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Tuesday 25th April 2017, 10:00 am

Items Per Page

Description Estimate
1 Masons 'Chartreuse' Canton covered vase, 36cm, boxed, together with other Masons Chartreuse, vases and bowls, some with boxes. £60-80
2 Staffordshire flatback model, lady on a horse, 20cm,a smaller model of a couple, modern Staffordshire dog, and two cats. (5) £40-60
3 Lladro figure, boy with a flower barrow, 25cm, 1283, a girl with a bouquet, 5862, girl dancer, 5050, seated ballerina, E-20N, and two Nao figures, some boxed (6) £70-100
4 Country Artists models, birds, (quantity). £20-30
5 Masons 'Chartreuse' three photograph frames, pair of candlesticks, wall clock and mantel clock, some boxed, (7) £40-60
6 Bossons wall plaques, (9) £20-30
7 Two Royal Doulton models, Morris Dancer Bunnykins DB204, 11.5cm; and Little Boy Blue Bunnykins, DB239, 13cm, (2). £20-30
8 Two boxes of glassware, including cut glass vases, decanters, bowls etc. £50-80
9 Royal Doulton ''Twilight Rose'', fine bone china dinnerware. £50-80
10 Part dessert service, stamped Swansea, circa.1850, decorated with floral fields, five comports, ten plates. £100-150
11 Wade figures; Town Mice Dunstable ''Wade fair 1996 limited edition'', Baby Badger ''Wade fair 2003 limited edition of 150'', Family pets set Cats, Farm Yard set, three yacht wall plaques (5). £40-60
12 Three bat printed tea plates, deer in a landscape, 15cm. £30-50
13 Royal Worcester cake stand, napkin rings, etc. £60-90
14 Pair of decorated pottery table lamps, metal bases with shades, 53cm. £60-100
15 Spode etruscan trophies pattern stand, diameter 34cm and two other Spode pottery stands. £40-60
16 Box of hand painted papier mache eggs and boxes. £20-30
17 Newhall bat printed teaset. (18) £80-120
18 Beswick and Wade whisky flasks, three Wade Penguins with stoppers, Beswick Eagle no.2104, Beswick Badger no.2687, Beswick Seal no.2693. £30-50
19 Box of Japanese Imari, bowls plates and vases, and a modern Japanese vase. £40-60
20 Wade Puppy Love; Ella Dog ''limited edition of 500'', Shelby Puppy, Henry Puppy, Steino Puppy, Sindy Boxer, all made in 1999, (5). £40-60
21 Dartington, Edinburgh and other table glass, some with cut pattern, some plain, some boxed, (quantity). £40-60
22 Royal Worcester ''Mandarin'' dinner and coffee ware. £30-40
23 Denby ''Arabesque'' dinnerware. £25-40
24 Box of decorative ceramics, mostly Coalport, Royal Stafford and Royal Doulton, to include vases, dishes, plates and brooch. £30-50
25 Beswick figure, Shire horse with wooden model wagon containing barrels, 62cm. £50-80
26 Lladro, clown E-2H, 38cm, four other Lladro clown models and a Lladro clock 5770, (6) £80-120
27 Wade figures; Goldilocks and the Three Bears, first style c.1953/58, (4). £100-150
28 Cut glass mushroom table lamp, Waterford style, 50cm. £80-120
29 Wade Pocket Pals; Cat Slinky, Rabbit Bounce, Hippo Paddles, Giraffe Stretch, Mouse Cheesy, Pig Truffles, Dog Wags, Frog Hiphop, Dog Woofit, (9). £20-30
30 Large Waterford vase, ovoid shape, 33cm. £50-80
31 Shelley Art Deco trio, Regent shape other Shelly pottery and china £50-70
32 Beswick model of a black horse, no.855 limited edition made in 2005. £60-90
33 Beswick horse figures; no.1085 Palomino horse, no.1261 Palomino horse, no.1972 Pinto pony, (3). £100-150
34 Large Waterford vase, shaped top, 30cm £80-120
35 Derby style cup and saucer, painted with floral sprays in a cobalt and gilt ground, saucer 14.5cm; another very similar cup and saucer; two Chamberlains Worcester style square dishes; and a pottery jug, a present from Stoke on Trent 1864, and decorated with the Farmers' Arms. £50-80
36 Wade Blow-ups; Polar Bear mother, Polar Bear cub, Seal, (3). £100-150
37 Beswick horse figures; no.815 grey gloss horse, no.1813 grey gloss foal, no.1549 grey horse first version, no.1261 grey horse, (4). £60-90
38 Large Waterford vase, square base, 27cm. £100-150
39 Three Capodimonte Armani figures, height 50cm. £60-90
40 Famille rose dish 19cm x 23cm, commemorative ware, ginger jar, tiles, Aynsley. £40-60
41 Assorted 20th Century ceramics and glass. £30-50
42 Bosson's wall plaques, (23) £30-40
43 Aynsley ''Wild Tudor'' vases, trinket pots etc, other decorative ceramics and glass. £20-30
44 Cauldron 'Dragon' blue and white tea and dinner ware, (quantity). £40-60
45 English china dessert service, blue and gilt borders, handpainted with flowers, including three comports and eleven plates. £80-120
46 Transfer ware dish,' Villager' pattern by Turner, 28cm, and seven other transfer ware dishes (8) £50-80
47 Waterford Lismore glassware, wines and champagnes, (20) £150-200
48 Chinese ewer, ovoid body with a narrow-bottle neck, the handle and spout modelled as a lizard, underglazed blue painted, with rocks and plants, unmarked, 20cm, repaired. £20-30
49 Beswick, Beatrix Potter - Benjamin ate a lettuce leaf and Hunca Munca sweeping, together with a seated King Charles spaniel, (3) £30-50
50 Country Artists figure CA892 ''New Arrivals, Danbury Mint model ''First Snows by Anne Richmond, (2). £40-60
51 Waterford table glassware, 'Collen' pattern including a decanter, six flutes, six hock and six brandy. £80-120
52 Swarovski Crustal figures, A7644 Dolphin, A7615 Snail, A7633 Swan, A7663 Seal, Ocean sea bed creatures, A6112 Roses in a vase, Seahorses, All cased, (7). £50-80
53 Coalport lady figures, Sophie La Belle Epoque ''Promenading on the Champs Elysees'', Emma Hamilton, Lady Alice, Clementine ''Debut in Paris'', Sophie, (5). £100-150
54 Staffordshire pottery jug, Dresden pattern and a quantity of decorative pottery and china, (3 boxes) £30-40
55 Staffordshire pottery group, a couple with a birds nest, height 23cms, (damaged) and a collection of Victorian and later pottery, (a quantity). £20-40
56 Collection of Royal Crown Derby trinket boxes, Wedgwood and Aynsley plates and vases and a Tiffany box. £40-60
57 Murano style glass cockerel 29cm, opaque painted glass vases , a Hadleigh Worcester bottle vase damaged, dressing table set and decorative pottery. £30-50
58 Border Fine Arts figure B0276 ''On the Lookout'' boxed, 25cm £40-60
59 Royal Doulton figurines, Forever Yours, HN3949, Loving Thoughts HN3948, Christmas Parcels, Hn3943, Forget me Not HN3388, Christmas Day HN3488, Thankyou HN3390, Sweet Dreams HN3394, Loving You HN3389, and My First Figurine HN3424, (9) £50-80
60 Royal Doulton and Coalport figures; Scarlett HN4408, Elaine HN2791, Coalport Ladies of Fashion Gabrielle, The Lavender Gown, Bolero and Colleen, (6). £100-150
61 Walter Moorcroft, Hibiscus ginger jar, 21cm. £100-150
62 Five Nao porcelain clown models. £30-40
63 Royal Standard tea service, leaf design, pink saucer. £20-30
64 Selection of glass and plastic paper weights, some with suspended bubble form. £40-60
65 Five Hummel figures and a Capodimonte group, some damages. (6) £60-80
66 Border Fine Arts figures, WB150 Robin/Horseshoe, B0038 Family Portrait, B0036 Autumn Harvest, A0727 Young Ones, (4). £60-90
67 Border Fine Arts and Country Artists figures; including B0224 Squirrel Family etc, (9). £30-50
68 Walter Moorcroft, Hibiscus plate, diameter 26cm. £50-70
69 Noritake, part tea service, six cups and saucers, plates, jug and bowl, figural design. £40-60
70 Masons 'Chartreuse', three piece teaset, and dinnerware including a tureen. £30-50
71 Lladro figure, golfer B-23 39cm, and three other Lladro models, one damaged. £50-80
72 A collection of seventeen glass paperweights. £60-80
73 Collection of Beswick birds, to include, Kingfisher, Chaffinch (2), Bullfinch(2), Wren(2), Blue Tit(2), Greenfinch, Goldcrest, Robin, Goldfinch, together with 'tree' stand. £100-150
74 Two boxes of table ceramics, including Wedgwood dinner service, pair of reproduction Staffordshire dogs, with other ceramics. £40-60
