Vintage Collectables, Jewellery and Silver

Tuesday 11th April 2017, 10:00 am

Items Per Page

Description Estimate Hammer
1 Meissen pear-shaped jug, encrusted floral decoration, 13cm; and a continental three-light candelabra, (2). £40-60 £70
2 Staffordshire equestrian figure, Dick Turpin on Black Bess, 27cm; a pair of Staffordshire equestrian figures, Princess and Prince Frederick William; and a small Staffordshire equestrian figure, (4). £40-60 £32
3 Worcester style part teaset, probably Sampson of Paris, including a teapot on stand, 16cm; and an Imari pattern covered vase, probably Sampson, (8). £60-90 £75
4 French porcelain pail, rosebud decoration, 23cm; a continental comport, designed with child resting on a turtle holding a shell; and a German floral encrusted comport, (2). £50-80 £42
5 Moore Brothers figural candlestick, modelled with a dolphin, 22cm; an Austrian porcelain figure of a girl with a flower basket; and a Capodimonte group, (3). £40-60 £40
6 Royal Doulton figure, 'Bluebird' HN1280, 12cm. £50-80 £220
7 Copeland and Garratt pedestal tureen, painted with named views, A View near Radbourn, Derbyshire and Morley, Derby, 17cm; and a Spode Felspar porcelain tureen on stand, (2). £70-100 £60
8 Prattware pot, 'The Seven Ages of Man', diameter 10cm; another Prattware pot and a small collection of pot lids, (7). £50-80 £150
9 Small Royal Doulton figure, 'Monica' HN1467, 12cm; and another, 'This Little Pig' HN1793, (2). £40-60 £20
10 Royal Doulton figure, Veronica' HN1519, 21cm; and two other Doulton figures, 'Dorcas' HN1558; 'Pantelettes', HN1362, (3). £80-120 £100
11 Tinted and cut-glass punch bowl, flared form and a pair matching, cut glass covered vases, 27cm. £100-150 £90
12 Ten sets of Wade Whimsies, to include animals, birds etc, eight boxed sets. £150-200 £260
13 Two Staffordshire blue transfer ware tureens, and a collection of blue and white transfer ware. £60-90 £120
14 Collection of table crystal, (two boxes). £40-60 £120
15 Hadley's Worcester ornamental ewer, painted decoration of irises, 15cm; Royal Worcester posy vase, decorated with daffodils and spring flowers, and a Royal Worcester ivory ground bottle vase, (3)., £70-100 £170
16 Royal Albert bone china teaset, Old Country Roses pattern. £50-80 £50
17 Wade, My Fair Ladies, 1991/92, to include Amanda, Anita (boxed), Belinda (boxed), Diana, Emma, Lucy, Melissa (boxed), Natalie, (8). £40-60 £35
18 Pair of Staffordshire dogs, modelled as seated King Charles Spaniels, 33cm; a similar pair; another pair, and a single Staffordshire dog, (7). £50-80 £25
19 Four Carltonware money boxes, cat with Design Centre label, hen, train and a Noah's ark £50-80 £48
20 French porcelain two-handled jardiniere, mid 19th Century, painted with classical figures and flowers, incised 1049 JD, 91cm. £50-80 £42
21 Chinese blue and white cylindrical teapot, probably Jiaqing; a similar shouldered caddy; waste bowl and three coffee cups, (6). £70-100 £140
22 Chinese ewer, ovoid body with a narrow-bottle neck, the handle and spout modelled as a lizard, underglazed blue painted, with rocks and plants, unmarked, 20cm, repaired. £60-100  
23 Dutch delft flower brick, floral decoration 14cm; three delft blue and white plates; and two faience plates, (6). £80-120 £420
24 Collection of Chinese blue and white porcelain, and other Chinese porcelain, mostly damaged. £50-80 £100
25 Royal Worcester coffee set, comprising six cans and saucers; a Royal Gold pattern plate; Bunnykins Nurseryware; commemorative mugs etc. £40-60 £210
26 English porcelain sucrier, probably Miles Mason, blue printed decoration; two similar coffee cans and a saucer; other blue print ware, together with other English ceramics, mostly late 18th or early 19th Century. £60-90 £210
27 Pair of Staffordshire pen stands modelled with greyhounds, 10cm; and other Staffordshire models of dogs; together with Staffordshire cottages. £40-60 £170
28 Mason's type stone china jug, floral decoration in Imari colours, 15cm; a silver lustre jug, restored; a lilac printed stone china jug; and two copper lustre jugs, plus one other with handle modelled as a dog, (6). £50-80 £35
29 Staffordshire spill vase, modelled with a sheep, 20cm; three other models of sheep; a Walton type bocage model of deer; cow and calf group; spill vase with dogs rabbiting, and a model of a greyhound, (8) £50-80 £75
30 Victorian bone china commemorative cup and saucers, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert; a copper lustre named mug 'Mary', and other mugs. £40-60 £60
31 Crown Derby porcelain cup and saucer, Imari pattern; a similar coffee can; English porcelain part tea service, with painted landscape vignettes; and other tea ware. £50-80 £80
32 Wade - My Fair Ladies, 1990/92, to include Caroline, Hannah (boxed), Kate (boxed), Liza (boxed), Marie, Rachel (boxed), Rebecca, Sarah. (8) £40-60 £38
33 Victorian Stoneware mug, applied moulded decoration, 13cm; stoneware colander; and three broody hen egg baskets, (5). £40-60 £110
34 Bjorn Wunblad for Rosenthal, four chargers, The Seasons, diameter 35cm, (4). £60-100 £40
35 Ridgeways plaque, 'Taking up the mark', from Coaching Days and Coaching Ways, diameter 32cm; a similar jug; decorative china etc., (three boxes). £50-80 £110
35A Lead crystal ice bucket and decanter, antique decanter, sugar sifter, antique bottles, one 'poison'. £40-60 £38
36 New Hall porcelain oval teapot stand, floral decoration in polychrome enamels, 15cm; and a collection of late 18th century English tea wares. £100-150 £140
37 Six Royal Crown Derby 'Posies' pattern coffee cans and saucers. £40-60 £35
38 Victorian ewer shape vase and other decorative china. £30-50 £30
39 Irish Wade, donkey and cart, 1962/64, donkey with side panniers, 1965, oak leaf crock of gold 1957/59, pink elephant; Wade, two viking ships, two boats, a bridge, log and rabbit, two posy bowls; Wade, yellow budgie 1939/55, parakeet, chick, Arundel chick 1999. £60-80 £80
40 Lead crystal presentation decanter with a silver collar, 29cm; a large Edinburgh crystal commemorative goblet, Coronation of Elizabeth II; a Victorian goblet with wheel engraved decoration, and a carafe, (4). £60-90 £65
41 A Dresden vase, restored, 31cm; a pair of ovoid vases, and a pair of Japanese Nippon vases. (5) £40-60 £55
42 A pair of Staffordshire pottery figures, King and Queen of Prussia, 44cm. £40-60 £30
43 Worcester tri-form dish, blue and white willow pattern, printed and impressed marks, 31cms. £30-40 £15
44 Royal Doulton miniature ladies, all boxed, to include - Annabel, Christine, Christmas Skater, Christmas Wishes, Barbara, Bess, Elaine, Ermine Coat, Festive Joy, Gail, Helen, Jane, Jessica, Laura, Margaret, Nicola, Ninette, Noelle, Soiree, Stephanie, Susan, Top o' the Hill. (22) £300-500  
45 Beswick bull, Beswick trout, Sylvac jug, Beneagles flask and Wade Whimsies. £50-80 £60
46 Royal Doulton, a set of pottery plates, The Hunting Man, The Mayor, The Doctor, The Squire, The Falconer, The Admiral and The Parson, diameter 26cm. (7) £40-60 £20
47 Royal Crown Derby 'Derby Posies', teaware, Minton floral tea service, tea for two Royal Worcester, gilded. £40-60 £50
48 Cut glass decanters; collection of Victorian custard cups; and other glassware. £40-60 £30
49 Tall blue glass fluted vase, 61cm; a Victorian blue glass and enamelled fluted vase, much restored; a collection of decanter stoppers; glass handles; droplets etc. £40-60  
50 Blue glass jug of squat form, 20cm; a green glass jug; collection of cranberry glassware; and other coloured glass. £70-100 £95
51 Victorian large ale glass, ogee bowl, silesian stem, domed and folded foot, 17cms. £40-60 £45
52 Minton bronze and china figures, including The Fisherman (2nd); the Sage; and Spellbound, (3). £80-120 £90
53 Various modern Japanese Imari dishes, plates and bowl, (6). £50-80 £50
54 Blue and white large tureen, Corinthian pattern, 37cms; and small tureen, stand and ladle. £70-100 £65
55 A glazed pottery figure of a portly gentleman, seated and holding a pint of beer and cigar, two knives in his belt, impressed on base L.S. 87, height 23cm. £20-40 £20
56 Three Beswick Cats ,a 'Swiss Roll' cat number 1877, kittens 1316 and another 1876. (3) £20-30 £50
57 Crystal decanter and stopper and a similar ships decanter and stopper, (2). £15-25 £10
58 Chinese blue and white baluster shape vase, painted with figures on a terrace, four character mark, 27cms. £70-100 £65
59 Poole Pottery two vases 17cm, 13cm; circular lidded box. £70-100 £50
60 A Nailsea type ornamental table bell, festooned amethyst tinted bowl, the handle with coloured spiral threads, 28cm. £40-60  
61 Royal Albert teaset Old Country Roses pattern. £50-80 £35
62 Venetian blue glass with silver overlay jug, and six water glasses, Royal Worcester gold lustre coffee pot, milk pot. £30-50 £55
63 Country Artists models, birds, (quantity). £60-100  
64 Lladro and Nao figures, including nuns, children and geese, (12). £80-120 £100
65 Bossons wall plaques, (9) £80-120  
66 Crown Derby Imari tea ware, pattern number 2712, (quantity). £80-120 £55
67 Pair of Cauldon bottle vases, decorated with mixed flowers on a terracotta background, 23cms. £50-80 £30
68 Carlton Ware Kang He pottery vase and cover, restored, 33cm, pewter tray, decorative pottery and glass. £25-40 £35
69 A set of four wine glasses, mid 18th Century design, rounded funnel bowl, teardrop baluster stems, each with a folded foot, 14cm. £60-80 £50
70 Blue and white printware pedestal bowl, oval basket, vase, Italian basket, toothbrush box. £70-100 £65
71 Copeland Italian pattern vase, basin, jug, onion pattern teaware, etc. £50-80 £80
72 Fifteen various Victorian lidded jugs, various transfer printed designs, many with pewter lids. £240
73 Various Royal Worcester Evesham pattern oven to tableware, and other general household china. £50-70 £38
74 Chinese blue and white porcelain jardiniere, decorated with paired dragon flowers, badly damaged, 31cm; a blue and white crackle glaze jardiniere; an Imari scalloped shaped dish, and a clobbered jar. (4) £50-80 £32
75 Doulton figures, dog, Sylvia, book ends, Belleek bowl, dish and a pair of vases. £40-60 £70
76 Poole Pottery 'Gemstone' planter, 14cm; plate 21cm; two vases 18cm, 14cm. £70-100 £75
77 WITHDRAWN - A set of four tin glazed earthenware blue and white tiles, with a painted design of a seated dog in a landscape, late 20th century, mounted on a board, 28cm x 28cm. £40-60  
78 Charlotte Rhead dish; Indian tree jug and others. £30-40 £12
79 Langley Mill bowl, modelled with two fox cubs, 28cms, cracked. £30-40 £10
80 Pair of modern Chinese baluster vases, decorated in the famille rose manner, and various other decorative china, including a Royal Crown Derby figure, 'Autumn', (6). £60-100 £60
