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Tuesday 9th May 2017, 10:00 am

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Description Estimate Hammer
1 Royal Crown Derby Paperweight - Zebra, gold button, 13cm, boxed. £50-80 £70
2 Worcester ivory ground coral handled jug, 1057, painted floral sprays, circa 1904, 22cm. £50-80 £48
3 Doulton Lambeth stoneware ewer, 25cm. £50-80 £90
4 Waterford Crystal - six hock glasses, 19cm, and six liqueur glasses in the Avoca pattern. (12) £50-80 £65
5 Royal Crown Derby paperweights - Swimming duck, Sitting duck, Member pack 2006 duckling, all boxed, gold button, (3) £50-80 £80
6 Denby ''Arabesque'' six person coffee set including coffee pot, milk and sugar £30-50 £18
7 Royal Bonn blue ground jardiniere, with applied gilt metal rim and stand, 32cm. £40-60 £50
8 Capodimonte Clock, 39cm, Royal Doulton figurines, Petite of the Year 1010, Belle, HN5401, Pretty Ladies, Elaine, HN4718, Goebel figure, small Waterford clock etc. £30-50 £100
9 Royal Crown Derby paperweights - Coot, Blue Jay, both gold button, both boxed, Pheasant, gold button, no box, (3) £80-120 £100
10 Royal Crown Derby paperweights - Kingfisher, 12cm, Swan, 10cm, both silver button, both boxed, (2) £50-80 £110
11 Pair of late Victorian opaque glass vases, crimped rims, enamelled decoration of flowers, 21cm, and a similar spill vase. (3) £30-50 £15
12 Clarice Cliff 'My Garden' pottery flower vase, stem-cup form, with twin moulded and floral handles, 20cm, with central posy stand. £70-100 £32
13 A quantity of mounted cast resin animal figures and groups. £40-60 £35
14 Collection of blue and white china, decorative plates etc, £40-60 £15
15 Collection of ceramics, including a Chinese bowl, Hammersley and Masons (two boxes) £40-60 £90
16 Border Fine Arts model of Charolais Bull, No 373/950, with certificate, height 26cm. £100-150 £100
17 Set of six Waterford pedestal glasses, 15.5cm, and other tumblers, together with a cut-glass vase. £40-60 £80
18 Royal Doulton Toby jugs, Mein Host D6468, 17cm; Captain Henry Morgan D6467, 17cm; The Poacher D6429, 17cm; Gone Away D6531, 18cm; The Trapper D6612, 9.5cm; St. George D6821, 10cm; Robin Hood D6534, 10cm; The Lawyer D6504, 10cm; Dick Turpin D6535, 9.5cm; Pied Piper D6462, 11cm; Blacksmith D6578, 10cm. (11) £30-50 £38
19 Large Chinese Moon Flask, twin dragon handles, each side painted with a panel of figures on a terrace, on a ground of flowers and scrolles, unmarked, 45cm. (a.f.) £60-80 £90
20 Royal Crown Derby paperweights - Chicken, gold button, boxed, Cockerel, silver button, boxed, (2) £40-60 £60
21 A glass sugar caster with silver cover and rim, hallmarked Birmingham 1932, a Stuart crystal decanter, six Webb 12cm wine glasses, other glassware.(15) £50-70 £60
22 Four Beswick Royal Doulton group Collectors' International Christmas tankards, limited edtition, boxed, Stein's ornaments and brass aeroplane models. £40-60 £30
23 Collection of Royal Crown Derby trinket boxes, Wedgwood and Aynsley plates and vases and a Tiffany box. £20-30 £28
24 A quantity of mounted cast resin animal figures and groups. £40-60 £35
25 Collection of Denby Stoneware tea and table wares, quantity in one box. £30-50 £18
26 Royal Doulton figure 'My Best Friend' HN3011, pottery hen egg box, tea ware and ornaments, quantity in two boxes. £40-60 £35
27 Lladro model, two nuns, No.4611, 33cm, chipped hat; and seven Nao porcelain figures of girls. £50-80 £55
28 Royal Crown Derby - Three collectors plates and thimble, (4) £50-80 £38
29 Modern mahogany single bottle tantalus, brass handle, height 33cm. £30-50 £35
30 Waterford Crystal - A ships decanter, 15cm water jug, 35cm circular platter, pair of 10cm candlesticks, (5) £100-150 £100
31 Victorian Printware meat plate, damaged, Lladro figure, green glaze jardiniere and a shallow dish. (4) £40-60 £18
32 Royal Crown Derby paperweights - Rockhopper penguin, gold button, boxed, Pelican, silver button, boxed, Puffin, silver button, no box, (3) £70-100 £140
33 Royal Crown Derby - Happy Anniversary Teddy, boxed, Gardening teddy, boxed, Sitting teddy, no box, Fleur de Lys hexagonal trinket box, boxed, (4) £50-80 £32
34 Border Fine Arts, Charolais Cow and Calf, No 707/750, with certificate, height 24cm. £100-150 £140
35 A collection of thimbles, Bing & Grondahl, Wedgwood, Royal Doulton crystal, Caithness, Royal Worcester, Spode, Hammersley, Queensway, hallmarked silver with an agate top, etc £20-40 £110
36 Resin and pottery cottage models, (quantity) £20-30 £12
37 Small collection of decorative glass vases, drinking glasses, etc. £30-50 £15
38 A box of decorative china, including Caithness paperweight etc £30-50 £20
39 Collection of Royal Crown Derby bone china, Derby Posies pattern. £50-80  
40 Nine limited edition enamelled trinket boxes, by Toye Kenning & Spencer Ltd, and Crummles, all boxed. (9) £40-60 £110
41 Royal Crown Derby Paperweight - Deer, 13cm, gold button, boxed. £70-100 £110
42 Collection of blue and white transfer printed Staffordshire wares, (18) £100-150 £90
43 Victorian Mocha ware jug, fern print on coloured bands, 20cm. £30-50 £140
44 Pair of Japanese Satsuma bottle vases, polychrome and gilt decoration of figures, two character mark, 22cm. £40-60 £40
45 Jadeite horse, 15cm with stand. £40-60 £28
46 Royal Crown Derby paperweights - Country mouse, Dormouse, gold button boxed and Little Owl, silver button, boxed, (3) £60-90 £90
47 South African Verdite Hippo, modelled and carved by Enock Mathabula, 23cm, (certificate), and a larger similar carving by Simon Mokome, 29cm. (2) £60-100 £130
48 Chinese vase, baluster form with flared rim, twin handles, painted with figures, multiple character marks, 57cm. £100-150 £50
49 Royal Crown Derby Paperweight - Tiger, 13cm, gold button, boxed. £70-100 £80
50 Doulton Dickens figure, 'Sam Weller', 11cm, bowls and trinket dishes, etc.(6) £40-60 £12
51 George III stoneglazed jug, 15cm, incised decoration, labelled 'Sidebotham Collection 543' and a similar mug, 12cm, cracked. (2) £150-200  
52 Quantity of ceramics, including Masons, Sadler, Beswick, teapots and jugs. £40-60 £65
53 Collection of Edinburgh and other cut crystal table glass. £40-60 £40
54 Foley china teaset, blue printed, other Staffordshire teaware, Victorian decanter, etc. £40-60 £40