75 Finnish design large punch bowl and other with matching dessert bowls, along with other decorative glass. £40-60
76 Quantity of cut glass vases and bowls. £60-80
77 Two Georgian wine glasses, each with a folded foot, Victorian wine glasses, other crystal, and an orrefors-type vase. £40-60
78 Resin and pottery cottage models, (quantity) £20-30
79 Victorian green tinted glass, including decanters, jugs, beakers etc, quantity in one box. £70-100
80 Collection of glassware, Edwardian style etched design £40-60
81 Spode bone china teaset, 'Tamarind' pattern. £40-60
82 Extensive dressing-table set including wash jug, basin, clock, and garniture, vases, tray, etc. £60-80
83 Wedgwood bone china table service, Perugia pattern. £150-200
84 Royal Doulton service 'Juliet' design. £100-150
85 Wade Heath figure of a Giant Panda bear, green stamp to base, c1930s. £100-150
86 Royal Crownford pottery jug and bowl, Calico patern, a Victorian jug and bowl and two meat plates. £30-40
87 Stamps: Four albums of Benham 'Silk' First Day Covers, 1980s; together with three albums of PHQ cards, including one album with related mint stamps attached to the relevant cards; a few loose First Day Covers and postcards, (a collection in 7 albums). £120-180
88 Postcards: An album of cards, principally lace making and Hilda Miller Fairy subjects; Another album reproduction advertisement cards - including resort cards, Art Nouveau style, etc. £80-120
89 Postcards: An album of Teddy Bear related cards; together with another album - dolls, juvenilia, etc. £100-150
90 Cigarette Cards: Three ring-binder albums - Players, Wills's, etc, together with some PHQ cards; other cigarette cards in plastic sleeves; three cigarette booklets and some Golden Era trade cards. £60-100
98 Viners plated canteen, Waterford salad servers, cake slice. £40-60
99 Scratch build model of a cabin speed cruiser, with built in motor, made c1950s. £20-30
100 A canteen of electroplated cutlery, by Walker and Hall twelve place setting, Hanoverian pattern, in an oak three drawer cutlery cabinet, width 67cm, (incomplete). £100-150
101 Chinese bamboo carved sculpture. £30-50
102 Brass oil lamp, etched shade and with funnel, 58cms. £20-30
103 A mahogany bracket clock, carved cresting to the case, circular dial with Roman numerals, signed Frodsham, Gracechurch Street, London, twin fusee movement striking on a gong, (adapted), height 46cm. £700-900
104 A modern canteen of cutlery, by Viners, boxed and another canteen of cutlery, boxed. £30-50
105 Mottu Freres, Paris, A French ormolu and white marble mantel clock, white enamel dial with Roman numerals, cylinder movement by S. Marti, Paris, No.4257, striking on a bell, the plinth casing surmounted by 'The Traveller with a rabbit', (some losses), plinth section with scrolling appliques, height 50cm. £400-600
106 Small collection of plated ware, including a three-light dwarf candleabra, salver, cased cutlery, etc. £30-50
107 Oneida plated cutlery, (3 boxes). £50-80
108 Garrard clock by Elliott, walnut case. £60-80
109 French porcelain and gilt mounted mantel clock. £150-250
110 A Victorian style plated Corinthian column oil lamp, square base, fluted shaft, with a cut glass reservoir, frosted shade, complete with chimney, 82cm overall. £200-300
111 Quantity of brass, copper, etc. £50-80
112 Books and cigarette cards. £40-60
113 Box of copper and brassware, including kettles, pots, figures etc. £40-60
114 Collection of signed photos and theatre programmes, from the Portsmouth Guildhall, variety, comedy and music artists, including names such as, Shirley Bassey, Tommy Cooper, Des O'Connor, Bruce Forsyth, approximately 80. £60-90
115 3D Viewfinder c1950s, boxed and with a number of slides, with another similar viewfinder, along with a boxed Cine projector with slides. £20-30
116 The Beatles LP vinyl record albums and selection of singles, including, Sgt Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band, A Hard Day's Night, With the Beatles (1st pressing), with other Beatles related records and books, 25 singles and 10 albums, (35). £30-50
117 Disney Christmas lights, together with a Camberwick Green figure 'Mr Crockett', (2) £30-50
118 Collection of signed portrait postcards of British film and TV stars, some printed, to include actors; Michael Wilding, Patrick Holt, Maxwell Reed, John Bentley, Anne Crawford, Margaret Lockwood, Jean Simmons, Dennis Price and others, 20 signed cards in total, along with a signed photo of boxer Sir Henry Cooper, with certificate of authenticity, along with a selection of call sheets and location notes for films, ''Barry Lyndon'' by Stanley Kubrick, ''South Star'' and ''Death on the Nile''. £20-30
119 Huntley & Palmers book biscuit tin, and four other tins, (5) £40-60
120 Set of vintage gaming, poker counters, in a cylindrical wooden case, diameter 25cm. £20-30
121 Mahjong set, and a part set of mother-of-pearl garming counters in a black lacquered box. £50-80
122 Dave Clark signed mounted signature, with portrait photo, unframed 43cm by 38cm. £20-30
123 Morecambe and Wise signed theatre programme, from the Portsmouth Guildhall. £40-60
124 Postcard album and contents of stage and screen stars, another similar album and a quantity of cigarette cards. £40-60
125 Collection of signatures of mostly Hollywood film stars, to include Spencer Tracy, James Mason, Robert Taylor, Ronald Coleman, Bing Crosby, David Niven, Ralph Richardson, Jeff Chandler, Buster Crabbe (Buck Rodgers), Henry Fonda, Rock Hudson, Tyrone Power (Zorro), Broderick Crawford, Frederic March, Victor Mature, George Raft, mounted in card with portrait and film scene photos, (16). £200-400
126 Cigarette cards, large quantity in eleven folders and some loose albums. £60-90
127 Sammy Davis Jnr signed mounted signature, with photo, unframed 32cm by 47cm. £40-60
128 Collection of signed football player photos; to include Wayne Rooney, Tony Adams, Nicolas Anelka, Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard, and others (6). £30-50
129 Cigarette cards, large quantity in ten folders and some loose and some in albums. £60-90
130 Large plated serving tray, coaster and brass clock (af) £20-30
131 Eleven framed sets of cigarette cards, some are reprints. £40-60
132 Eleven framed sets of cigarette cards, including footballers, MG cars, railway locomotives etc, one unframed, some are reprints. £40-60
133 Large quantity of silver plated wares, including tureens, trays, oval box, hip flask, etc. £40-60
134 Collection of diecast model toys and model kits; Italeri Pz Kpfw. III Ausf M/N 1:72 scale, Academy US Ambulance & Towing Tractor 1:72 scale, Corgi toys 650 Concorde boxed, with other loose and boxed diecast models, quantity in one box. £20-30
135 OO gauge model railways; collection of engines by Hornby, including ''Flying Scotsman'', Triang, diesel engines, wagons, passenger carriages, controller unit, O gauge blue engine by Triang, quantity in one box. £50-80
136 Three modern plush teddy bears, cat and rabbit by Ross with three others, all with tags. (6). £20-30
137 Selection of Triang Spot-on dolls house furniture, and an American Store model kit set. £40-60
138 Box of First Day Covers and loose stamps (one box) £40-60
139 Collection of football trading cards, mostly c1990s in folders, along with two folders of Topical times football star cards and football tokens, quantity in one box. £40-60
140 Collection of 78s vinyl records, mostly 1930s-1950s, classical and others, including Swing large quantity. £20-30
141 Cigarette cards, large quantity in seven folders and some loose albums, with a bag of silk cigarette cards. £60-90
142 Collection of signed football player photos; to include Aaron Lennon, Phil Neville, Garry Neville, Dimitar Berbatov, Theo Walcott, Thierry Henry (with certificate), Fernando Torres, some framed some unframed (7). £30-50
