, 23cm x 19cm, landscape oil and two prints. £20-30 £38
368 F.M. Sutcliffe, Photograph of Whitby harbour; Boys in Whitby Harbour; and a female drifters, (3). £50-80 £40
369 After Raoul Dufy, St Tropez, lithograhic print, 53x67cms. £50-80 £60
370 After Edmund Miller, Hawker Sibley Trident 3B, colour print, pencil signed, Limited Edition No.3112/3500; and other similar prints, unsigned. (4) £40-60 £12
391 French walnut chest of drawers, fitted with four drawers, applied mouldings, carved cabriole legs, width 56cm. £50-80 £100
392 Victorian walnut correspondence box, rectangular hinged top with a moulded edge, fitted with a calendar, fall front writing surface, blonde wood internal divisions, width 29cm, depth 23cm, height 34cm. £70-100 £60
393 George III oak bureau, fitted interior with drawers, cupboard and pigeonholes, fitted with four long graduating drawers, bracket feet, width 104cm, depth 55cm, height 110cm. £80-120 £65
394 Gilt composition wall mirror, oval bevelled plate, urn and scroll surmount, width 85cm. £40-60 £70
395 American oak roll-top desk, serpentine tambour enclosing a fitted interior, twin pedestals, fitted drawers, plinth base, width 128cm, depth 77cm, height 120cm. £180-220 £280
396 Victorian mahogany bureau, fall front with broad crossbanding enclosing interior, fitted with drawers, pigeon-holes and cupboard, two short and three long graduating drawers with brass bale handles, bracket feet, width 93cm, depth 50cm, height 102cm. £100-150 £80
397 Rectangular wall mirror, carved oak frame, 78cm x 68cm; a similar oak framed wall mirror, and a modern metal framed wall mirror. (3) £20-40 £32
398 Edwardian mahogany sideboard, rectangular top with moulded edge, central frieze drawer above an open shelf with a baluster turned column, circular panel cupboards, turned and Wrythen fluted legs, joined by moulded stretchers, length 185cm. £60-80  
399 A mahogany Captain's chair, buttoned leather upholstery, swivel seat, splayed legs. £100-150 £210
400 A Victorian oak open bookcase, moulded top, plain frieze, four adjustable shelves, plinth base width 127cm. £200-300  
401 Elm open bookcase, moulded cornice, three fixed shelves, plinth base, width 107cm. £50-80 £200
402 Modern oak wall unit, fixed shelves, 140cm x 182cm. £30-50 £45
403 A modern display cabinet, painted finish, double dome top, panelled glass sides and doors enclosing shelves, height 190cm. £40-60 £35
404 Victorian pine kitchen dresser, panelled back with three fixed shelves, the base with a rectangular top, four drawers, flanked by cupboards, plinth base, width 161cm, height 232cm. £300-500  
405 Small pine dresser, the top with a moulded cornice, and two fixed shelves, apron front, canted corners, plinth base, width 76cm. £60-80 £90
406 Pine corner unit with a moulded cornice, upper section with open front and two fixed serpentine shelves, the base with two covered doors, plinth base. £60-80 £32
407 A reproduction Art Deco style wall mirror, leaded light with green and peach glass highlights 65cm x 49cm, a gilt framed wall mirror with old glass, 54cm x 43cm. (2) £60-100 £42
408 Wrought iron fire grate with dogs, width 93cm. £50-80 £110
409 Ransom petrol cylinder lawnmower. £40-60 £65
410 Gem pedal fretsaw, 86cm. £30-50 £28
411 A Georgian oak hanging corner cupboard, front moulded cornice, arched panel break doors enclosing shelves, brass 'H' hinges, width approximately 97cm height 132cm. £170-200 £190
412 Wooden fire surround, width 158cm, height 116cm. £50-100 £22
413 Cast iron fire back, arched top, the design with a lion, rose, thistle, and Fleur de Lis, 76cm x 68cm. £50-80 £110