55 A quantity of mounted cast resin animal figures and groups. £40-60 £38
56 Collection of Victorian green glazed leaf-moulded pottery, plates, bowls and comports, quantity. £80-120 £30
57 Minton breakfast set, commemortive ware, 1970s coffee set and other decorative ceramics, two boxes. £40-60 £25
58 Collection of Beswick models, including fox and hounds, ram, elephant, deer etc, all af. £30-50 £22
59 Pair of Royal Doulton Dickensian figures, Tony Weller, 10cm, and Sairy Gamp, 11cm. (2) £30-50  
60 Worcester polychrome tea caddy, ovoid form, with cover (a.f.), cross-hatch mark, 15cm. £100-150  
61 Collection of copper lustre jugs, paperweight and glass candle holder. £30-50  
62 Cranberry glass handbell, 31cm, another similar, Cranberry and and other glass. £50-80 £28
63 Derby pot pourri bowl, lacking cover, pierced and maskhead rim, polychrome enamels, plinth base, height 11cm; and a Newhall bowl, decorated with floral sprays. £40-60 £18
64 Royal Crown Derby paperweights - Sitting Cat, 13cm, Sitting Kitten, both gold button, both boxed, (2) £50-80 £32
65 Wedgwood Blue Jasperware, jardiniere, 16cm; a vase, preserve jar and a jug. (4) £40-60 £15
66 Goebel model of a hawk, 24cm, other Geobel bird models, Royal Doulton 'Thank You' HN3390, and Wedgwood, 'Little Bo Peep'. £40-60 £18
67 Pair of Victorian opaque vases, metal mounts, (one a.f.), 41cm. £50-80 £18
68 Four Dore a Sevres rim soup dishes, 24cm diameter, gilded Napoleon crest to centre, together with a contemporary plain heavy glass decanter with crowned ''N'' gilded and etched into glass, silver collar hallmarked London 1975, makers mark I.F&Son Ltd. (5) £100-130 £190
69 Royal Crown Derby paperweights - Badger, Terrapin, Mole, (chipped), all gold button, all boxed, (3) £60-90 £50
70 A quantity of mounted cast resin animal figures and groups. £40-60 £55
71 Three boxes of table and decorative china and ceramics, including Royal Worcester, Royal Garden pattern tableware. £40-60 £38
72 Box of decorative figures, chinese vases, Spode figure, etc. £30-50 £55
73 Royal Crown Derby Paperweight - Lion, 16cm, gold button, boxed. £80-120 £55
74 Royal Crown Derby paperweights - Ladybirds, two spot, seven spot, together with a blue ladybird, all boxed, gold buttons, (3) £50-80 £95
75 Wood & Sons Yuan pattern pottery, dinner and tea wares, quantity. £30-50 £35
76 Shelley Art Deco trio, Regent shape other Shelly pottery and china £30-40 £35
77 Royal Crown Derby paperweights - Birds, Wren, Goldcrest, Humming Bird, Waxwing, Chaffinch, Blue Tit, all gold buttons, all boxed, together with Robin, silver button, no box, (7) £120-180 £160
78 A pair of Royal Worcester twin handled pedestal vases with covers, blush ivory hand painted with honeysuckle and berries, fluted stems on circular leaf moulded foot, 32cm high, shape number 2031, Rd. No 329877, puce mark and dated 1903, retailers mark to base James Green & Nephew London. Repair to one knop. £300-400  
79 Meissen floral dinner service - to include, six soup bowls and saucers, six dinner plates, six starter plates, six dessert bowls, four serving dishes. £300-500 £360
80 Royal Doulton Dinner/Breakfast service, The Romance Collection 'Lisette' H5082-1981. £50-80 £18
81 Royal Albert 'Old Country Roses', a collection of tea and dinner ware. (Quantity) £100-150 £32
82 Royal Worcester, 'Bridal Lace' pattern tea and dinner ware. (Small quantity) £40-60 £10
83 Staffordshire Bone China, 'English Garden' pattern, dinner and tea ware. (Qantity) £40-60 £25
84 Japanese Satsuma vase, enamel, decoration, 33cm. £60-80 £110
85 Wedgwood bone china table service, Perugia pattern. £80-120 £100
87 Coalbrookdale type cast metal plate, diameter 26cm. £30-50 £15
88 Modern Meerschaum Renaissance style design type pipe, length 30cm. £30-50 £50
92 Stamps, collection of FDC's 1977-2012, in albums. £70-100  
93 Stamps, collection, albums, stock and loose (on and off paper). £40-60 £55
94 Canon AEI Program camera, accessories and bag. £40-60 £40
95 Five decorative presentation boxes, mostly arranged around a fisherman's theme; and a brass bound Victorian writing slope. £50-70 £85
96 Stanley, level, No.8988, engraved Stanley, Great Turnstile, Holborn, London, 34cm, walnut case. £70-100 £50
97 Pair of brass wall lights, Neo Classical torch design, 40cm, with glass shades. £50-80 £42
98 Wonderscope microscope and compass, (2). £30-50  
99 Smokers cabinet, four musical boxes, Imperial typewriter. £40-60 £48
100 Silver-plated five-piece teaset including tray, and a pair of glass and silver-plated table salts. £30-50 £15
101 Oneida silver-plated canteen of cutlery, in lined stained beech box. £50-80 £60
102 Malachite chess set, carving, dominoes set. £30-50 £55
103 H M Patent, a Victorian patent vellum document, with seal attached, relating to an invention 'Improvement in the Treatment of Soda Waste and Sulphurets', 1861, cased. £40-60 £40
104 Royal Worcester cake stand, napkin rings, etc. £40-60 £28
105 Edwardian oil lamp, moulded glass reservoir, brass column with shade and funnel, height 54cm, and a shield-shape toilet mirror. (2) £40-60 £40
106 Victorian rosewood and satinwood inlaid tea caddy, sarcophagus shape, 24cm, a walnut domed tea caddy, other caddies in boxes, (8) £50-80 £95
107 Small rosewood piccolo, 26cm, plated mounts and another similar, 31cm. (2) £40-60 £20
108 A set of six Victorian silver teaspoons, Birmingham 1899, set of six Hanovarian pattern silver teaspoons, a pair of George III sugar tongs, plated salver and other plated ware. £50-80 £70
109 Gentlemans top hat, leather travel case,.vanity set, chrome lidded bottles. £30-50 £40
110 American stained wood shelf clock, circular dial with Roman numerals, a spring-driven movement, striking on a gong, 41cm. £30-50 £20
111 Edwardian cylinder travel clock, integral winder, length 7cm, Enfield clock, Bayard clock, and another travel clock.(4) £25-40 £20
112 Triptych icon, rectangular case with folding arched doors, height 29cm, maximum width 41cm. £150-200 £170
113 Small quantity of hand tools including Stanley No.50s; Stanley 83 hand-drill and others, quantity. £50-80 £130
114 Wittner metronome, Lego kits, etc. £30-50 £20
115 Box of plated cutlery, together with pewter mugs. £20-30 £12