143 Two Franklin Mint model locomotives on wooden bases, New York Central and The Southern Crescent Limited, 36cm, (2). £70-100
144 The Oxford History of England, Clarendon Press, sixteen volumes. £20-30
145 Steiff small plush animals, c1960s, to include tortoise, fish, frog and two sealions, (5). £30-50
146 Automated monkey toy with cymbals, hand operated pulley to back. £20-30
147 Steiff Germany plush toy; Bat, 'Eric', 17cm tall and 28cm wide, c1960s. £40-60
148 Armand Marseille bisque headed doll; stamped 1894 A/M DEP, with sleeping eyes, jointed composition limbs, auburn hair, open mouth and clothing. £80-100
149 Selection of scale model sailing galleon ships, longest being 40cm, (4) £20-30
150 Playing cards, some boxed, (quantity). £15-20
151 Wisden and other books. £15-20
152 Small quantity of books, including North Riding Records, Yorkshire, four volumes.poetry etc, £30-50
153 Late Victorian oval cut glass biscuit box, plated lid, 19cm £30-50
154 Reproduction railway plaque, Shackerstone Railway Society, Market Bosworth 1969-1992 Shenton 2 August, Battlefield Line, cast metal, no.1 of 20, 24.5cm by 19.5cm. £20-30
155 Quantity of cameras and accessories, including a Solingor telescopic 250mm lens, together with an old typewriter £40-60
156 German bisque head doll, stamped Germany 1916 11, leg damaged / finger broken. £80-120
157 Brass Stilton carrier, diameter 26cm. £40-60
158 George Baker, History of the County of Northampton. £300-400
159 Four brass trivets, pair of brass candlesticks. £20-30
160 Stamps - Three albums of collectors packs, containing mint stamps as issued 1982-1999, a themed album of Benham silk first day covers, a related booklet - Great British Locomotives and two filing drawers with first day covers. £100-150
161 John Wayne resin rifle plaque, and other John Wayne collectables, carved figures, warming pan, replica sword etc. £20-40
162 'Ocean Swell', model ship, 53cm £10-20
163 French spelter mantel clock and dome, cylinder movement, overall height 34cm. £50-80
164 Pair of marble effect circular plaques, each plaque 16cm diameter, framed. £20-30
165 Collection of large marbles, diameters mostly 42mm and 35mm £50-80
166 Large collection of glass marbles, various sizes, six boxes. £50-80
167 Large collection of glass marbles, various sizes, five boxes. £50-80
168 Two boxes of modern costume jewellery - large bead necklaces and bracelets in turquoise, blue, cerise, purple, some with applied ribbon and cord. £20-40
169 A jewel box of shell jewellery to include necklaces, pendants, bracelets, bangles and a ring, some stamped 925 £40-60
170 A wine glass, probably late 18th century, rounded funnel bowl, the stem swelling slightly below a knop, folded foot, 15cm; and a wine flute of later date, trumpet shape with a teardrop stem, 14.5cm, (2). £50-70
171 Cut glass scent bottle, silver mounted, and another silver rmounted bottle. £60-80
172 Walter & Hall pierced sifter spoon, another similar, pair of silver nips, two strainers, and two napkin rings, total 7.5oz. £80-120
173 Two silver cigarette cases and a silver purse, 8oz gross. £80-120
174 A white metal cigarette casket, unmarked, engine-turned decoration, rectangular lid with an enamelled panel, depicting a skirmish with Cavaliers, after Philips Wouwerman, cedar wood lined and with a loose mirror and gilt slip, width 13.5cm. £120-180
175 Pair of silver sauce ladles, 5.8oz. £60-80
176 Small collection of silver, comprising a pair of dwarf candlesticks; cream jug; hand mirror; (modern coaster, small toast rack; napkin rings; sets of coffee spoons and sundry cutlery. £150-200
177 Collection of silver and silver plate souvenir spoons, and a set of silver coffee bean spoons. £80-120
178 A silver sugar sifting spoon, the pierced bowl decorated with fruit, the handle having rosebuds and scrolls, hallmarked London 1890, makers mark C.E. Charles Edwards, approximate weight 2oz. £20-30
179 Three silver topped glass dressing table jars, three different designs all with a floral theme, large jar broken around neck. (3) £50-80
180 An Italian Sterling standard four-piece tea and coffee set, Florence (FI263), post-war, in the Empire style, urn shaped with gadrooned girdles and deer-hoof feet, comprising coffee pot, 20cm, teapot 18cm, milk jug and covered sugar bowl, 55oz gross. £500-700
181 Silver mounted hand mirror, and brushes. £30-50
182 Set of six silver teaspoons; two cased part cruet sets; and a set of plated Continental cake knives. £70-100
183 Quantity of assorted silver teaspoons, nips, butterknife, etc. £120-150
184 Matched canteen of silver cutlery, Georgian and later. £800-1200
185 Set of six silver dessert forks and spoons, total 20oz. £200-300
186 A set of twelve Victorian electroplated teaspoons, by Allen & Darwin, Sheffield, with matching sugar tongs, and a strainer, bright cut style decoration, cased. £30-50
187 Silver sauceboat with rattan handle, another sauceboat, mustard pot and spoon, two silver bon bon dishes, jug, photograph frame, and Brazilian dish, gross 12oz. £120-180
188 Pair of Edwardian silver candlesticks, Birmingham 1902. £150-200
189 9ct gold sapphire and diamond eternity ring,and two other dress rings,(3) £50-80
190 A sapphire and diamond oval cluster ring, the oval sapphire 8.5mm x 6.5mm, claw set and surrounded by sixteen eight cut diamonds in an 18 carat yellow and white gold mount, ring size M, a size reducing band sits inside the ring to make it smaller and could be removed. £100-200
191 A diamond half eternity ring, seven brilliant cut diamonds claw set in a hallmarked 9 carat yellow gold mount, ring size O. £50-80
192 A twelve stone ruby dress ring, the small circular cut stones claw and pave set in a 9 carat yellow gold wishbone design mount with pierced shoulders and surround to head, approximate weight 3.3gms, ring size R. £50-80
193 9ct sapphire and diamond dress ring and matching pendant. £60-90
194 A yellow metal ring roman set with two old cut diamonds and central pink sapphire, approximate weight of mount 6.5gms, total weight of diamonds approximately 0.40 carat, ring size G. £130-200
195 Antique five stone 18ct dress ring. £70-100
196 18ct diamond solitaire ring. £400-600
197 22ct gold wedding band £100-150
198 Three opal set rings, (3) £100-150
199 An oval carved shell cameo ring, the female profile facing right, 25mm x 18mm, collet set in a 9 carat yellow gold mount with scalloped border, ring size P. £50-80
200 9ct malachite dress ring and amber cabouchon set ring, (2) £70-100
201 Sovereign Edward VII 1903, Sovereign George V 1913 and a half Sovereign George V 1914, (3). £450-550
202 A circular carved rose brooch, untested jet material, 28mm diameter, set in a 9 carat yellow gold frame, hallmarked Sheffield 1986. £40-60
203 An citrine brooch, the oval mixed cut stone, 30mm x 22mm, four claw set in a yellow metal frame. £40-60
204 9ct pendant and 9ct gold and diamond point pendant on tracelink chain, (2). £100-150
205 A pair of emerald and diamond earrings, five emeralds and four brilliant cut diamonds claw set in 18 carat yellow gold mounts, pierced fittings with post and butterfly. £150-200
206 A pair of sapphire and diamond oval cluster earrings, an oval faceted sapphire 6.6mm x 4.6mm, claw set and surrounded by twelve brilliant cut diamonds to each, in all white metal mounts, pierced fittings with post and butterfly. £200-300
207 A rope of cultured pearls, one hundred and fourteen 7mm pearls strung into a single row 100cm long and fitted with a 9 carat yellow gold safety hook fastener. £50-100
208 9ct gold signet ring, wedding band (cut), another and two dress rings and napkin rings. £100-150