414 One Lancashire type stained ash ladder-back chair, rush seat, turned legs joined by rails, width 50cm; and two very similar chairs, one with a boarded seat, (3). £40-60  
415 Oak plate rack, four shelves, serpentine sides, width 153cm, height 108cm. £30-50 £40
416 Pine delft rack, with metal inserts, width 190cm, height 110cm. £30-50 £50
417 An Arts and Crafts triple oak wardrobe, with arched mirrored ventral door, flanked by panelled doors inliad with stylised mother-of-pearl and brass motifs, width 210cm, depth 70cm, height 215cm; together with a similar oak panelled two-door cupboard (2) £150-200 £480
418 Victorian mahogany wheel barometer, silvered chart, 95cm, damaged. £100-150  
419 George III oak hanging corner cupboard, with mahogany banding and stringing, dentil cornice, arched fielded panel door, height 98cm. £60-100 £60
420 Wall mounted aneroid barometer with thermometer, carved oak case, 82cm. £20-30 £22
421 Oak bookcase, two leaded glazed doors enclosing two shelves, square tapering legs, width 92cm. £70-100 £60
422 Early Victorian mahogany open bookcase, rectangular top with a moulded edge, two adjustable shelves, bun feet, width 115cm. £120-150 £70
423 A contemporary made reclaimed wood hall stand, oval mirror back, frieze drawer, bow-front base, width 97cm. £150-200  
424 Oak long-case clock, the hood with a swan-neck pediment, and turned columns, long arched door, plinth base, 12'' arched painted dial, with bird spandrels, Arabic numerals, subsidiary date aperture, eight-day movement, height 210cm. £180-220 £190
425 Walnut Globe Wernicke bookcase, four section with glazed sliding doors, plinth base, width 88cm, depth 37cm, height 142cm. £120-180 £230
426 Oak five-piece bedroom suite, comprising a triple wardrobe with a centre mirror panel door, two drawers under, width 150cm; two chest of drawers, each with three long drawers, width 107cm; bedside cupboard, and a bedstead, width 140cm; together with a matched set of triptych dressing table mirrors. £150-200 £320
427 An Edwardian brass wall-mounted coat rail, adjustable hooks, length 165cm. £150-200 £170
428 Arts & Crafts oak occasional table, octagonal top, diameter 43cm; an oak jardinière stand, barley-twist uprights; a nest of three mahogany occasional tables; Edwardian nursing chair. £70-100 £100
429 Victorian mahogany dressing table, shaped oval mirror, above trinket drawers, serpentine front, scrolled cabriole legs, plinth base, width 120cm. £40-60 £90
430 Edwardian inlaid oak aneroid barometer, Art Nouveau style, 87cm. £30-40 £35
431 Oak bookcase top, moulded cornice, above two panelled doors, enclosing an adjustable shelf, width 123cm. £30-50 £10
432 Wooden sign stand, rectangular chalk-board, octagonal column, circular base, height. 162cm. £80-120 £150
433 A Victorian walnut over mantle mirror, cavetto moulded frame, satinwood cross-banding and boxwood stringing, arched plate, width 116cm. £200-300 £220
434 French black slate mantel clock, architectural form with gilt metal mounts, circular dial, cylinder movement striking on a gong, width 31cm, height 37cm. £60-80 £42
435 George III style mahogany serpentine sideboard, late 19th century, two central drawers, flanked by cupboards, square tapering legs, width 197cm. £200-300 £150
436 A Victorian rosewood Canterbury, five divisions, frieze drawer, turned legs, width 52cm. £170-200 £150
437 Edwardian oak Wellington chest, fitted with seven drawers, width 61cm. £80-120 £190
439 Edwardian mahogany and inlaid sideboard, bow-front centre, fitted with five drawer, square tapering legs, three-quarter gallery, fitted glass top, width 169cm. £150-200 £100
