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Toys, Automobilia, and Memorabilia

Tuesday 21st March 2017, 11:00 am

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Description Estimate Hammer
76 Hornby Railways O Gauge goods set no.20; with level crossing and double signal, all boxed, c1950s. £50-80 £40
77 Bassett-Lowke O gauge locomotive; BL99004 British Railways lined black ex Southern Railway 'N' class Mogul engine, boxed. £180-220 £210
78 N gauge model railways locomotives, passenger wagons and diesels; including Bachmann ''Santa Fe'' 3780, Trix engines and other makers, large quantity of engines. £150-200 £120
79 Hornby OO gauge railway locomotives; R2857 BR 4-6-0 Class 5MT 45458, R3014 LMS 4-6-2 princess coronation class ''Duchess of Sutherland'', both DCC ready and boxed, (2). £80-120 £120
80 Hornby OO gauge railway locomotives; R2743 BR 4-4-0 schools class ''Brighton'', R2342 class A3 4-6-2 60077 ''The White Knight'' BR lined green, both DCC ready and boxed, (2). £80-120 £100
81 Hornby OO gauge railways sets; R2001 train pack Networker suburban train, R2108 BR Sprinter 155, train pack Kentish Belle, train pack Eurostar class 373 powered locomotive, all boxed, (4). £100-150 £180
82 Bachmann OO gauge locomotive set; 32-900A class 108 2-car DMU BR green with speed whiskers, 31-325 class 105 two car DMU BR blue with yellow ends, 32-515 Derby lightweight two car DMU BR green with yellow warning panel, all DC ready and boxed (3). £120-180 £170
83 Hornby and Lima OO gauge railway locomotives; R253 0-4-0 diesel dock shunter, R855n LNER ''Flying Scotsman'' with steam exhaust noise, along with a Lima diesel locomotive, all boxed, (3). £50-80 £75
84 Bachmann and Airfix OO gauge railway locomotives; 54122-6 4F fowler LMS livery, Bachmann no.0651 2-8-0 Consolidation with smoke ''Santa Fe'', 32-000DC 5927 guild hall BR green late crest ''Hawksworth'' tender, (3). £60-90 £80
85 Hornby OO gauge railway locomotives; R150 NE locomotive B12/3 class, R759 GWR ''Albert Hall'', along with a repainted locomotive LNER br 1560, all boxed, (3). £60-90 £50
86 Selection of Lone Star Treble O Trains, mostly boxed, diecast and plastic parts c1960s. £30-50 £20
87 Hornby O gauge no.7 railway accessory, Watchman's Hut set with shovel and poker. £30-50 £30
88 Stationary horizontal model engine ''Red Wing co'', built by Mr William Linfield, mounted on wooden base, with twin 8 inch spoked flywheels, brass valves, with electric switch board, petrol powered, known as the ''Hit and Miss'' model, 44cm by 17cm, along with spare parts for the engine, for the electric ignition, spare 3 inch flywheel, with a selection of springs, valves, washers, screws, etc. £1000-1500 £900
89 A collection of model engineering photographs, taken by Mr William Linfield, to document the construction of his model engines, includes photos of many model engines, close ups of construction and events he attended, a large quantity in 6 photo cases. £50-80 £20
90 Quantity of model engine spares; including engine gears, pressure gauge parts, boiler fittings, steam valves, oil clips, BA nuts, etc. £200-300 £180
91 A well engineered model of a M.E. beam engine, built by Mr William Linfield, with cast upright cylinder with Watts parallel motion, to power a large 9 inch spoked flywheel, with a smaller one on the other side, mounded on a brick effect wooden base, 42cm by 22cm. £600-800 £1200
92 Tri-ang OO gauge model railways; a quantity to include R259 ''Britannia'' locomotive, Transcontinental 9119 passenger coach, Ambulance RAMC coach, track, rolling stock and Tri-ang real estate San Fernando Bungalow. . £30-50 £50
93 Scratch built metal model of a steam traction engine, c1900, 50cm by 15cm, with bell, canopy, painted red. £150-250  
94 Scratch built metal model of a steam crane lorry, c1900, 65cm by 19cm, with crane lifting mechanism, small hatch in the back for a burner, working gears, front shovel, painted red. £150-250  
95 Collection of railway related books and pamphlets, including model railway titles and others. £40-60 £25
100 Chad Valley toys, Fordson Major tractor model E27N, dark blue body. £100-200 £170
101 Dinky Toys, diecast model Pullmore car transporter 582, in original box. £50-80 £80
102 Dinky Toys, diecast model Leyland Comet lorry 531, in original box. £40-60 £55
103 Dinky Toys, diecast model lawnmower 751 in original box. £40-60 £65
104 Dinky diecast toys; 622 10-ton army truck boxed, 674 Austin Champ boxed, 686 25-pounder field gun boxed, 162a light Dragon tractor with chains unboxed, 674 Austin Champ unboxed, 414 Dodge tipping truck unboxed, Budgie crane truck, (7). £100-150 £110
Pages 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21 

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