Toys, Automobilia, and Memorabilia

Tuesday 21st March 2017, 11:00 am

Items Per Page

Description Estimate Hammer
1 Hornby O gauge trains no.1 passenger set, with two engines, coaches and rolling stock, boxed. £60-90 £48
2 Lionel Railways O gauge locomotive and tender, made in the USA, with 807 passenger carriage and no.809 coal wagon, all boxed. £60-90 £60
3 Hornby O gauge railway set, No.501 passenger train set with LMS 5600 maroon locomotive, boxed, together with a selection boxed wagons and track. £120-180 £100
4 Twin Trix HO gauge railways; parts for large passenger station, conveyor station, passenger coaches, rolling stock etc, some boxed. £40-60 £80
5 Roco and other makers HO gauge railway locomotives; 415DB V215 diesel locomotive 215-033 2, Marklin Germany tank engine 64 089, Trix Twin railway class 81 E3001 locomotive, (3). £50-80 £75
6 Trix Twin OO gauge railway; no.377 Meteor 3 coach diesel express locomotive, unboxed. £70-100 £120
7 Hornby and Lima OO gauge model railway; collection to include ''Mallard'' 60022 locomotive, R041 GWR 8751 locomotive, other locomotives, passenger coaches, rolling stock, etc, one box. £80-120 £110
8 Hornby OO gauge railways passenger set RS609, boxed, with another locomotive, rolling stock, transformer, track and line station. £50-80 £32
9 OO gauge model railway collection, to include Hornby Dublo Diesel shunter, other Hornby Dublo, Triang locomotives, rolling stock, transformer, Airfix kits, Meccano motor and spares, quantity in one box. £80-120 £250
10 Atlas Edition model train locomotives; Mucca Class 500, Shay Locomotive and others, all unopened with a selection of accompanying booklets, (37). £50-80 £20
11 DelPrado and other makers small scale model trains; approximately 100 models all boxed and mostly unopened. £50-80  
12 AmerCom diecast model train locomotives; 1936 GWR '4073' class no.5051 ''Earl Bathhurst'', 1829 Stephenson's Rocket, 1923 class 'A3' no.4472 ''Flying Scotsman'' and many others, all boxed and unopened from their packs, (31). £50-80 £25
13 Large selection of OO gauge railway track, different makers, mostly long straights. £30-50 £28
14 Hornby Dublo OO Gauge railway; including '' Duchess of Montrose'' locomotive, and an O gauge clockwork engine, other OO gauge passenger coaches, wagons, accessories, station platform, signals, etc. £30-50 £25
15 Hornby Dublo OO Gauge train set EDG7, with green Class N2 LNER 9596 locomotive, with transformer, selection of track, points, rolling stock and footbridge. £50-80 £65
16 Wrenn railway locomotives OO gauge, no.2206 0-6-0 tank engine, no.2226 2-8-0 8F goods locomotive, both boxed, (2). £40-60 £65
17 Two model train locomotives, both in glass presentation cases, 70.5cm in length; ''The City of Truro'' and another, with rolling stock, (2). £40-60 £35
18 Hornby Dublo OO gauge locomotive; 3-rail ED17 GWR 0-6-0 tank locomotive 6699, green. £40-60 £65
19 Airfix and Wrenn railway OO gauge; 54122-6 4F Fowler LMS livery locomotive, 54120-0 Royal Scots fusilier LMS livery locomotive, 54202-1 60 ft composite corridor LMS passenger coach, Wrenn W6011 LMS 1st class passenger coach, all boxed, (4). £30-40 £50
20 Hornby Railways OO gauge locomotive; R2607 Battle of Britain class ''213 Squadron'' with tender, unboxed. £50-80 £70
21 Bachmann OO gauge locomotive, 31-727 ''City of London'' no.3439 city class, unboxed. £50-80 £40
22 Two Franklin Mint model locomotives on wooden bases, New York Central and The Southern Crescent Limited, 36cm, (2). £70-100  
23 Hornby Railways, Tri-ang, Hornby Dublo, Airfix OO gauge model locomotives; Airfix Royal Scot BR 54121-3, Hornby R.2382 BR 4-6-2 Coronation Class 46251 ''City of Nottingham'', Tri-ang R258 Princess Royal and tender, Hornby Dublo EDL18 Standard 2-6-4 tank locomotive, all boxed, (4). £80-120 £85
24 Hornby Railways OO gauge locomotives and wagons, to include 'Western Ranger' locomotive, etc. £40-60 £38
25 Graham Farish and Hornby Minitrix and Lima N gauge models railways; n.202 BR black 2-6-0 Ivatt no.46400, with other passenger coaches and wagons, etc. £70-90 £95
26 247 Developments metal model kit parts for OO gauge models; C419 roof sections Cf2 coach flooring, C301a LMS underframe, C342 corridor composites, C462 LMS wheel bogies, ''The Royal Scot'' labels, etc, approximately 32 unopened packets. £50-80 £65
27 Hornby Railways, Lima and Triang OO gauge diesel locomotives; R333 class 86 ''Intercity'', R751 class D6830, diesel shunters and passenger carriages, (8). £50-80 £55
28 Mainline and Hornby Railways OO gauge locomotives; R857 BR 2-6-0 Ivatt class 2 no.46400, two 37057 ''Royal Scot'' no.46100 BR green, 37065 class 6P/7P 4-6-0 ''Sir Frank Ree'', 37056 LMS Royal Scots class 6P 4-6-0 ''Scots Guardsmen'' no.6162, etc (6). £80-120 £120
29 Hornby Dublo OO gauge railway and other toys; collection to include ''The Duchess of Montrose'' locomotive, another locomotive, passenger coaches, wagons, track, tin of vintage Lego bricks, and a small box of Meccano parts. £50-80 £25
30 Bachmann OO gauge wagons and rolling stock; thirty-six models, all boxed, to include 33-677 tank wagon with large filler ''Esso'', 37-253A 16 ton steel mineral wagon weathered grey W/O top flap doors, 37-980 conflat BR bauxite, etc, (36). £100-150 £180
31 Large selection of OO gauge passenger coaches, including makers Hornby, Triang, Lima and others, quantity two boxes. £100-150 £170
32 OO gauge track side buildings and stations, some ceramic, and some card, Bachmann and other makers, (7). £30-50 £55
33 Hornby Railways OO gauge locomotives, a selection of unboxed engines to include the ''Britannia'', ''Duchess of Sutherland'', ''Princess Elizabeth'', ''Princess Beatrice'', ''Princess Victoria'' and others, A/F, (8). £120-180 £100
34 Hornby and Triang Railways OO gauge locomotives; a collection of ten locomotive and tenders, some without tenders, including the ''Princess Victoria'', the ''Princess Elizabeth'' and others, A/F, (10). £80-120 £70
35 Hornby Railways OO gauge locomotives; L6473 class 8F 2-8-0 no.8193, R262 BR coronation class 4-6-2 ''Duchess of Atholl'', R578 BR patriot ''Private E.Sykes V.C.'' no.45537, R1050 BR 9F 2-10-0 ''Evening Star'' no.92220, unboxed, (4). £80-120 £95
36 Mainline and Airfix Railways OO gauge locomotives; Mainline 37061 Jubilee class ''Leader'' no.5690, 37041 class 45 ''Sherwood Forester'' diesel BR green, 37052 4-6-0 standard class 4 MT livery black, 37515 class 4-4-0 no.40568, Airfix 4F fowler BR livery 54123-9, class 4F 0-6-0 no.44454, four are boxed, (6). £80-120 £110
37 Bachmann OO gauge locomotive; 31-102 BR Black 4-6-0 standard class no.75073 (incorrect box), 31-105 standard class 4 BR black livery 4-6-0, 31-152 4-6-0 Jubilee class BR black ''Western Australia'', all boxed.(3) £80-120 £85
38 Bachmann OO gauge locomotives; 31-280 P/Boiler Scot no.6106 ''Gordon Highlander'' LMS Crimson 400 Gal Tender, 32-502 standard class 5MT no.73082 ''Camelot'' BR black E/Emblem BR 1B tender, 31-160 Jubilee no.45697 ''Achilles'' no.4000G tender BR green L/crest weathered, all boxed, (3). £100-150 £110
39 DJH metal model railways kits, OO gauge scale; K52 LMS/BR ''Fairburn'' tank 2-6-4t, K75 LMS/BR ''Black Five'' 4-6-0, boxed (2). £100-150 £70
40 Bachmann OO gauge locomotives; 31-452 Ivatt 2-6-2 tank no.41313 BR lined black, 32-578 Ivatt class 4 2-6-0 no.43038 BR lined black D/chimney early emblem, 31-106A standard 4MT no.75003 BR lined green D/chimney BR2 tender, 32-400 class 25/3 diesel BR green no.D7645, all boxed (4). £120-180 £140
41 Hornby Railways OO gauge locomotives; R450 LMS 4-4-0 class 2P Fowler, R2057 BR black 2-10-0 class 9F no.92212, R065 BR 2-10-0 ''Evening Star'', R2398 BR Fowler 2-6-4T class 4P no.42322, all boxed, (4). £80-120 £80
42 Lima Railways OO gauge diesel locomotives; class 47 D1524 ''British Railways'', class D111 ''British Railways'', class D265 ''British Railways'', class D233 ''British Railways'', class D335 ''British Railways'', three are boxed, (5). £80-120 £90
43 Alan Gibson 4mm scale metal model kit; LMS Compound with fowler tender, OO-EM-18.83 etched brass and nickel silver kit, complete with all the wheels, crankpins, gears, sprung buffers, white metal and wax cast fittings, requires motor only to complete, unused, boxed with instructions. £50-80 £55
44 Hornby and Triang Railways OO gauge diesel locomotives; R751 Co-Co diesel class D6736 ''British Railways'', R072 BR class 25 green D7596, R357 class 31 D5572, 328 BR class 47 D1670, and others, some boxed, (9). £120-150 £110
45 Bachmann OO gauge model railways; eleven 33-856A 30 ton bogie bolster wagon BR grey, boxed, (11). £40-60 £85
46 Quantity of OO gauge model railway passenger coaches and rolling stock wagons; to include makers Bachmann, Hornby, Airfix and others, quantity in one box. £50-80 £75
47 OO gauge model railway model vehicles; some Matchbox toys, other makers, some boxed, including two electric controllers. £30-50 £48
48 Model railway scenery materials, gravel, grass and other trackside modelling supplies and parts, large quantity in three boxes. £40-60 £170
49 Hornby Railways OO gauge locomotives; R2532 BN 4-6-0 no.61648 ''Arsenal'', R2773 no.30915 ''Brighton'', R2711 ''Southern 729'' 4-4-0, R2737 2-6-2t, unboxed, (4). £80-120 £130
50 Bachmann OO gauge locomotives; 31-563 V2 BR no.60865, 31-409 class 4-6-0 no.30865 ''Sir John Hawkins'', 32-353 class 4MT no.80135 2-6-4, unboxed, (3). £80-120 £85
51 Bachmann OO gauge locomotives; 31-715 Class B1 no.1123, 32-210 Pannier tank GWR no.5786, 31-210 ''Royal Leicestershire Regiment'' no.45503 Patriot, unboxed, (3). £80-120 £70
52 Hornby Railways OO gauge locomotives; R2551 4-6-0 Castle class no.5077 ''Fairey Battle'', R262 ''Duchess of Atholl'', R2422 Britannia class no.70038 ''Robin Hood'' (no tender), unboxed, (3). £60-90 £90
53 Hornby Railways OO gauge locomotives; R2691 West Country no.34031 ''Tornington'', R2721 BR 4-6-2 Class A4 no.60018 ''Sparrow Hawk'', unboxed, (2). £70-100 £85
54 Hornby Railways, Lima and Mainline OO gauge locomotives; R2341 ''Windsor Land'' no.60035, R2214B no.1740 ''GWR'', R2778 no.4869 0-4-sT ''GWR'', R859 LNER ''The Fitzwilliam'' no.359, and others, unboxed, (7). £70-100 £110
55 Hornby Railways OO gauge locomotives; R2959 BR 2-6-4T ''Thompson'' no.67717, R2828 GWR ''Duke of Edinburgh'' no.3064, unboxed, (2). £50-80 £65
56 Triang railways RS70 clockwork train set ''Dockmaster'', along with two airfix model kits of railway wagons, tinplate Brimtoy bus, and other items, etc. £30-50 £10
57 Hornby Dublo OO gauge railways; including no.2232 Diesel Locomotive, no.3231 0-6-0 Diesel shunting locomotive, no.2230 Bo-Bo electric diesel locomotive, all boxed, with selection of passenger carriages, station building, no.2400 Royal Mail coach set. £80-120 £140
