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Toys, Automobilia, and Memorabilia

Tuesday 21st March 2017, 11:00 am

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Description Estimate Hammer
398 Armand Marseille doll; 390 bisque head with composition limbs, open mouth, sleepy eyes, with outfit, (damage to eyelids), 63cm tall. £30-50 £70
399 Victorian composition headed doll; with composition limbs, sleepy eyes, closed mouth, 51cm tall, in outfit, (damaged), along with another small bisque headed German doll, 26cm tall, (2). £40-60 £48
400 Two American ''Binnie Walker'' hard plastic dolls, one in original branded outfits, (2). £40-60 £32
401 Quantity of costume dolls; to include Pearly King and Queen dolls, many beaded Masai tribe dolls. £30-50 £15
402 Quantity of costume dolls; to include Far East dolls, character and other continental themed dolls, c1960s. £30-50 £12
403 Robert Stubbs Dolls House, 'The Beam House', designed as a thatched villa, base 137cm x 58cm, height 98cm. £100-200 £180
404 Dolls house of a shop front with greenhouse, quantity furniture and models, 48cm wide, 32cm deep, 57cm tall. £100-150  
405 Handmade Dolls House, designed as a three-storey timber framed town house, the base 110cm x 52cm, height 98cm. £80-120  
406 Large collection of dolls house furniture, furnishings, and accessories. £200-300 £200
407 Beswick figure, Shire horse with wooden model wagon containing barrels, 62cm. £80-120  
408 Scale model of a Canon, with brass gun, wooden frame, 41cm. £80-120 £60
409 Tri-ang toys 24'' Racing Yacht, scale working model of a 48ft ocean cabin racer, bermuda rigged ready to sail, in original box and inner packing, c1960s. £40-60 £40
410 Scale architects model of a house, 1:75 scale, built on a sloped base with balconies, windows, roof and fencing, 59 x 40cm. £80-120  
411 Scale architects model house on base, 1:75 scale, with a selection of model spares, trees, vehicles, accessories etc, 40.5cm by 19cm. £40-60 £20
412 Large scale architects model street with houses and gardens, 1:200 scale, one base with trees and vehicles, 146cm wide x 50cm deep. £100-150  
413 1940s wendy playhouse, with glass windows, fitted doors, bell, chimney and shutters, 110cm wide, 110cm deep, 159cm tall. £100-150 £75
414 Lilliput Lane model ceramic houses and scenes; The Dawn of Steam, Armada House, Anne of Cleves, Green Gables, Green Fingers Nursery, and others, a few are other makers, (12). £50-80 £48
415 Meccano motors and parts; including electric motor, three other clockwork motors, some with keys, selection of plates, strips and pinions. £40-60 £65
416 Meccano Lighting Set M280; complete with headlights, table lamp, wires and original box, c1940s. £30-50 £42
417 Large wooden box containing Meccano parts, including strip plates, plates, brass gears, boxed clockwork motor, electric motor, etc, with a collection of Beano comics dating from 1979-1983, some large number runs. £50-80 £55
418 Meccano collection; a large box of Meccano parts of different ages, some dating from the 1930s until 1970s, including plates, strips, bevelled gears, other gears, girders, nuts and bolts, flywheel, pulleys, tyres and others, large quantity in wooden box. £120-180 £250
419 Model wooden boat, ''Ocean Swell'', 52cm. £20-30 £18
421 Palitoy Action Man figures and accessories, dating from the 1970s, eight action figures, Landrover vehicle boxed, accessories, outfits etc, figures a/f. £80-120 £130
422 Palitoy Action Man figures, dating from the 1970s including motorbike, jeep vehicles, number of action figures, clothing and accessories, quantity. £50-80 £80
423 Palitoy Action Man figures, some accessories and outfits, figures a/f. £30-50 £80
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