116 Silver plated serving trays, brass lamp and other brassware £30-50 £45
117 Vinyl record cases and records, mostly Classical (5). £40-60 £30
118 Binoculars, French carriage clock, Matchbox toy, etc. £20-30 £40
119 Stamps, collection of stamps, albums and loose stamps. £40-60 £30
120 Vintage car badges, marquetry box, compact and other items. £30-50 £90
121 Pin football bagatelle by Kay, 73cm, and a small quantity of games, Dr Banardos money box and cribbage board. £40-60 £25
122 Diana .177 air rifle, Mid-27; and a Harrington & Son 'The Gat' air pistol, .177 calibre, (2) £50-80 £60
123 Collection of loose postcards, postcard sets, cigarette cards, Bezique game, etc. £40-60 £30
124 Two coin albums, loose coins in packets, tokens, medallions. £50-80 £200
125 Leather attache case containing a collection of ephemera, photos and momentos from Egypt 1920s. £40-60 £50
126 WW1 period binoculars, W. Watson & Sons Ltd, No3 MKII, cased, pair of opera glasses, fly fishing rod JJS Walker, Bampton & Co, Alnwick, and another rod, (4) £40-60 £40
127 Fur jackets. (2) £50-80 £45
128 Napoleon Society Menus, facsimile signature page, and related ephemera. £30-50  
129 A collection of postcards, including some humourous cards by Donald McGill and others, (2 albums) £120-180  
130 Moulin Rouge poster, and art prints. £40-60  
131 Stamps - ringbinder album with QEII mint stamps including some full sheets. £100-150  
132 Escalado set, Dominoes, Ivory Dice, and two tape measures. £40-60 £30
133 Group of five WWII medals ins, Territorial Efficiency Medal to 2059818 PTE. K. HALL. GORDONS. together with documentation, war service ephemera, photographs, booklets of Cairo, Florence etc, (a large collection). £70-100 £190
134 A collection of reproduction coins, (2 albums) £25-40 £25
135 Leicester City Football Club Centenary signatures, FDC's etc. £20-40 £25
136 Stamps - Collection in two volumes, mostly Malaya, Singapore and SE Asia. £40-60 £90
137 Pair of humorous chap prints, Courtship and Matrimony, framed trade card, books etc. £40-60 £38
138 Stamps - schoolboy collection, another album, loose stamps, FDC's etc. £50-80  
139 Coins: GB proof year sets, and others, (22) £70-100 £100
140 Stamps - GB collection to 1966, including some First Day covers and regional issues. £120-180 £110
141 A ladies black parasol with pearlised onyx type handle with yellow metal mounts with leaves and scrolls and plain pommel. £40-60 £40
142 Collection of glass bottles, pewter tankards, and a plated dessert dish. £30-50  
143 Eight stamp albums of loose stamps, British and World stamps, postcards, and a few albums of cigarette cards. £40-60 £60
144 Quantity of cased cutlery including carving and serving sets, together with plated items etc. £30-50 £55
145 Large collection of Victorian marbles, including Lattacino and others, two Pedigree dolls, two card games - one Secret Seven, Enid Blyton, Spears weaving loom, £30-50 £500
146 A collection of cigarette, tea and other cards, many reprints, quantity in eight albums. £40-60 £50
147 Action Force hovercraft and some figures, plastic soldiers, novelty hand puppets, Tell-A-Tale cassette tape stories, children's microscope, together with a vintage suitcase. £30-40 £25
148 Coins: GB commemorative crowns, 1960s plastic coin sets, First Decimal sets, other commemoratives and loose coins. £40-60 £80
149 World War I bronze death penny plaque, named for John William Wilkins, 12cm diameter, with card slip. £70-100  
150 The Beatles - a fan club card with signatures, apparently collected by a lady working at the Abbey Road Studios in the 1960s, and booklet. £100-150 £240
151 German Luftwaffe style dagger, with scabbard, (a.f.), 42.5cm overall. £150-200 £220
152 English School, three-quarter length portrait of lady, miniature, 8cm x 6cm and two other miniatures. (3) £30-50 £50
153 Pop music, framed signed pictures and vinyl records, Slade, Marc Bolan, David Essex and the cast from Only Fools and Horses, etc. £40-60 £32
154 ASA Tokyo microscope, with additonal lenses, stained wood case, 37cm. £60-90  
155 Box of wooden items, abacus, Damascus type inlaid box etc. £40-60 £42
156 Zenith/Zenit EM camera with wide angle and zoom lens in carrying bag. £40-60 £32
157 Ozzy Osbourne original concert gig poster, Barking at the Moon tour, 1983, special guest Heavy Pettin, with list of gig locations, 60x40inch (152x102cm), Meatloaf original concert gig poster, 'Meatloaf in concert UK tour 1984' along with original Meatloaf promotional poster for the 'Bad Attitude' album release, both 60x40inch (152x102cm), (3). £40-60 £20
158 Early 1980s promotional and gig tour music posters, mostly Pop, to include two copies of Makin' Time, one signed by the band 30x20inch (76x51cm), The Thompson Twins 60x40inch (152x102cm), Judy ''Where the Boys Are'' 60x40inch (152x102cm), and Bonaventura 60x40inch (152x102cm), (5). £20-30 £10
159 Original Walt Disney film and character posters c1990s, including Hercules 40x30inch (102x76cm), and Mickey Mouse 28x20inch (71x51cm), along with other animated film posters, 'Space Jam' , 'James and Giant Peach' both 34x24inch (87x61cm), (6). £20-30 £12
160 Silver-plated cutlery, some cased, two silver Scottish knives, one hallmarked. (SGIAN DUBH) £40-60 £70
161 1930s Plush Teddy bear, straw filled, jointed limbs, height 41cm. £30-50 £12
162 German bisque head doll, stamped Germany 1916 11, sleepy eyes,open mouth composition limbs, leg detached / finger broken. £50-80 £45
163 Saturnalia, Magical Love picture disc, vinyl record LP and programme. £40-60 £28
164 A small tortoiseshell mantel clock with gilded mounts, convex white enamel dial with arabic numeral chapter ring and outer arabic minutes ring, pierced gilt hands, eight day timepiece movement with key, applied cast gilt scoll decoration and feet with floral basket surmount, height 29cm. £200-300  
164A French Planimeter, No.54069, boxed, the box marked Henri Morin, Paris, 32cm. £40-60 £42
165 Canon G11 Camera. £50-80 £60
166 Theodolite, signed W. Heath, 24 George Street, Plymouth, fitted walnut case, the case 34cm. £100-150 £440
167 Edwardian stained wood and inlaid bracket clock, 22cm, and a carriage clock. £70-100 £75