81 Poole Pottery vases, 24cm and 13cm. (2) £50-80 £48
82 Royal Crown Derby teaset, Princess pattern, (39). £40-60 £120
83 Five Arthur Wood pottery Hunting Days tankards, 12cms, (5). £30-50 £25
84 Three Poole pottery vases, abstract design, 13cms, (3). £60-90 £80
85 Country Artist - Gun Dog and Pheasant, and three figures. £80-120 £50
86 Ruby tinted lampshade, crimped rim, 16cm; another ruby tinted lampshade, other shades and chimneys. (17) £200-300 £200
87 Glass and ceramics, including amber glass, Babycham salt and pepper shakers, 1930s jug and other items. £40-60 £25
88 Portmeirion Pottery, Botanic Garden pattern, large quantity. £80-120 £170
89 Two Copeland & Garrett blue transfer printed oval dishes; a John Rogers Zebra pattern meat plate, impressed and numbered 20, chipped and cracked, 52cm; and a blue transfer ware liner, flower basket design, width 30cm, (4). £50-70 £42
90 Blue white transfer printed meat plates, (6). £40-60 £20
91 Pair of Chinese polychrome bottle vases, decorated with scenes of figures at a table and figures in a garden, 46cms. (2) £300-400  
92 Chinese porcelain floor vase, decorated with a bird in a flowering tree, 65cms. £80-120 £75
93 Two Japanese Imari style chargers, 39.5cm diameter, depicting cranes, ferns and chrysanthemums. £150-250  
94 Royal Doulton bone china part dinner service, silver banded decoration. £40-60  
95 Cauldron 'Dragon' blue and white tea and dinner ware, (quantity). £40-60  
96 Royal Doulton bone china part table service, Royal Gold pattern, together with an English Renaissance pattern tureen. £60-90 £65
97 Crown Staffordshire china dinner and tea service, floral pattern, (quantity). £40-60 £40
98 Harlequin porcelain trios, (18). £20-30 £10
99 Art Deco three-piece clock garniture, marked ODYV40, the clock modelled with silver lustre jaguars, 47cm; together with a pair of vases, (3). £50-80 £80
100 T G Green, Cornish ware, including storage jars, jugs, etc. £50-80 £140
101 Carlton ware style advertising lamp with the Guinness Toucan, and another Guinness model, (2). £30-50 £90
102 Collection of Brewery advertising jugs and other similar pottery. £20-30 £85
103 A Doulton Burslem blue and white plaque, 'A Winter's Day', after Percy Curnock, 35cm x 27cm, framed. £60-80 £55
104 Masons Mandalay pattern pottery, (quantity). £40-60 £95
105 Yardley soap dish, Cottage ware. £20-40 £10
106 Assorted ceramics, tea ware, Limoges, Royal Winton chintz, glass prismatic lustres. £40-60 £45
107 Royal Doulton satin black Arab 'Bahram' horse as model 1771 by Arthur Credington (19.1cm) for Beswick. £600-800  
108 Beswick large action Shire horse in gloss grey No.2578; Beswick Huntsman wall plaque, 'Landing' No.1514 £80-120  
109 Collection of Beswick horses, hounds, Peter Scott 'Widgeon', Jay' Goldfinch, Boeray 4124, mostly requiring repair. £60-90  
110 Cranberry glass, (quantity). £70-100 £95
111 Edwardian inlaid mahogany lancet mantel clock, striking movement, 36cm. £70-100 £65
112 Pair of patinated spelter models, metal bases, 39cm. £30-40 £48
113 Victorian cranberry basket, 17cm, other cranberry and Victorian glass. £40-60 £70
114 French walnut balloon mantel clock, brass mounts, striking movement, 41cm. £150-200 £140
115 Victorian School, head and shoulders portraits of young ladies, a pair, watercolours, one signed F M Brock, oval, 17cm x 12cm. £50-80 £55
116 A pair of Victorian Baxter prints, young girls, 11cm x 8cm. £20-30 £15
117 English School, 19th Century, head and shoulders portrait of a lady, miniature, oval, 8cm x 6cm, and two similar miniatures. (3) £120-180 £75
118 Italian School, 19th Century, head and shoulders miniature portrait of a man, oil on metal panel, with a piece of card inscribed ''Luigi Boschi fece in Rome l'anno 1818...''; English School, 19th Century, head and shoulders portrait of a man, oil on card, unsigned, 8cm x 6.5cm, and a silhouette. (3) £60-80 £42
119 Autographs: single sheet containing some of the cast of Dad's Army. £50-80 £280
120 Edwardian inlaid mahogany oval tray, fan marquetry centre, width 32cm; and two Chinese carved soapstone stands, (3). £40-60 £50
121 Pietro piano accordion £30-50 £20
122 A vacant Victorian photograph album with metal clasp, twelve large and forty-two small portraits, some 'Carte de Poste', a chrystoleum portrait of a lady 25cm x 20cm in a simulated amboyna frame. £40-60 £48
123 Brass Corinthian column oil lamp, cut glass reservoir, matched shade, with a chimney, 51cm overall. £50-80 £38
124 Avia brass cased mantel clock, with visible bobbin pendulum, 22cms. £40-60 £20
125 A part canteen of cutlery, candelabra and silver mounted glass vase. £20-40 £65
126 Pair of cloisonne vases, decorated with orchids on a red ground, 31cms. £30-50 £45
127 Collection of crystals, together with related books. £50-70 £75
128 French spelter mantel clock, American mantel clock, oak mantel clock and modern carriage clock, (4) £70-100 £70
129 An oval silver plated gallery tray, 62cm x 41cm, gadroon edge border to top and bottom, £30-50 £60
130 Selection of tins, some dating from the 1930s to 1970s, along with a selection of boxed and loose plated cutlery. £30-50 £18
131 Brass oil lamp, etched shade and with funnel, 58cms. £50-100  
132 Pair of grand tour style alabaster campana shaped vases, substantial losses and badly damaged, 32cm. £50-80 £210
133 Two gilt clock plinths. £20-30 £45
134 19th Century carved paddle, dated 1894, length 161cm. £40-60 £40
135 Collection of stamps, part sheets, two with faults, cigarette cards, some silk. £50-80 £50
136 Pair of Victorian gilt metal oil lamp brackets, adapted for electricity, depth 32cm. £50-80 £48
137 Holy Bible with reflections by Rev Matthew Henry, (c1836), 4to, cf, Holy Bible in two vols, Cassells, (mid 19c), (3) £40-60 £40
138 Playing cards, some boxed, (quantity). £25-40  
139 Small mahogany cased shelf clock by Elliott for Tarratt, 16.5cms. £40-60 £40
140 Postcards, stamp album, cigarette cards. £150-200 £160
141 Vintage 1960s music box in the form of a mechanical automated bird in a cage, childs potato gun ''Jetomatic'' and a Minicine movie projector with three slides and booklet, (3). £30-50 £38
142 Four brass trivets, pair of brass candlesticks. £30-50  
143 Queen Elizabeth II Stamp album containing loose leaves, definitive and comemoratives to late 1970's. £150-250 £120
144 Set of Edwardian electroplated fish knives and forks, dessert knives and forks, cased; mahogany cutlery box, and a collection of loose cutlery. £40-60 £95
145 Mountaineering cards, photographs, etc. £40-60 £20
146 The Bonzo Book Being the Third Study Dogs Portfolio, published by The Sketch, 16 colour illustrated plates, c1920s. £15-25 £55
147 Pair of silver plated curtain tie backs, acanthus pattern. £50-80 £48
148 Mens vanity case with other related items. £40-60 £40
149 OO gauge model railways; collection of engines by Hornby, including ''Flying Scotsman'', Triang, diesel engines, wagons, passenger carriages, controller unit, O gauge blue engine by Triang, quantity in one box. £120-180  
150 Vintage video gaming collection of consoles and games; to include Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo SNES, Sega Megadrive, Atari 260 and another Atari console, a selection of cassette and cartridge games, all date from the 1980s and 1990s. £100-150 £130
150A Boulle ware mantle clock. £80-120 £100
151 Blackpool tower cast iron money box, Mickey Mouse shaped childs gas mask, chrome plated torch, vintage radio, musical cigar box, tobacco pot, etc. £50-80 £80
153 Loose mint and off paper stamps and first day covers, (quantity). £40-60 £30
154 Coins, including Henry VIII Groat, (quantity). £100-200 £220
155 Canteen of polished brass cutlery, eight place settings in a teak wood canteen, and a part fish set by Dickson & Son.(2) £40-60 £38
156 Matching African tribal sword and knife in scabbards, two Gurkha kukris in scabbards, one sword stick. (5) £50-80 £45
157 Tortoiseshell glasses with The Optician Photographic Trade Journal July 1914, and small book. £40-60 £20
158 Early Mickey Mouse comic annuals, years 1936 and 1938, published by Dean and Sons, both with full spines, (2). £80-120 £70
159 Plated campagna-shape wine cooler, 25cms. £30-50 £40
160 A Tomahawk axe with leather covered haft, the blade 13cm, overall length 61cm. £50-100 £50
161 A South Seas tapered club, 57cm long octagonal cross hatched grip with a circular metal pommel decorated with stylised flowers and leaves, £200-400 £200
162 Stone sculptural fragment, of a female head, approx 21cm. £40-60 £75
163 Enfield oak cased three train mantel clock and another, John D Francis 1930s style oak cased alarm clock, Kundo clock, a vintage Ballerina alarm clock by Staiger. (5) £30-50 £85
164 Victorian mother-of-pearl card case, silver photograph frame, Jaccard lacquered brass desk clock, travel compass, photograph frames, early Italian travel postcard books, etc. £50-70 £160
165 Vintage stereo camera in cover, stereo slide viewer two wooden boxes with early 20th century glass stereo slides. £50-80 £110
166 Collection of household glassware, together with a part suite of Stuart crystal tableware. £50-70 £200
167 Brassware, including a Persian tray; trench art; old candlesticks; oil funnel, etc. £40-60 £800
168 Rococo style gilt metal double photograph frame, modelled with scrolls and cherubs, 26cm; cast metal fruit basket plaque, pair of Prince of Wales Feathers tie-backs, and a Victorian banner screen. £50-80 £60
169 German brass portico clock, lacking glass dome.with key, 38cms. £50-80 £30
170 Trench Art, including a tall vase with embossed bird design, (5) £30-40 £70
171 Four albums of cigarette card sets, another ring binder album and two loose sleeves including trade cards. £50-80 £45
172 EP and leather hip flask, breakfast dish, coddler, tray, etc. £50-80 £120
174 Victorian leaded and stained-glass panel, central roundel painted with a bird, 52cm x 34cm, two flanking panels to match, 32cm x 16; and three others. (6) £50-80 £230
175 Wooden stationery and sewing boxes, pierced Tunbridgeware plate; pestle and other treen and a tea caddy. £40-60 £48
176 Two part albums of stamps and loose stamps, GB and worldwide. £20-40 £22
177 Books - five volumes 'Great Artists', two early Turner portfolios, one Golden History of Art, two very large tomes, leather bound 'Annotations Upon the Holy Bible', vols 1&2, dated 1762, 'Familiar Wild Flowers', one volume 1891 (damaged spine), four volumes early 20th century, each with 80 coloured plates., (16) £40-60 £30
178 A heavy brass tobacco jar, pair 'Houses of Parliament' stone bookends, a metal ewer, dish and a temple ornament. £40-60 £35
