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Toys, Automobilia, and Memorabilia

Tuesday 21st March 2017, 11:00 am

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Description Estimate Hammer
155 Britains, John Hill & Co and other makers, painted lead soldiers, WW1 Infantry, some crouching, some in combat etc.(23) £40-60 £48
156 John Hill & Co, Grenadier guardsmen, set of ten. Scottish riflemen, possibly also John Hill, set of eight. £40-60  
157 Britains Scots Guards Marching Band, including drummers, cymbal players, trumpeters etc, along with eight guards on horseback holding flags and trumpets, (25). £50-80 £50
158 Britains painted lead soldiers, French Foreign Legion and other British soldiers, (23) £50-80 £80
159 Britains painted lead soldiers, three sets, including RAF, German and other, eight figures in each set. £80-120 £85
160 Britains lead painted soldiers, marching Arabs and horseback riders, together with Britains and other makers painted lead soldiers, camels with riders and sitting camels, (15). £80-120 £100
160A Britains and other makers painted lead soldiers; including soldiers with stretcher, guards with horns, horse mounted soldiers etc, (19) £30-50 £120
161 Flat metal model soldiers Zinnfigurmen type, collection of approximately 400 painted figures, including 1812 French infantry, 1812 Croatia infantry, Austrian Hungary infantry, Jager Battalion Radetzky, Austrian Cavalry, Loyal Lusitanian Legion, British General Staff, Prussia, Austrian and Bosnia cavalry. £40-60 £50
162 Flat metal model soldiers Zinnfigurmen type, selection partly and unpainted figures, including French, Austrian, Prussian, English Scots infantry, approximately 300 figures. £30-50 £28
163 Eleven Elastolin, Lineol and Britains toy figures; including Paul von Hindenburg 1928, Werner Von Blomberg 1935, Adolf Hitler, General Erich von Ludendorff 1937, August von Mackensen 1945, Rudolf Hess 1934 cat no.30/9, and others, (11). £100-150 £240
164 Britains and other makers painted lead soldiers, including Scots Guards, WW1 infantry, soldiers on horseback, etc, quantity in one tray. £30-50 £80
165 Britains painted lead model farm cows; ''Map of the World'' cow, design for Nestle, 1924, (2). £40-60 £120
166 Painted lead and diecast models; including painted lead animals, Salco Mickey and Minnie Mouse on a piano toy, plastic Britains floral garden, Dinky toys, Massey Ferguson tractors, etc, quantity in three trays. £50-80 £260
167 Britains Toys, painted lead hunting figures, including huntsmen and women on horses with dogs. £50-80 £240
168 Britains and other makers painted lead farm figures, including animals, farmers and scenery, quantity in two trays. £70-100 £230
169 Britains and Heyde and Charbens, zoo and farm animals, to include elephants, rhinoceros, kangaroos, polar bears, cows, etc. £100-150 £110
170 Britains toys 155mm Gun; no.2064 with shells and original paperwork, boxed. £40-60 £95
171 Modern Britains toy soldiers collection; to include the large WW1 bombed street scene, boxed Middlesex Yeomanry set, The Great book of Britains cased, and other boxed Britains and Bastion soldiers. £120-180 £170
172 Corgi Toys diecast model James Bond Toyota 2000GT; no.336 special agent 007 model made in the 1970s for the film ''You Only Live Twice'', in original box with inner tray, and two shooting missiles, has no instructions. £80-120 £80
173 Corgi Toys diecast model Gift Set no.24; Constructor set Commer 3/4 ton chassis, in original box, c1960s. £30-50 £20
174 Corgi Toys diecast model Gift Set no.37; Lotus-Climax racing car, Lotus Elan coupe, Lotus Elan S.2, Volkswagen breakdown van with winch, Lotus Elan chassis on trailer, in original box, c1960s. £100-150 £80
175 Corgi Toy no.109 Pennyburn workmen's trailer, no.275 Rover 2000TC, no.337 Customised Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and Dinky Toys no.243 BRM racing car, (4). £50-80 £100
176 Matchbox Lesney diecast models; Major Pack M-4 Fruehauf Hopper Train, K-18 Articulated Horse Van, both boxed, along with a selection of other Matchbox and Dinky playworn model cars and vehicles. £50-80 £65
177 Selection of 1940s/50s Dinky and Meccano catalogues and price lists; Dinky Toys catalogue 1953 ''John Kent 55/59 Poole Hill, Bournemouth'' 1st October, Meccano Toys of Quality September 1952, Meccano World-Famous Toys, Dinky Toys 1st October 1953 ''C.Morse 3 High Street Cheshire'' and Meccano revised price list October 1948, (5). £30-50 £25
178 Dinky Toys; postwar examples, to include 39e Chrysler, 39f Studbaker, other wagons, fire engines and selection of road signs, all playworn, (14). £60-90 £48
Pages 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21 

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