168 George Baker, 'History of the County of Northampton', one volume folio, rebound. £200-300 £220
169 Large collection of Commando comics, numbers 536-1632, together with other comic libraries, Battle Picture, War Picture Library, Valiant Library, Air Ace Library, Starblazer, and others, 250 plus issues, plus two Childrens books. £40-60 £65
170 A metal coal box containing a crumb scoop and brush, silver-plated ware and treen to include novelty pipes and a small parquetry domed box. £50-70 £30
171 Part canteen of silver plated cutlery, Kings pattern, fitted case, and other cutlery, various. £20-30 £35
172 Pair of Victorian brass candlesticks, baluster columns, two warming pans, a large quantity of brass and copper, together with a collection of plated ware etc. £70-90 £65
173 Warres 1963 Port, three bottles and one bottle of 1966. £150-250 £320
174 Haig's Dimple Scotch Whisky, six bottles, all 1960s bottling, in 'Sporting' cartons (6) £250-350 £240
175 Martell Cordon Bleu, two bottles, 1970s bottling, 70cl, both in cartons (2) £400-600 £360
176 Dewar's Ancestor Whisky, 1950s bottling, in carton £100-150 £210
177 Logan's Superb Scotch Whisky, bottled circa 1960, in carton (very low level, seal appears in tact) £60-80 £50
178 Haig's Dimple Scotch Whisky, two large and five half bottles, mostly 1960s bottling (one half bottle 1950s), five in cartons, two without (7) £250-350 £380
179 Long John De Luxe Scotch, 70 proof, low level, seal part broken £60-80 £30
180 Graham 1942 vintage port, two bottles, bottled 1944 by Waters of Coventry, decanted on 23/12/60 (2) £100-150 £160
181 Three bottles of vintage Port, Taylors Reserve 1965, (two), Adams Old Monk Port; and a Kopke Founders Tawny Port bottle, uncorked and filled with clear fluid (4) £70-100 £55
182 Johnnie Walker Extra Old Scotch Whisky (Black Label), circa 1970 bottling; Chateau Canon la Caffeliere St Emilion Grand Cru, 1966, and other spirits liqueurs. £100-150 £100
183 Twenty bottles of red wine, mostly Bordeaux, including Chateau Velle Eglise, Pomerol, 1983, Chateau Grand Pontet, St Emilion Grand Cru, 1984, and others. £80-120 £95
184 Tweny five bottles of red and rose wine, to include Macon Villages and Beaujolais Villages, plus others. £80-120 £70
185 Seven bottles of vintage Sparkling wine, including Cremant de Bourgogne, and others. £50-80 £25
186 Large selection of mixed wine, including Italian, Australian and English. £70-100 £110
187 Porto Calem, 1982, (one bottle). £20-30 £25
188 SKYLUX Telescope, on tripod stand, Equatiorial mounting, accessories. £50-100 £70
189 Panasonic television, 42inch screen. £40-60 £65
190 Sharp CD/BA 2000 CD player and speakers, Denon CD player and speakers. (2) £20-30 £50
191 Pioneer television, 50inch screen, together with a Pioneer RW DVD recorder, a Pioneer Media receiver and wall mounting plate. £50-80 £120
192 A JRO Multi-Globus globe with magnifier, showing mountain ranges when illuminated. £30-50 £12
193 Taxidermy Weasel, height 24cm. £20-40 £25
194 Ceramic table lamp, Cherub holding a branch, with shade, 70cm without shade. £20-40 £12
195 Large copper haystack measure with brass handle and plate reading ''Peter Walker & Son Limited Liverpool'', 39cm high, diameter of base 36cm. £80-120 £90
196 Brass coal scuttle. £30-50 £22
197 Gilt six-light table candelabra, French style, height 61cm. £20-40 £60
198 Double Bass, made in Hungary, labelled Szegedi Butor, Hangszer Vallalat, with electric pick-ups, 196cm. £200-300 £200
199 Windsor banjo, inlaid, 93cm. £70-100  
200 Melody Ukelele, 60cm. £40-60 £45
201 John Grey & Son, banjo, enamelled decoration, 84cm. £80-120 £170
202 Canteen of plated cutlery in oak case, the case 45cm. £60-100 £75
203 William IV silver mug, London 1837, reeded bands, later engraved SGB, 6.5cm. £50-80 £75
204 Pair of silver champagnes, Birmingham 1938, shallow conical bowls, engraved L&R MGA, 10cm. £60-80 £95
205 Rectangular silver snuff box, Birmingham 1953, engine-turned, 5cm, another Birmingham 1974, 4cm and a circular powder box, (3). £100-150 £120
206 Art Deco style silver two-handled sugar bowl, Sheffield 1943, engraved initials, width 15cm. £50-80 £85
207 Silver presentation perpetual calendar, London 1959, width 13cm. £30-50 £60
208 Silver Capstan inkwell, Sheffield 1920, reeded bands, diameter 14cm and another capstan inkwell, Birmingham 1911, (2). £70-100 £90
209 Edwardian silver three-piece condiment set, Birmingham 1907, fruit knife, stilton cheese scoop, bread fork, spoons etc. £100-150 £170
210 A pair of silver Hester Bateman cauldron salts, fine bead edge supported on three hooved feet, hallmarked London 1787, together with a pair of Hester Bateman shovel shape silver condiment spoons, gross weight approximately 3.3oz, one lacking liner. £80-120 £190
211 The heavy silver napkin ring, London 1942 and three other silver napkin rings, (4). £40-60 £35
212 Silver Armada dish, London 1962, centred with a Tudor rose, diameter 12cm. £40-60 £42
213 Silver six section toast rack, Birmingham 1939, 10cm, an Edwardian silver vesta and a small silver Trophy cup, (3). £40-60 £80
213A Edwardian silver visiting card case, Birmingham 1904, engraved decoration, 9.5cm. £40-60 £120
214 Silver sauce boat, Birmingham 1945, cut outlines, raised on three feet, height 7cm, (cased) and silver sauce ladle, Birmingham 1948, (2). £50-80 £60
215 Three-piece silver condiment set, Birmingham 1922, gadrooned outlines, raised on paw feet, four other condiments and four various spoons, (11). £70-100 £140
216 White metal presentation rose bowl, Leicestershire County Cricket Club, diameter 14cm, on a stand. £70-100 £65
217 Silver salver, Sheffield 1942, lobed and beaded outlines, diameter 30cm. £250-300 £260
218 Victorian silver oval dessert basket, by Nathan & Hayes, Birmingham 1894, pierced and lobed bowl, embossed decoration, width 27cm. £120-180 £170
219 Silver presentation cigarette box, Birmingham 1955, engraved inscription, engine turned lid, cedar wood lined, width 16.5cm. £50-80 £60
220 Silver presentation cigar box, London 1963, engraved inscription, engine turned lid, cedar wood lined, width 24cm. £150-200 £130
221 Victorian electroplated two-light candelabra, spiral twist shaft with beaded outlines, 37cm. £50-80  