179 An Edwardian painted mahogany toilet mirror, rectangular plate, standard ends, 43cm. £30-50 £40
180 French gilt figural mantel clock, surmounted with cherub studying a dragonfly, on carved gilt, gesso stand, 46cm high. £120-180 £220
181 Silver mirror, brush and a small quantity of electroplate, including trays, vases etc. £30-50 £30
182 Two boxes of children's books, including Alice's Adventures in Wonderland illustrated by Harry Rountree, titles by Angela Brazil and other children's illustrated book mostly c1930s. £50-80 £55
184 A pair of Trench Art shell case vases embossed with heraldic lions, letter rack, ink blotters and other brassware. £50-80 £95
185 Electroplated tea ware and other plated ware (one box). £40-60 £140
186 Georgian pewter charger, diameter 42cm; a pair of German candle lamps with shades; copper saucepan lids and other metal ware. £50-80 £85
187 Pair of painted tin coach lamps, 48cm; door handles; fittings; castors; etc. £30-50 £110
188 George III brass and mahogany bellows, 44cm, circa 1780, and a copper Samovar. (2) £40-60 £50
189 Oxidised metal coal box, embossed with Arts and Crafts style motifs, raised on four paw feet, 42cms. £30-50 £45
190 Plated and blue enamelled desk stand, with twin inkwells, the surface with stylised design motifs, 27cm wide. £40-60 £32
191 A signed bronze model of the head of a Border Terrier, dated '85 on a green veined marble base, model 18cm, overall 27cm. £50-80 £200
192 A silver plated on copper bottle coaster, wide scrolling border and wooden base, 13,5mm diameter, overall width 21cm £40-60 £22
193 Edwardian metal and leaded stained-glass octagonal shape lantern 76cm overall, and a Victorian square-shape lantern. (2) £50-80 £140
194 Bronze figure of standing nude girl on a circular plinth, height 35.5cm. £80-120 £85
195 French style spelter table lamp, L'amour Vainqueur, set on a marble plinth, 46cm. £40-60 £50
196 A French white marble and white metal three piece clock garniture, late 19th century, the clock drum supported by twin columns, white enamel dial, movement by Vincenti et Cie, striking on a bell, 31 cm, with a pair of candlesticks to match, 20 cm, (3). £150-200 £190
197 Scale model of a Tudor Galleon, 85cm in length. £60-90 £50
198 Inlaid walnut mantel clock, Westminster chiming movement, 45cms. £30-50 £40
199 Victorian walnut and Tunbridgeware writing box, 30cms, and two oil lamps, (3). £50-80 £32
200 Twin train mantel clock, Arabic dial, 49cms. £20-30 £20
201 Scale model of the RMS ''Titanic'', 80cm in length. £50-80 £45
202 Selection of scale model sailing galleon ships, longest being 40cm, (4) £40-60  
203 Huntley & Palmers book biscuit tin, and four other tins, (5) £60-100  
204 St Bruno Dark Flake advertising window card, and a quantity of other pipe and smoking ephemera. £60-80 £150
205 Set of lab scales in glass cabinet, W & J George; set of Troy weights in a bakelite case. £50-80 £20
206 Cadbury's Chocolates glazed display cabinet, 80cms. £160
207 Pair of carriage lamps. £50-80 £42
208 Eight sharpening steels, one salter brass balance, 1 pocket balance, antique door lock measuring device, Victorian chopping knife, animal trap (decommissioned), large bunch of antique keys, 2 antique page turners, pair butter pats. £50-80 £100
209 Two vintage wall mounted candle lamps with glass (marked GWR), six alms bowls, one Art Deco period lamp, two brass scoops, Primus stove, copper samovar base (as plant holder), vintage copper washing 'posser'. £40-60 £40
210 Selection of electrical testing equipment, including Scopex 4D-10 channel oscilloscope, etc (one box). £50-80 £20
211 Collection of vintage cameras all with cases, including Leidolf Wetzlar, Jhagee Exa II and others, (11). £100-150 £70
212 Zenza Bronica ETRS camera, with Zenzanon f2.8 75mm lens, with light meter, monopod handle, filter and film. £50-80 £130
213 A collection of cameras and equipment, two Centon DF300 SLR Cameras, Tamron 2 lenses light meter etc. £40-60 £20
214 Collection of folding cameras, including no.2 Kodak folding Brownie, Kodex no.0, Kodak No.A-127 Autographic Film camera in box, etc, (11). £120-180 £60
215 Minolta Autoacord twin lens camera, with case and carry case. £50-80 £110
216 Collection of SLR cameras and lenses, including Canon AE-1, Canon QL25 and other makers, Tamron 28-70mm lens, Canon 50mm lens and other lenses, fifteen cameras and five loose lenses in a leather case. £100-150 £100
217 Victory stamp album, another album, and stamps. £100-150 £100
218 Wisden and other books. £40-60  
219 Exakta VX1000 vintage camera in case case (x2), Minolta 7000 SLR, Cannon AE-1 with Tamron 28-70mm lens, Minolta Movie C-50E, along with a selection of accessories, bellows, triggers, etc. £80-120 £150
220 Leica IIIb Rangefinder camera with Ernst Leitz 35mm lens, reg no.323884, with branded leather case. Description amended 8.4.17 £200-300 £240
221 Leica II D Rangefinder camera c1932, black body with Leitz Elmar 35mm f3.5 lens, reg no.74645. In Leica branded leather case. £200-300 £230
222 A.A. Milne, 'The House at Pooh Corner' 1928, by Methuen & Co, A.A.Milne 'Now We Are Six' Methuen & Co. both with decorations by Ernest H Shepard. (2) £40-60 £80
223 Two twin compartment walnut tea caddies, both having covers to compartments and keys, one having a domed top with two bands of parquetry inlay, dimensions 22cm x 12cm x 14cm, the other a plain rectangular caddie 22cm x 12cm x 14cm. (2) £100-150 £90
224 Large postcard album full contents cards featuring WWI, music hall stars, comedy, seasonal greetings, etc., 1 bag of cards, sorted into generic groups. £60-90 £100
225 Victorian coromandel desk stand, glass well, oval plinth, 31cms. £70-100 £45
226 A mahogany six bottle drinks casket, having satinwood stringing and inlaid tapered satinwood flutes to each corner, metal handle to each side, green velvet lining to lid, the six compartments each containing an 18cm plain rectangular decanter of stippled glass with hexagonal rim and glass stopper, dimensions of casket 26cm wide x 18cm deep by 20cm high. £100-200 £200
227 Westminster Stamps presentation folder containing Penny Black 1840 and Penny Blue 1841. £40-60 £65
228 Three early corkscrews, including champagne screw. £50-80 £50
229 Small Meerschaum cheroot holder in fitted case, souvenir paperweight, jadeite and cloisonne mirror, Bakelite sharpener, (4) £70-100 £48
230 A Victorian black lacquered papier mache glove box, stamped JENNENS & BETTRIDGE, mother of pearl and painted floral decoration, restoration, width 24cm; a Victorian black lacquered and papier mache desk folder, mother of pearl and painted decoration, damaged; and a Victorian black lacquered and painted face screen, (3). £50-80 £100
231 A Victorian silhouette, head and shoulders of a lady, oval, 8x6cms, indistinctly labelled and a miniature portrait of a man, ''W. P. J. Lodde'', 7x5.5cms, (2). £55
232 Tortoiseshell and rose metal mounted cushion shaped snuff box, key pan outlines, 8cm; a burrwood snuff box, both damaged, and an abalone shell-shaped box, a mother of pearl visiting card case, and a lacquered box. (5). £50-80 £55
233 Three silver topped glass dressing table jars, three different designs all with a floral theme, large jar broken around neck. (3) £100-150  
234 Parasol, silver bird's head mount, overall 90cm, lacking eye, stamped Brigg, London. £100-150 £80
235 A silver cologne bottle and stand, the circular floral repousse chased tray 23cm diameter having a personal inscription in the cartouche from ''The Harwich Licensed Victuallers Association'' dated 1902, recess to centre holding a cut glass bottle with silver rim and cover, both hallmarked London 1901, approximate weight of tray 8oz. £150-200 £300
236 Red Ostrich feather fan with faux tortoiseshell sticks, a velvet bag with large metal clasp and applied monogram, red velvet evening bag with diamante clasp and two other bags. £30-50 £75
237 Pair of ''The Goodwood'' silver cased binoculars, highly decorative scrolling design with vacant cartouches, hallmarked Birmingham 1897, together with a pair of mother-of-pearl opera glasses, (2) £70-100 £80
238 Miller & Co Patent brass cycle lamp £30-50 £38
239 A collection of vintage cigarette lighters, Ronson Adonis, Parker Beacon, a faux ivory cigarette case by PVH&Co and a real pigskin wallet all in a ''La Tropical De Luxe'' cigar box. £30-50 £75
240 A faux tortoiseshell comb in case, spectacles, hair slide and another comb with plated top. £40-60 £30
241 A lace edged cotton table cloth, two handkerchief/stocking holders, one with applique flowers on damask the other with cut steel bead work on satin, dressing table mats embroidered with metal thread and sequins. £30-50 £340
242 A silk wedding slipper, circa 1700 (?) domed glass on a wooden stand, 26cm. £60
243 Four Second World War Medals with loose ribbons, The Defence Medal, 1939-1945 War Medal, The Burma Star and The 1939-1945 Star, (4) £30-40 £42
244 A collection of medals, a 1939-1945 War Medal, an Air Crew Europe Star, a Territorial Force Efficiency Medal awarded to BMBR C. Hall RFA 910175, three dress medals and a small 1935 commemorative medal. £30-50 £210
245 Medals with ribbons, The British War Medal and The Victory Medal issued to J W Brown 4718A, Act. L.S. and a Merchant Navy pin. £40-60 £38
246 A Victorian rectangular silver trinket box, repousse chased with scrolls and flowers, gadroon edge border, hinged cover gilded inside, 12cm x 4.5cm, hallmarked Chester 1896, approximate weight 3.4oz. a white metal cigarette case stamped 925S, horizontal lined decoration, 10cm x 8cm, approximate weight 4oz. (2) £70-100 £95
247 Chinese terracotta teapot, with silver mount, Sheffield 1835, four character mark to underside £60-100 £55
248 A silver cigarette/jewel box, engine turned cover and sides, no personal inscriptions or monograms, cedar wood interior, 11cm x 9cm, hallmarked London 1949. £50-80 £55
249 A silver cigarette/jewel box, engine turned cover with vacant initial plate, plain polished sides, no personal inscriptions of monograms, twin compartment cedar wood interior, 16cm x 8.5cm, hallmarked Birmingham 1956. £60-90 £110
250 A silver cigarette/jewel box, rectangular engine turned cover with plain sides, twin compartment cedar lined interior, 18cm x 9cm x 5cm, hallmarked Birmingham 1941, (no personal inscriptions, engravings) £60-90 £75
251 A Victorian leather Gladstone style travelling case, containing glove stretchers, page turner, mother-of-pearl handled manicure set, notepad, sewing kit, card case, folding mirror, a lighter, ink well all co-ordinating together with five silver topped glass containers, engine turned design, hallmarked London 1890, makers mark TJW for Thomas Jones Watson. £100-200 £280