209 An open face pocket watch, cream enamel dial with arabic numerals in a yellow metal case with foliate engraved decoration around a vacant cartouche, case marked 14K, No.124951, metal inner case, top wind cylinder movement. £80-120
210 A gentleman's Waltham automatic wrist watch, circular cream baton dial with sweep seconds and date aperture in a 9 carat yellow gold case, fitted with a brown leather strap, no personal engraved inscriptions. £100-200
211 A graduated cultured pearl necklace, seventy-one pearls graduating from 5mm to 8.3mm, knotted every pearl into a necklace 47cm long and fitted with a silver fastener. £50-80
212 Four graduated cultured pearl necklaces, pearls varying from necklaces 9mm to 6mm, 8.5mm to 4mm, 7mm to 3.7mm, 7mm to 3.7mm, one without fastener. (4) £50-80
213 Two 9ct gold wristwatches, and another dress watch (3) £100-150
214 A non-graduated cultured pearl necklace, one hundred and one 6.5mm pearls, knotted every pearl into a necklace 80cm long and fitted with a 9 carat yellow gold fastener set with a cluster of one amethyst and eight small pearls. £80-120
215 Two boxes of modern costume jewellery - polished white metal necklaces, bangles and bracelets, faux tortoiseshell and coral, slave bangles, large costume jewellery rings. £30-50
216 Swarovski necklace £40-60
217 Miniature portrait, head and shoulders of a young lady, 7cm x 5cm, framed; and two small Baxter type prints. £30-50
218 Silver coffee pot, plain oval form on four bun feet, hallmarked Chester, approximate weight 21oz. £150-200
219 Silver cigarette box, (a.f.), mustard pot, tongs, etc. £50-70
220 Brass French horn, in f half double, (B flat key and E flat slide). £50-80
221 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - Ernest Cruickshank, Woolwich Arsenal stamp, 12cm , slightly worn, together with Thomes Potter, worn, (2) £50-80
222 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - George Arthur Palmer, 12cm, labelled 44723, Gunner Royal Field Artillery, together with James Palmer, damaged, (2) £60-100
223 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - Alfred Bertie Palmer, together with Gordon Palmer, (2) £70-100
224 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - George King Edward Strike, Woolwich Arsenal stamp, 12cm, together with another, blank, the name probably erased, Woolwich Arsenal stamp, (2) £70-100
225 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - Arthur Radford, Woolwich Arsenal stamp, 12cm, together with Alfred Charles Clack, (2) £70-100
226 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - John Henry Maund, 12cm. £40-60
227 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - Albert Hillier, Woolwich Arsenal stamp, 12cm. £40-60
228 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - William Dawson, Woolwich Arsenal stamp, 12cm. £40-60
229 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - alfred Watts, Woolwich Arsenal stamp, 12cm. £40-60
230 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - Alfred Perry, Woolwich Arsenal stamp, 12cm. £40-60
231 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - Richard Gifkin, Woolwich Arsenal stamp, 12cm. £40-60
232 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - Albert Prentice, Woolwich Arsenal stamp, 12cm. £40-60
233 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - Frank Adkins, 12cm. £40-60
234 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - Leonard Lawton, Woolwich Arsenal stamp, 12cm. £40-60
235 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - Harry Firth, Woolwich Arsenal stamp, 12cm. £40-60
236 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - William Thomas Kirkham, Woolwich Arsenal stamp, 12cm. £40-60
237 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - William Arhur Fink, Woolwich Arsenal stamp, 12cm. £40-60
238 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - Arthur Jones, Woolwich Arsenal stamp, 12cm. £40-60
239 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - George Roper, Woolwich Arsenal stamp, 12cm. £40-60
240 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - James Ramsden, Woolwich Arsenal stamp, 12cm. £40-60
241 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - Robert Mckay, Woolwich Arsenal stamp, 12cm. £40-60
242 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - Walter Grace, Woolwich Arsenal stamp, 12cm. £40-60
243 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - Ernest George Weaver, Woolwich Arsenal stamp, 12cm. £40-60
244 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - James Edward Mason, 12cm. £40-60
245 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - Tom Carr, 12cm. £40-60
246 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - Sam Cunliffe, 12cm. £40-60
247 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - Thomas Frances Kelly, Woolwich Arsenal stamp, 12cm. £40-60
248 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - Edgar Henry Vann, Woolwich Arsenal stamp, 12cm. £40-60
249 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - George A Gee, 12cm. £40-60
250 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - Kendall Smith, 12cm, with letter and envelope. £40-60
251 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - Richard Rothwell, Woolwich Arsenal stamp, 12cm, with card case. £40-60
252 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - Leonard Martin, 12cm, with card case. £40-60
253 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - Charles Knox, Woolwich Arsenal stamp, 12cm, with card case. £40-60
254 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - Richard Parkin, Woolwich Arsenal stamp, 12cm, with letter envelope and card case. £40-60
255 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - Thomas Whyte, 12cm, with letter, envelope and card case. £40-60
256 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - John Dodderidge, Woolwich Arsenal stamp, 12cm drilled, together with Gordon Napier, very worn, ** Harris, very worn and Arthur Newell, very worn, (4). £70-100
257 A WWI Bronze Death plaque, named - Alfred Surridge, Woolwich Arsenal stamp, drilled, 12cm, another William John Rogers, Woolwick Arsenal stamp, drilled and another Arthur Carrington, Woolwich Arsenal stamp, drilled, (3). £60-80
258 WWI medals, identity bracelet and death plaque W.Y.Reg. 24/04/1918, Pr. Thomas Todd. £100-120
259 Medals; group of five to Corporal C G Flockhart 10th Battalion Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, including Distinguished Conduct in the Field (DCM), Military Medal, 1914-15 Star, British War Medal 1914 1918 and the Victory Medal, together with a copy of the citation for the DCM, London Gazette 3rd September 1919. £700-1000
260 Medals; group of ten to S M de H Whatton, including Distinguished Service Order (DSO), George V, silver gilt, MBE, Military Cross, 1914 (Mons) Star with 5th August to 22nd November 1914 bar, named 2 LIEUT.S.M.DE H.WHATTON R.F.A., British War Medal 1914 1918 named MAJOR S.M. DE H. WHATTON, Victory Medal with oak leaf named MAJOR S.M. DE H. WHATTON, Defence Medal, British War Medal 1939 1945, 1935 Jubilee Medal of King George V, 1937 Coronation Medal of King George VI. S M de H Whatton was mentioned in despatched in Gazette number 29422 31st December 1915 for gallant and distinguished service in the field and Gazette number 31437 4th July 1919. Stewart Montagu de Heriz Whatton is recorded as being Captain (acting Major) in the C/23rd Army Brigade Royal Field Artillery. £1500-2000
261 British War Medal 1914 1918, RTS-2529 Pte T Harris, ASC, another M2-126276 Pte A J Harris ASC, another 14271 Pte S C A Brown Northamptonshire Regiment, another 42990 Pte E E Coleman Suffolk Regiment, another 40241 Pte W C Hiscocks Somerset Light Infantry, another 29041 Pte R H Youngs Bedfordshire Regiment, another 36970 Pte J A Somerville Northamptonshire Regiment and a copy medal unnamed, (8). £50-80