221A Six silver limited edition armada dishes, each in a fitted red presentation case with booklet on the following monarchs, Queen Elizabeth II, Victoria, Henry VIII, Charles I, Richard III, Elizabeth I, the 13mm diameter dishes each having an image of the monarchs head to the centre, hallmarked London 1972-1974, makers mark SM, each dish weighing approximately 4oz. (6) £180-220 £280
222 Large collection of costume jewellery. £40-60 £420
222A Pre-decimal copper nickel and some silver coins, some Roman. (a quantity.) £50-100 £240
223 Two small silver christening mugs, a pair of 8cm pepper pots, another small pepper, cauldron salt, eggcup and silver jubilee spoon, gross weight approximately 10oz. (8) £70-100 £110
224 Silver cigarette case, London 1962, engine turned, engraved inscription, 11cm and another cigarette case, (2). £50-80 £85
224A Three late Georgian silver tablespoons, Fiddle pattern handles. £50-80 £80
225 Silver photograph frame, Birmingham 1991, 29 x 24cm and three other photograph frames, (4). £80-120 £180
225A Two sets of cased tea knives, filled silver handles. £20-30 £35
226 A pair of silver squat candlesticks, 7.5cm high, filled bases, a silver half moon shaped napkin ring hallmarked Glasgow 1959, four modern silver pin trays, one with Churchill coin to centre, one engraved Oundle, one Silver Jubilee and one with raised Prince of Wales Welsh crest, total weighable silver approximately 8oz. (7) £80-120 £90
226A Victorian silver napkin ring, London 1879 and three other silver napkin rings, (4) £40-60 £40
227 A contemporary silver tankard, plain polished straight sided tapered form 13cm high on rim foot, hallmarked Sheffield 1995, makers mark HC, approximate weight 13.5oz. no personal inscriptions or monograms. £150-180 £240
228 A contemporary silver tankard, plain polished baluster form 13.5cm high on single round foot, acanthus top scroll handle, hallmarked London 1964, makers mark R.C, approximate weight 13.5oz. no personal inscriptions or monograms. £100-150 £230
229 Silver jug, of squat form, Birmingham 1920, domed hinged lid, cane bound handle, 13cm. £80-120 £120
230 George II silver coffee pot, of small size, bearing marks for London 1737, straight sided tapering form, domed lid, substantial alterations, 17cm. £200-300 £180
231 Silver hot water jug, octagonal baluster form, stained wood handle and finial, JR, Sheffield, 26.5cm, 16oz gross. £100-150 £180
232 Edwardian electroplated purse, engraved decoration, width 8cm and a plated belt, (2). £20-30 £12
233 French silver jardiniere, of small size, marked Boin Taburet a Paris, with guilloche and laurel banding, later engraved, Ilkley Agricultural Society, 13cm. £100-150 £110
234 Edwardian silver scallop shaped butter dish, London 1904, 13cm, a small silver trophy cup, a vase and a sweetmeat dish, (4). £100-150 £190
235 George IV style silver teapot, Sheffield 1919, compressed form with a bobbin moulded outline, ebonised handle and finial, 13cm and a silver hot water jug, London 1919, (2) £200-300 £320
236 Dutch silver wager cup, of conventional form, bearing import marks, 13cm and a Continental white metal model of a lute, (2). £100-150 £220
237 Circular silver presentation tray shaped salver, Sheffield 1928, 9oz, diameter 20cm. £80-100 £120
238 George III style silver sauce boat, Birmingham 1900, flying scroll handle raised on three hoof feet, 14cm and another sauce boat, Birmingham 1900, 10cm, (2). £120-160 £160
239 Circular silver salver, cased,.diameter 31cm. £250-300 £300
240 A chippendale style silver salver, shell and scroll border, on three scroll feet, plain base, 22cm diameter, hallmarked London 1975, makers mark CJV.Ld C J Vander Ltd, approximate weight 16oz. £120-150 £220
240A Ebonised walking cane, with silver pommel, London 1925. £30-50 £40
241 Silver two-handled comport, Sheffield 1912, fluted oval bowl, later engraved, 18cm. £150-200 £170
242 Edwardian silver rose bowl on stand, Sheffield 1906, moulded and scrolled mask head outlines, diameter 18cm. £150-200 £180
243 Small silver hot water jug, in the George I style, domed cover, straight tapering sides, fruitwood handle, 19cm. £70-100 £110
244 A chippendale style silver waiter, plain base, 20cm diameter, hallmarked Birmingham 1963, makers mark CJV.Ld C J Vander Ltd, approximate weight 8oz. £70-100 £120
246 Four dress rings, an 18 carat yelow gold ring set with two old cut diamonds and a pink stone hallmarked Chester 1905, approximate weight 2.7gms, three 9 carat and rose metal dress rings all set with red stones, gross weight 5.7gms, ring sizes J-O. (4) £80-120 £140
247 Five dress rings, two eternity rings set with synthetic white stones, a silver and mother of pearl ring and a cluster ring, a small ring with three diamond points, ring sizes G-M. (5) £50-80 £80
248 A 22 carat yellow gold wedding band, 3.5mm wide half D shape, approximate weight 2.8gms, ring size O, an eternity ring with synthetic white stones, two other boat shape rings with small white stones, (4) £70-100 £140
249 Four gold dress rings, three 9 carat yellow gold rings set with coloured stones and a cameo, gross weight approximately 7.3gms, a small diamond solitaire ring illusion set in 18 carat yellow and white gold approximate weight 2gms, ring sizes N-S, (4) £100-150 £100
250 Five dress rings, all hallmarked 9 carat gold and set with various coloured stones, gross weight approximately 10.5gms, ring sizes M-P. (5) £100-150 £90
251 Three dress rings, a sapphire and diamond oval cluster in an all yellow metal mount, an amethyst ring with six small white stones to each shoulder, a 9 carat yellow and white gold ring illusion set with a diamond point, ring sizes J-K (3) £120-180 £110
252 Five dress rings, a 9 carat yellow gold emerald and diamond half eternity ring size L, an illusion set small diamond two stone crossover, a 14 carat yellow gold sapphire reverse cluster ring approximate weight 2.4gms, another ring stamped 18ct weighing 2.3gms, (5). £80-120 £130
253 A 9 carat yellow gold dress ring collet set with an oval cabochon cut rose quartz 25mm x 18mm, fine rope border, hallmarked Birmingham 1972, ring size approximately N. £80-120 £90