252 Silver caddy spoon, sifter spoon, plated spoons, binoculars, etc. £40-60 £30
253 A coquilla nut nutmeg grater, the plain base having a cross hatched screw on cover revealing the metal grater, length 8.5cm, a silver cigarette case with engraved decoration around plain shield, hinged cover, hallmarked London 1896, approximate weight 1.85oz, a silver thimble, a Queen Mary box of pen nibs £100-150 £120
254 The Royal Arms 1837-1977, a cased set of twelve shield shape silver medals each 50mm x 40mm, displaying The Royal Arms, produced to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee 1952-1977, hallmarked Birmingham 1976, each weighing 1.5oz. complete with fitted case and certificates for each shield, a cased silver stamp 63mm x 30mm, to commemorate The State Visit of Queen Elizabeth II to The United States, approximate weight 1.5oz, in fitted case with a First Day Cover. £190-250 £210
255 A silver engine turned cigarette case, 11.5cm x 8.5cm, hallmarked Birmingham 1936, approximate weight 5.2oz, silver vesta case Birmingham 1908, two money clips, a Dunhill silver plated barley engine turned design, small tooth pick, a Dupont of Paris ball point pen. (7) £50-80 £170
256 Pair of silver spoons table spoons, old English design, hallmarked London 1811/1813, and other plated flatware. £40-60 £60
257 Five silver backed brushes, and one hand mirror, two different engine turned designs. £30-50 £65
258 A set of six silver commemorative goblets in presentation box, the 12cm goblets engraved with a drawing of Welsh House Northampton and made to commemorate the 300th Anniversary 1675-1975 of The Great Fire of Northampton, limited edition of 1000, these being numbered 58-63, with certificates, hallmarked London 1975, makers mark MJJ, each goblet weighing 6oz, gross weight approximately 36oz. £380-450 £420
259 A quantity of French silver cutlery, plain design, comprising 13 x table spoons, 15 x table forks, 15 x dessert forks,14 x dessert spoons, 1 x soup ladle, engraved with two similar monograms, mostly all bearing the French ''Minerva 1'' standard mark, makers marks T&H Thomas & Henin and PQ Pierre Queille, total number of pieces 58, total weight approximately 120oz. £1000-1500 £1200
260 A silver cup with gilded bowl, 18cm high on pedestal foot with reeded border, hallmarked London 1893, approximate weight 7.3oz, a silver twin handled dish ring, 17cm diameter, hallmarked London 1895, approximate weight 7.5oz. (2) £130-180 £170
261 A George III silver ''Old English'' design basting spoon, hallmarked London 1767, makers mark unclear, a Victorian silver ''King's'' pattern, cased christening set of fork and spoon hallmarked London 1875, four tea spoons hallmarked Exeter, total weight of all silver approximately 9oz. £100-130 £110
261A A pair of George II style electroplated table candlesticks, probably by Roberts & Slater, Sheffield, urn sconces, shouldered columns of tripod section with maskheads, scrolls and foliage, stepped bases, with serpentine outlines, 33cm. £50-80 £75
262 A silver commemorative plate in display case, the 26.5cm plate authorised by the College of Arms on the Anniversary of The Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 1978, engraved with coats of arms with raised gilt plaque to centre depicting Her Majesty, limited edition of 2500, this one being numbered 800, with certificate, hallmarked Sheffield 1978, makers mark YM, approximate weight 18.5oz £190-250 £210
263 A silver commemorative plate in display case, the 26.5cm plate authorised by the College of Arms on the Anniversary of The Silver Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 1952-1977, engraved with coats of arms with raised gilt plaque to centre depicting the Royal Crest, limited edition of 2500, this one being numbered 1316, with certificate, hallmarked Sheffield 1977, makers mark YM, approximate weight 18.5oz £190-250 £200
264 A cased set of six silver coffee spoons, slightly reeded stems, hallmarked Birmingham 1937, total weight approximately 1.3oz. £20-30 £30
265 A 9 carat rose gold necklace, the front scrolling section set with four pale blue stones and sixteen small diamond points with a fine trace link chain attached to each side, overall length 40cm, approximate weight 4.5gms. £100-120 £95
266 A 9 carat yellow gold chain link necklace, 5.5mm gauge figaro link, fetter and two, 65cm long, approximate weight 38.5gms. £400-500 £620
267 Six various stock/tie pins and a 40mm teddy bear charm with gemset bow tie, approximate weight 7gms. (7) £70-100 £130
268 A hallmarked 9 carat yellow gold double albert, solid graduated curb links fitted with a T bar and two swivels, overall length 40cm, hallmarked Chester 1909, approximate weight 41.5gms. AMENDMENT THERE NEVER WAS A T BAR - THE WEIGHT IS CORRECT. £380-450 £410
269 An Edwardian seed pearl pendant, stamped 15ct on reverse, 36mm wide, approximate weight 8.5gms £50-80 £110
270 A yellow metal pendant and chain, a 5.5mm circular faceted garnet millgrain set to centre of a yellow metal circular wire work disc 33mm diameter, stamped 9ct, on a yellow metal fancy belcher link chain 45cm long with a barrel snap fastener, pad stamped 9ct, total weight approximate 13.5gms. £120-180 £130
271 A collection of gemset jewellery, a 9 carat gold opal and synthetic white stone ring size M, a pair of drop earrings each set with two cabochon cut opals, a pair of turquoise matrix earstuds, a small garnet and diamond pendant, a pair of small opal cabochon cut earstuds, a pair of drop earrings with small diamond points, a pear shaped sapphire pendant on a chain, gross total weight approximately 17gms, (11) £120-150 £150
272 Three bar brooches, one being eight curb links, the other two stone set and 8cm of 9 carat rose gold curb link chain weighing approximately 11gms. (4) £120-150 £220
273 Two novelty brooches, a 9 carat yellow gold 35mm butterfly set with seed pearls, approximate weight 5gms, a yellow metal horse and cart, enamelled and set with untested pink stones, stamped 750, approximate weight 8.5gms. (2) £120-150 £220
274 A hallmarked 9 carat rose gold bar brooch 40cm long with metal pin having a 22mm diameter George and the Dragon pendant suspended from centre, total weight 12.2gms. (Valuation certificate by Lumbers of Leicester dated 1998 states pendant tests as 18ct). £160-200 £190
275 A circular carved rose brooch, untested jet material, 28mm diameter, set in a 9 carat yellow gold frame, hallmarked Sheffield 1986. £80-120  
276 An oval carved shell cameo brooch, female profile 43mm x 35mm, in a yellow metal scalloped edge frame marked 9ct. makers mark WHW Ld. £50-80 £45
277 A George III in-memoriam brooch, yellow metal marquise shape closed back mount holding a scene of female by a memorial, bead edge to surround, overall 32mm x 18mm, engraved on verso ''Capt. Richd Argenven, ob. 30 Aug 1784 at 47'', brooch has been converted from a ring and is fitted with a metal pin. £80-120 £150
278 An oval chalcedony brooch, in a pinchbeck mount 65mm x 50m with four fleur de lys mounts, another gold plated knot design brooch, a small scroll design brooch with three cabochon cut red stones. £30-50 £70
279 An citrine brooch, the oval mixed cut stone, 30mm x 22mm, four claw set in a yellow metal frame. £80-120  
280 A 9 carat yellow gold vintage brooch/pendant, having an applied gold bunch of flowers over a green stone 32mm x 22mm, in a 9 carat yellow gold scroll and shell frame, hallmarked London 1974, gross weight approximately 21gms £100-150 £140
281 A small ruby and diamond brooch, the 17mm diameter mother of pearl effect disc in a closed back yellow metal setting having an applied central cluster of five rubies and six old cut diamonds, the brooch is bordered by alternating six rubies and six diamonds all individually collet set. £300-500 £280
282 A 9 carat yellow gold galloping horse brooch, 40mm, hallmarked London 1967, approximate weight 9gms. £80-120 £130
283 An 18 carat yellow gold 2.8mm wide sprung bangle, with horse head terminations, approximate weight 11.4gms. £170-200 £220
284 Two 9 carat yellow gold charms/pendants, a 40mm galloping horse and a 30mm German Shepherd/Wolf, total weight approximately 15gms. (2) £120-150 £150
285 A 9 carat rose gold solid curb link bracelet, 4.8mm gauge fitted with a swivel fastener, nineteen charms attached including a defaced full sovereign, not all charms are gold, gross weight approximately 55.5gms. £500-600 £600
286 Three 9 carat yellow gold charms/pendants, a 30mm dumbo the elephant, a 25mm owl and a 30mm penguin, total weight approximately 23gms. (3) £200-250 £220
287 Ten various yellow metal charms/pendants, including an articulated fish, a Swiss chalet, St Christopher, church, some hallmarked 9 carat gold. (11) £200-250 £300
288 A 9 carat yellow gold solid open curb link bracelet, 8.5mm wide, fitted with a padlock fastener, approximate weight 23gms. £200-300 £220
289 A 9 carat yellow gold five bar gate link bracelet, 16mm wide, fitted with a padlock fastener, approximate weight 10gms. £80-120 £110
290 A Victorian rose gold bangle, the 9 carat gold 9mm wide half hinged bangle having a seed pearl horseshoe to centre (one pear missing), and applied ivy leaves to each side, hallmarked Birmingham 1887, approximate weight 10.5gms. £80-120 £160
291 A 9 carat yellow gold bracelet, 19m wide polished links with large tongue snap fastener, approximate weight 33.5gms. £300-400 £380
292 A yellow metal five strand belcher link bracelet fitted with a T bar fastener stamped 9ct, approximate weight 16.5gms. £150-200 £170
293 A matching brooch and earring suite, hallmarked 9 carat yellow gold and set with a purple stone (possibly Blue John), a moss age brooch, a gold-plated Victorian style brooch with blue stone, a jadeite elephant pendant on a Prince of Wales link chain. (6) £70-100 £170
294 A wooden jewel box of costume jewellery, six individual jewel boxes each containing a multi strand bead necklace, a beaded evening bag and a French sequin evening bag. £40-60 £120
295 A silver cigarette case with enamelling to front cover depicting a chestnut race horse taking a fence and brook, the jockey in blue silks, hallmarked Birmingham (imported) 1904, makers mark S&Co, approximate weight 4oz. £150-250 £600
296 A white metal bracelet set with nine various coloured stones, purple, blue, golden, some with natural inclusions. £100-150 £110
297 A graduated synthetic white stone necklace, all stones individually claw set in gold plated setting, overall length 40cm, a pair of four stone drop earrings. £50-100 £48