262 Medals; WW2 group of four including British War Medal 1939-1945, Defence Medal, 1939-1945 Star, and France and Germany Star in a card box named R.A.L Richards, London, and another group of four including British War Medal, Defence Medal, Africa Star, 1939-1945 Star in a card box named F.A Garwood, London, (8) £40-60
263 Medals; WW2 group of four including British War Medal 1939-1945, Defence Medal, 1939-1945 Star, and France and Germany Star in a card box named W Harris, Market Harborough and another group of four including British War Medal, Defence Medal, 1939-1945 Star, Italy Star in a card box named S.J Lancaster, Market Harborough, (8) £40-60
264 Medals; WW2 group of three including British War Medal 1939-1945, 1939-1945 Star, Africa Star in a card box named Miss M.W Mason, London, and a group of four including British War Medal, Defence Medal, Italy Star, Burma Star in a card box un-named (7) £40-60
265 Medals; WW2 group of four including British War Medal, Defence Medal, 1939-1945 Star, Italy Star in a card box named J.H.Kay, Nottingham, and another group of four including British War Medal, Africa Star, Italy Star, France and Germany Star in a card box named H.Turlington, Nottingham, (8) £40-60
266 Medals; WW2 group of three including British War Medal 1939-1945, Defence Medal, both with miniatures(probably copies) 1939-1945 Star, in a card box named J.H.Morgan, Yorkshire and another group of four including British War Medal, Defence Medal, 1939-1945 Star, Africa Star in a card box named Cook, Yorkshire, (7) £40-60
267 Medals; WW2 group of four including British War Medal, Defence Medal, 1939-1945 Star, Africa Star in a card box named Donald, Falkirk, and another group of five including British War Medal, Defence Medal, Africa Star, France and Germany Star, Italy Star in a card box named Pearson, Lincolnshire, (9) £40-60
268 Medals; WW2 group of five including British War Medal, Defence Medal, 1939-1945 Star x 2, Atlantic Star in a card box named, W.A White, Bognor Regis, and a group of four including British War Medal, Defence Medal, Africa Star, 1939-1945 Star in a card box named R.A.Woolford, Kent, (9) £40-60
269 Medals; WW2 group of four including British War Medal, 1939-1945 Star, Africa Star, Italy Star in a card box named A.J Newcombe, Leicester, and a group of five including British War Medal, Defence Medal, 1939-1945 Star x 2, Africa Star in a card box named W.J Cullen?, Leicester, and seven other WW2 medals (16) £50-80
270 Medals; WW1 British War Medal 1914-1918 and 1914-1915 Star, to 33801 SPR.H. Robinson, Royal Engineers Victory Medal to 825125 S.Robson, Kings Own Scottish Borderers, QE2 Imperial Service Medal named Harry Robinson, a QE2 Coronation Medal, Victory Medal to 3667 Pte H.E Medlow, Suffolk Regiment and another to 8288 Pte F.Watson HLI, British War Medal 1914-18 to 171729 Dvr J Doheny, Royal Engineers, (8). £50-80
271 Medals; a collection of WWII medals including British War Medal 1939-45, Defence Medal, Pacific Star with Burma bar, Atlantic Star with France & Germany bar, 1939-45 Star, (mounted together), another group of five including British War Medal 1939-45, Defence Medal, France 7 Germany Star, Africa Star, 1939-45 Star, (mounted together), British War Medal 1939-45, Defence Medal, Africa Star, Italy Star, 1939-45 Star, QEII Coronation Medal, (mounted together). £50-80
272 Medals; a collection of WWII medals including group of three - British War Medal 1939-45, Defence Medal, 1939-45 Star, group of four - British War Medal 1939-45, Defence Medal, 1939-45 Star, France & Germany Star, group of four - British War Medal 1939-45, Africa Star, Atlantic Star, 1939-45 Star, group of four - British War Medal 1939-45, 1939-45 Star, Atlantic Star, Pacific Star, group of four - British War Medal 1939-45, 1939-45 Star, Atlantic Star, Africa Star, group of four - British War Medal 1939-45, Defence Medal, 1939-45 Star, France & Germany Star. £50-80
273 Medals; QEII Campaign Service Medal with Northern Ireland bar to 2423989 Tpr T Eastaff, 9/12L, National Service Medal to Cpl J Stone 1951-1957, four Imperial Service Medals, named, two George VI Faithful Service Special Constabulary medals, named and two QEII Faithful Service Special Constabulary medals, named, (10). £40-60
274 Medals; WWII India group of nine including British War Medal 1939-45 India, Defence Medal, 1939-45 Star, Italy Star, Africa Star, Pacific Star, Atlantic Star, Burma Star, France & Germany Star, (9). £30-50
275 Medals; three WWII groups of seven, each including British War Medal 1939-45, Defence Medal, 1939-45 Star, Italy Star, Africa Star, Burma Star, France & Germany Star, (21). £50-80
276 Medals; four WWII groups of five, each including British War Medal 1939-45, Defence Medal, 1939-45 Star, Italy Star, Africa Star, (20). £50-80
277 Medals; two WWII groups of four, each including British War Medal 1939-45, Defence Medal, 1939-45 Star, Africa Star, (8). £30-50
278 Medals; thirteen WWII groups of three, each including British War Medal 1939-45, Defence Medal, 1939-45 Star, (39). £40-60
279 Postal History, Penny black on envelope, Dec 31 1840, Two Penny Reds, (one imperf) on envelopes, four earlier letters, (one Lisbon 1797), two Indian banknotes. £100-150
280 Leicester race badges, (5) £20-30
281 Lacquered brass four-drawer telescope £30-50
282 French Dinky diecast toy; 817 Char A.M.X. 13 Tonnes tank, in original box. £30-50
283 Arnold Germany, tinplate motorised toy of a train on a track, with similar boxed tinplate toy with boats and lighthouse, c1940s, (2). £50-80
284 Flintlock pistol, part octagonal barrel with folding spike, engraved lock plate signed Mabson & Labron, walnut grip 26.5cm overall including spike. £100-150
285 Selection of WWII and WWI medals, and other Military ephemera £150-250
286 Large collection of World Wide medals and awards. £70-100
287 Eastern carved dagger, and other continental knives. £25-40
288 Jambaya knife £40-60
289 Kandjah dagger. £100-150
290 German Third Reich Naval dress dagger, later carved wooden grip, maker F.W.Holler, Solingen, overall 41.5cm. £180-200
291 A Collection of German Iron Crosses, and other medals. £60-100
292 Medals; a collection of WWII medals including British War Medal 1939-45 (22), Defence Medal (4), 1939-45 Star (16), (42). £50-80
293 Large collection of Regimental cap badges and helmet plates. £50-70
294 Bowie knife stamped William Rodgers, leather sheath and other small knives. £30-50
295 Collection of Russian, Chinese and other foreign medals, awards and badges, some mounted on two berets. £40-60
296 Brass fireman's helmet, leather liner and chin chain, height 27cm. £150-200
297 Large collection of USA, NATO, and other world medals and awards, many replicas. £70-100
298 Indian Tulwar £100-150
299 Eastern Kris £50-80
300 Lancashire Fusilliers framed metal and cloth badges, Royal Artillery badges and buttons, and other Military buttons and medals. £30-50
301 Japanese sword, curved blade, bronze tsuba, fish skin grip £100-150
302 Two French bayonets. £40-60
303 German pattern helmet with Eagle and SS Insignia, leather lined, and another foreign metal helmet. £40-60
304 Four trays of military cap badges. £200-250
305 German saw-back bayonet, blade indistinctly marked, Solingen, 39cm; a pair of double-barrel pistols; two single barrel pistols (relics). £80-120
306 Cavalry sword, shooting stick, cane. £50-80
307 Pith helmet, and a collection of foreign replica peaked caps. £50-80
308 A Royal Anglian Regiment beret, Field cap, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire badge, another Field cap, a peaked cap, two Military Police helmets, and a British Combat Helmet GS Mark 6. £50-80