440 George III mahogany chest of drawers, boxwood strung outlines, the top with a reeded edge, fitted with two short and three long graduating drawers, shaped apron, splayed bracket feet, (af), width 112cm. £80-120 £80
441 Three train mantel clock, domed carved oak case, arched silvered dial, height 44cm. £60-90 £75
442 Oak longcase clock, swan neck pediment, short door flanked by quarter fluted columns, bracket feet, 13'' arched painted dial, with subsidiary date aperature, eight-day movement, lacking bell, height 218cm. £250-400  
443 Joined oak coffer, basically 18th Century, the lid with three panels, carved front, width 116cm. £100-200 £85
444 Victorian bleached mahogany headboard, width 152cm. £20-40 £42
445 A wall mounted bank clock, the 30cm metal dial with Roman numeral chapter ring and outer minutes ring, named ''Martin's Bank London'', stained mahogany coloured case with brass edged broken arch pediment, gallery and acanthus leaf vase shaped base, replaced battery movement. 70cm. £50-100 £290
446 African 'tribal' ceremonial mask, 85cm. £40-60 £10
447 Twenty ex-military chairs, stained beechwood, square tapering legs, joined by stretchers, width 44cm. £150-200 £210
448 Victorian mahogany framed armchair, hoop back, upholstered arms and seat, scrolled grips, turned and leaf carved legs, width 68cm, height 93cm £120-150 £110
449 Set of four reproduction Georgian style Gainsborough chairs, each with shaped arms, moulded legs joined by H-stretchers, width 60cm. £120-150 £130
450 Victorian mahogany framed sofa, shaped back with carved pediment, scrolled and carved arms, turned and ringed legs, length 270cm, depth 27cm, height 99cm. £250-300  
451 Victorian mahogany framed armchair, scrolled back, arms with spindle galleries, bowfront seat, turned and fluted legs, width 70cm. £100-150  
452 Victorian walnut framed easy chair, hoop back, scrolled arms, serpentine seat, cabriole legs, button upholstery, width 69cm. £100-150 £75
453 Victorian walnut framed nursing chair, hoop back with carved cresting, serpentine seat, cabriole legs, button upholstery, 60cm. £60-100 £42
454 Late Victorian armchair, bow-front seat, swept arms, button dralon upholstery, turned and fluted ebonised and gilt legs, brass casters, 79cm. £60-100 £120
455 Victorian mahogany framed armchair, wingback and shaped arms, bowfront seat, turned and ringed legs, width 74cm, height 105cm £100-150 £80
456 A 1930s wing-back armchair, floral tapestry upholstery, cabriole legs, width 82cm. £60-80  
457 Pair of Stressless chairs with stools, beechwood bases. £200-300 £650
458 Set of four George III style mahogany elbow chairs, pierced bar slats, drop-in seats, square tapering legs, joined by stretchers, 57cm. £50-80 £42
459 Victorian walnut desk, rectangular top with a moulded edge, twin pedestals and fitted with nine drawers, plinth base, width 123cm, depth 69cm, height 76cm. £120-180 £290
460 Victorian mahogany night table, the top with a moulded edge, square tapering legs, width 35cm. £40-60 £22
461 Victorian mahogany night table, three-quarter gallery, single door, turned legs, width 41cm. £50-80 £110
462 Set of eight Victorian mahogany dining chairs, broad cresting, sabre legs, including a pair of elbow chairs, width 51cm. £200-300 £260
463 An Edwardian walnut snooker/ dining table, by E Riley Ltd, raised on turned baluster legs, width 203cm x depth 110cm x height 83cm. £120-150 £40
467 Candlestand, 18th Century and later, octagonal top with oyster olive wood veneers, boxwood stringing, walnut crossbanding and moulded edge, barley-twist column, tripod legs, width 35cm, height 88cm (af). £100-150 £1400
468 Small table in the shape of a woodblock, tripod legs, height 80cm. £30-50 £65
469 Part suite of woven cane conservatory furniture. £50-80 £90