298 A rope of cultured pearls, one hundred and twenty eight 10mm pearls, knotted every pearl into a single row 120cm long. £50-100 £45
299 A long rope of cultured pearls with a contemporary diamond fastener, one hundred and twenty 6.8mm cultured pearls, knotted every pearl into a necklace 90cm long and fitted with a white metal egg shaped fastener in a fine satin finish stamped 750 and set with eight small diamonds. £100-200 £160
300 A non-graduated cultured pearl necklace, fifty-seven 7.5mm pearls, knotted every pearl into a necklace 50cm long and fitted with an 18 carat yellow and white gold safety hook fastener. £100-200 £160
301 Four graduated cultured pearl necklaces, pearls varying from necklaces 9mm to 6mm, 8.5mm to 4mm, 7mm to 3.7mm, 7mm to 3.7mm, one without fastener. (4) £100-200  
302 A non-graduated cultured pearl necklace, seventy-six 7mm pearls, knotted every pearl into a necklace 65cm long and fitted with a yellow metal fastener set with a 5mm pearl. £70-100 £110
303 A rope of cultured pearls, one hundred and fourteen 7mm pearls strung into a single row 100cm long and fitted with a 9 carat yellow gold safety hook fastener. £50-100  
304 A two row non-graduated cultured pearl necklace, fifty-seven 7.2mm pearls to one row and fifty-four to other, fitted with a 9 carat yellow gold pearl cluster fastener, overall length 42cm. £100-200 £120
305 A vintage 9 carat white gold bracelet, the 18m wide seven row textured brick construction is fitted with a concealed sliding fastener, approximate weight 45gms. £400-500 £460
306 A graduated cultured pearl necklace, seventy-one pearls graduating from 5mm to 8.3mm, knotted every pearl into a necklace 47cm long and fitted with a silver fastener. £50-80  
307 A red jewel box with lift out tray containing two swallow brooches, mourning locket (cracked), a graduated cornelion bead necklace, and a 9 carat gold bloodstone/cornelion swivel. £40-60 £80
308 A non-graduated cultured pearl necklace, one hundred and one 6.5mm pearls, knotted every pearl into a necklace 80cm long and fitted with a 9 carat yellow gold fastener set with a cluster of one amethyst and eight small pearls. £80-120  
308A A long yellow metal necklace, groups of eighteen finely cast belcher links with star detail spaced by thirteen 30mm long star pierced cage links, fitted with a tongue snap fastener in the form of a hand with gemset ring, overall length120cm, approximate weight 53gms £650-850 £2000
309 A pair of silver table candlesticks, by Hawkswood Eyre & Co., Sheffield 1918, composite form with swags and fluted shafts, square bases, with leafy banding, bearing presentation inscriptions, 24cm. £150-200 £150
310 A pair of silver pedestal dishes, plain polished finish with reeded border, 6.5cm and 7cm high, hallmarked Birmingham 1908/1914, approximate weight 3.8oz, in fitted case with retailers name Edward Jewellers and Silversmiths 92 Buchanan Street Glasgow, £50-80 £75
311 A pair of silver squat candlesticks, plain polished finish, 16cm high on 11.5cm circular filled bases, fixed sconces, hallmarked Birmingham 1924 £150-200 £160
312 A solid silver quaich, 65cm diameter, plain handles on single rim foot, hallmarked Birmingham 1933, makers mark Adie Brothers Ltd, approximate weight 12oz. £120-150 £130
313 A silver sauce boat, plain polished finish on three fluted feet, hallmarked Birmingham 1905, approximate weight 3.12oz, a silver oval half fluted sugar bowl, Sheffield 1896, approximate weight 3oz. (2) £50-80 £65
314 A small silver salver with gadroon edge border, 15.5mm diameter supported on three hooved feet, hallmarked London 1910, approximate weight 6.4oz. £50-100 £85
315 A George II small silver salver, shell and scroll border, on three feet, plain base, 16cm diameter, hallmarked London 1755, makers mark Richard Rugg 1, approximate weight 5.4oz. £100-200 £130
316 A silver three piece teaset, half fluted rectangular form with a gadroon edge border, hallmarked London 1920/1923, total weight approximately 23oz. £200-300 £250
317 Edwardian cut glass scent bottle, with a silver collar, London 1909, 12cm; a continental silver bowl, probably German, 800 standard; an 'Old Sheffield plate teacaddy; and an Edwardian plated salver (4). £40-60 £60
318 Three boxes containing a silver dressing table set, a hand mirror, two hair brushes and a comb, and two clothes brushes, hallmarked Sheffield 1894, the boxes lined in red satin and velvet. £80-120 £75
319 Pair of Art Deco style silver toast racks, four section with angular fanned handles, hallmarked Birmingham 1937, makers mark B.B.S.Ld, total weight approximately 3oz. £60-90 £120
320 Two silver vinaigrettes, both with pierced floral scrolling grilles, a George III rectangular vinaigrette, plain polished finish with monogram, 36mm x 26mm, hallmarked Birmingham 1813, makers mark John Shaw, a Victorian rectangular scalloped edge vinaigrette with wavy line decoration around vacant central cartouche, 40mm x 28mm, Birmingham 1850, Nathaniel Mills). (2) £100-150 £320
321 A small silver christening mug, 7.5cm high, hallmarked Birmingham 1929, approximate weight 1.5oz, another similar stamped Sterling 2.5oz. No personal inscriptions or monograms. four hallmarked silver napkin rings, engine turned, engraved etc approximate weight 2.3oz, (gross weight of all silver approximately 6.3oz) (6) £50-80 £70
322 Two silver vinaigrettes, both with pierced grilles, a George III rectangular vinaigrette, Greek key design with vacant initial plate, 32mm x 21mm, hallmarked Birmingham 1805, makers mark IT, a rectangular curved corner vinaigrette with engraved leaf decoration and two doves, 32mm x 20mm Birmingham 1811, Thropp & Taylor (John Thropp & Thomas Taylor). (2) £100-150 £180
323 A silver sugar sifting spoon, the pierced bowl decorated with fruit, the handle having rosebuds and scrolls, hallmarked London 1890, makers mark C.E. Charles Edwards, approximate weight 2oz. £30-50  
324 Silver sauce boat and three-piece plated condiment, (4). £50-70 £30
325 A silver mounted etched glass claret jug, having trailing vines and star cut base, the chased mounting decorated with putti and vacant cartouches with a Bacchus mask pourer and pineapple finial, 31cm high, hallmarked London 1977 with Jubilee mark. £150-200 £280
326 A George III silver nutmeg grater, the rectangular case having a horizontal lined pattern, hinged grater to interior under hinged cover, hallmarked Birmingham 1813, makers mark Joseph Willmore, 35mm x 25mm x 20mm. £80-120 £280
327 Two miniature silver vinaigrettes, both with grilles with diamond shaped piercing, a George III rectangular vinaigrette with canted corners, chequered board design with vacant initial plate, 28mm x 11mm, hallmarked Birmingham 1807, makers mark Samuel Pemberton, a small rectangular vinaigrette with engraved ivy leaf decoration, 20mm x 14mm Birmingham 1834, William Simpson (2) £80-120 £260
328 An oval silver pedestal dish, plain polished finish with gadroon edge border on a single oval foot, dimensions 18cm x 12.5cm x 7cm high, hallmarked Birmingham 1995, approximate weight 7.4oz. £50-70 £80
329 Matched set of six Victorian silver table forks, fiddle and thread pattern, hallmarked London 1858 (3), 1862 (3), makers mark GA - Chawner & Co. total weight approximately 17.5oz. £150-200 £190
330 A silver vinaigrette and a modern silver pill box, a George IV rectangular vinaigrette with scrolling pierced grille, embossed scroll border around raised centre with vacant initial plate, 32mm x 20mm, hallmarked Birmingham 1825, makers mark IB, John Bettridge, a rectangular domed top pill box with engraved scroll decoration, 40mm x 30mm, Birmingham 1976, makers mark NH. (2) £70-100 £130
331 A plain silver cushion shaped dish, 9.75cm diameter, hallmarked Sheffield 1938, makers mark HA, approximate weight 5oz. £40-60 £65
332 A silver Chippendale style salver, 20mm diameter supported on three scroll feet, hallmarked Birmingham 1932, approximate weight 10oz. £90-130 £130
333 Four silver table spoons, fiddle and thread pattern with crest to top, hallmarked London 1837, by William Eaton (2), London 1859, by Elizabeth & John Eaton (2), total weight approximately 11oz. (4) £80-120 £100
334 Set of six silver coffee spoons, golf trophy spoons and others, plated trough, and set of four Royal Crown Derby napkin rings. £50-70 £25
335 A George III silver salver, later engraved with a crest to centre and wide foliate and scroll border, bead edge, all supported on four ball and claw feet, 35cm diameter, hallmarked London 1776, makers mark overstruck with WC, approximate weight 40oz. £400-600 £550
336 Five silver bon bon dishes, circular pierced pedestal dish 13cm diameter, Birmingham 1964, scalloped edge pedestal dish 3cm diameter, Sheffield 1938, pair of 10mm dishes with personal inscriptions, Birmingham 1922, 9.5cm pin tray, London 1938, total weight of five dishes approximately 14oz. £150-200 £170
337 A travel vanity case, containing silver mounted jars, brushes, hand mirror, comb etc, hallmarked London 1943, a chrome plated Art Deco style clock, a rectangular silver photograph frame 23cm x 14cm, hallmarked Birmingham 1918. £100-150 £160
338 A silver limited edition plate, designed by Annigoni to commemorative the marriage of Her Royal Highness The Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips, 23mm diameter, hallmarked London 1973, number 1539/2000, approximate weight 12oz, cased. £100-150 £100
339 Two Mexican white metal collars stamped 925, a 10mm wide undulating bangle, an open ended bangle set with malachite, an abalone shell ring and a metal chain set with a large heart. (6) £40-60 £35
340 A hallmarked silver half-hinged bangle, scroll engraving to front, a ''Peruvian Connection'' white metal six strand bracelet, a white metal bracelet and collection of charms. £40-60 £42
341 A silver compact/patch box, 50mm diameter with engine turned hinged cover and back, scroll engraved border, hallmarked Birmingham 1942, two small hallmarked brooches, silver coloured brooch flower holder, (4) £40-60 £48
342 Two solid silver half hinged bangles, 12.5mm wide and 10mm wide engraved pattern to front and back, hallmarked Birmingham 1978/1979, another similar silver gilt bangle 11mm wide hollow construction, two silver coloured filigree bracelets. (5) £50-80 £55
343 A hallmarked silver half engraved bangle and another similar stamped 925, a lady's ELO silver and marcasite cocktail watch hallmarked London (imported) 1959, pendant and chain and a marcasite ring. £50-80 £45
344 Two silver coloured chains, both stamped 925, a 6.5mm gauge solid rope link chain 80cm long and a 5.3mm gauge solid curb link chain 60cm long, total weight approximately 4.75oz. £50-80 £85