309 A Cromwell Police Beat Duty helmet, size 7?,another similar, both Lincolnshire Constabulary, and a Metropolitan Policewomans hat, size 6? £30-50
310 A laquered brass trumpet, and a collection of copper and brass bugles, some with later regimental badges. £60-100
311 Royal Field Artillery trench art jug, other pieces of trench art, binoculars etc. £30-50
312 German axe multitool, german daggers, print, miltary badge, cigarette cards etc. £20-30
313 A replica Royal Military Police peaked cap, and other replica peaked caps, (quantity) £30-50
314 An American pattern helmet, no liner, hand painted and two reproduction US WW2 Military issue spades. £20-30
315 A replica RAF white peaked cap, other replica caps and two RAF ladies hats, (quantity) £30-50
316 A naval peaked cap, with anchor button badge labelled Golding, London, HM Submarines hat, and other peaked caps. £50-80
317 A Northamptonshire Imperial Yeomanry blue Dragoons uniform jacket, with shoulder belt and pouch (adapted?) with Regimental badge and buttons, and a Northamptonshire Imperial Yeomanry blue Dragoons peaked cap, on a mannequin marked Stockman Paris-London. £200-300
318 A Hobson & Sons, London, Scots Guards tunic, mans 1959 pattern, mans WORA No1 dress uniforn, Artillery Regiment tunic, mans 1980 pattern No2 dress army jacket, a USA tunic, a replica SS jacket. £50-80
319 Royal Horseguards Colonels tunic, labelled Mayer & Mortimer. London, five other Royal Horseguards tunics, three dinner jackets and three tail coats. £80-120
320 After Ernest Clegg, Land Army maps x 5 £50-100
321 Gilt metal Masonic pendant, sash with attached badges and three framed Masonic badges. £20-30
322 Five Egyptian applique wall hangings, cotton fabric on a hessian base, various sizes, the largest 50 x 137cm, depicting warriors and chariots, figures with donkeys, a camel train, large stylised bird with multi colour wings and three travellers on donkeys. (5) £50-80
323 Collection of rolled posters, vintage sewing and knitting patterns, books. £20-30
324 Die Polizei, einmal anders!, Introduction by Heinrich Himmler, 1937, with signatures on front end paper, apparently players from the Police Sports Club, Berlin. £40-60
325 Militargeographische Angaben uber England, Mappe A, 1st August 1940, German text numerous topographical black and white photo illustrations and large folding maps, scale 1:1,000,000, eleven maps in a card folder. £300-400
326 Lionel Edwards, sporting print. £70-100
327 English School early 20th Century, still life of flowers, oil on canvas, unsigned, 84x35cms. £25-40
328 Two prints in oak frames and others. £30-50
329 After Herbert Dicksee, The Crest of the Hill, monochrome print with blind stamp, published by West and Reed 1911, 44cm x 70cm. £50-80
330 English School, 19th Century, landscapes, a pair, oil on canvas, unsigned, 44cm x 74cm. (2) £70-100
331 English School, 19th century, rural landscape with figures and buildings, oil on canvas, unsigned, 48 x 59cm. £80-120
332 Jules Jacquet, engraving of Calabrev? £40-60
333 Malcolm Greensmith, Portrait of a Boy and his dog Patch, watercolour, 40.5cm x 30cm. £20-30
334 After Lord Frederick Leighton, Garden of the Hesperides, monochrome print, pencil signed and with blind stamp, 68x84cms, foxed. £25-40
335 Two 19th Century engravings, The Dancing Bear, Saturday Morning. £80-120
336 After Arthur J Elsley, Pick-a-back, monochrome print, 65x47cms, J Russell, landscapes, a pair, watercolours, signed and other prints various, (quantity). £30-50
337 Painted porcelain panel, landscape scene, gilt gesso frame, 18cm x 20cm; and two engraved portraits, The Duke of Wellington and a Naval Officer, (3). £50-80
338 Peter Biegel, sporting print, two county maps and print after John Flower, (4). £40-60
339 British School, circa 1900, Landscape with pathway, indistinctly signed, watercolour. £80-120
340 Follower of Archibald Thorburn, Cock Kestrel and prey, watercolour, 28cm x 22cm. £30-50
341 David Easton, Church interior, signed, watercolour, 38 x 28cm, and an aquatint, Giotto's Tower, Florence, (2) £30-50
342 H W Bates, Landscape, watercolour, and two other watercolours, (3) £50-80
343 John Morris, Kilchurn Castle, Loch Awe, signed, watercolour. £70-100
344 Pair of Indian illuminations. £40-60
345 Alan Canham, Wherry on the Broads, Nr Thurne Mills, signed, oil on canvas, 58 x 88cm. £80-120
346 Willem Jansen, Windmill by a canal, signed, oil on canvas, 41cm x 61cm. £400-600
347 Continental School, 19th century, Waterfall, indistinctly inscribed on the stretcher oil on canvas, 12 x 16 cm. £50-80
348 Arthur C H Luxmoore 'My Conservatory', a young lady in Regency dress, initialled and dated 1873, watercolour, 36cm x 24cm. £150-200
349 Glynn Thomas, Venetian Reflections, aquatint, and three others, (4). £30-50
350 J. Williamson, ''Unloading The Catch'' a coastal scene, oil on canvas, signed, 50cm x 75cm. £150-200
351 Follower of Edgar Hunt, Farmyard scene with chickens, oil on canvas 18 x 27 cm £50-80
352 Victorian map sampler, England and Wales, by Elizabeth Herbert, 1869. £40-60
353 G.A. Lejeune, Still Life of Roses, gouache on board, 22cm x 18cm. £20-30
354 Attributed to Sir Peter Markham Scott Geese in flight bears signature, pen and ink 16.5cm x 24cm, restored. Artist's Resale Rights may be applicable on this lot. £120-150
355 T. Colis, River landscape with a sailing barge by a jetty, signed, oil on canvas, 74cm x 127cm. £180-220
356 Two reproduction pictures, maritime scenes, and other pictures. £10-20
357 Rowland Fade, abstract mixed media composition, 49cm x 59cm, dated '78, Born in Norwich in 1939, Rowland studied at The School of Arts Berkshire, mainly now residing and exhibiting in Spain. £20-30
358 David Easton, Trees, oil on board, 53cm x 34cm. £20-30
359 John Steepe 1878, 'Glencoe', watercolour, signed, 34cm x 50cm. £30-40
360 Victorian oval watercolour, two children, Christmas 1900, framed. £30-50
361 Molany, Still life, Jug and Fruit. £60-100
362 Arsene Chabanian, coastal scene, a nocturne, signed, oil on board, 38cm x 45cm. £150-200
363 John Sargeant Noble, 'In Glen Falloch', retrievers resting, signed, watercolour, 16cm x 25cm. £400-600
364 Michael Stock, Pen and Wash, Farm scene £50-80
365 Oil painting, portrait of a girl. £50-60
366 A coloured vintage film poster, ''Ryan's Daughter, 74cm x 100cm, rolled condition, mounted in a glazed plain gilt frame, Odeon Leicester Square is a later addition. £40-60
367 John Strevens, Lady with Muff, oil on canvas. £300-500
368 Van Hille, watercolour, Gate and Garden scene. £50-80
369 Pair of Chinese embroidery pictures, both in satin stitch in peach, pink, and muted greens, one depicting exotic birds in trees and the other two ducks on a lake with floral spray and pair of swallows, 58cm 36cm. £15-25
370 After Neil Cawthorne, Our Heritage, limited edition colour print, pencil signed, 12/850, 47x58cms, and a collection of hunting and sporting prints, (quantity). £30-50
371 John Wright, hill town and landscape, a pair, watercolours, signed and L Rivers, landscape, watercolour, signed and dated '04, 23x33cms, (3). £30-50
372 John Whitworth, Three Spitfire artworks and one Lancaster bomber, oils, each 50cm x 69cm (4) £40-60
373 C P Shilton, Bi-plane, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1919, 34cm x 49cm. £60-100
374 Collection of framed children's book illustrations, to mostly include Margaret Tarrant pictures of animals, fairies and children, different sizes but mostly around 57cm tall and 48cm wide, (6). £20-30
375 After Gainsborough, Duchess of Devonshire in verre eglomise frame, two prints after Shayer, Autumn and Winter, and four other prints, (7) £30-40
392 Edwardian mahogany tub chair, pierced slats, turned legs, 54cm. £50-70
393 Reproduction mahogany hall table, serpentine front, frieze drawer, cabriole pad feet, W69cm x D42cm x H79cm. £50-80