58 Hornby Dublo OO gauge model railway train set; with ''Sir Nigel Gresley'' locomotive and tender, box a/f, with ''Duchess of Montrose'' locomotive and a BR 69567 locomotive, both boxed, along with a selection of boxed rolling stock, wagons, passenger coaches, points, buffers and track, quantity in one box. £100-150 £130
59 OO gauge model railway collection; to include five locomotives with tenders by Hornby, Triang, Lima and others, and a large selection of passenger coaches and track, one box. £50-80 £100
60 Large quantity of OO gauge track; including boxed unused Peco points, long straights, and other track, a selection of makers. £40-60 £140
61 Parkside Dundas OO gauge scale railway models kits; including large quantity of wagon kits, other trackside vehicle kits, trackside scenery, plastic tunnel ends, spares, animals, people, mostly unused and unopened, quantity in one box. £40-60 £150
62 Parkside Dundas OO gauge scale railway models kits; including large quantity of wagon kits, other trackside vehicle kits, trackside scenery, parts and spares, mostly unused and unopened, quantity in one box. £40-60 £210
63 Quantity of OO gauge trackside props and scenery; including Ratio model LMS home signal kits, Viessmann electric lamps, Peco level crossing, Crescent signals etc, one box. £40-60 £160
64 Hornby OO gauge train set P696 'Inter-City'' 225 D23 diesel, boxed with a selection of track, waiting room, booklets and accessories. £40-60 £50
65 Hornby OO gauge railways train set, R1065 ''The Northern Belle'', with track, controller and coaches, boxed. (CATALOGUE AMENDMENT - there are no wagons with this set they are coaches) £50-80 £80
66 Hornby OO gauge railways train set; R1089 ''The Anglian'' BR 61525 locomotive, passenger coaches, controller and track, boxed. £50-80 £50
67 Hornby OO gauge railways train set; R1072 ''Flying Scotsman'' LNER locomotive, two LNER composite coaches, LNER brake coaches, power pack, buffer stops, train controller, wall mounted power unit for operation from AC mains 220-240v AC 50hz, boxed. £50-80 £70
68 Hornby OO gauge railways train set; R1169 ''Tornado Pullman Express'' BR 60163 locomotive with pullman coaches, track, controller and others, boxed. £50-80 £85
69 Hornby OO gauge railways train pack; ''The Irish Mail'' BR 4-6-0 Royal Scot class Old Contemptibles locomotive, BR MK1 composite coach, BR MK1 buffet car, BR MK1 brake coach, limited edition set no.17 of 1500, with certificate, boxed and appears to be unused. £60-90 £110
70 Hornby OO gauge railways train pack; ''The Thames - Fourth Express'' LMS 4-6-0 black 5 class locomotive, two LMS composite coaches and a LMS brake coach, limited edition set no.1038 of 1200, with certificate, boxed and appears to be unused. £60-90 £90
71 Hornby Dublo OO Gauge railway collection; to include ''The Duchess of Montrose'' with tender, two other locomotives, a selection of passenger carriages, rolling stock wagon, metal station platforms and buildings, large quantity of track and turntable, in two boxes. £100-150 £160
72 Large quantity of OO gauge model railways wagons and rolling stock, including makers Hornby, Triang and others, quantity in one box. £50-80 £120
73 Hornby Dublo OO gauge locomotive; ''Mallard'' with tender BR green no.60022. £40-60 £45
74 Two boxes of model railways layout parts, building parts, accessories, controllers, sand, etc, a selection of different makers, two boxes. £40-60 £75
75 Bassett-Lowke model locomotive, Princess Class Pacific 4-6-2 and tender ''Princess Helena Victoria'' BL99013 boxed. £300-400 £400
76 Hornby Railways O Gauge goods set no.20; with level crossing and double signal, all boxed, c1950s. £50-80 £40
77 Bassett-Lowke O gauge locomotive; BL99004 British Railways lined black ex Southern Railway 'N' class Mogul engine, boxed. £180-220 £210
78 N gauge model railways locomotives, passenger wagons and diesels; including Bachmann ''Santa Fe'' 3780, Trix engines and other makers, large quantity of engines. £150-200 £120
79 Hornby OO gauge railway locomotives; R2857 BR 4-6-0 Class 5MT 45458, R3014 LMS 4-6-2 princess coronation class ''Duchess of Sutherland'', both DCC ready and boxed, (2). £80-120 £120
80 Hornby OO gauge railway locomotives; R2743 BR 4-4-0 schools class ''Brighton'', R2342 class A3 4-6-2 60077 ''The White Knight'' BR lined green, both DCC ready and boxed, (2). £80-120 £100
81 Hornby OO gauge railways sets; R2001 train pack Networker suburban train, R2108 BR Sprinter 155, train pack Kentish Belle, train pack Eurostar class 373 powered locomotive, all boxed, (4). £100-150 £180
82 Bachmann OO gauge locomotive set; 32-900A class 108 2-car DMU BR green with speed whiskers, 31-325 class 105 two car DMU BR blue with yellow ends, 32-515 Derby lightweight two car DMU BR green with yellow warning panel, all DC ready and boxed (3). £120-180 £170
83 Hornby and Lima OO gauge railway locomotives; R253 0-4-0 diesel dock shunter, R855n LNER ''Flying Scotsman'' with steam exhaust noise, along with a Lima diesel locomotive, all boxed, (3). £50-80 £75
84 Bachmann and Airfix OO gauge railway locomotives; 54122-6 4F fowler LMS livery, Bachmann no.0651 2-8-0 Consolidation with smoke ''Santa Fe'', 32-000DC 5927 guild hall BR green late crest ''Hawksworth'' tender, (3). £60-90 £80
85 Hornby OO gauge railway locomotives; R150 NE locomotive B12/3 class, R759 GWR ''Albert Hall'', along with a repainted locomotive LNER br 1560, all boxed, (3). £60-90 £50
86 Selection of Lone Star Treble O Trains, mostly boxed, diecast and plastic parts c1960s. £30-50 £20
87 Hornby O gauge no.7 railway accessory, Watchman's Hut set with shovel and poker. £30-50 £30
88 Stationary horizontal model engine ''Red Wing co'', built by Mr William Linfield, mounted on wooden base, with twin 8 inch spoked flywheels, brass valves, with electric switch board, petrol powered, known as the ''Hit and Miss'' model, 44cm by 17cm, along with spare parts for the engine, for the electric ignition, spare 3 inch flywheel, with a selection of springs, valves, washers, screws, etc. £1000-1500 £900
89 A collection of model engineering photographs, taken by Mr William Linfield, to document the construction of his model engines, includes photos of many model engines, close ups of construction and events he attended, a large quantity in 6 photo cases. £50-80 £20
90 Quantity of model engine spares; including engine gears, pressure gauge parts, boiler fittings, steam valves, oil clips, BA nuts, etc. £200-300 £180
91 A well engineered model of a M.E. beam engine, built by Mr William Linfield, with cast upright cylinder with Watts parallel motion, to power a large 9 inch spoked flywheel, with a smaller one on the other side, mounded on a brick effect wooden base, 42cm by 22cm. £600-800 £1200
92 Tri-ang OO gauge model railways; a quantity to include R259 ''Britannia'' locomotive, Transcontinental 9119 passenger coach, Ambulance RAMC coach, track, rolling stock and Tri-ang real estate San Fernando Bungalow. . £30-50 £50
93 Scratch built metal model of a steam traction engine, c1900, 50cm by 15cm, with bell, canopy, painted red. £150-250  
94 Scratch built metal model of a steam crane lorry, c1900, 65cm by 19cm, with crane lifting mechanism, small hatch in the back for a burner, working gears, front shovel, painted red. £150-250  
95 Collection of railway related books and pamphlets, including model railway titles and others. £40-60 £25
100 Chad Valley toys, Fordson Major tractor model E27N, dark blue body. £100-200 £170
101 Dinky Toys, diecast model Pullmore car transporter 582, in original box. £50-80 £80
102 Dinky Toys, diecast model Leyland Comet lorry 531, in original box. £40-60 £55
103 Dinky Toys, diecast model lawnmower 751 in original box. £40-60 £65
104 Dinky diecast toys; 622 10-ton army truck boxed, 674 Austin Champ boxed, 686 25-pounder field gun boxed, 162a light Dragon tractor with chains unboxed, 674 Austin Champ unboxed, 414 Dodge tipping truck unboxed, Budgie crane truck, (7). £100-150 £110
105 Dinky Toys Bedford Van 410, Promotional issue given to the employees of Marley Building Supplies LTD, with Marley Logos on the decals, red body with original branded box, c1970s. Model is near mint. £80-120 £75
106 French Dinky diecast toy; 817 Char A.M.X. 13 Tonnes tank, in original box. £50-80  
107 Four boxed Dinky toys, construction vehicles, including dumper truck and others, (4). £60-90 £60
108 Dinky Toys, diecast model horse box 581 boxed. £50-60 £40
109 Dinky Toys, empty original box for a Leyland Comet 531 along with a model of a Leyland Comet truck 932, unboxed, (2). £40-60 £25
110 Dinky Toys Guy Van ''Golden Shred'' decals, c1950s, complete with back doors, stickers, unboxed. £50-80 £75
111 Dinky Toys, diecast loose racing cars and road cars, (8). £50-80 £85
112 Dinky Toys, diecast model petrol pumps and roadside signs, quantity in tray. £30-50 £32
113 Dinky Toys diecast model Armoured Personnel Car, boxed, along with a Corgi Toys missile trailer and a selection of painted lead soldiers by John Hill and other makers. £20-30 £30
114 Dinky Toys, diecast trucks and wagons; covered wagon 25b, petrol wagon 25d, tipping wagon 25e, Market Gardener's van 25f, flat truck and trailer 25t, dark blue delivery van 280, loud speaker van 34c, breakdown lorry 39e, (9). £100-150 £160
115 Dinky Toys, diecast model construction vehicles; Blaw Knox bulldozer 561, Muir Hill dumper truck 562, heavy tractor 563, trailer 551, (4). £40-50 £50
116 Dinky Toys, diecast models, nine postwar saloon cars; Rover Streamline coupe 36d, British Salmson sports car 36e, Fraser Nash BMW sports car (light grey with blue interior) 38a, Lagonda Sports Coupe 38c, Jaguar SS100 sports car 38f, Oldsmobile six Sedan 39b, Lincoln Zephyr 39c, Chrysler Royal 39e, Triumph 1800 saloon 40b, (9). £100-150 £140
117 Dinky toys, diecast military related models; Six-wheeled transport wagon 151b, light army tank 152a (no tracks), reconnaissance car 152b, Jeep 153a (no windscreen), anti aircraft gun 161b, light dragon motor, ammunition trailer and 18 pounder gun 162 (8). £100-150 £95
118 Dinky Toys, diecast models; Standard Vanguard 40e, Plymouth Woody Estate car 27f, Ferrari racing car 23h boxed, Mercedes Benz racing car 23c, Copper Bristol racing car 23g, Maserati racing car x2 23n, Gardner's MG land speed record car 23p, Midget Racer 35b (9). £80-120 £110
119 Dinky Toys, seven farm related models, Field Marshall tractor 391 boxed, Massey Harris tractor 27a, Halesowen harvest trailer 27b, Massey Harris manure spreader 27cm, wheelbarrow 105b, 4-wheel hand truck, sack truck 107a, (7). £50-80 £120
120 Dinky toys diecast models, Petrol Pumps set no.49, boxed, comprising of oil bin and four petrol pumps. £40-60 £35