345 Two silver bracelets and a bangle, a nine row gate link bracelet with padlock fastener, a double curb link bracelet with padlock fastener and an 18mm wide half hinged bangle with scroll engraving to front, gross weight approximately 2.6oz. (3) £50-80 £60
346 A box of marcasite jewellery, silver and white metal brooches, earrings, ring etc. £30-50 £90
347 A collection of silver and white metal jewellery, oval Edwardian brooch with gold detail, silver curb link double albert, charm bracelet, earrings, brooches etc. £50-80 £110
348 Eight pairs of earrings with clip and screw fittings, some stamped 925. £30-50 £20
349 Two gilt metal bug brooches, amber coloured bodies, mounts stamped MET, a citrine rough crystal pendant in a silver coloured molten finish mount on a chain, five pairs of shell earrings and a pair of coral earrings. (15) £30-50 £45
350 A bracelet, rings and pair of earrings, all set with butterscotch coloured stones, two bracelets with green stone bar links, one stamped 925 £30-50 £25
351 A collection of tigers eye jewellery, a bracelet with three cabochon stones, two pendants and chains, two pairs of cabochon earrings, one pair for pierced ears, one pair with clips, a two stone ring, all pieces either hallmarked or stamped 925. (8). £50-80 £48
352 A silver heart pendant and chain set with rubies, amber jewellery, another silver coloured pendant. £30-50 £22
353 A hallmarked silver labradorite bracelet set with thirteen oval cabochon cut stones, each 11mm x 8mm and a similar ring size P, a dainty silver coloured bar and bead bracelet. (3) £50-70 £80
354 Seven silver coloured dress rings, some hallmarked, set with marcasite, shell etc. (7) £30-50 £38
355 A hallmarked silver and Baltic amber bangle, the oval cabochon cut amber 40mm x 30mm, collet set to front of a 5mm wide half hinged bangle, a matching necklace and earring suite with amber coloured torpedo shaped drops suspended from fine snake link chains stamped 925, three pairs of amber coloured clip on earrings. (10) £60-90 £70
356 A flat snake link collar necklace stamped 925, another snake link necklace and a satin finish necklace, together with a collection of 925S pendants and earrings set with shell, baltic amber, green onyx etc. £50-80 £60
357 Twenty pairs of earrings for pierced ears, many stamped 925, various semi precious stones, £50-80 £60
358 A blue jewellery box containing many pairs of costume jewellery earrings, pull out drawers of lady's fashion watches by Ingersoll, Limit, Raymond Weil, Sekonda, DKNY, £20-40 £80
359 A jewellery box containing simulated pearls, many pairs of costume jewellery earrings, necklaces £20-40 £230
360 Five silver condiments, total weight approximately 6.8oz, cased sets of silver teaspoons,set of silver filled handled tea knives, plated flatware, odd silver spoons £120-180 £120
361 A four strand foxtail link chain necklace and matching earrings, stamped 925, a five strand chip necklace of rose quartz, cornelion and labradorite, a 25mm wide agate torque bangle and similar ring, a hallmarked silver ring set with cornelion. (7) £40-60 £30
362 Six amber coloured bead necklaces, rough pieces and beads, various colours. £50-80 £190
363 A sewing box of costume jewellery necklaces, crystal beads, amber chip necklace, quartz necklace, brooches etc. £20-40 £32
364 Pickett of London amethyst and clear crystal necklace, large faceted crystals spaced by smaller amethyst overall length 45cm, another similar necklace of graduated circular beads 41cm long, complete with Pickett green and orange branded box. £50-100  
365 Pickett of London three strand tourmaline crystal necklace, three rows of alternating pink and green crystals with two rows having graduated roughly faceted tear drops, overall length 43cm, complete with Pickett green and orange branded box. £50-100 £90
366 Nine agate bead necklaces and bracelets to include tigers eye, cornelion, chalcedony and two pieces of un-mounted tigers eye. £40-60 £30
367 Quantity of fountain and ballpoint pens, Waterman's marbled propelling pencil, a boxed Sheaffer set, The ''Empire'' pen, rolled gold ''Lifelong''etc. £30-50 £140
368 A collection of fountain and ball point pens, Parker,Watermans, Conway Stewart, Swan, some marbled, £80-120 £650
369 A collection of vintage fountain pens, a Mont Blanc 3.42.G fountain pen with a 14ct First Quality nib, a Waterman gold plated barley engine turned design fountain pen and pencil - boxed, other pens by Parker, Conway Stewart, Burnham and Sheaffer. £80-120 £300
370 Cartier - A ladies stainless steel and gold Santos wristwatch, the 13mm white dial with roman numerals and inner minute track, having the secret signature at X, sweep seconds, automatic movement, 23mm square case numbered 090260847, sapphire crown, Cartier steel and solid gold bracelet numbered 304379, Cartier red suede pouch, no box or paperwork, Michael Jones Jeweller service receipt. £700-900 £900
371 A gentleman's Trebex wrist watch, a Perpetum-Mobile Automatic 21 jewel watch with circular cream baton dial having quarter arabics and sweep seconds in a yellow metal case, strap model. £100-150 £110
372 Tissot PR100 wristwatch, bi-colour bracelet. £40-60 £90
373 A gentleman's Waltham automatic wrist watch, circular cream baton dial with sweep seconds and date aperture in a 9 carat yellow gold case, fitted with a brown leather strap, no personal engraved inscriptions. £200-300  
374 A ladies Uno 17 jewel wrist watch, the circular cream baton dial with quarter arabics in a 9 carat yellow gold case fitted with a 9 carat gold 3mm gauge chain link bracelet, approximate weight excluding movement 12.5gms £100-150 £120
375 Longines - A ladies 'Le Grandes Classiques' gold-plated bracelet watch, rectangular cream baton dial in a gold plated case with integral 15mm wide integral bar link bracelet, case numbered 27024979 L5.137.2 £50-80 £60
376 A ladies Tissot wrist watch, oval champagne baton dial in a 9 carat yellow gold case hallmarked London 1974, strap model, back of case weighs 2.3gms, a Ladies Marvin wrist watch, circular cream arabic dial with subsidiary seconds dial in a gold coloured case fitted with an expanding bracelet. (2) £40-60 £80
377 A 9 carat rose gold ladies wrist watch, the 20mm circular roman numeral dial in a 9 carat gold case hallmarked Birmingham 1942, fitted with a rose metal expanding bracelet stamped English Made 9ct. £150-180 £150
378 A ladies 18 carat yellow gold cased wrist watch with white enamel arabic dial on a metal expanding bracelet, a ladies 9 carat yellow gold Buren wrist watch on a yellow metal expanding bracelet, one other watch bracelet and a Sekonda pendant watch. £70-100 £460
379 A gentleman's vintage 9 carat rose gold wrist watch, rectangular arabic dial 22mm x 20mm in a plain gold case hallmarked 1901 or 1905, town mark rubbed, approx weight when movement removed 7gms (no strap or bracelet) £50-80 £70
380 Five wrist watches, all for ladies, a Frey watch with circular arabic dial in a 9 carat yellow gold octagonal case with expanding bracelet, another 9 carat gold watch with 9 carat two strand mesh bracelet, a small watch with 18 carat gold case (no strap), and two other steel cased watches. £100-150 £240
381 Two open face pocket watches, a Waltham open face pocket watch in a silver case hallmarked Birmingham 1899, another large open face pocket watch by Elgin with gold coloured eagle to back of case. (2) £30-50 £75
382 Six pocket watches and a stop watch, An Admiralty Pattern No 6 stop watch, a Talis gold plated half hunter, a Waltham with a black dial and another marked ''30 hour non-luminous Mark V'', another marked ''South Bend'', a Cortebert, another with pair of galloping horses on back of case, (7) £80-120 £200
383 Three silver cased pocket watches, and an Ingersoll wrist watch, (a/f), (4). £30-50 £50
384 A small 18 carat yellow gold open face pocket watch, gold coloured floral dial with a roman numeral chapter ring, 18 carat yellow gold outer and inner cases, the outer case engine turned with vacant central cartouche, hallmarked London 1851, makers mark JWS, number 1242, keywind cylinder movement by Brock, George Street, Portman Square London with corresponding movement number, (glass missing), a broken 18 carat yellow gold signet ring, approximate weight 6.3gms. (2) £300-400 £480
385 An open face pocket watch, cream enamel dial with arabic numerals in a yellow metal case with foliate engraved decoration around a vacant cartouche, case marked 14K, No.124951, metal inner case, top wind cylinder movement. £150-200  
386 Nine various Military and Air Ministry wrist watches, MWC marked on back of case 9442/91, Hamilton Geneve 1855/74, HMT Jawan W10/6645-000035, CWC 484/79, Corebert and others. (9) £100-200 £1200
387 Six digital wristwatches and one analogue, a Kili 17 jewel watch ''guaranteed 180ft tested '' engraved on back, digital 150 feet with date and hour apertures, two Astral digital watches, a Sicura, a Trafalgar, a Lucerne and one other, all steel cased. (7) £60-90 £190
388 Nine various wristwatches, all gentleman's steel cased, Seiko, Montine, Marathon, Audax, Silvana, Ascot with visible automatic movement, another with Rotary on the dial with visible Miyota Co movement showing front and back. (9) £80-120 £200
389 Ten military pocket watches and one stop watch, all having broad arrow on back of case, mostly not named, Elgin with GS MkII A8230 on case, (11) £60-90 £460
390 Album of post cards, cigarette cards some Mabel Lucie Attwell, badges, Italy Star medal. £40-60 £45
391 A silver trinket box with tortoiseshell inlaid cover, 9cm diameter,hallmarked Chester 1817, a similar 6cm box on three feet, a 9cm snuff box with metal bust of a male inlaid to cover, silver handled button hook and shoe horn, small pencil, large open face pocket watch with black dial in a metal case, small metal case with miniature doll inside. £50-80 £120
392 Six Swatch ladies watches and ten other fashion watches, Swatch Eiffel Tower, rainbow colours, Snowpass Beach Volley World Tour £50-80 £70
393 Two hallmarked silver watch alberts, both heavy graduated curb link single alberts 38cm long, fitted with a T bar and swivel, total weight approximately 3.85oz. (2) £30-50 £130
394 A silver curb link double albert, 50cm long fitted with a T bar and two metal swivels, medallion attached, approximate weight 1.7oz, a silver plated albert with 935 standard fob watch attached, the white enamel dial with roman numeral chapter ring named J Myers & Co. £30-50 £70
395 A silver engine turned propelling pencil in an Eversharp box and a dual pencil and pen nib in a gold coloured hexagonal barrel with retractable slide action, sard onyx shield shaped top. (2) £50-80 £22