254 Four various rings, a 9 carat yellow gold Victorian seed pearl and garnet ring (two stones missing), hallmarked Birmingham 1896, a 9 carat oval cluster ring and a signet ring, gross weight of 9 carat gold approximately 6gms, a silver wedding ring, (4) £50-80 £45
255 A diamond solitare ring, the brilliant cut stone six claw set in an 18 carat yellow and white gold mount with engraved shoulders, approximate size of stone 0.27 carat, approximate weight of mount 2.5gms, ring size J. £200-300  
256 A sapphire and diamond three stone ring, circular sapphire to centre with a brilliant cut diamond to each side collet set in a yellow and white metal mount, ring size N. £100-150 £120
257 A circular diamond cluster ring, the seven brilliant cut stones claw set in an 18 carat yellow and white gold mount, total weight of diamonds approximately 1.00 carat, ring size K. £150-200 £260
258 A 22 carat yellow gold wedding band, 4.8mm wide with a floral and leaf engraved pattern, approximate weigth 5gms, ring size L. £100-150 £110
259 Antique five stone 18ct dress ring. £50-70 £55
260 18ct diamond solitaire ring. £300-400  
261 Two crossover design rings, yellow metal cross-over ring illusion set with two diamond points, stamped 18ct, approximate weight 5gms, ring size K, and a 9 carat hallmarked three-stone cross-over ring set with two diamonds and a ruby coloured stone, ring size L. (2) £80-120 £110
262 9ct hallmarked gold wishbone ring, set with seven stones, and a similar line mounted ring, 9ct hallmarked gold, white stones synthetic. (2) £80-120  
263 Victoria Young Head Gold Sovereign 1879, 9ct gold, yellow metal scrolled mount marked 9ct; and a hallmarked 9ct gold curb-link chain, gross weight approximately 18oz. £300-350 £280
264 Yellow metal bright cut engraved and enamelled spherical pendant, when opened revealing an engraved disc, approximate weight 7gms. £80-120 £130
265 Yellow metal pendant, stamped 585, on a yellow metal trace link chain stamped 750.gross weight approximately 7.6oz. £140-180 £130
266 A pair of Royal Crown Derby ''Imari'' pattern cufflinks in gold-plated mounts. £20-40 £55
267 Continental white metal hinged bangle, stamped 900; a David Hanson white metal and cord mounted necklace, marked 925; a dress jewellery bracelet with jade effect mounts. £50-80  
267A Jade coloured graduated bead necklace and an Agate bead necklace 9.5mm beads, 120cm long.. (2) £40-60  
268 A silver half hinged bangle, 22mm wide, engraved pattern to front, a cameo brooch depicting a boy with dog in an ivy leaf gold-plated mount, another brooch depicting horses in a glade, paste set brooch, two lockets, button and small bar brooch. £30-50 £180
268A Venetian blue and enamelled brass bead necklace, and a Murano glass pendant. (2) £50-80 £20
269 9ct hallmarked gold necklace, flattened and twisted curb links, 79cm, 7gms; a very similar 9ct hallmarked gold necklace, 60cm, 4gms; and a 9ct hallmarked gold oval locket, engraved, trace link chain. (3) £120-180 £140
270 9ct hallmarked gold circular locket, bright cut, diameter 12mm; an earring and pendant set, 9ct mounts with pear shaped cabochon stones; collection of 9ct gold mounted earrings (small quantity). £120-180  
271 Four jet coloured bead necklaces and a carved vulcanite brooch in the form of grapes and two leaves. £20-40 £18
272 9ct hallmarked gold necklace, fine engraved chain links, 47cm, 8gms. £100-150  
273 9ct hallmarked gold two-colour necklace, oval and cross links, 42cm, 17gms. £180-240 £160
274 Victorian rose metal black onyx and seed pearl mourning brooch, silver filigree brooch, marcasite earrings, antique ivory beads and other costume jewellery. £50-80 £110
275 Four fans, magnifying glass (broken jade handle). £40-60 £30
276 9ct hallmarked gold mounted earring and necklace set, with portrait cameo panels, the necklace with a trace link chain, and a similar earring and necklace set, enamel porcelain 'cloisonne' pendants, (two boxes) £70-100 £60
277 9ct hallmarked gold earring and pendant set, each with fourteen ruby coloured stones and diamond points in heart-shaped designs, the pendant with a trace link chain. £70-100 £20
278 A two row 9 carat yellow gold curb link bracelet, fitted with a padlock fastener, Edward VII 1910 Half Sovereign in a scroll top pendant mount attached to the bracelet, gross weight approximately 45gms. £450-500 £470
279 9ct hallmarked gold gate bracelet, some damage, with a 9ct hallmarked gold padlock clasp, together with a continental yellow metal rope twist necklace and pair of earrings, unmarked, damaged, 15gms gross, and a trace link yellow metal chain, damaged. (5) £150-200 £150
280 Continental yellow metal earring and pendant set, marked 750,set with synthetic white stones each piece designed as a hand with white stones to cuff and holding a heart shaped stone, the pendant with a trace link chain. £80-120 £70
281 9ct hallmarked gold mounted earring and necklace set with amethyst, the pendant with a box link chain. £60-80 £32
282 An 18 carat yellow gold diamond and pearl brooch, five cultured pearls peg set on an oval frame with six brilliant cut diamonds, overall dimensions 30mm x 18mm, hallmarked Sheffield (imported) 1990, approxiate weight 3.5gms. £50-80 £70
283 A sapphire and pearl set brooch, the circular frame millgrain set with four groups of a single sapphire flanked by two seed pearls, 25mm diameter, mount stamped 15ct, and a string of graduated pearls, 2.5mm to 5.5mm, overall length 50cm, 9ct clasp, (2) £70-100 £50
284 A circular carved rose brooch, untested jet material, 28mm diameter, set in a 9 carat yellow gold frame, hallmarked Sheffield 1986. £30-40 £20
285 A gold coloured curb link bracelet fitted with a 9 carat yellow gold padlock fastener, six charms attached including 1 and 10/- note emergency charms, a bible and a pink glass lantern charm, gross weight approximately 26gms. £50-80 £170
286 A silver half hinged bangle, 15mm wide, engraved pattern to front with ring box charm attached, another small bangle with heart attached, three silver dress rings, total weight approximately 1.4oz. £50-80  
287 Edwardian garnet and seed pearl pendant stamped 9ct on a 9 carat yellow gold chain total weight approximately 2.5gms, a 9 carat 45mm bar brooch with metal pin, silver coloured filigree insect pendant on a ribbon, delft brooch and a pearl bar brooch. (5). £50-80 £110
