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Description Estimate Hammer
52 Crown Staffordshire desk stand, with two inkwells, decorated with flower and prunus on green ground, 26cm, and two crested china salt cellars. £30-50 £65
53 Fulham type stoneware mug, moulded decoration of hunting incidents, 11cm; and a stoneware jug, The Old Musty. (2) £40-60  
54 Set of eight Goode & Sons coffee cans and saucers, mottled green exterior, gilt detailing (16) £40-60 £15
55 Pair of English porcelain coffee cans, possibly Chamberlains, early 19th century, 7cm; three Victorian presentation mugs, dated 1856, 1858, and 1872; and an early 19th century Staffordshire nursery mug. (6) £50-80 £60
56 Royal Albert bone china teaset, Old Country Roses pattern. £100-150  
57 Staffordshire blue transfer ware mug, decorated with country house and parkland, 14cm; and another Staffordshire blue and white mug. (2) £40-60 £48
58 Pottery egg basket, modelled with hatching chicks, 17cm; a duck and gosling tureen lid, and a basket weave moulded base. (3) £40-60 £70
59 Four boxes of assorted glassware (4 boxes) £50-80 £45
60 Victorian Staffordshire pottery part dinner service, floral decoration in Imari colours, and other crockery, (four boxes). £30-50 £70
61 Crown Devon pottery beehive box, 13cm, jelly moulds, vases and decorative pottery, (two boxes). £30-50 £28
62 English pottery part teaset, floral pattern; Coalport dessert service, Paragon Royal Doulton and other teaware, (two boxes). £40-60 £55
63 Set of seven Stuart Westbury pattern hock glasses, boxed, six matching whisky tumblers, boxed, together with a small tray, decanter and liqueur glasses and Royal Doulton crystal. £40-60 £42
64 Wedgwood commemorative mugs, including Shakespeare, Geoffrey Chaucer, two mugs designed by Richard Guyatt, a pair of Wedgwood limited edition black basalt medallions, and other Wedgwood. £40-60 £55
65 Pair of Continental porcelain models of fighting cockerels, 19cm and 17cm. £30-50 £28
66 Prattware group, model with two children by a plinth, 15cm. £40-60 £220
67 Beswick Disney figures, including Winnie The Pooh, Piglet, Roo, Eeyore, Owl, Rabbit, Tigger, and Christopher Robin. (8) £100-150 £110
67A Beswick model of a dog, Horseshoe Primrose; a Leornardo Collection model of a Jester, two cut glass decanters, a jug, biscuit barrel, etc. £40-60 £22
67B Set of six silver egg spoons, and a large quantity of assorted loose plated cutlery, canteen box, and circular tray. £40-60 £42
67C Medina tinted glass vase, other coloured glassware, turned wood vases, Royal Doulton figure, 'Rachel', a pair of spelter figures, two snowman figures, Blue Jasper ware, Falcon ware jug and bowl. £50-80 £42
68 Pair of Chinese polychrome bottle vases, decorated with scenes of figures at a table and figures in a garden, 46cms. (2) £500-800  
69 Chinese blue and white shallow dish, decorated with five-toed dragons amongst clouds, six character mark, diameter 35cm. £150-200 £650
70 Royal Doulton table service, 'Juliette' pattern, The Romance collection, some second quality. £50-80 £38
71 Royal Worcester 'Hyde Park' dinner service. twelve place setting to include, rimmed bowls, dinner plates, tea cups and saucers, starter plates, side plates, plus sauceboat and stand, teapot with lid, sugar bowl, milk, jug and tureen with lid. £200-300 £550
72 Wedgwood china dinner service, Ulander pattern, WY13. £50-80 £320
73 Crown Devon toilet set comprising washbowl, diameter 42cm, two chamber pots and toothbrush holder, hand painted bright floral design. (4) £20-40 £12
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