470 Nest of metal tables, circular, 70cm and smaller, and a cast iron table with a glass top. £40-60 £25
471 A nest of three reproduction 'joint stool' tables, three mahogany dining chairs, walnut centre table, oak occasional table. DESCRIPTION AMENDED AND IMAGE CHANGED 09:44 6.3.17 £80-120 £170
472 Victorian walnut breakfast table, circular tilt top with a moulded edge, plain frieze, tapering octagonal column, triform plinth base on scrolled feet, diameter approximately 104cm, height 70cm. £60-80 £48
473 Victorian electroplate tray, rectangular cast border, twin handles, worn, 73cm. £50-80 £45
474 Set of six late Victorian oak dining chairs, balloon backs, leather upholstery (af), on turned supports. £60-80 £42
475 Victorian mahogany dining table, oval pull out extending top, with a moulded edge and a plain frieze, turned and fluted legs on castors, with three extra leaves, width 142cm £180-220 £340
476 Joined oak cradle, basically 18th Century, adapted as a jardinière, metal liner, length 90cm. £150-200  
477 Oak side table, oak pedestal table, pair of mahogany chairs, nest of teak tables, (5). DESCRIPTION AMENDED 09:42 6.3.17. Nest of oak tables amended to nest of teak tables. £70-100 £210
478 An early Victorian mahogany Pembroke table, rectangular top with two fall leaves, moulded edge, frieze drawer opposed by a dummy drawer, split, 78cm. £70-100  
479 A Stag Minstrel side table, rectangular top, three drawer, square tapering legs, 120cm, and a walnut effect console table. (2) £30-50 £20
480 Walnut toilet mirror, 18th century and later, arched hinged plate, inverted break-front plinth, with three drawers, width 40cm (af). £40-60 £38
481 A Victorian mahogany console table, rectangular top, frieze drawer, turned legs, width 117cm. £100-150 £85
482 Oak gateleg table, bobbin-turned supports, depth 80cm. £30-50 £10
483 Oak gateleg table, 1930s, oval top with two fall leaves, moulded edge, barley-twist gate legs, at the top 91cm x 120cm, maximum height 73cm. £30-50 £10
484 Oak desk, rectangular top, six drawers, bracket feet, carved decoration, width 118cm. £40-60 £70
485 Victorian elm and yew childs Windsor chair, crinoline stretcher, 64cm; and a dolls chair. (2) £50-80 £420
486 Walnut and stained wood chest of drawers, fitted with five drawers, width 62cm. £30-50 £10
487 Victorian walnut and figured walnut bureau, fall-front enclosing a part fitted interior, two drawers below on cabriole legs, width 61cm. £50-80 £90
488 A George III walnut chest of drawers, rectangular top with herringbone stringing, broad cross-banding moulded edge, fitted with two short and three long graduating drawers all with conforming stringing on bracket feet, width 94cm. £350-500 £400
489 Afghan Tekke rug, with three rows of gulls on a red field, silky pile, 151cm x 108cm, torn. £40-60 £48
490 Pakistan Bokhara red ground carpet, 2.44m x 1.58m. Purchased new 2016 for £525. £100-200 £280
491 Joined oak coffer, late 18th Century, hinged lid with three panels, carved front, length 113cm. £80-120 £120
492 Joined oak table, 18th Century, oval top, with two fall leaves, frieze drawer, baluster turned gates joined by stretchers, the top 148cm x 118cm maximum, height 74cm. £60-80 £60
493 A Victorian mahogany card table, rectangular fold-over top with rounded corners, tablet frieze flanked by scrolls, octagonal tapering column, platform base and on bun feet, width 91cm. £120-150 £130
494 George IV mahogany pedestal Pembroke table, D-shaped leaves, fitted with an end drawer, matched by a dummy drawer, ringed column, splayed legs, depth 102cm. £100-150  
495 A George III elm chest of drawers, rectangular top with moulded edge, fitted with three long drawers, bracket feet, width 81cm. £150-200 £270