288 A yellow metal bar brooch 37mm long, five dress studs. (6) £40-60 £38
289 Collection of costume jewellery, (2 boxes) £30-50 £12
290 Small collection of dress jewellery, including beads, necklaces, earring and a graduated cultured pearl necklace. £40-60 £38
291 Baume wristwatch, yellow metal case, later leather strap. £120-180 £120
292 Gentlemans wristwatch, 9ct hallmarked gold case, the circular dial with baton markers, diameter 36cm, gilt metal expanding bracelet strap, together with another wristwatch, gold case the dial with baton markers, signed Avia, diameter 36cm, with personal inscription to back of case, gilt metal expanding bracelet strap. (2) £100-150 £170
293 Helvetia - a ladies 9 carat yellow gold bracelet watch, circular champagne alternating baton and arabic dial in a 9 carat yellow gold case hallmarked Edinburgh 1964, fitted with a 9 carat yellow gold link bracelet, overall length 19cm, manual wind movement, winds freely, weight excluding movement approximately 13gms, £150-200  
294 Gentlemans Waltham automatic wrist watch, circular cream baton dial with sweep seconds and date aperture in a 9 carat yellow gold case, fitted with a brown leather strap, no personal engraved inscriptions. £70-100 £130
295 Mappin & Webb - a ladies dress watch, the circular champagne baton dial, marked Mappin & Webb, London, 9ct gold hallmarked gold case and bracelet,bracelet 17,5cm long, gross weight approximately 15gms. personal inscription to back of case. £70-100 £100
296 Garrard - a ladies 9 carat yellow gold bracelet watch, circular white baton dial in a 9 carat yellow gold case with integral herringbone milanese bracelet, overall length 19cm, manual wind movement, winds freely, personal inscription on back of case, gross weight approximately 19gms, complete with a Garrard watch box. £200-300  
297 Gentlemans TW Steel wrist watch, 100 metre water resistant, limited edition in The Northampton Saints Colours, season 2014, number 033/100, model number TW931, boxed with guarantee from Steffans Jewellers Northampton. £50-80 £80
298 Masonic interest - silver spoons, masonic jewellery etc. £70-100 £75
299 Ten commemorative coins, silver nickel. £100-120 £100
300 Coins - Cartwheel 2d's, commemorative crowns and other coins. £30-50 £30
301 Coins: Three silver proof coins, two Commonwealth coin sets, small collection of banknotes. £50-80 £40
302 Small collection of Roman coins, some possibly re-strikes, (8) £30-50 £12
303 Two silver fobs and a small collection of coins. £30-50 £45
304 Edward III silver penny, Henry VIII half groat, Charles I 2d and three other silver coins, (6) £100-150 £50
305 George V gold half sovereign, 1912. £80-100 £110
306 Gold Sovereign, Victoria 1901. £180-220 £220
307 Gold Half Sovereign, Edward VII 1910. £90-100 £110
308 Two 9 carat yellow gold medallions, one with a vacant cartouche hallmarked birmingham 1926, approximate weight 3.8gms, the other ''Leicestershire A.A.A. 1926'' hallmarked Chester 1925, approximate weight 9gms. (2) £120-150 £120
309 After John Wilson Carmichael, Three masted ship and others at sea, oil on canvas, 50cm x 42cm. £200-300 £190
310 Collection of lithographic- Boer War and Military interest, (unframed and rolled), (9). £120-180  
310A Two Pears prints, five other prints, (unframed and rolled), (7). £70-100  
311 After Herbert Dicksee, 'The Old Garden', coloured engraving, published Frost & Reed, 1921, 49.5cm x 70cm. £50-80 £40
312 Victorian School, Dr George Richardson of Kent and his wife, oil on canvas, 61 x 51cm £100-150 £170
313 Follower of Thomas Gainsborough (circa 1900), Lady, oil on canvas, 61 x 46cm. £100-150 £260
314 Formula One interest - After Michael Turner, Jacky Ickx Ferrari 1972 German GP, signed by the artist and four other Michael/Graham Turner prints, (5). £30-50 £30
315 After Joseph Farqhuarson, winter landscape, colour print, pencil signed and with blind stamp, probably Frost & Reed, 51cm x 74cm. £50-80 £45
316 After Spy, Vanity Fair print, A Flannelled Fighter, April 28th, 1902, 34cm x 20cm, mounted and framed with commentary; and another similar, Monkey, August 15th, 1891, (2). £40-60 £30
317 After Lionel Edwards, 'The Cottesmore Hunt' colour print, pencil signed, Fine Art Trade Guild blind stamp, published by Eyre & Spottiswoode, 36cm x 52cm. £40-60 £38
318 Van Hille, watercolour, Gate and Garden scene, 50 x 40cm. £30-40 £22
319 English School, 19th Century, landscapes, a pair, oil on canvas, unsigned, 44cm x 74cm. (2) £70-100 £50
320 Pair of Victorian chromolithographs, and others. £15-20 £10
321 After John Cyril Harrison, 'Grouse in Flight', limited edition colour print, No.277/300, published by Malcolm Innes Gallery, 37cm x 51cm. £30-50 £20
322 Susan Stone, River landscapes, signed, watercolours, a pair, 53cm x 71cm. £100-150  
323 Roberta Strange, after Anthony Van Dyke, Charles I, engraving 63cm x 47cm. £30-40  
324 After W F Witherington, 'The Dancing Bear', engraving, 50cm x 62, and After Bigg, 'Saturday Morning'. (2) £50-80  
325 British School, circa 1900, Landscape with pathway, indistinctly signed, watercolour. £50-70  
326 Edgar Longstaff, Highland landscapes, a pair, oil on canvas, signed with initials, 29cm x 60cm. £60-80 £140
327 Munich School, tavern interior, oil on canvas, unsigned 37cm x 50cm. £80-120 £120
328 Munich School, man holding a glass, oil on canvas, unsigned, 50cm x 37cm. £50-80 £42
329 Peter Wilson, Olympic gold medal winner, signed Olympics poster, framed, the frame 102cm x 77cm. £50-80  
330 H W Bates, landscape, watercolour, 9cm x 13cm, and two other watercolours. (3) £30-40 £10
331 Jason Moore, Springer Spaniel portrait, oil on board, 48cm x 38cm. £60-100 £70
332 After Jean Meissonier, engraving of A Cavalier, signed by the engraver, 27 x 43cm. £30-40  
333 Willem Jansen, Windmill by a canal, signed, oil on canvas, 41cm x 61cm. £200-300  
334 TJJ, Statue Gallery, 'The Louvre', pencil and watercolour, heightened with white, titled, signed with initials, dated '46, 33.5cm x 24cm. £200-300  
335 Ray Blackwell, Low Water, Bideford, signed, watercolour, 34 x 23cm. £30-50 £50
336 Eight silk greetings cards, mounted and in a glazed carved frame. £30-50 £75
336A J. Williamson, ''Unloading The Catch'' a coastal scene, oil on canvas, signed, 50cm x 75cm. £80-120 £70