120A Dinky Toys, diecast roadside models; road signs set 47 with twelve signs boxed, police box 42a, three-face traffic lights x 2, telephone box 12c, (5). £40-60 £35
121 Dinky toys, unboxed models, including Foden petrol tanker, Guy van, etc (13). £100-150 £110
122 Diecast model toys, Dinky, Corgi and Matchbox examples, including two Jaguar XK120s, HWM racing car, Austin Healey racing car, Hudson Sedan, MG Midget and others, (20). £100-150 £210
123 Dinky Toys, collection of playworn and repainted model, (27). £50-80 £70
124 Seven pre-war Dinky Toys, model 25d petrol tankers, all re-casted or restored, to include decals; Texaco, Mobiloil, Shell-BP, Redline-Glico, Pool, Power and Esso, (7). £120-180 £90
125 Dinky Toys, selection of loose diecast commercial vehicles, to include Guy Van ''Spratts'', Foden petrol tanker ''Regent'', Foden chain lorry, Bedford Van ''Ovaltine'' and others. (12). £100-150 £150
126 Dinky Toys, construction vehicles, including 20 ton lorry mounted crane ''Coles'' Blaw Knox Bulldozer, Avling Barford Road-Roller and others, (5). £40-60 £50
127 Four pre-war Dinky Toys, including four model 25B covered wagons and one 30F Bentley Ambulance, all re-casted or restored, decals include; Carter Paterson, Hornby Trains and Meccano Engineering for Boys, (4). £80-120 £55
128 Military themed diecast models, to include Dinky, Britains and Matchbox examples, Mighty Antar tank transporter and Centurion tank, model aircraft, ambulance truck, Pressure Refueller, etc (20). £50-80 £70
129 Dinky Super Toys, diecast models; two Foden flat trucks with tail boards, first type cabs 503, Guy flat truck 512, Articulated lorry 521, (4). £80-120 £160
130 Dinky Toys, diecast models; Streamlined fire engine 25h, Bedford tipper 25m, Avling Barford road roller 25p, forward control lorry 25r, Bedford refuse truck 25v, Streamlined bus 29b, Double Decker bus 29c, ambulance 30f, Royal Mail van 34b, Taxi with open rear window 36g, (10). £80-120 £140
131 Dinky Toys diecast models, postwar examples, saloon cars and others, to include Lagonda, Mercedes Benz racing car, Austin Devon, Triumph, Alvis, Jaguar open top sports car, Buick, Oldsmobile and others, (21). £100-150 £200
132 Dinky Toys diecast models, commercial vehicles, vans and trucks, to include Land Rover, Trojan Van ''Esso'', Royal Mail Van, Fordson lorry, Aveling Barford road roller, petrol tanker and others (21). £100-150 £140
133 Quantity of loose playworn diecast toys, mostly Dinky toys, to include Austin Shell Van, Hudson Sedan, Studebaker, Austin Atlantic, Massey Ferguson tractor and other vehicles, quantity in one box. £100-150 £180
134 Tri-ang Spot-on diecast models, to include Rolls Royce Silver Wraith, Tourist 18ft Caravan, Jaguar XK SS, Austin Healey, Goggomobil Super, Commer Van ''Security Express'', Ford Zodiac, Renault Floride and others, (17). £120-180 £280
135 Assorted diecast models, including Corgi Carrimore Car Transporter, Dinky Jaguar XK120 Coupe boxed, Dinky Daimler 2.5 Litre, Sport-on Volvo 122s, Dinky Jaguar 3.4 litre and others, (16). £60-90 £90
136 Corgi Toys diecast models, to include a boxed Studebaker Golden Hawk, Smith's Karrier Shop ''Butchers'', Karrier Bantam ''Lucozade'', Heinkel Bubble car, Ford Thunderbird, Mercedes Benz 300SL, Ford Zephyr Police car and others, (18). £100-150 £130
137 Dinky and Corgi Classics diecast models; including Corgi Le Dandy Coupe car, Dinky Beatles car and others, all unboxed, (10). £40-60 £65
138 Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, quantity of diecast models dating from the 1960s and 1970s. £30-50 £10
139 Shackleton Model FG6 Foden Tipper with original box, green body, comes with instructions, tools and winding handle, working order. £200-300 £540
140 Britains and other makers guns, to include field guns, military wagons and Howitzers and an Astra searchlight, (14) £50-80 £70
141 BHL model police motor cycle and side car, unpainted wheels, very good paint. £50-80 £70
142 Britains Toys, diecast model no.9740 18'' heavy Howitzer gun, boxed c1970s. £40-60 £42
143 Britains Toys, diecast model no.9745 155mm military gun, boxed. £50-80 £70
144 Britains Toys, diecast model no.9740, 18'' heavy Howitzer gun, boxed c1960s. £40-60 £65
145 Britains Toys, diecast models 105mm Pack Howitzer boxed, 4.7'' navel gun boxed and a field gun, (3). £40-60 £42
146 Two Crescent Toys diecast quick firing guns, boxed, Airfix HMS Hotspur, Pocket Meccano, 10'' field gun made in Hong Kong, boxed, (5). £40-60 £42
148 Britains painted lead military dispatch motorbike, no,1791, good original paint. £30-50 £42
149 Airfix plastic figures, British Commandos, boxed, German Infantry boxed, with four packets of loose plastic soldiers. £40-60  
150 Britains painted lead soldiers; original box for no.2019 Danish army: Danske Haer life guards, the figures are possible the wrong set for the box. £80-120 £80
151 Britains lead painted soldiers; no.147 ''Zulus'' eight figures in original box, c1940s. £50-80 £95
152 Britains Soldiers Mountain Artillery set, no.9420, with mule team and quick fire gun, c1920s, boxed. £100-150 £260
153 Painted flat metal Prussian German band on bicycles, possibly by Heyde, (10). £150-250  
154 Mostly Britains painted lead figures, Scots Guards, approximately fifty four. £70-100 £70
155 Britains, John Hill & Co and other makers, painted lead soldiers, WW1 Infantry, some crouching, some in combat etc.(23) £40-60 £48
156 John Hill & Co, Grenadier guardsmen, set of ten. Scottish riflemen, possibly also John Hill, set of eight. £40-60  
157 Britains Scots Guards Marching Band, including drummers, cymbal players, trumpeters etc, along with eight guards on horseback holding flags and trumpets, (25). £50-80 £50
158 Britains painted lead soldiers, French Foreign Legion and other British soldiers, (23) £50-80 £80
159 Britains painted lead soldiers, three sets, including RAF, German and other, eight figures in each set. £80-120 £85
160 Britains lead painted soldiers, marching Arabs and horseback riders, together with Britains and other makers painted lead soldiers, camels with riders and sitting camels, (15). £80-120 £100
160A Britains and other makers painted lead soldiers; including soldiers with stretcher, guards with horns, horse mounted soldiers etc, (19) £30-50 £120
161 Flat metal model soldiers Zinnfigurmen type, collection of approximately 400 painted figures, including 1812 French infantry, 1812 Croatia infantry, Austrian Hungary infantry, Jager Battalion Radetzky, Austrian Cavalry, Loyal Lusitanian Legion, British General Staff, Prussia, Austrian and Bosnia cavalry. £40-60 £50
162 Flat metal model soldiers Zinnfigurmen type, selection partly and unpainted figures, including French, Austrian, Prussian, English Scots infantry, approximately 300 figures. £30-50 £28
163 Eleven Elastolin, Lineol and Britains toy figures; including Paul von Hindenburg 1928, Werner Von Blomberg 1935, Adolf Hitler, General Erich von Ludendorff 1937, August von Mackensen 1945, Rudolf Hess 1934 cat no.30/9, and others, (11). £100-150 £240
164 Britains and other makers painted lead soldiers, including Scots Guards, WW1 infantry, soldiers on horseback, etc, quantity in one tray. £30-50 £80
165 Britains painted lead model farm cows; ''Map of the World'' cow, design for Nestle, 1924, (2). £40-60 £120
166 Painted lead and diecast models; including painted lead animals, Salco Mickey and Minnie Mouse on a piano toy, plastic Britains floral garden, Dinky toys, Massey Ferguson tractors, etc, quantity in three trays. £50-80 £260
167 Britains Toys, painted lead hunting figures, including huntsmen and women on horses with dogs. £50-80 £240
168 Britains and other makers painted lead farm figures, including animals, farmers and scenery, quantity in two trays. £70-100 £230
169 Britains and Heyde and Charbens, zoo and farm animals, to include elephants, rhinoceros, kangaroos, polar bears, cows, etc. £100-150 £110
170 Britains toys 155mm Gun; no.2064 with shells and original paperwork, boxed. £40-60 £95
171 Modern Britains toy soldiers collection; to include the large WW1 bombed street scene, boxed Middlesex Yeomanry set, The Great book of Britains cased, and other boxed Britains and Bastion soldiers. £120-180 £170
172 Corgi Toys diecast model James Bond Toyota 2000GT; no.336 special agent 007 model made in the 1970s for the film ''You Only Live Twice'', in original box with inner tray, and two shooting missiles, has no instructions. £80-120 £80
173 Corgi Toys diecast model Gift Set no.24; Constructor set Commer 3/4 ton chassis, in original box, c1960s. £30-50 £20
174 Corgi Toys diecast model Gift Set no.37; Lotus-Climax racing car, Lotus Elan coupe, Lotus Elan S.2, Volkswagen breakdown van with winch, Lotus Elan chassis on trailer, in original box, c1960s. £100-150 £80
175 Corgi Toy no.109 Pennyburn workmen's trailer, no.275 Rover 2000TC, no.337 Customised Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and Dinky Toys no.243 BRM racing car, (4). £50-80 £100
176 Matchbox Lesney diecast models; Major Pack M-4 Fruehauf Hopper Train, K-18 Articulated Horse Van, both boxed, along with a selection of other Matchbox and Dinky playworn model cars and vehicles. £50-80 £65
177 Selection of 1940s/50s Dinky and Meccano catalogues and price lists; Dinky Toys catalogue 1953 ''John Kent 55/59 Poole Hill, Bournemouth'' 1st October, Meccano Toys of Quality September 1952, Meccano World-Famous Toys, Dinky Toys 1st October 1953 ''C.Morse 3 High Street Cheshire'' and Meccano revised price list October 1948, (5). £30-50 £25
178 Dinky Toys; postwar examples, to include 39e Chrysler, 39f Studbaker, other wagons, fire engines and selection of road signs, all playworn, (14). £60-90 £48
179 Triang Minic toys; tinplate vehicles, cars and trucks, including LNER express parcels service van, Avling Barford road roller, AA motorcycle and sidecar, refuse truck, fire engine and others, with 3 keys, all playworn, (10). £120-180 £130
180 Corgi Toys, 271 James Bond Aston Martin model, boxed, with two spare figures, c1981. £30-50 £28
181 Diecast playworn models; selection of Dinky, Spot-On and Matchbox models, including Dinky 233 Cooper Bristol racing car boxed, Spot-On Jaguar 3.4 and other model, in two trays. £80-120 £110
182 Britains Swoppet toy plastic figures, including Knights, some on horse back, Indians and Cowboys, quantity in tray. £50-80 £130
200 Two Franklin Mint detailed models; 1928 Stutz-Black Hawk Boat-tail, 1907 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost both 1:24 scale, boxed, (2). £40-60 £48
201 Autoart detailed scale diecast models; Jaguar D Type with no.12 racing numbers, Jaguar C type with no.26 racing numbers and Shelby Collectible 1959 Aston Martin, all are 1:18 scale, unboxed (3). £80-120 £90