496 Oak trestle dining table, rectangular top, lyre-shaped supports, joined by a rail, length 153cm. £30-50 £70
497 Matched set of eight spindle-back chairs, Lancashire style, rush seats, turned legs joined by rails, comprising one elbow chair, width 62cm; and seven single chairs. £80-120  
498 Footstool with tapestry top, stained beech cabriole legs, 61cm. £20-30 £42
499 Victorian oak pedestal table, circular tilt top, turned column, tripod legs, diameter 77cm. £30-40 £10
500 Painted pedestal jardiniere, 60cm. £20-30 £32
501 Oak box, hinged lid, linen fold panelling, width 64cm. £50-80 £65
502 Victorian beech slope back elbow chair, turned legs and rails, width 59cm; and four various single kitchen chairs. (5) £40-60 £70
503 Reproduction oak dining table, rectangular boarded top, tressle base, length 245cm; and a set of six beech Lancashire style ladder back chairs, drop-in seats, turned legs and rails, including two elbow chairs, width 57cm; and four single chairs. £200-300 £110
505 Pair of Arts & Crafts style oak framed reclining armchairs, tapestry style upholstered loose cushions, width 65cm. £150-200 £110
506 A joined oak gate-legged dining table, 18th century, oval top with fall leaves, shaped apron, tuned legs, pad feet, length 111cm, together with a Lancashire type beech spindle-back elbow chair, and two similar single chairs. (4) £300-500  
507 George II mahogany dining table, D-shaped ends, fitted with a single leaf with an additional drop leaf table section, adapted, faded, overall length 280cm. £200-300 £260
508 Set of four Victorian walnut balloon backed dining chairs, carved decoration, serpentine upholstered seats, cabriole legs, 45cm; and two similar balloon-back dining chairs. (6) TWO CHAIRS MISSING £80-120 £160
509 19th Century mahogany dining chair, wavy leather back, upholstered seat, 54cm, and seven other various 19th Century dining chairs. (8) £30-50 £80
510 Victorian walnut dining table, rectangular top, rounded corners, plain frieze, turned and fluted legs, one leaf maximum, 150cm. £100-150  
511 1930s three-piece lounge suite, comprising drop-end two-seater sofa, 142cm, and two armchairs, stained wood bun feet. £80-120 £85
512 An Edwardian mahogany occasional table, triangular top with three leaves, carved edge, carved cabriole legs, joined by a shelf, height 73cm. £60-100 £60
513 Persian patterned rug, central lozenge medallion, and floral design on faded ground, 260cm x 158cm. £40-60 £65
514 Polished metal framed dining table, circular glass top, diameter 115cm, and four matching ladder-back dining chairs. £50-80 £30
515 Small pine desk, rectangular top, single pedestal, fitted with four drawers, width 93cm, depth 52cm, height 71cm. £30-50 £50
516 A pine mule chest, drawer base, width 85cms, and a small pine rectangular side table, (2). £40-60 £60
517 MG Midget tonneau cover, and luggage rack; and a TR7 short tonneau cover. £40-60 £48
518 Metal framed workbench, with drawers, and vice, 97cm. £20-30 £170
519 Set of four stripped beech slat-backed kitchen chairs, turned legs joined by rails, 47cm; and a pine kitchen table, rectangular boarded top with rounded corners, plain frieze, square tapering legs. £20-40 £75
520 Pine kitchen table, rectangular boarded top, square legs, joined by a cross-stretcher, length 229cm. £80-120 £55
521 Mahogany jardiniere stand, circular top, diameter 23cm, carved and fluted bedpost column, three splayed legs, height 146cm. £30-40 £22
522 A French wall clock, the dial signed Mareschal - Collard, brass mounted case with brass drop pendulum. £60-80 £75
523 Walnut Vienna type wall clock, stained wood case, circular dial, (a.f.) £50-80