394 Victorian mahogany side table, single frieze drawer,bow front top, square tapering legs, W81cm x D49cm x H73cm. £100-150
395 Oak ladder-back elbow chair, rush seat turned legs, W57cm. £60-80
396 19th Century mahogany demi-lune fold-over games table, tapering supports with pad feet, W75cm x H73cm. £80-120
397 Oak hooded wall clock, 6.5inch brass dial, movement striking on a gong, 95cm. £80-120
398 A George III mahogany demi-lune tea table, fold-over top, plain frieze, turned and tapering legs, width 91cm. £50-80
399 Mahogany small chiffonier, raised back with shield shape mirror above two drawers and a cupboard, ogee bracket feet, W81cm x D43cm x H125cm. £60-80
400 A Victorian chaise longue, carved walnut frame with turned legs, dralon upholstery. length 178cm £100-150
401 A nest of three mahogany tables, bow fronted with round section legs and stretchers, the largest width 50cm, depth 37cm, height 69cm. £60-90
402 A mahogany kidney shaped side table, leather inset to top, supported on turned legs with leaf capped cabriole legs and turned stretcher, W88cm x D50cm x H69cm. £50-80
403 A late Victorian inlaid mahogany mantel clock, in the style of Maple & Co., silvered dial with Roman numerals, double fusee movement, striking on a gong, the case with a raised pediment, satinwood banding, inlaid fluting, spandrels and swags, 46cm. £800-1200
404 An Edwardian mahogany fall front bureau, satinwood shell inlay to flap, four long graduated drawers with crossbanding and metal ring handles, all supported on bracket feet, W78cm x D47cm x H99cm. £70-100
405 A Victorian walnut music cabinet, satinwood strung with floral motif to each corner, the glazed door revealing five tooled leather covered shelves, gallery top with brass rods held by mahogany finials, plinth base W54cm x D36cm x H90cm. £100-150
406 A ladies mahogany work table, the single drawer supported on a substantial turned column and triform base with three flat bun feet, W46cm x D36cm x H75cm. £130-180
407 Inglesants sectional bookcase with five tiers, wth retractable glazed doors, applied label, W86cm x D26cm x H168cm. £80-120
408 Oak longcase clock, the hood with swan neck pediment, fluted columns, long door bracket feet, all over carved decoration, arched dial with moonphase, signed William Bullock, Worcester, eight day movement striking on a bell £400-600
409 Georgian oak corner cupboard, on later supports, D51cm x H138cm. £30-40
410 An oak drop leaf dining table, frieze drawer with bun handle, square legs with slight chamfer to edge, the top 123cm x 137cm, height 70cm. £80-120
411 A set of five oak framed standard dining chairs, rail back with three turned beads, re-upholstered nailed leather buttoned, over stuffed seats, together with a similar carver chair with turned top rail. width 47cm. (6) £100-150
412 A Regency style giltwood and composition pier glass, rectangular plate under a trellis panel, damaged, 80cm x 42 cm, a gilt framed wall mirror, and brass framed cartouche-shape mirror, (3) £30-50
413 Victorian walnut framed armchair, carved decoration, turned legs, 72cm; and a matching ladies nursing chair, (2). £100-150
414 George IV mahogany pedestal Pembroke table, D-shaped leaves, fitted with an end drawer, matched by a dummy drawer, ringed column, splayed legs, depth 102cm. £20-40
415 Reproduction mahogany finish secretaire, upper section woth drawers over a flap-front, four drawers under, height 135cm. £50-80
416 Oak corner cupboard, arched panel door, W93cm x H130 (ex Sandwich Gaol). £50-80
417 Reproduction mahogany serpentine sideboard, fitted with drawers and cupboards, octagonal legs, W145cm x D48cm x H85. £40-60
418 Stressless maroon leather easy chair with matching footstool, (2). £50-80
419 Large rectangular wall mirror, black and gilt frame, bevelled plate, 140cm x 107cm £40-60
420 A Victorian walnut display cabinet, with a pair of slide doors, on turned and ringed legs, W82cm x D43cm x H101. £30-40
421 Mahogany framed oval bevelled mirror, 87cm x 63cm, a mahogany wall mirror and a walnut mirror, (3) £40-60
422 Stag tallboy, fitted with seven drawers W83cm x D47cm x H113cm, and a Stag occasional table. £50-70
423 Yamaha YDP-131 digital piano, ebonised case. £50-80
424 Mahogany freestanding corner cabinet, 19th century with adaptions, cavetto cornice with a blind fretwork frieze, two astragal doors enclosing three shaped shelves, the base with a moulded edge above cupboard, bracket feet, width 96cm, height 206cm. £100-200
425 Reproduction mahogany four drawer pedestal chest, bracket feet, W41cm x D33cm x H61cm £40-60
426 Mahogany bevelled pier glass, gilt cresting, 101cm x 66cm. £80-120
427 Mahogany demi-lune side table, ball claw feet,W92cm x D52cm x H76cm. £80-120
428 Brass standard lamp, Art Nouveau style, adjustable column. £70-100
429 19th Century mahogany side table, one deep drawer, top supports, inset leather top, W80cm x D47cm x H79cm. £100-150
430 Oval mahogany mirror, carved frame bevelled plate, 80cm x 50cm. £20-30
431 Oak wall mirror, rectangular bevelled plate above a shelf, shaped and inlaid outlines, 84cm x 45cm. £30-40
432 Victorian mahogany hall chair, carved back, boarded seat, turned legs, W42cm. £50-70
433 Modern walnut dining table, circular extending top with concentric leaves and lazy susan, turned and splayed legs, maximum diameter 183cm, together with six matching dining chairs, vase shaped backs, striped upholstered seats splayed legs, comprising two elbow chairs W56cm and four single chairs. £300-500
434 Art Formar of Castle Donnington, contemporary two seater settee, on walnut effect feet, length 208cm, and a matching armchair. £300-400
435 A contemporary chrome coffee table, bamboo effect frame, plate glass top, 127cm x 92cm, height 52cm. £100-150
436 Arts & Crafts style stained beech reclining armchair, slatted sides, width 59cm. £50-80
437 An oak wall mounted corner cupboard with four panel door, brass hinges and escutcheon, W65cm x H88cm. £50-80
438 A Victorian rectangular wall mirror, gilt gesso frame, 43cm x 80cm, and a similar wall mirror 60cm x 52cm £20-30
439 Pine kitchen cupboard, rectangular top, two panelled doors, enclosing two fixed shelves, W146cm x D46cm x H123cm. £100-150
440 Victorian pine hanging wall cabinet, shaped pediment, glazed doors enclosing two shelves, shaped brackets, width 64cms, depth 22cms, height 100cms. £20-30
441 Pine butchers block, rectangular top, end drawer, above a shelf, 80cm x 58cm, height 93cm £200-300
442 Pine pantry cupboard, fitted with panelled cupboards and drawers, plinth base, W149cm x D44cm x H191cm. £60-80
443 Bentwood hall stand, H184cm. £50-70
444 Victorian pine corner cupboard, moulded cornice, upper glazed doors enclosing shelves, cpboard below bracket feet, W115cm x H224cm. £250-300
445 A boudoir grand piano, by Metzler, no. 128380, walnut case, iron framed and overstrung, on three square tapering legs, width 146cm, depth 142cm. £200-300
446 A Scottish mahogany longcase clock, the hood with architectural pediment, moulded square column, 14'' arched painted dial, with portraits of Caledonia, Ramsey, Ferguson, Scott and Burns, Roman numerals, subsidiary seconds and date dial, eight-day movement striking on a bell, long door flanked by quarter columns, turned legs, 215cm. £100-150
447 A Victorian ebonised and marquetry credenza, of break front form, gilt metal appliques, centre panel door, flanked by quadrant glazed doors, width 147cm, height 101cm. £100-150
448 Victorian walnut-framed armchair, carved cresting chanelled outlines, floral upholstered back, arms and seat, turned and ringed legs, width 65cm. £25-40
449 Victorian oak armchair, carved rail back, chanelled outlines, floral upholstered back, arms and seat, turned and ringed legs, width 63cm. £25-40