202 Autoart detailed scale diecast models; Mazda 787B LM winner 1991, Bentley Speed 8 Le Mans, Porsche 917k, all are 1:18 scale, unboxed, (some damages) (3). £70-100 £70
203 Exoto ''Racing Legends'' very detailed scale diecast models; Ferrari 312T4 GP 1979 winner, Ferrari 500 F2 A2405, 1:18 scale, unboxed (both missing parts), (2). £80-120 £90
204 Detailed scale diecast model; CMC made in German Mercedes-Benz W196R 1954/1955 silver, 1:18 scale, streamline with no.20 racing numbers. £80-120 £85
205 Revell large scale diecast model; Ferrari 250 GTO '62 racing car 1:12 scale with No.24 numbers, unboxed. £50-80 £65
206 Detailed scale diecast models; Maisto Porsche 911 GT1, Audi R8R Le Mans 1999, Mini Champs Porsche 956 1982-86, Kyosho BMW V12 LMR 1:18 scale, unboxed (some damages) (4). £50-80 £30
207 Exoto ''Racing Legends'' very detailed scale diecast model; Jaguar XJR-9 IMSA ''Race Effect'' ''Castrol 1'' decals 1:18 scale, unboxed. £80-120 £80
208 Exoto ''Racing Legends'' very detailed scale diecast model; Sauber Mercedes C9 1989 Le Mans 1:18 scale, no.61 racing numbers, unboxed. £100-150 £85
209 Pauls Model Art detailed scale diecast models; Tyrrell 003 World Champion 1971, Benetton Renault B194, Ferrari 312T, Red Bull Renault RB6 1:18 scale, unboxed (some damages) (4). £50-80 £40
210 Mini Champs ''The Ayrton Senna Racing Car Collection'' detailed scale diecast models; McLaren MP 4/6 Honda V12 1991, McLaren MP 4/5B Honda V10 1990, McLaren MP 4/4 Honda V6-Turbo 1998, McLaren MP 4/5A Honda V10 1989, all 1:18 scale, unboxed, (4). £80-120 £110
211 Exoto ''Racing Legends'' very detailed scale diecast model; Porsche 934/935 Turbo ''Martini'' decals 1:18 scale, unboxed (missing bonnet). £50-80 £40
212 Detailed scale diecast models; Universal Hobbies Porsche 917K and 917 Le Mans winner, Peugeot 905 Evo 1993 Le Mans Winner, 1:18 scale, unboxed, (3). £50-80 £30
213 Exoto ''Racing Legends'' very detailed scale diecast model; Lotus type 72 ''John Player Special no.31'' decals 1:18 scale, unboxed. £50-80 £90
214 CMC Germany detailed scale diecast models; Ferrari Dino 156 F1 Sharknose GP, Maserati 250F 1957 F1 World Champion, along with a Revival model Ferrari, all are 1:18 scale, unboxed (all missing parts), (3). £80-120 £100
215 Mini Champs for Pauls Model Art, detailed scale diecast models; McLaren Mercedes MP4/13, McLaren M23 Ford, McLaren M23 Ford , Brabham BMW turbo BT52, along with a Solido McLaren F1 MP4/2G, 1:18 scale, unboxed (some damages) (5). £50-80 £130
216 Quartzo detailed scale diecast models; Lotus 49, William FW14B, Lotus 72, along with two models by Sparks, all are 1:18 scale, unboxed (5). £50-80 £80
217 Hotwheels, Onyx and TSM Model 1:18 scale diecast models; Ferrari 2007, McLaren MP4-22, Renault R25, Williams FW18 Fabrique EN Chine, etc (5) £50-80 £85
218 1:43 scale detailed F1 racing diecast models; different makers to include Mini Champs, Quartzo and others, approximately 46 models. £50-80 £60
219 Burago models, scale F1 racing cars, four boxed, (6). £30-40 £28
220 Sunstar large scale diecast model; 291 London Transport AEC/Routemaster Bus, No.96 Wanstead, with ''Crosse & Blackwell Branston Pickle'' and '' Hovis'' decals, 1:24 scale, unboxed. £50-80 £100
221 Sunstar large scale diecast model, 1:24 scale Bedford OB bus ''Southern National'' Brixham, along with a Mettoy tinplate model Routemaster bus no.465 ''Box Hill Burford Bridge'', unboxed, (2). £70-100 £100
222 Sunstar large scale diecast model; H2914 Arriva London Transport Routemaster Bus, No.159 Streatham Hill, with ''Heritage Routes Transport for London'' decals, 1:24 scale, unboxed. £50-80 £90
223 Collection of diecast model toys and model kits; Italeri Pz Kpfw. III Ausf M/N 1:72 scale, Academy US Ambulance & Towing Tractor 1:72 scale, Corgi toys 650 Concorde boxed, with other loose and boxed diecast models, quantity in one box. £40-60  
224 Meccano boxed set no.5 made c1990s, with a selection of diecast models, to include Superkings Matchbox model, Lledo, Solido and Burago models, quantity. £40-60 £20
225 AmerCom diecast model aircraft; large collection of unopened models, to include Boeing C-17A Globemaster III 2010, Douglas C-54 Skymaster 1948, mostly 1:200 scale, and others, two boxes, (32) £40-60 £100
226 Modern Dinky, Solido, Corgi diecast model toys, mostly boxed, (14). £40-60 £30
227 Diecast model aircraft; mostly 1:100 scale all sealed in blister packs with folder of related magazine, one box, (33). £40-60 £100
228 Diecast construction vehicle models, to include Hydraulikbagger Cat 245, boxed and other models by NZG and Norscot, six are boxed (7). £100-150 £200
229 Modern diecast models, all boxed, to include Corgi, Matchbox and others, (16). £40-60 £60
230 Exclusive First Editions; diecast model buses and coaches, all boxed, 1:76 scale, (28) £60-90 £120
231 Exclusive First Editions; diecast model buses and coaches, all boxed, 1:76 scale, (27) £60-90 £110
232 Exclusive First Editions; diecast model buses and coaches, all boxed, 1:76 scale, (24). £50-80 £95
233 Modern Corgi Toys diecast modes; 70th Anniversary of the Blackpool Balloon Tram set om99156, The Southdown Guy Arab 97198, with other coaches and vans, (10). £40-60 £70
234 Modern diecast toy buses and coaches; including makers Britbus, B-T Models, Creative Master, Lledo and others, all boxed (19). £40-60 £90
235 Corgi diecast toys The Original Omnibus Company; Southdown and other coaches and buses, 1:76 scale, all boxed, (15). £50-80 £80
236 Corgi diecast toys The Original Omnibus Company; Southdown and other coaches and buses, 1:76 scale, all boxed, (27). £60-90 £110
237 Wrenn railway diesel shunter engine, with other passenger coaches; collection of Matchbox Superfast models, some boxed; Corgi Boys Truckertronic Convoy remote control set; plus other diecast models; plus small teddybear. £60-90 £90
238 Matchbox models of Yesteryear, with other boxed and loose diecast models by Matchbox and other makers, quantity in one box. £30-50 £12
239 Diecast models, 'The James Bond Car Collection', iconic cars from the James Bond films, complete run from no.1 to no.110 , complete with accompanying magazines, made by Universal Hobbies, all models in sealed boxes. £300-500 £340
240 Six Joal construction diecast models, Volvo BM, Caterpillar 225, Caterpillar 65, Caterpillar 213, Crane and Volvo BN A25, four models are boxed, (6). £40-60 £55
241 Matchbox diecast models, some 1960s to 1990s; Sunbeam motorcycle; Horsebox y-12 etc. £40-60 £50
242 Modern diecast models and other models; Matchbox Models of Yesteryears 1922 Foden steam wagon, Oxford Aviation Fairey Swordfish Mk1 HMS, Corgi The Aviation Archive Lockheed 382 Hercules C.1 Royal Airforce, with many other models, all boxed, two boxes. £60-90 £40
243 Diecast models, a collection of construction and commercial lorries, including Matchbox, Siku, Corgi and others, mostly made in the 1970s / 1980s, quantity in two trays. £50-80 £48
244 Vanguard diecast models, various models, all boxed, (25). £100-150 £150
245 Franklin Mint 1911 Roll-Royce, Sunstar Morris Minor Traveller model, with other train and car models, (5). £60-90 £60
246 Modern diecast models; Lledo, Corgi and others, all boxed, quantity in one box. £30-50 £42
247 Burago, Maiyto and Solido diecast model; Chevrolet Corvette 1957, Bugatti ''Type 55'' 1932, Ford Roadster and others, all boxed. (8). £40-60 £45
248 Atlas Toys, collection of Eddie Stobart diecast model trucks, all boxed, large quantity in two boxes. £120-180 £210
249 Selection of model F1 racing car models; mostly completed kits some plastic and some metal, (11) £30-50 £42
250 Atlas Edition model boats, including HMS Hood and others, all boxed, (25). £40-60 £80
251 Collection of Eddie Stobart branded diecast models; including Corgi The 30th Anniversary set 76901, Days Gone models and other models, in one box. £40-60 £100
252 Modern diecast vehicles and cars, mostly boxed, to include makers Corgi, Lledo, Vanguard and others, (23). £40-60 £60
253 Corgi Toys fairground attractions model; The Southdown Gallopers scale 1:50 no.CC20401, boxed and appears to be unused. £50-80 £90
254 Matchbox Models of Yesteryear diecast models; YS-39 passenger coach and horse 1820, YSH3 Wells Fargo stagecoach 1875, Elvis the Graceland collection model and other diecast, all boxed. (7). £40-60 £35
255 Dinky model diecast toys group; 940 Mercedes Benz Truck, 412 Bedford AA Van, 404 Fork Lift Truck, 430 Johnson 2 Ton Dumper, 111 Cinderella's Coach, 289 Routemaster Bus, 308 Leyland 384 tractor, 120 Happy Cab, all boxed, c1970s (8). £80-120 £120
256 Dinky diecast toy car group; 180 Rover 3500, 124 Rolls Royce Phantom V (x2), 208 VW Porsche 914, 211 Triumph TR7, 178 Mini Clubman, 344 Land Rover, 192 Range Rover, 244 Plymouth Police Car, 128 Mercedes Benz 600, 122 Volvo 265 DL Estate, all boxed c1970s, (11). £100-150 £180
257 Detailed diecast models; Maisto Jaguar XJ220 1:12 scale, Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz 1:18 scale, Kyosho Mercedes Benz 300SL 1:18 scale, all boxed, (3). £40-60 £40
258 Mixed modern diecast models; including MASH diecast Ambulance in blister pack (opened), Corgi Aston Martin DBS ''On Her Majesty's Secret Service'' and many others, all boxed, approximately 30+. £40-60 £60
259 Modern Corgi Classics and Omnibus series diecast model buses and coaches; 98421 Demonstration Bus (x2), 97178 Burlingham Seagull Coach Coliseum Coaches, 54401 Fishbowl Lionel City bus services, and others, all boxed (14). £70-100 £60
260 Modern Corgi diecast Classics models, mostly commercial vehicles, 17801 Chipperfields Circus Scammell constructor cannon and ringmaster, 31008 Whimpey Bedford S low loader with luffing shovel and Thames Trader tipper, 24801 Leyland Dodge Truck and Caravan set, and others, all boxed (12). £100-150 £120
261 Modern Matchbox toy diecast models and vehicles; including cars, fire engine, trucks and Superfast models, both boxed and unboxed examples. £40-60 £20
262 Modern diecast aircraft models and model aviation plastic kits; collection to include The Aviation Archive F4U-1D Corsair, Revell and Italeri kits, quantity in two boxes. £50-80 £40
263 Corgi Classics Diecast Models; 17701 Pickfords 2 Scammell constructors and a 24 wheel loader set, 17602 Sunter Bros Ltd Scammell constructor and 24 wheel low loader with load, 17601 Hills of Botley Scammell constructor and 24 wheel low loader, 18001 Econofreight heavy transport Ltd Scammell constructor with Nicolas Bogie trailer and steam turbine load, (4). £80-120 £110
264 Modern Corgi Toys diecast models; CC12507 Heavy Haulage Atkinson Venturer 2 axel king trailer and boiler load 1:50 scale, 24503 Leyland Octopus platform lorry with vats and cape town clock ''Walker Southworth LTD'' 1:50 scale, both boxed, (2). £40-60 £45