396 Two silver chains, yellow metal pin, cigar cutter. £40-60 £90
397 A pair of 9 carat yellow gold oval chain link cufflinks, the face half plain and half engine turned, hallmarked Birmingham 1989, approximate weight 8.6gms, seven 16mm diameter silver coloured buttons, (9) £80-120 £90
398 A faux tortoiseshell ''Studs & Links'' box containing two Scandinavian cufflinks, the four oval plates having guilloche enamel scenes of reindeer on one cufflink and coastal scene on other, stamped 925, a similar reindeer tie bar stamped 830, a pair of yellow metal engine turned cufflinks stamped 9ct, approximate weight 3gms, and another pair of enamelled cufflinks, (7 plus box) £80-120 £90
399 A pair of 9 carat rose gold chain link cufflinks, plain polished oval concave faces, no monograms or engraving, hallmarked Birmingham 1934, approximate weight 6.5gms. £60-90 £70
400 Matching pendant and earring suite, a circular cluster of coloured gemstones to include amethyst, garnet, citrine, peridot in 9 carat yellow gold on a fine 9 carat gold chain, earrings with pierced fittings. (3) £50-80 £75
401 A pair of 9 carat yellow and white gold earrings for pierced ears, approximate weight 1.8gms, another pair in 18 carat yellow and white gold with matching pendant, total weight approximately 4.4gms. (5) £70-100 £100
402 A 9 carat white gold tanzanite cross on a chain, another silver pendant and chain, a ring and earring suite with bright turquoise stones. (5) £50-70 £110
403 Three pairs of gemset earrings for pierced ears, multi coloured stones, hoops, drops and butterflies, two pairs hallmarked 9 carat yellow gold. (6) £50-80 £75
404 Five pairs of cultured pearl earrings for pierced ears, 6.5mm plain studs,floral studs, rope edge studs and another pair with synthetic white stones. pair of hoop earrings and two pearl links.(11) £120-150 £170
405 A collection of gold coloured earrings for pierced ears, some hallmarked 9 carat gold, an 18 carat gold ring missing stones, three small dress studs. £150-200 £350
406 A pair of cultured pearl and diamond earrings, the 5.7mm pearls surrounded by twelve, eight cut diamonds and suspended by a single diamond stud in all white metal settings, pierced fittings with post and butterfly. £150-200 £220
407 A pair of hoop earrings stamped 750, approximate weight 4.6gms, other odd earrings 9 carat gold and unmarked 4.5gms. £80-120 £150
408 A pair of 9 carat yellow gold peridot and seed pearl 25mm drop earrings, hallmarked Sheffield 1990, an amethyst and seed pearl cluster ring on a 2.6m wide band, ring size R. (3) £70-100 £140
409 A pair of diamond single stone earrings, one brilliant cut diamond four claw set to each, in all white metal mounts, pierced fittings with post and butterfly, total weight of diamonds approximately 0.55carats. £500-700 £850
410 A sapphire and diamond suite of jewellery, a white metal ring stamped 750 channel set with two baguette cut diamonds and nine square cut sapphires, ring size K, a similar pendant set with four princess cut diamonds and eight sapphires, in all white metal stamped 750, on a fine trace link chain. (2) £200-300 £180
411 A pair of sapphire and diamond oval cluster earrings, an oval faceted sapphire 6.6mm x 4.6mm, claw set and surrounded by twelve brilliant cut diamonds to each, in all white metal mounts, pierced fittings with post and butterfly. £300-500  
412 Pair of 9 carat yellow gold earrings, polished design by Chiampesan of Italy, pierced fittings with retaining clips, total weight approximately 7.5gms. £60-90 £130
413 A pair of emerald and diamond oval cluster earrings, an oval mixed cut emerald claw set and surrounded by eighteen brilliant cut diamonds all set in yellow metal, pierced fittings with post and butterfly. £500-800  
414 A pair of emerald and diamond earrings, five emeralds and four brilliant cut diamonds claw set in 18 carat yellow gold mounts, pierced fittings with post and butterfly. £250-450  
415 A three row diamond and pearl ring, the centre ring claw set with three diamonds with the outer two bands each set with a 7.5mm pearl with one old cut and two rose cuts set into each shoulder, all mounted in yellow metal, ring size K. £300-500 £340
416 A diamond solitaire ring, the old brilliant cut stone claw set in an 18 carat all yellow gold mount, plain shank with open scroll shoulders and surround to stone, hallmarked Birmingham 1945, approximate weight of diamonds 0.25 carat, approximate weight of mount 6.4gms, £150-200 £170
417 A diamond circular cluster ring, seven old brilliant cut diamonds, claw set in an all yellow metal mount with 2mm wide shank and shoulders, ring size P. £200-300 £180
418 A diamond solitaire ring, the old brilliant cut stone, claw set in a yellow and white gold mount stamped 18ct, Plat, approximate size of diamond 0.30 carat, ring size W. £100-200 £130
419 A diamond three stone ring, the brilliant cut stones, graduating in size, claw set in an 18 carat yellow and white gold three stone mount with 1.8mm wide shank with angular split shoulders surrounding the stones, major diamond approximately 0.20 carat, ring size P. £200-300  
420 A sapphire and cubic zirconia oval cluster ring, the oval faceted sapphire 12mm x 10mm, claw set and surrounded by ten brilliant cut cubic zirconia, and two similar baguette cut stones, claw set in an 18 carat yellow and white gold mount with 2mm wide shank and fleur de lys shoulders, ring size P. £150-200 £150
421 A sapphire and diamond square cluster ring, four sapphires and five brilliant cut diamonds, claw set in an 18 carat all white gold 8.5mm square cluster mount with 2mm wide shank and spear point shoulders, ring size N. £180-250 £180
422 A sapphire and diamond oval cluster ring, the oval sapphire 8.5mm x 6.5mm, claw set and surrounded by sixteen eight cut diamonds in an 18 carat yellow and white gold mount, ring size M, a size reducing band sits inside the ring to make it smaller and could be removed. £200-300  
423 An 18 carat yellow and white gold two stone crossover ring, possibly blue and yellow sapphire and spaced by a pair of small brilliant cut diamonds, approximate weight of mount 4gms, ring size W. £100-200 £100
424 A ruby and diamond half eternity ring, fourteen square cut rubies channel set with fourteen brilliant cut diamonds set into the under bezel to each side in a yellow and white metal half eternity mount, 3.7mm wide shank stamped 750, ring size P. (The matching earrings are being offered in the next lot) £400-600  
425 A diamond and ruby five stone half hoop ring, three old brilliant cut diamonds and two rubies, claw set in a hallmarked 18 carat all white gold mount, ring size U. £100-200 £90
426 A ruby and diamond platinum half eternity ring, three brilliant cut diamonds and four rubies, channel set in a platinum 3mm wide mount, total weight of diamonds approximately 0.28 carat, colour J, clarity VS, total weight of rubies approximately 0.69 carat, ring size N. Ring has a PGI certificate no.101282. £300-500  
427 A yellow metal ring roman set with two old cut diamonds and central pink sapphire, approximate weight of mount 6.5gms, total weight of diamonds approximately 0.40 carat, ring size G. £200-300  
428 A diamond half eternity ring, seven brilliant cut diamonds claw set in a hallmarked 9 carat yellow gold mount, ring size O. £100-200  
429 A diamond half eternity ring, nine brilliant cut diamonds line edge set in a hallmarked 18 carat yellow gold mount, approximate weight 3gms, ring size T. £80-120 £75
430 A diamond half eternity ring, ten princess cut diamonds claw set in a hallmarked 9 carat yellow and white gold mount, ring size U. £80-120 £100
431 A diamond half eternity ring, thirteen baguette cut diamonds, graduating in size, channel set in an all yellow metal mount 7.8mm wide, 2.5 mm wide shank stamped 750, gross weight of ring approximately 7gms, ring size N. £300-500  
432 A diamond five stone half hoop ring, the old brilliant cut stones, graduating in size, claw set in an all yellow gold mount stamped 18ct, total weight of diamonds approximately 0.40 carat, approximate weight of mount 3gms, ring size V. £150-200 £150
433 A collection of Victorian and vintage jewellery, an oval jet locket 45m x 35mm with lock of hair inside, a paste open crescent brooch, garnet jewellery, opal trefoil earstuds, a seed pearl bar brooch, twig coral, blue paste pendant and chain. £70-100 £220
434 A jewel case containing two oval carved shell cameo brooches in metal mounts, two cameo rings in mounts stamped 9ct, cameo pendant, cultured pearl and other earrings, a 9ct B&F oval locket 44cm x 35cm, a porcelain pinchbeck brooch. £50-80 £170
435 A tray of small collectables, silver engine turned cigar cutter hallmarked London 1952, a Victorian teaspoon and a later pickle fork, two silver open face pocket watches, service medals, RR and Bentley chauffeur badges made by J R Gaunt & Sons, silver, copper and nickel pre-decimal coins, Parker 61 pen and pencil, Swan fountain pens, small sovereign balance in a case, metal vesta case, metal book design combined vesta/stamp case. £100-150 £220
436 The Durham Light Infantry World War One sweetheart badge, Camerons Highlanders enamelled badge, Order of the Garter cap badge, along with other military badges, buttons and dog tags. £40-60 £42
437 A collection of jewellery, a silver 25mm wide half hinged bangle with engraved decoration to front, hallmarked Birmingham 1934, a silver coloured 35mm wide pierced bangle, an oval carved shell cameo brooch of the three graces in a hallmarked 9 carat yellow gold frame 45mm x 35mm, a 22 carat gold wedding band 1.8gms, other rings and brooches. £100-150 £200
438 Three dress rings, a 9 carat yellow gold ring set with garnet and opal, size M, a 9 carat gold ring set with amethyst size l, total weight of 9 carat approximately 8.7gms, an 18 carat yellow gold ring set with two sapphires and three diamonds, ring size k, approximate weight 2.3gms. (3) £60-90 £140
439 Five dress rings, a single pearl ring and a three stone pearl ring, both mounts stamped 18ct, gross weight approximately 6.5gms, an amber cabochon ring, a 9 carat yellow gold half hoop ring set with three red stones spaced by four diamond points, hallmarked Birmingham 1893, 1.5gms, a four stone ring set with two diamonds and two heat treated zircons. (5) £100-150 £180
440 9ct gold sapphire and diamond eternity ring,and two other dress rings,(3) £100-150  
441 Three dress rings, a hallmarked 9 carat yellow gold reverse cluster set with six sapphires and a small diamond, approximate weight 1.5gms, another ring set with a sapphire and two cubic zirconia stamped 9ct, 2.2gms and a small cluster set with seven small eight cut diamonds, stamped 18ct, approximate weight 2.2gms, (3) £60-90 £85