450 Victorian walnut-framed chaise longue, scrolled end, railed back with a carved panel, turned and ringed legs, length approximately 172cm. £80-120
451 Oak writing table, rectangular boarded top, two frieze drawers, square tapering fluted legs, joined by a stretcher, W183cm x D89cm x H76cm £100-150
452 A Victorian oak open bookcase, moulded top, plain frieze, four adjustable shelves, plinth base width 127cm. £50-80
453 Vintage gramophone cabinet, with a selection of records. £40-60
454 Victorian rosewood and marquetry chiffonier, the raised back with mirrors and galleried shelves, bow front base with drawers and cupboards, W154cm x D47cm x H230cm £400-600
455 Carved oak door panel in the Black Forest style, 80cm x 52cm £40-60
456 A Georgian oak dresser, three drawers to each side flanking a central drawer over a cupboard with panelled door, open deft rack over, W145cm x D56cm x H182cm. £200-300
457 A Victorian mahogany chest of two short over three long drawers with cock beading and metal ring handles, satinwwod inlay with three shell and floral motifs to top of carcass and bell flowers suspended from ebony stringing to sides, all supported on bracket feet, W123cm x D53cm x H121cm. £200-300
458 Edwardian mahogany display cabinet, mirror back, glazed door with painted spandrels two fixed shelves, W108cm x D40cm x H178cm. £70-100
459 Two occasional bedroom/hall chairs and a piano stool, one chair having a buttoned leather seat and one having a fabric inset seat and panel to back. (3) £40-60
460 Antler trophy, shield shaped plaque, W66cm. £30-50
461 Victorian mahogany pembroke table, rectangular top with two leaves, rounded corners, reeded edge, frieze drawer, turned and ringed legs, top 92cm x 101cm, height 73cm. £100-150
462 A walnut framed gentleman's balloon back armchair, re-upholstered in nailed brown leather button back, scrolling carved arms and cabriole legs.W68cm. £100-150
463 A joined oak gate-legged dining table, 18th century, oval top with fall leaves, shaped apron, tuned legs, pad feet, length 111cm, together with a Lancashire type beech spindle-back elbow chair, and two similar single chairs. (4) £50-80
464 Elbow chair, turned oak frame, 61cm. £25-40
465 Edwardian bone inlay beechwood two-seater sofa, W114cm £80-120
466 An Edwardian mahogany rectangular swing toilet mirror, the rectangular base having three concave drawers all supported on corner bracket feet, W42cm. £40-60
467 Corinthian 30 bagatelle board, 80cm. £10-20
468 A George III mahogany D-end dining table, with broad satinwood banding and stringing, inlaid decoration, on square tapering legs, fitted with two additional leaves, overall length 231cm, width 122cm. £400-600
469 Mahogany side table with two dummy drawers, turned legs, W122cm x D55cm x H78cm. £80-120
470 George III mahogany knife box, serpentine front, raised on three ball and claw feet, in the Chippendale style and an Italian style gilt composition table lamp, (2) £50-80
471 A mahogany desk/dressing table, central lap drawer with two drawers to either side all with metal ring handles supported on turned ring legs, W97cm x D58cm x H76cm. £50-80
472 A ladies mahogany framed button back chair, cabriole legs with castors, upholstered in a beige velvet, £60-90
473 A ladies mahogany framed button back armchair, with scrolling arms and cabriole legs with castors, upholstered in a beige velvet. £80-120
474 Joined oak drop-leaf table, 19th century in the 18th Century style, oval top with two fall leaves, frieze drawer, turned gate legs joined by stretchers, the top 111cm x 152cm, height 75cm. £50-80
475 Duresta Maximus - settee, Egyptian pattern upholstery, bun feet, 205cm £250-300
476 Duresta three seater settee, Egyptian pattern upholstery, bun feet, 245cm. £250-300
477 A nest of three Sino-European carved hardwood tables, early 20th Century, bowed form, decorated with Asiatic pheasants and scrolling foliage, within a key pattern border, standard ends, width 55cm and small, height 75cm, (3). £50-80
478 Reproduction yew coffee table, serpentine rectangular top, turned and ringed legs and rails, top 77cm x 47cm height 47cm. £20-30
479 19th Century oak pedestal tilt top table on triform supports. £20-30
480 Set of four Victorian walnut balloon back chairs, curved cross rails, serpentine seats, carved cabriole legs, W48cm. £70-100
481 Cream ground rug with figures - Saudi Arabia, 192cm x 136cm. £20-30
482 Nest of three brass tables, smoke glass top, the largest 51cm x 31cm, height 51cm £30-50
483 A pair of Chesterfield style settees, buttoned dralon upholstery, turned legs, 163cm (2). £200-300
484 Two copper top rectangular pub tables, 84cm x 49cm, height 58cm (2). £60-90
485 William IV revolving piano stool, upholstered seat, triform splayed supports, minimum height ,53cm £20-30
486 Baggs, London, A William IV rosewood and simulated rosewood bracket clock, enamelled dial with Roman numerals, signed Baggs, South Street, BERKELEY SQUARE, double fusee movement, striking on a bell, case with a triangular pediment, and engaged columns, with bead mouldings and brass inlay, height 51cm. £800-1200
487 Mahogany side table, demi-lune, pad feet, W100cm x D47cm x H76cm. £100-150
488 19th Century mahogany 'Trafalgar' elbow chair, sabre front and rear supports. £20-30
489 Oak drop leaf coffee table, oval top, 60cm x 74cm x height 50cm £50-70
490 Small Victorian mahogany bowfront sideboard, three drawers, square tapering legs W107cm x D49cm x H79cm £80-120
492 Oak draw-leaf kitchen table and four matching chairs, (5). £70-100
493 Christopher Wray Art Nouveau style table lamp, H48cm, and five similar wall lights. £50-70
494 Christopher Wray Art Nouveau style figural table lamp, H60cm, damaged and another Art Nouveau style lamp, (2) £50-70
495 Edwardian style figural table lamp, 56cm, another figural lamp and three wall lights. £50-70
496 Mahogany Sutherland table, two leaves with canted corners, splayed legs, the top 69 x 84cm, height 69cm, and a similar smaller Sutherland table, (2) £25-40
497 Oak side table, rectangular top frieze drawer, square tapering legs, W72cm x D49cm x H78cm. £25-40
498 An oak side table with central lap drawer, and deeper drawer to each side with ring handles supported on plain square tapered legs W91cm x D42cm x H72cm. £50-80
499 Edwardian inlaid mahogany settee, wingback, square tapering legs, W128cm £80-120
500 A circular oak tripod table on turned column with cabriole legs, diameter 63cm, height 74cm. £40-60
501 Edwardian satin walnut wall mirror, W69cm and an oval wall mirror £20-30
502 Stained beechwood rocking chair, American style with turned and ringed frame, upholstered back, arms and seat, 58cm. £30-50
503 Victorian stained pine blanket box, plinth base, W96cm x D52cm x H59cm £50-80
504 Victorian mahogany framed settee, with carved wavy back and scrolled arms, raised on turned legs, W216xm x D66cm. £100-150
505 Vienna style wall clock, walnut case, circular enamelled dial, single weight movement, 126cm £60-90
506 Large pine tack box, W102cm x D54cm x H50cm. £50-60
507 Pine kitchen table, rectangular boarded top with cleated ends, turned legs joined by rails, W188cm x D87cm x H79cm. £120-180
508 Eight Victorian style oak smokers bow chairs, turned spindles, boarded seats, turned legs and rails W58cm £700-1000
509 Victorian oak wind out dining table, rectangular top, with canted corners, moulded edge plain frieze, turned and ringed legs (one split) with three extra leaves, maximum length 302cm, width 122cm, height 75cm. £300-500
510 Four copper top pub tables, circular form, diameter 60cm (4). £80-120
511 Multi-York Abington wing-back armchair, near new. £70-100
512 A Bokhara pattern rug, fawn ground with four rows of guls, bordered outlines, 240cm x 170cm. £100-200
513 Cast iron chimney piece, W94cm x H120cm. £50-80