265 Corgi Toys and Oxford Diecast; diecast model buses, including models from the Original Omnibus series, unboxed, (20). £30-50 £40
266 Matchbox diecast toys; SuperKings K-13 aircraft transporter, K-7 racing car transporter, K-75 airport fire tender, all boxed, along with a Matchbox carry case containing playworn models, some boxed Corgi toys and other loose models. £60-90 £110
299 Schuco 3000 tin-plate telesteering car, green, with original box, skittles, key and booklet. £50-80 £60
300 Arnold Germany, tinplate motorised toy of a train on a track, with similar boxed tinplate toy with boats and lighthouse, c1940s, (2). £80-120  
301 Two Schuco Germany tinplate cars, the Examico II 4004 and the Combinato 4003, both are wind up toys, comes with one Schuco key. £50-80 £50
302 Schuco Studio model 1050 Mercedes racing car, tinplate, pre-war example with no.9 decals, no key. £40-60 £80
302A Tinplate toys; Arnold US military jeep, one man missing with box (a/f), with JNF Gigant car, boxed (a/f), both made in Germany, (2). £50-80 £150
303 French tinplate mechanical toy monkey, with flipping movement, has replacement key, 11cm. £40-60  
304 Postwar tinplate toy ''Miracle Car 2002'' Joustra made in France, mechanical with original key and instructions, in working order. £40-60 £50
305 Mettoy friction drive Sports Coupe Car, no.3052, 34cm, box a/f. £50-80 £50
305A Tinplate model tank by Gama, Germany, with firing flint guns, original tracks, missing driver and box, c1950s. £40-60 £30
306 A Frog Interceptor Fighter toy aeroplane, boxed, with booklet and accessories. £40-60 £30
306A Automated toy bird in a box, of enamelled tin plate construction, with winder on base, rotating bird on a leaf, no makers marks, with latching lid, 11x18cm. £40-60 £210
307 Mamod steam powered toy, TE1A traction engine, boxed. £50-80 £60
308 Wilesco Germany D10 stationary steam engine plant, with chimney, unboxed, A/F. £30-50 £35
309 Two Mamod steam traction engines, SR1 and TE1 both boxed, (2). £100-130 £120
310 Bing tinplate train set, with locomotive, station platforms, tunnel, track and other accessories, c1920s, imported by Bassett-Lowke. £100-150 £130
311 Victorian Zoetrope rotating moving pictures toy, with card body and metal base, with a large selection of coloured animating slides. £80-120 £290
312 A Webley ''Junior'' air pistol, with booklets, pellets and arrows, boxed. £80-120 £140
313 Guided Missile Launcher by Mars Toys, made in Great Britain c1960s, boxed. £20-30 £22
314 Tri-ang Minic Motorway, set with boxed vehicles, including M.1545 Double-Decker bus, Jaguar, police car, ''Ayer's Coke'' wagon,''Jackson Motors'' breakdown truck, all boxed, with track. £80-120 £120
315 Large scale model plane, ''Mini-Boy'', by Svensun, boxed. £40-60  
316 Large collection of Bayko building sets, converting set and loose bricks, range in age c1940s to 1960s. £80-120 £110
317 Bayko building sets and parts, quantity in box, c1960s. £30-50 £40
318 Sooty Super Xylophone, boxed c1960s, with accompanying postcard signed by Harry Corbett, including Song Book 2 and Sooty Annual No.1. £30-50 £15
319 Travelling chess set by Croisdale, Leeds c1880, in wooden sliding case, ivory carved pieces, dating c1880, (belonged to one of Lord Milners secretaries Leonard O'Brien Dutton). £50-80 £45
320 Five 1960s Pelham Puppets, including Yogi bear, Clown, dog, drunken man and witch, some boxed, puppets showing some damage. £50-80 £32
321 Draughts set, early 20th Century in age with draughts and latching wooden box that become the board, 38x42cm. £50-80 £60
322 3D Viewfinder c1950s, boxed and with a number of slides, with another similar viewfinder, along with a boxed Cine projector with slides. £40-60  
323 Set of vintage gaming, poker counters, in a cylindrical wooden case, diameter 25cm. £40-60  
324 Vintage board games, including Touring across London game, Motorway Hazard, Monopoly with board etc, dating c1930s to 1950s. £30-50 £32
324A Large quantity of vintage board games and sets, including Merit Merry Milkman (box a/f), Monopoly, Cluedo, weaving looms, craft sets, puzzles and others. £30-50 £22
325 Subbuteo Table Soccer club edition boxed, John Waddington Astro board game with other vintage board games. £40-60 £50
325A Wooden childs farm set, with selection of Diecast farming models by Corgi Toys, Including Massey Ferguson 165 tractor, Ford Super Major tractor, Dodge Few Cargo truck and a quantity of Britains farm animals. £50-80 £30
326 Chad Valley wooden Bagatelle toy no.9332 boxed and ball game, with another wooden floor ball game boxed, (2). £30-50 £15
327 Vintage jigsaw puzzles, some wooden, with some illustrated block puzzles. £30-50  
328 Scratch build model of a cabin speed cruiser, with built in motor, made c1950s. £40-60  
329 Quantity of vintage children's books, annuals, including ladybird books, quantity in two boxes. £30-50 £32
330 Box of children's annuals, dating from the 1960s, including Eagle annuals and others. £40-60  
331 Children's comic annuals, including Marvel Comics Star Wars no.2, Eagle annuals, Beano book 1958, Dandy annuals, Rupert annuals and others, two boxes. £40-60 £35
332 Ladybird Books, a collection of Well Loved Tales, series 606d, 1970s matt editions, Including Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White and Rose Red, Chicken Licken etc. £50-80 £70
333 Illustrated fairy tale and children's books; Peer Gynt by Henrik Ibsen illustrated by Arthur Rackham, George Harrap 1936 leather bound, The King of the Golden River by John Ruskin illustrated by Arthur Rackham, Pied Piper of Hamlin by Robert Browning Illustrated by Arthur Rackham, George Harrap 1934, The Complete Angler by Izaak Walton Illustrated by Arthur Rackham, George Harrap 1931, Black Beauty by Anna Sewell illustrated by Cecil Aldin, The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley illustrated by Jessie Willcox, Smith Hodder and Stoughton, c1919, The Old Nursery Rhymes illustrated by Lawson Wood, Robin Hood illustrated by Walter Crane and The Admirable Crichton by J.M.Barrie illustrated by Hugh Thomson, (9). £120-180 £130
334 Rupert Annual 1963, published by The Daily Express, illustrations by Bestall, very fine condition with Magic Paintings untouched, complete spine and clean pages. £50-80  
335 Beano Book annuals 1963 and 1964, Dandy annuals 1960 and 1964, published by DC Thomson, (4). £40-60 £42
336 Selection of DC, Marvel, Boris Karloff and Charlton comics; World's Finest no.186, no.192, no.193, 205, Batman with Robin no.231, Tomahawk no.106, no.109, no.122, no.127, The Witching Hour! no.27, Ghost Manor no.7,The Micronaughts no.34, no.36 and Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery, dating from the 1960s - 1980s, (14). £40-60 £55
337 Children's annuals, to include Beano 1968, Beryl the Peril 1969, Beano 1971 and other TV and comic related annuals, mostly 1970s, quantity in one box. (CATALOGUE AMENDMENT - there is only one box of annuals in this lot not two). £30-50 £20
338 Collection of framed children's book illustrations, to mostly include Margaret Tarrant pictures of animals, fairies and children, different sizes but mostly around 57cm tall and 48cm wide, (6). £40-60  
339 An album of A&BC Chewing Gum and Nabisco Football Cards (215) some doubles, A&BC 1971/1972, purple backs, two check lists (marked), a small quantity of A&BC pop stars. £40-60 £48
340 A&BC trading gum cards, a Star Trek almost complete set with duplications 50+ cards, with others. £50-80 £110
341 Beswick Walt Disney Nursery tea-for-two service, in original box. £50-70 £45
342 Royal Doulton child's tea set and figures, from the Brambly Hedge children's book series by Jill Barklem. £100-150 £120
343 Wade Whimsies; 100+ figures of mostly animals, mostly boxed, including horse set, Viking boat, tortoise and others. £80-120 £70
344 Collection of 'Cherished Teddies' figures, mostly boxed, along with Colour Box Teddies, large quantity in tub. £40-40  
345 Wade Whimsies; collection of dog figures, different sizes and types, all unboxed, (19). £30-50 £38
346 Wade Whimsies collection of mostly nursery rhymes; including Tom and Jerry set boxed, others are mostly boxes, some loose (28). £50-80 £80
347 Wade Whimsies; 2nd series Disney Hat Box series figures, complete set of 10, all numbered and boxed, (10) £40-60 £95
348 Two Royal Doulton models, Morris Dancer Bunnykins DB204, 11.5cm; and Little Boy Blue Bunnykins, DB239, 13cm, (2). £20-30  
349 Express Newspapers plc, pottery model, Rupert with balloons, 14.5cm; another similar. (2) £20-30 £10
350 Royal Albert Beatrix Potter figure, Foxy-whiskered Gentleman, 18.5cm; another, The Tailor of Gloucester; Jemima Puddleduck; and another, Tommy Brock, (4). £30-50 £15
352 Steiff small plush animals, c1960s, deer (x2), owl, mouse, squirrel, two beavers and two birds, (9). £100-120 £75
353 Steiff small plush animals, c1960, to include cat, rabbit, ram, mouse, pink elephant, monkey hand puppet and figure of a man, (7). £60-90 £50
354 Steiff Germany early small Panda Bear plush toy, open mouth, felt pads, jointed limbs, 15cm. £100-150 £60
355 Steiff small plush animals, c1960s, to include tortoise, fish, frog and two sealions, (5). £50-80  
356 Steiff Germany plush toy; Bat, 'Eric', 17cm tall and 28cm wide, c1960s. £80-120  
357 Two Steiff plush dog toys, a black Terrier and a Sausage dog, c1950s / 1960s, (2). £40-60 £30
358 Collection of 1950s plush soft animals, pillowcase dog, battery operated toy, German doll and Japanese tinplate drumming boy. £30-50 £38
359 Two plush bears, one straw filled and the other with growler. £30-50  
360 Selection of vintage dolls, including Merrythought black doll, Bingo bear and others, with pram. £40-60 £20
361 Large modern Steiff teddy bear; ''Barle 43'' replica 1904, 43cm tall, with box and certificate. £80-120 £80
362 Modern Steiff teddy bear; ''Lafeyette'' 1997 white, 38cm tall, with box and certficate, limited edition of 1500. £50-80 £60
363 Steiff Mayfair teddy bear, dressed in yellow Mac with umbrella, boxed. £50-80 £45
364 Modern Steiff teddy bear; ''Teddy Bu 30'' replica 1925 brown, 30cm tall, with cover bag and tags limited edition of 4000. £40-60 £38
365 Modern Steiff teddy bear; ''Dicky'' replica 1930 white, 25cm tall, with box and certificate limited edition of 9000. £40-60  
366 Modern Steiff teddy bear; ''Teddy Bu 30'' replica 1925 white, 30cm tall, with cover bag and tags limited edition of 4000. £40-60 £38
367 Modern Steiff Monkey King on tricycle; replica 1925, with box and certificate limited edition of 1200, along with a frog on pincushion replica 1903 also boxed, (2). £50-80 £65
368 Modern Steiff felt doll Hungarian with horse; 1912 replica 25cm tall, with box and certificate limited edition of 1200. £100-150  