442 A 22 carat yellow gold wedding band, 3mm wide plain polished D shape, approximate weight 5gms, ring size Q. £100-150 £150
443 18 carat yellow gold wedding band, 4.8mm wide D shape, approximate weight 6.4gms, ring size V. £100-150 £140
444 A 22 carat yellow gold wedding band, plain polished 3.3mm wide D shape, ring size L, approximate weight 5gms. £100-150 £150
445 A 22 carat yellow gold wedding band, plain polished 3.7mm wide D shape, ring size K, approximate weight 6gms. £120-150 £160
446 Two wedding rings, a 22 carat yellow gold 4.8mm wide wedding band, approximate weight 2.3gms, another unmarked wedding band weighing 1.5gms. (2) £70-90 £80
447 A 22 carat yellow gold wedding band, leaf engraved 2.3mm wide D shape, ring size M, approximate weight 3.4gms. £80-120 £80
448 An oval carved shell cameo ring, the female profile facing right, 25mm x 18mm, collet set in a 9 carat yellow gold mount with scalloped border, ring size P. £80-120  
449 A Victorian 18 carat yellow gold knot design dress ring set with a small diamond and two rubies, hallmarked Birmingham, approximate weight 3.3gms, ring size L. £50-80 £120
450 Two 9 carat yellow gold dress ring, one having an oval mixed cut smoky quartz 16mm x 13mm, ring size W. the other a modern textured twig design randomly set with seven small sapphires, ring size M, total gross weight approximately 8.4gms. (2) £50-80 £95
451 Two dress rings, a 9 carat yellow gold half hoop ring set with three emeralds and two illusion set diamond points, ring size T, a small oval cabochon cut tigers eye in a rope edge mount stamped 9ct, ring size M, total gross weight approximately 4gms. £30-50 £40
452 A 9 carat yellow gold signet ring set with a rectangular step cut red stone, approximate weight 3.8gms, a yellow metal ring with circular head with a sunray scene, one shoulder missing, approximate weight 12gms, in a bakelite ring box named Kemp & Co. Gallowtree Gate, Leicester. (2) £100-150 £280
453 A yellow metal ring set with a green cabochon cut jadeite, 19.5mm x 14.5mm, 2.5mm wide shank and shoulders, gross weight approximately 5.7gms, ring size H. £70-100 £65
454 A twelve stone ruby dress ring, the small circular cut stones claw and pave set in a 9 carat yellow gold wishbone design mount with pierced shoulders and surround to head, approximate weight3.3gms, ring size R. £80-120  
455 Two semi-precious dress rings, an oval mixed cut citrine in a 9 carat yellow gold mount, ring size N, a 9 carat yellow gold reproduction Victorian ring set with three garnets, ring size O, gross weight approximately 8.5gms. (2) £80-120 £85
456 A hallmarked half hinged silver gilt bangle, bug pendant, enamel bird, some broken pieces of jewellery. £40-60 £55
457 Two pairs of studs earrings, red stone and purple stone, an Edwardian pendant (seed pearls missing), a gold-plated bracelet and two chains, no hallmarks. (8) £50-80 £190
458 A collection of gold and metal jewellery, a single 18 carat yellow gold cufflink approximate weight 6gms, a 9 carat yellow gold curb bracelet and loose charms 29gms, a 15 carat yellow gold ring 1.6gms and other unmarked yellow metal jewellery. £300-400 £560
459 Silver and gold coloured chains, earrings and rings, £50-80 £190
460 A 9 carat gold signet ring, a 9 carat gold padlock fastener, three gold coloured bracelets. (5) £250-300 £280
461 Tray of collectables, costume jewellery, powder compacts, jewel box with bead necklaces, small barometer, glove box full of buttons. £30-50 £22
462 Box of modern costume jewellery - freshwater and simulated pearl necklaces, shell jewellery, polished and tumbled agate beads. £20-40 £20
463 A silver solid curb link charm bracelet with padlock fastener, fifteen charms attached, approximate weight 2oz, a marcasite bracelet with five charms, pink wedgwood jasper brooch, gold coloured locket and chain, costume jewellery brooches and scarf clips. £70-100 £90
464 A Monet rope of 8mm simulated pearls, 60cm long, other necklaces spaced by cultured and simulated pearls, a white metal ''bunch of grapes'' sautoir, a Scottish silver citrine coloured brooch 30mm diameter, hallmarked Glasgow 1956, another similar brooch. £30-50  
465 A yellow metal bangle set with seed pearls, 1.5mm wire with hook fastener, a Shetland silver bird brooch hallmarked Edinburgh 1966, a rose quartz pendant, marcasite and enamel brooch and other items of costume jewellery. £50-80 £55
466 Silvrey Moon enameled music badge, Robinson's Golden Shred badge, vintage tape measures, badges, pins, lockets, vintage spectacles, etc. £40-60 £55
467 A tray of vintage jewellery, paste and marcasite brooches and earrings, simulated pearl necklaces with coloured stones, imitation amber necklace, string of green beads. £20-40 £18
468 A tray of costume jewellery, Butler & Wilson butterfly brooch and a Butler & Wilson cat in a basket brooch, Napier and other gilt necklaces and earrings, Givency earrings etc £50-80 £80
469 A tray of vintage large costume jewellery clip on earrings, yellow and white metal Jewelcraft, KJL, A&S etc £20-40 £45
470 A tray of vintage gilt metal necklaces, ropes of simulated pearls, a Phillipe Charriol wrist watch £20-40  
471 A tray of vintage large costume jewellery clip on earrings, yellow and white metal, faux pearl, Erwin Pearl etc £20-40  
472 Box of modern costume jewellery - black and grey bead necklaces, paste set necklaces and bracelets, £20-40 £25
473 Two boxes of modern costume jewellery - polished white metal necklaces, bangles and bracelets, faux tortoiseshell and coral, slave bangles, large costume jewellery rings. £30-50  
474 Two boxes of modern costume jewellery - large bead necklaces and bracelets in turquoise, blue, cerise, purple, some with applied ribbon and cord. £20-40  
475 A Norwegian style guilloche enamel bracelet, nine scenic links in white, pink and blue enamel in 20mm beaded frames, stamped on reverse 925S ANA. £50-80 £85
476 Three enamel butterfly brooches, marked Sterling Norway 925 with wing spans of pink and blue 65mm, yellow and black 50mm, blue and yellow 50mm, (blue and yellow has damage to wing). (3) £70-100 £95
477 Two oval carved shell cameo brooches, female profiles facing right, in white metal mounts, one framed with marcasite, a cameo ring, an enamel fish brooch set with marcasite. a gold plated ring with large loose stone (5) £40-60 £35
478 A lapis coloured bead necklace, the beads graduating in size from 6mm to 10mm and having yellow metal ring spacers, overall length 80cm and a similar pair of 10mm stud earrings for pierced ears, £50-100 £40
479 Three circular Scottish agate style brooches, one gold plated 40mm diameter, another silver coloured 37mm diameter with cross and coronet to centre, one 26mm with amethyst coloured stone to centre. (3) £40-60 £55
480 An agate bracelet having seven links 22mm x 18mm, in cornelion, jasper, banded agate, spaced by white metal floral engraved spacers. a similar agate necklace formed from 20mm long hexagonal bars with gold coloured caps, overall length 40cm, a mother-of-pearl rosary. (3) £80-120 £220
481 A collection of jewellery stamped 925, a Mexican bangle set with black onyx, a similar ring and pendant and chain, a mauve and clear agate disc pendant, an amethyst ring (5) £40-60 £38
482 A large silver banded agate brooch, the agate 65mm x 50mm , in a narrow silver coloured frame, another similar brooch 50mm x 35mm in a closed back mount, two smaller mother-of-pearl brooches, (4) £50-80 £48
483 White metal jewellery set with semi-precious stones, some marked 925, rings, pendants, bracelets in amethyst, citrine, agates etc £40-60 £38
484 Two large oval pendants with chains, one set with malachite the other a turquoise colour, each 37mm x 30mm, in closed back silver coloured mounts stamped 925, one on a belcher chain, the other a Prince of Wales link. (2) £30-50 £60
485 A Swarovski Crystal necklace, the snake link chain holding two purple stones, complete with Swarovski navy jewel pouch, a ladies Calvin Klein fashion watch, a wide bangle set with crystals, a Past Times ladies marcasite watch. (4) £30-50 £22
486 A jewel box of pendants and chains set with semi precious stones to include baltic amber, abalone, tigers eye, nephrite, many stamped 925 £50-80 £42
487 A jewel box of shell jewellery to include necklaces, pendants, bracelets, bangles and a ring, some stamped 925 £40-60  
488 A diamond and pearl white metal bar brooch, the 6mm half pearl peg set to centre of a diamond halo frame of eighteen old cut diamonds with a bar to each side having eight old cut diamonds set in alternating circular and diamond shape milgrain settings, 70mm long. £350-450 £360
489 A diamond three stone ring, the brilliant cut stones, claw set in a yellow and white metal traditional mount, plain shank with 2.6mm wide shank stamped 18ct Plat. ring size Q. £300-400 £280
490 A diamond three stone ring, the brilliant cut stones, claw set in a yellow and white metal traditional mount, plain shank with 1.8mm wide shank stamped 18ct. ring size Q. £150-200 £150
491 A diamond solitaire ring, the brilliant cut stone, claw set in a yellow and white metal traditional mount, plain shank with 1.8mm wide shank stamped 18 carat, approximate weight of diamond 0.55carat, ring size Q. £500-700 £460
492 Silver covered trinket jewel box, embossed lid with a view of the terrace San Miniato al Monte and Florence, serpentine front drawer wood and green velvet lined , Hallmarked London 1909, Wm Comyns, engraved on back of box ''D.B. - J.B. Runkewitz 1951'' overall dimensions 15cm x 8cm x 3cm. Description amended 8.4.17 £70-100 £140
493 Pair of French gilt, enamelled and mother of pearl opera glasses, by Prosper Prunoust 131 Palais Royal Paris, ''Tumelle Perfection No 12'', gilded case decorated with vignettes and cherubs and cornucopia of flowers, £40-60 £320
494 Silver mounted photograph frame, Art Nouveau style border 4cm wide, with trailing flowers over a simulated basket weave background, easel back, hallmarked Birmingham 1906, overall dimensions 30cm x 25cm, £70-100 £200
495 Early Victorian tortoiseshell card case, rectangular form with a hinged lid, 10.5cm x 7.5cm £60-80 £48
496 Early Victorian tortoiseshell box, bow-front form, the exterior of the lid with a yellow metal shield cartouche, the interior red velvet lined and set with a mirror, 8.5cm. £60-100 £120
498 Five albums and stock books of stamps, G.B. and worldwide, loose stamps, some envelopes. £50-100 £60
499 Quantity of large cut glass vases, baskets, lamps and ceiling shades £100-150 £120