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Toys, Automobilia, and Memorabilia

Tuesday 21st March 2017, 11:00 am

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Description Estimate Hammer
424 Palitoy Action Man figure, with selection of accessories and outfits, early example with hard hair, with a Marx Toy figure of Sir Garlihan with accessories. £40-60 £40
425 Collection of modern Action Men, to include many figures, vehicles, outfits and accessories, c1990s, quantity in three boxes. £40-60  
426 Airfix Saladin Armoured Car, plastic battery operated toy, with box and inner box parts. £200-300  
427 Model plastic kits of boats, planes and stationary engines; Tamiya North American f-51D Korean War Mustang, Airfix beam engine, Revell Mercedes-Benz 540 K Cabriolet A, Trumpeter, HMS Dreadnought 1915, and others, unmade but not checked, (15). £50-80 £42
428 Tonka USA and Canada original 1970s tin models; Bulldozer 2300, Cement Mixer 2620, Mini-Tonka Road Roller, all are boxed, (3). £50-80 £60
429 Scalextric slot car racing sets, Meccano set and model kit, (4). £40-60 £20
430 Quantity of vintage 1970s and 1980s toys, to include Fisher Price tape recorder, carry case of diecast cars, electric robot and other board games. £30-50 £15
431 Tri-ang Spot-on Dare Devil Trik-Track set; boxed with track and cars, c1960s. £30-50 £15
432 Scalextric and Matchbox racing sets, with two radio control buggies. £20-30 £30
433 Pedigree Sindy Dolls, 1970s 'Lovely Lively' model with three other dolls, along with a large selection of outfits, accessories and bedroom furniture. £80-120 £260
433A 1970s Sindy Doll furniture and outfits; including Washbasin unit, dining table and chairs, bath and others, mostly boxed, some loose, with a large quantity of outfits and some accessories. £50-80 £110
434 Palitoy Pippa, 'Marie' fashion doll, with other Pippa and similar sized dolls, along with a selection of outfits and accessories. £40-60 £160
434A Pedigree Sindy fashion dolls, two dolls stamped made in England, one brunette and other blonde, along with two other similar dolls made in Hong Kong, with furniture and a large selection of outfits, some are Tressy outfits. £70-90 £210
435 Boxed Cabbage Patch Kids doll, with two other boxed 1990s Barbie Dolls (3). £40-60 £20
435A Madam Alexander doll, made in USA, 1950s with blonde hair, sleepy eyes, in carry case with a selection of outfits and accessories, 19cm tall. £80-120  
435B Madam Alexander doll, made in USA, 1950s with auburn hair, sleepy eyes, in carry case with a selection of outfits and accessories, 19cm tall. £80-120 £85
435C Madam Alexander doll, made in USA, 1950s with short blonde hair, sleepy eyes, in original outfit and shoes, 19cm tall. £60-90  
436 Subbuteo football heavyweight teams, with boxed set and accessories. £40-60 £55
437 Subbuteo Club Edition, table cricket and Subbuteo Continental Club Edition table soccer and a radio control set, (3). £50-80 £32
438 Subbuteo sets, Brazil and England teams, goal posts and cricket score board, all boxed, with board game Test Match. £20-30 £18
439 Power Rangers toy ''White Tigerzord'', Subbuteo football set, Tomy Atomic Pinball machine toy and an almost complete collection of Total! magazine, for players of vintage Nintendo games consoles, in ringbound folders. £40-60 £42
440 Collection of film and TV related novelty shampoo bottles, most are unopened, including Harry Potter, Star Wars, Batman, Bob the Builder, Dr Who etc, large quantity. £40-60  
441 Super Nintendo SNES with games, including Super Mario All Stars, Starwing and others, some boxed, power cables and controllers, Play Station 1, boxed, Play Station 2 boxed, with a selection of games and PC games. £40-60 £150
442 Commodore 64 Micro computer, an 1980s home computer, boxed with cassette loader, a selection of cassette games, books and software. £80-120 £55
443 Collection of 1980s LED battery operated handheld games, some boxed. £50-80 £30
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