369 Handmade wooden Victorian style perambulator pram, with sun shade, made in the USA ideal for displaying dolls of bears. £30-40 £12
370 Two vintage teddybears, one plush with jointed limbs and growler, the other larger, brown with synthetic straw stuffing, (2). £40-60 £15
370A Merrythought plush teddy bear, with jointed limbs and red ribbon, 51cm. £20-30  
371 Small advertising promotional bear, ''Hovis'', given to people with the surname Brown, with letter. £20-30  
372 Three modern plush teddy bears, cat and rabbit by Ross with three others, all with tags. (6). £30-50  
373 Collection of modern plush bears, by Boyd, with others, most with tags, (23). £80-120 £75
374 Large plush bear by Gund, ''Hugh Mungus'' limited edition signed on the base of the foot, with tags. £60-90 £55
375 Vintage plush and other style teddy bears, including a 1960s plush teddy bear, 1980s Care Bears and other modern bears. £20-30 £10
376 Modern Steiff teddy bear; ''Schnapp-Dicky'' replica 1936 blond, 32cm tall, with box and certificate limited edition of 5000. £50-80  
377 Modern Steiff teddy bear; ''Dicky'' replica 1935, 25cm tall, with box and certificate limited edition of 2000. £40-60 £35
378 Silver Cross babies pram, c1950s, with canopy, 96cm long by 78cm high. £40-60 £38
379 Victorian style Rocking Horse, carved wood and painted dapple grey, hardwood stand, height 135cm, length 166cm. £300-500  
380 Two German Armand Marseille bisque headed black dolls, stamped 1894, 5/0 DEP, composition body and limbs, fixed eyes and open mouths, 27cm tall, (one has some detached limbs), (2). £50-80 £65
381 Armand Marseille bisque headed doll; stamped 1894 A/M DEP, with sleeping eyes, jointed composition limbs, auburn hair, open mouth and clothing. £120-180  
382 Armand Marseille doll; 370 bisque head and arms, open mouth, sleepy eyes, with outfit, stamped AM 3/0 D.E. 43cm tall. £50-80 £40
383 Victorian wax over composition headed doll; composition limbs with glass eyes, in outfit, 51cm, with another similar doll, (2). £30-50 £90
384 Armand Marseille doll; 370 bisque head and arms, open mouth, sleepy eyes, eyelashes, with what appears to be a period outfit, stamped AM 2 1/2 DEP 58cm tall. £50-80 £45
385 Armand Marseille doll; 3200 stamped bisque head, open mouth, sleepy eyes, with outfit, stamped AM 2 DEP, replacement arms, original wax legs, 50cm tall. £40-60 £35
386 Armand Marseille doll; 370 bisque head and arms, open mouth, sleepy eyes, with outfit, stamped AM 3/0 DEP 53cm tall, along with a similar bisque headed doll, (2). £40-60 £45
387 Victorian wax over composition headed doll; with glass eyes, composition arms and legs, with what appears to be a period outfit, 44cm tall. £40-60 £55
388 Schoenau and Hoffmeister bisque headed doll, Germany, early 20th century, stamped 1923 5 1/2 on head, weighted eyes. 59cm in length, composition limbs, with clothing. £40-60 £60
389 Large Kammer & Reinhardt doll; with Simon and Halbig bisque head, stamped 117 SE83, jointed composition limbs with clothing, 70cm in length. £50-80  
390 Victorian bisque headed doll; stamped DEP 4 on the back of the head, with leather body and limbs, fixed eyes, closed mouth, in what appears to be an original outfit, 48cm tall. £50-80 £300
391 Armand Marseille kid body doll; bisque head, leather body, open mouth, sleepy eyes, with outfit, stamped AM 23-3/0 DEP 38cm tall. £40-60 £38
392 Small Armand Marseille doll; 390 bisque head and composition arms, open mouth, fixed eyes, with outfit. 28cm tall. £30-50 £25
393 Early Composition headed doll c1880; glass fixed eyes, closed mouth, replacement arms and feet, 67cm tall. £40-60 £40
394 Porcelain headed doll, possibly German; with outfit, 50cm tall. £40-60 £20
395 Victorian wax headed doll; glass eyes with closed mouth, composition limbs, period outfit, 36cm. £50-80 £42
396 Armand Marseille doll; stamped 1894 bisque head, open mouth, fixed glass eyes, with outfit, stamped AM 2 DEP, replacement body, 41cm tall. £50-80 £45
397 Possibly a Simon and Halbig small fashion doll; bisque head with fixed eyes, closed mouth, original leather body, no stamps on the head, in period outfit, 37cm tall. £60-90 £140
398 Armand Marseille doll; 390 bisque head with composition limbs, open mouth, sleepy eyes, with outfit, (damage to eyelids), 63cm tall. £30-50 £70
399 Victorian composition headed doll; with composition limbs, sleepy eyes, closed mouth, 51cm tall, in outfit, (damaged), along with another small bisque headed German doll, 26cm tall, (2). £40-60 £48
400 Two American ''Binnie Walker'' hard plastic dolls, one in original branded outfits, (2). £40-60 £32
401 Quantity of costume dolls; to include Pearly King and Queen dolls, many beaded Masai tribe dolls. £30-50 £15
402 Quantity of costume dolls; to include Far East dolls, character and other continental themed dolls, c1960s. £30-50 £12
403 Robert Stubbs Dolls House, 'The Beam House', designed as a thatched villa, base 137cm x 58cm, height 98cm. £100-200 £180
404 Dolls house of a shop front with greenhouse, quantity furniture and models, 48cm wide, 32cm deep, 57cm tall. £100-150  
405 Handmade Dolls House, designed as a three-storey timber framed town house, the base 110cm x 52cm, height 98cm. £80-120  
406 Large collection of dolls house furniture, furnishings, and accessories. £200-300 £200
407 Beswick figure, Shire horse with wooden model wagon containing barrels, 62cm. £80-120  
408 Scale model of a Canon, with brass gun, wooden frame, 41cm. £80-120 £60
409 Tri-ang toys 24'' Racing Yacht, scale working model of a 48ft ocean cabin racer, bermuda rigged ready to sail, in original box and inner packing, c1960s. £40-60 £40
410 Scale architects model of a house, 1:75 scale, built on a sloped base with balconies, windows, roof and fencing, 59 x 40cm. £80-120  
411 Scale architects model house on base, 1:75 scale, with a selection of model spares, trees, vehicles, accessories etc, 40.5cm by 19cm. £40-60 £20
412 Large scale architects model street with houses and gardens, 1:200 scale, one base with trees and vehicles, 146cm wide x 50cm deep. £100-150  
413 1940s wendy playhouse, with glass windows, fitted doors, bell, chimney and shutters, 110cm wide, 110cm deep, 159cm tall. £100-150 £75
414 Lilliput Lane model ceramic houses and scenes; The Dawn of Steam, Armada House, Anne of Cleves, Green Gables, Green Fingers Nursery, and others, a few are other makers, (12). £50-80 £48
415 Meccano motors and parts; including electric motor, three other clockwork motors, some with keys, selection of plates, strips and pinions. £40-60 £65
416 Meccano Lighting Set M280; complete with headlights, table lamp, wires and original box, c1940s. £30-50 £42
417 Large wooden box containing Meccano parts, including strip plates, plates, brass gears, boxed clockwork motor, electric motor, etc, with a collection of Beano comics dating from 1979-1983, some large number runs. £50-80 £55
418 Meccano collection; a large box of Meccano parts of different ages, some dating from the 1930s until 1970s, including plates, strips, bevelled gears, other gears, girders, nuts and bolts, flywheel, pulleys, tyres and others, large quantity in wooden box. £120-180 £250
419 Model wooden boat, ''Ocean Swell'', 52cm. £20-30 £18
421 Palitoy Action Man figures and accessories, dating from the 1970s, eight action figures, Landrover vehicle boxed, accessories, outfits etc, figures a/f. £80-120 £130
422 Palitoy Action Man figures, dating from the 1970s including motorbike, jeep vehicles, number of action figures, clothing and accessories, quantity. £50-80 £80
423 Palitoy Action Man figures, some accessories and outfits, figures a/f. £30-50 £80
424 Palitoy Action Man figure, with selection of accessories and outfits, early example with hard hair, with a Marx Toy figure of Sir Garlihan with accessories. £40-60 £40
425 Collection of modern Action Men, to include many figures, vehicles, outfits and accessories, c1990s, quantity in three boxes. £40-60  
426 Airfix Saladin Armoured Car, plastic battery operated toy, with box and inner box parts. £200-300  
427 Model plastic kits of boats, planes and stationary engines; Tamiya North American f-51D Korean War Mustang, Airfix beam engine, Revell Mercedes-Benz 540 K Cabriolet A, Trumpeter, HMS Dreadnought 1915, and others, unmade but not checked, (15). £50-80 £42
428 Tonka USA and Canada original 1970s tin models; Bulldozer 2300, Cement Mixer 2620, Mini-Tonka Road Roller, all are boxed, (3). £50-80 £60
429 Scalextric slot car racing sets, Meccano set and model kit, (4). £40-60 £20
430 Quantity of vintage 1970s and 1980s toys, to include Fisher Price tape recorder, carry case of diecast cars, electric robot and other board games. £30-50 £15
431 Tri-ang Spot-on Dare Devil Trik-Track set; boxed with track and cars, c1960s. £30-50 £15
432 Scalextric and Matchbox racing sets, with two radio control buggies. £20-30 £30
433 Pedigree Sindy Dolls, 1970s 'Lovely Lively' model with three other dolls, along with a large selection of outfits, accessories and bedroom furniture. £80-120 £260
433A 1970s Sindy Doll furniture and outfits; including Washbasin unit, dining table and chairs, bath and others, mostly boxed, some loose, with a large quantity of outfits and some accessories. £50-80 £110
434 Palitoy Pippa, 'Marie' fashion doll, with other Pippa and similar sized dolls, along with a selection of outfits and accessories. £40-60 £160
434A Pedigree Sindy fashion dolls, two dolls stamped made in England, one brunette and other blonde, along with two other similar dolls made in Hong Kong, with furniture and a large selection of outfits, some are Tressy outfits. £70-90 £210
435 Boxed Cabbage Patch Kids doll, with two other boxed 1990s Barbie Dolls (3). £40-60 £20
435A Madam Alexander doll, made in USA, 1950s with blonde hair, sleepy eyes, in carry case with a selection of outfits and accessories, 19cm tall. £80-120  
435B Madam Alexander doll, made in USA, 1950s with auburn hair, sleepy eyes, in carry case with a selection of outfits and accessories, 19cm tall. £80-120 £85
435C Madam Alexander doll, made in USA, 1950s with short blonde hair, sleepy eyes, in original outfit and shoes, 19cm tall. £60-90  
436 Subbuteo football heavyweight teams, with boxed set and accessories. £40-60 £55
437 Subbuteo Club Edition, table cricket and Subbuteo Continental Club Edition table soccer and a radio control set, (3). £50-80 £32
438 Subbuteo sets, Brazil and England teams, goal posts and cricket score board, all boxed, with board game Test Match. £20-30 £18
439 Power Rangers toy ''White Tigerzord'', Subbuteo football set, Tomy Atomic Pinball machine toy and an almost complete collection of Total! magazine, for players of vintage Nintendo games consoles, in ringbound folders. £40-60 £42
440 Collection of film and TV related novelty shampoo bottles, most are unopened, including Harry Potter, Star Wars, Batman, Bob the Builder, Dr Who etc, large quantity. £40-60  
441 Super Nintendo SNES with games, including Super Mario All Stars, Starwing and others, some boxed, power cables and controllers, Play Station 1, boxed, Play Station 2 boxed, with a selection of games and PC games. £40-60 £150
442 Commodore 64 Micro computer, an 1980s home computer, boxed with cassette loader, a selection of cassette games, books and software. £80-120 £55
443 Collection of 1980s LED battery operated handheld games, some boxed. £50-80 £30
444 Tub of Lego bricks and parts, including some figures. £40-60 £32
445 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys, 1990s action figures, play sets and vehicles, quantity in two boxes. £50-80 £60
446 Action Force figures parts, accessories and vehicles, including large armoured car, c1980s £40-60  
447 He-man castle, dating from the 1980s with small selection of action figures and accessories. £30-40 £22
448 Manta Force space craft sets, by Bluebird, ''Red Venom'' and another similar spaceship, in original boxes, (2). £40-60 £20
449 Casio early handheld battery operated game, CG-121A ''Magic Crystal'', dating from the early 1980s. £20-30 £12
450 Palitoy Star Wars Death Star toy, cardboard platforms with parts and accessories, in original box, with a selection of Kenner figures, contents mostly complete. £200-300 £230
451 Kenner Star Wars Toys, including Scout Walker and other vehicles and spacecraft, dating from the early 1980s. £20-30 £28
452 Fourteen Star Wars Episode One The Phantom Menace stand up character cards, all Darth Maul, (14). £30-50 £18
453 Action figures Kotobukiya Super Powers Collections; Wonder Woman, unopened, Batman, unopened, along with StarCom US Space Force figure Manga Lock, unopened, (3). £50-80 £95
454 Takara Grandstand Convertor action figure, Silorg Warrior ref 1909-3, with sword, wings, parts and the polystyrene base only to the box. (CATALOGUE AMENDMENT - the lost hand has now been found) £60-90 £95
455 Collection of 1980s Star Wars action figures; approximately 56 figures to include Luke Skywalker with green lightsaber, Yoda, C3PO and others, along with three vehicles, (56). £50-80 £140
456 Tri-Logo blister pack Star Wars Return of the Jedi action figures; Teebo (unpunched box) and Wicket W. Warrick, both unopened, (2). £70-100 £100
457 Tri-Logo blister pack Star Wars Return of the Jedi action figures; Klaatu Skiff Guard outfit (unpunched box) and Nikto, both unopened, (2). £70-100 £90
458 Tri-Logo blister pack Star Wars Return of the Jedi action figures; Rebel Commander and Dengo, both unopened, (2). £100-150 £150
459 Tri-Logo blister pack Star Wars Return of the Jedi action figure; Stormtrooper Garde Imperial, unopened. £60-90 £160
460 Tri-Logo blister pack Star Wars Return of the Jedi action figure; Darth Vader Dark Vador, unopened. £60-90 £140
461 Tri-Logo blister pack Star Wars Return of the Jedi action figure; Lando Calrissian, unopened. £60-90 £80
462 Tri-Logo blister pack Star Wars Return of the Jedi action figure; AT-ST Driver, unopened. £40-60 £75
463 Kenner toys blister pack Star Wars Return of the Jedi action figure; Princess Leia Organa (in combat poncho) and Han Solo (in trench coat), both unopened and unpunched, (2). £70-100 £180
464 Kenner toys blister pack Star Wars Return of the Jedi action figure; Chewbacca, unpunched and unopened, Han Solo Hoth Outfit opened, (2). £70-100 £230
480 Original working posters for the Morris Oxford motor car, published by The British Motor Corporation BMC, to include Rear Axle, The Brake Gear, The Gear Change, The Clutch, The Front Suspension, The Engine, The Fuel System and others, all are 100x74cm, (9). £30-50 £35
481 Selection of classic car wheel hubs; to include Rolls Royce, BMW, Riley, Jaguar, Saab and others, included are three headlight mounts, (18). £50-80 £30
482 Pair of rear indicator lights for a Vauxhall Viva motor car, original, but not tested. £20-30 £10
483 Original classic car parts, including a cylinder head, two half shanks, front radiator, possibly from a Triumph roadster and others, (4). £40-60  
484 Original garage light up advertising sign ''Porsche'', 108cm by 78cm, plastic front with metal frame, not tested. £80-120 £300
485 David Weston's Rolls Royce Fantasia book, folio with slip case, from the exhibition of the paintings by David Weston in celebration of the lives of Charles Rolls and Henry Royce, no.41 of a limited edition of 850 copies, signed by the artist, published by the Barbican Centre in 1985. £100-120 £100
486 The Edwardian Rolls-Royce, by John Fasal and Bryan Goodman, folio in 2 volumes in slipcase, published in 1994. £150-250 £110
487 Two albums of bound magazines, transport related including motor cars, railways, boats and aeroplanes, (2). £30-50 £32
488 Morris cars 1923 price catalogue with retailer stamp W.A.Tasker & Son Bristol, Handbook of the Austin Seven with The Austin Seven list of spares parts, (3). £50-80 £70
489 Michelin guide to the British Isles 1920 fifth year, Motors in a Nutshell by Captain S. Bramley-Moore 1923, The Automobile Association Handbook 1936-1937 and Royal Automobile Club Guide & Handbook 1926-1927, (4). £40-60  
490 The Motor Show Earls Court, International Motor Exhibition catalogues, 1955, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963 and 1965, (6). £30-50 £25
491 Large collection of postcards of Military ships, different ages and types, all in 5 albums. £100-150 £65
492 Original 1940s fire station alarm bell, ''Firesnow'' manual fire alarm, Manchester, with crank, painted red, 46cm £40-60 £110
493 G W Scott & Sons vintage motor car picnic set, for four people, c1910, black leather case with green lining, with chrome lidded flasks, water bottles, brass fitted spirit kettle and gas stove, containers, plates, ceramic teacups with saucers, small selection of cutlery, with drop front, 56 x 28 x 32cm. £500-800 £500
494 Reproduction railway plaque, Shackerstone Railway Society, Market Bosworth 1969-1992 Shenton 2 August, Battlefield Line, cast metal, no.1 of 20, 24.5cm by 19.5cm. £30-50  
495 Original enamel sign ''Post Office'', 66cm by 43cm. £40-60 £75
496 Bus Conductor's ticket machine, with ticket rolls and clipboard and individual tickets. £50-80 £80
497 Shell-Mex original oil can, 28cm x 25cm. £20-30 £15
498 Collection of F1 front axles; original parts to include the BAR F1 002 front O/S axle from 2000, section through front OS axle from 2002, Honda front O/S axle the beginning of the Cake Tin development from 2004, Honda 1080 front axle from 2006 with certificate, Honda 2007 development parts never raced (x2), Honda BAR 060 front axle with certificate, these are precision made parts, made from titanium, (7). £500-800  
500 Lego portrait of Barack Obama by Michael Sewell, 6144 bricks 77x81cm. £200-300  
501 Lego portrait of Bradley Wiggins by Michael Sewell, 77x51cm £120-180  
502 Lego portrait or David Cameron by Michael Sewell, 51x51cm 4096 bricks. £80-120  
503 Lego portrait of Wayne Rooney by Michael Sewell, 51x51cm, 4096 bricks. £120-180  
504 Lego portrait of Chris Evans by Michael Sewell, 38x51cm, 3072 bricks. £60-100  
505 Morecambe and Wise signed theatre programme, from the Portsmouth Guildhall. £80-120  
506 Collection of signed photos and theatre programmes, from the Portsmouth Guildhall, variety, comedy and music artists, including names such as, Shirley Bassey, Tommy Cooper, Des O'Connor, Bruce Forsyth, approximately 80. £120-180  
507 Collection of signed portrait postcards of British film and TV stars, some printed, to include actors; Michael Wilding, Patrick Holt, Maxwell Reed, John Bentley, Anne Crawford, Margaret Lockwood, Jean Simmons, Dennis Price and others, 20 signed cards in total, along with a signed photo of boxer Sir Henry Cooper, with certificate of authenticity, along with a selection of call sheets and location notes for films, ''Barry Lyndon'' by Stanley Kubrick, ''South Star'' and ''Death on the Nile''. £40-60  
508 Original stadium foldout seat from Wembley Stadium, from the Football 1966 World Championships, numbered no.77, these chairs were given out to local businesses when the seats were taken out of use, comes with certificate of authenticity. £100-150 £65
509 Original programme from The wedding service of The Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer of the lesson spoken by the Right Honourable George Thomas Speaker of the House of Commons, ''1st Corinthians; Chapter 13'' a booklet presented to the guests at St Paul's Cathedral, London on the 29th July 1981, limited edition of 100, no.22, with dust jacket, signed on the back page by Edward Bussell who did the design and illustration for the booklet. £100-150  
510 Signed football photos; Geoff Hurst 42cm by 30cm and Gordon Banks 43cm by 32cm, with certificate, (2). £50-80 £50
511 Bobby Charlton signed football shirt, 80cm by 69cm, framed with photos and with certificate, limited edition number 125/250. £80-120 £120
512 Signed Aston Villa football shirt, c1990s, framed, 80cm by 87cm, team. £60-100 £40
513 England v Germany 1966 signed football shirt, signed by Norman Hunter, Roger Hunt, Ron Flowers, George Cohen and Nobby Stiles, 83cm by 70cm, no certificate. £40-60 £42
514 Nottingham Forest Football club signed football shirt, framed 66cm by 95cm, with photo and list of Honours, has a certificate attached to the back, made early 1990s. £80-120  
515 Jason Robinson signed Sale Sharks rugby shirt, 79cm by 105cm, with certificate attached to the back. £40-60 £40
516 Collection of Signed football player photos; to include Wayne Rooney, Tony Adams, Nicolas Anelka, Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard, and others (6). £50-80  
517 Collection of Signed football player photos; to include Aaron Lennon, Phil Neville, Garry Neville, Dimitar Berbatov, Theo Walcott, Thierry Henry (with certificate), Fernando Torres, some framed some unframed (7). £60-90  
518 Tim Henman signed tennis shirt, 70cm by 80cm, framed. £40-60 £30
519 Joe Frazier signed boxing shorts, framed with photo, 98cm by 68cm, with certificate of authenticity. £100-200 £95
520 Giacobe ''Jake'' Lamotta signed boxing glove, middleweight champion of the world 1949-1951, framed with certificate, 45cm by 57cm. £100-200 £100
521 Original 1982 Football World cup framed poster, ''Copa del mundo de futbol'', ''Elche'' illustrated by Jiri Kolar, 59x96cm. £50-80 £48
522 Original 1982 Football World cup framed poster, ''Copa del mundo de futbol'', ''Malaga'' illustrated by Roland Topor, 59x96cm. £50-80  
523 Original 1982 Football World cup framed poster, ''Copa del mundo de futbol'', ''Valencia'' illustrated by Valerie Adami, 59x96cm. £50-80  
524 Original 1982 Football World cup framed poster, ''Copa del mundo de futbol'', ''Bilbao'' illustrated by Eduardo Chillida, 59x96cm. £50-80  
525 Original 1982 Football World cup framed poster, ''Copa del mundo de futbol'', ''Alicante'' illustrated by Alechinsky, 59x96cm. £50-80  
526 Original 1982 Football World cup framed poster, ''Copa del mundo de futbol'', ''Vigo'' illustrated by Jacques Monory, 59x96cm. £50-80  
527 Original 1982 Football World cup framed poster, ''Copa del mundo de futbol'', ''Valladolia'' illustrated by Vladmir Velickovic, 59x96cm. £50-80  
528 Original 1982 Football World cup framed poster, ''Copa del mundo de futbol'', ''Oviedo'' illustrated by Paul Busy, 59x96cm. £50-80  
529 Original 1982 Football World cup framed poster, ''Copa del mundo de futbol'', ''Zaragoza'' designed by Folon, 59x96cm. £50-80  
530 Framed signed photo of F1 racing driver Lewis Hamilton, 28cm by 32cm. £20-30 £10
531 Collection of signatures of mostly Hollywood film stars, to include Spencer Tracy, James Mason, Robert Taylor, Ronald Coleman, Bing Crosby, David Niven, Ralph Richardson, Jeff Chandler, Buster Crabbe (Buck Rodgers), Henry Fonda, Rock Hudson, Tyrone Power (Zorro), Broderick Crawford, Frederic March, Victor Mature, George Raft, mounted in card with portrait and film scene photos, (16). £400-600  
532 Nerys Hughes and Elizabeth Estensen signatures with photo from Liverbirds, unframed. 30.5cm by 40.5cm. £20-40 £10
533 Sammy Davis Jnr signed mounted signature, with photo, unframed 32cm by 47cm. £60-90  
534 Dave Clark signed mounted signature, with portrait photo, unframed 43cm by 38cm. £40-60  
535 Madonna signed photo, framed with ''Music'' album CD and cover, with certificate, 39cm by 29cm. £30-50 £30
536 An album of pop music signatures; collected by Mr Wilford Gibson who worked as a steward at Leicester De Monfort Hall c1962, the album includes sets of The Who, Pete Townshend and John Entwistle and others, also a set of The Beatles signatures possibly by the hand of tour manager Neil Aspinall, Ray Davies and Pete Quaife from The Kinks, Sandy Shaw and many other pop and related artists of the day. £600-800 £850
537 Ozzy Osbourne original concert gig poster, Barking at the Moon tour, 1983, special guest Heavy Pettin, with list of gig locations, 60x40inch (152x102cm). £80-120  
538 Oasis, original 1990s music gig and concert promotional posters, ''The Story Continues'', ''Be Here Now'' etc, most are 60 x 40inch (152x102cm), a few are smaller, (8). £60-90 £60
539 Collection of original film posters dating from the 1980s and 1990s, including, The Full Monty 60x40inch (152x102cm), two copies of Trainspotting 40x30inch (102x76cm), Shangri La 33x24inch (84x61cm), Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 40x30inch (102x76cm), Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 40x30inch (102x76cm), Streets of Fire 40x30inch (102x76cm), A Clockwork Orange, Steve Mcqueen and Bullit 34x24inch (86x61cm), (9). £60-100 £210
540 Original 1990s promotional music posters, to include Zion Train ''Home Grown Fantasy'', Black Grape ''Its Great when you're Straight'' and 'The Future Sound of London', all are 60x40inch (152x102cm), (3). £40-60 £35
541 Selection of 1990s music promotional posters, including 'U2 Discotheque' 20x28inch (51x71cm), 'Leftfield Leftism' 30x22inch (76x56cm), 'Primal Scream Kowalski' 30x20 (76x51cm), 'The Chemical Brothers Dig Your Own Hole' 27x29inch (68x51cm), two copies of 'Miles Davis Kind of Blues', 24x24inch (61x61cm), (6). £30-50 £45
542 'Get With the Beat' promotional music festival poster, February 1996 60x20inch (152x51cm), along with 'Scooter Rage XII' January 1998 poster 35x23inch (89x58cm), (2). £30-40 £55
543 Meatloaf original concert gig poster, 'Meatloaf in concert UK tour 1984' along with original Meatloaf promotional poster for the 'Bad Attitude' album release, both 60x40inch (152x102cm), (2). £40-60  
544 The Verve and The Prodigy original promotional music posters, c1990s, to include 'Fat of the Land', 'Urban Hymns / Lucky Man' and concert tour 'Bitter Sweet Symphony', all are 60 x 40inch (152x102cm), (3). £40-60 £42
545 Motorhead, original early 1980s promotional music poster, ''No Remorse'' 60x40inch (152x102cm), and one smaller similar, 20x30inch (76x52cm), (2). £50-80 £70
546 Original Walt Disney film and character posters c1990s, including Hercules 40x30inch (102x76cm), and Mickey Mouse 28x20inch (71x51cm), along with other animated film posters, 'Space Jam' , 'James and Giant Peach' both 34x24inch (87x61cm), (6). £30-50  
547 Frank Kozik, illustrated music gig posters, signed and numbered, 'Antiseen Shiv Stedsisted Zen Guerilla' Fri Set 15, no.29/650, 'Green Day The Groove Honolulu Hawaii Feb 17th 1996 no.94/450 35x22inch (89x56cm) and 'Acid King opening for Fu Manchu' no250/350, 15x34inch (38x86cm), (3). £60-90 £85
548 Collection of illustrated wall posters, including M.C.Esher, Alice in Wonderland, Bovril Health Strength and Beauty, Kitchen posters etc, quantity. £30-50 £25
549 Early 1980s promotional and gig tour music posters, mostly Pop, to include two copies of Makin' Time, one signed by the band 30x20inch (76x51cm), The Thompson Twins 60x40inch (152x102cm), Judy ''Where the Boys Are'' 60x40inch (152x102cm), and Bonaventura 60x40inch (152x102cm), (5). £40-60  
550 Album of approximately 160 music gig tickets and ticket stubs, dating from the 1970s to the 1990s, including concerts by; ACDC, Abba's first gig in Wembley 1979, Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, Black Sabbath, Alice Copper, DIO, Deep Purple, Def Leppard, Eagles, Guns N' Roses, Iron Maiden, Meatloaf, Magnum, Metallica, Ozzy Ozbourne, Pink Floyd, Queen including their last concert with Freddie Mercury, Tina Turner including her comeback concert, The Who, Whitesnake and many others. Contained in a folder. £500-700 £300
551 Selection of early music concert programmes; including The Who in concert 1972 and 1975, Led Zeppelin Earl's Court 1975, Deep Purple World Tour, Pink Floyd in concert 1973, and others (10). £100-150 £140
552 Approximately 40 music concert programmes from the 1980s; including Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Tina Turner, Whitesnake, Ultravox, Abba including Abba's first concert. £120-180 £170
553 Approximately 40 music concert programmes mostly rock music from the 1970s to 1990s; including Meatloaf, Born to Rock, Alice Copper, Black Sabbath, ACDC,Magnum, Monster of Rock, DIO, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard and others. £150-200 £200
554 The Beatles vinyl LP records; The Beatles Please Please Me later pressing, Beatles For Sale 4th pressing, A Hard Day's Night 1st pressing, a/f (3). £40-60 £20
555 Large collection of vinyl records mostly pop, musicals and show tunes. £50-80 £30
556 Large collection of Classic music vinyl records, including some boxed sets, Deutsche Grammophone and others. £50-80 £42
557 Box of Vinyl singles mostly 1960s to 1980s pop and classical music; including Bon Jovi, Cliff Richard. £40-60 £55
558 Large quantity of 78s vinyl records, mostly classic music, some in paper cases, quantity in one box and a vinyl record case. £40-60  
559 The Rolling Stones first vinyl LP record album, no.2 and Between the Buttons, early pressings, Between the Buttons appears to be a first pressing, (3). £60-90  
560 The Beatles LP vinyl record albums and selection of singles, including, Sgt Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band, A Hard Day's Night, With the Beatles (1st pressing), with other Beatles related records and books, 25 singles and 10 albums, (35). £50-80  
561 Large quantity of Vinyl records mostly 1960s to 1980s pop music. to include Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Kate Bush, Rolling Stones, 10cc, The Moody Blues and others, quantity in one large box. £100-150 £210
562 One box of vinyl record singles, including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Dusty Springfield, Pink Floyd, The Animals, etc approximately 57. £40-60 £30
563 One box of 1950s vinyl record singles, including Chuck Berry James Darren, Johnny Kidd, Marty Wilde etc, approximately 79. £40-60 £32
564 Vintage 1960s Dynatron record player turntable and speakers, Goldring GL75, in wooden case. £40-60 £100
565 Collection of 78s vinyl records, mostly 1930s-1950s, classical and others, Large quantity. £20-30  
566 Vinyl music records, large quantity of box sets with some Swing music sets and others. £20-30  
567 Classical vinyl music records, cased in 5 vintage carry cases, all full with mostly classical music. £70-100 £42
568 Vinyl record LPs and singles to include pop and rock; band such as Queen, Elvis, Deep Purple, Kiss and many others, in one box and two vinyl record carry cases. £50-80 £100
569 Two boxes of mostly 1970s/1980s pop and rock vinyl records; to include Michael Jackson, Elton John, 10cc, Buddy Holly, Mike Oldfield, The Moody Blues, Gerry Rafferty, Status Quo, Meatloaf and others, approximately 50 titles. £50-80 £55
570 Box of vinyl music records; mostly pop and rock, including Elvis Presley, Elton John, The Everly Brothers, The Supremes, Nat King Cole, Neil Diamond, Abba etc, approximately 50 titles. £30-50 £25
571 Three boxes of vinyl music records; to include mostly pop, 1960s pop, comedy and musicals, approximately 130 titles. £30-50 £20
572 Collero microgram, record player, and a collection of 78's. £40-60  
573 Daniel Ash: a signed vinyl record of the solo album 'Coming Down', together with props and furnishings from the sleeve artwork, including: pair of Neo Gothic figural sculptures, sprayed fibreglass; two lacquered brass snake wall sconces; two lacquered brass snake form candlestands; two graduated patinated metal dragon wall appliques; and an Ibex scull, unmounted (10) Daniel Ash was former guitarist from 1980s Goth Rock band Bauhaus, which disbanded in 1983, after which he formed Tones on Tail and Love and Rockets, before releasing several solo albums, including 'Coming Down' in 1991. £500-800  
574 A carved Chinese hardwood and marble three piece lounge suite, as used in the album sleeve artwork for Daniel Ash's 'Coming Down' 1991 solo album, the suite intricately carved and pierced with dragons, inlaid with mother-of-pearl design motifs, comprising three seat settee and two armchairs (3) Daniel Ash was former guitarist from 1980s Goth Rock band Bauhaus, which disbanded in 1983, after which he formed Tones on Tail and Love and Rockets, before releasing several solo albums, including 'Coming Down' in 1991. The remaining props used in the artwork are lot 573 in this auction. £800-1200 £1700