337 Collection of pictures/prints. £20-40  
338 English School, Nymph and Cherubs by a pond, oil on canvas, signed with monogram, 30cm x 45cm, damaged. £80-120  
339 JF Motherwell (?), street scene, indistinctly signed, indistinctly titled, watercolour, 38cmcm x 28.5cm. £30-40 £95
340 A Coleman, River Landscape, signed, watercolour, 38 x 20cm. £50-80  
341 After Harriette Sutcliff, girl gathering plums, oil on canvas, 40cm x 29cm; and print after Chris Noble. (2) £40-60  
342 Collection of prints, together with a bevelled edge mirror. £30-50 £10
343 Victorian School, Bolton Abbey, oil on canvas, unsigned, 24cm x 33cm. £30-50 £10
344 Sidney Moss, Rosskelly, watercolour, 22cm x 15cm, signed, dated 1991. £30-50 £65
345 William Cartledge, Fishing Barge by a Jetty, watercolour, signed, 33cm x 44cm. £70-100  
346 Victorian long stitch panel, three-masted ship, 25cm x 33cm, oak frame. £100-150 £170
347 John L Chapman, 'The Blacksmith' and 'The Strong Team', two limited edition prints, signed in pencil, Fine Art Guild blind stamps, both 48 x 38cm. (2) £60-100  
348 After C Fitzgerald, River scenes, hand coloured etchings, pencil, signed, 31cm x 22cm, (4) £60-100  
349 David Easton, watercolour, Still Life of Flowers; David Shepherd, signed print, limited edition, 'The Hazy Days of Summer', No.300/950; three others, portrait, landscapes. (5) £50-100 £50
350 Edward Wynne (?), Gary Meer, Upper Lake, Kilarney, oil on board, unsigned, label verso, 17cm x 25xm. £70-100 £70
351 Tom Kerr, Strangford Lough, Co Down, watercolour, 34 x 23cm. £70-100  
352 Arsene Chabanian, Coastal scene, a nocturne, signed, oil on board, 38cm x 45cm. £100-150 £170
353 South East Asian three figures, oil on canvas, 45 x 69cm. £100-150  
354 Harold Bailey, 'The Farrier', watercolour, signed, 110cm x 168cm. £100-150 £100
355 R. D. Sherrin, landscape, oil on board, signed, 97cm x 40cm. £50-80 £55
356 Stanley Orchart, 'Melchbourne, Bedfordshire', watercolour, signed, titled and dated 1972, 34cm x 49cm; and 'The Town Square', watercolour, unsigned, 32cm x 45cm. £60-100 £55
357 Stanley Orchart, 'Higham Ferrers', watercolour, signed and titled, 35cm x 48cm. £60-100 £65
358 Stanley Orchart, 'Town Square', watercolour, signed, dated '69, 34cm x 47cm. £60-100 £65
359 Collection of pictures, to include prints of a Hurricane, and Spitfire £50-100 £20
360 Chinese sculptured wool rug, floral design, 171cm x 91cm, together with four similar rugs. (5) £60-100 £80
361 Turkish rug, panelled field, and a meandering red ground border 198cm x 97cm. £50-80 £48
362 Persian rug, blue ground with all over floral design, broad floral border, 223 x 138cm. £200-300 £200
363 Vintage oval floral rug, 275cm x 228cm. £15-25 £10
364 Oak desk, rectangular top, two frieze drawers, square tapering legs, joined by stretchers, width 140cm, depth 76cm, height 77cm. £50-80 £65
365 George III style burr elm side table, rectangular top with stringing and a moulded edge, three frieze drawers, shaped apron, shell carved cabriole legs, ball and claw feet, width 111cm, depth 56cm, height 79cm. £200-300  
366 Victorian mahogany toilet mirror, oval adjustable plate, width 52cm. £20-30 £25
367 Edwardian mahogany bureau bookcase, moulded cornice, inlaid frieze, arch glazed doors enclosing adjustable shelves, fall-front writing surface enclosing drawers and pigeon-holes, above three long graduating drawers, shaped apron, splayed legs, width 100cm, depth 48cm, height 212cm. £120-180 £130
368 Cheval mirror, width 40cm x height 148cm, and wall mirror, in a scrolled gilt frame. (2) £50-80 £150
370 Victorian mahogany hall chair, carved back, boarded seat, turned legs, W42cm. £30-40 £42
371 Laura Ashley wall mirror, Venetian design, 91cm x 91cm. £30-50 £30
372 Balterley wall mirror, decorative glass in a mahogany effect rectangular frame, 84cm, and a similar oval wall mirror. (2) £30-50 £10
373 Reproduction mahogany narrow bow-front bookcase, three fixed shelves above a plinth base, width 40cm, depth 20cm, height 152cm. £50-80 £70
374 Reproduction mahogany bookcase, dentil moulded cornice, with a cupboard above sliding doors, open shelves under, plinth base, width 65cm, depth 34cm, height 229cm. £30-50 £12
375 James Greig, Perth An oak longcase clock, arched white enamelled dial, partly repainted, with subsidiary second dial and date dial, bears signature JAMES GREIG, PERTH, painted with a flower basket, to the lunette and rose sprigs to the spandrels, eight-day two-chain movement, oak case with a flat-top hood, long door, bracket feet, height 207cm. £200-300  
376 French oak dresser, the raised back with spindle gallery and a shelf with fluted columns, retangular marble top base, two frieze drawers above cupboards with carved panels, open shelf under, bun feet, width 126cm, depth 52cm, height 215cm. £300-400  
377 Victorian oak settle, the back carved tavern scenes, griffin arm rests, box base, above two panels with carved lion masks, width 140cm, depth 53cm, height 116cm. £300-500 £900
378 Art Nouveau moon shaped mirror, with mahogany wings, width 73cm,height 45cm, together with an Art Deco circular mirror, (2) £30-50 £60
379 Oak cased Vienna type wall clock, (a.f), 120cm. £50-80 £85
380 Edwardian mahogany dressing table, oval bevelled mirror above trinket drawers, five drawers surrounding the kneeholes, square tapering legs, width 123 depth 60cm, height 170cm. £50-80 £60
381 Set of brass and metal scientific balance scales, labelled L Oertling Limited, London, walnut and glazed case, width 47.5cm, depth 22cm, height 53cm. £60-100  
382 Two terracotta chimney pots, 72cm and 60cm; and four blue glazed pottery jardinieres, (6). £40-60 £65
383 Steepletone Canterbury Phonograph, with radio cassette and CD player, oak finish case, width 58cm, depth 36cm, height 90cm. £40-60 £20
384 Carved oak cased barometer, with thermometer, 87cm. £50-80 £30
385 George III mahogany bow front sideboard, with crossbanding and ebony stringing throughout, fitted with four drawers, turned and fluted legs, W183cm x D64cm x H97cm. £200-300 £500
386 Victorian oak dresser, mid 18th Century style, the delpht rack with a moulded cornice above a shaped apron, panelled back with two fixed shelves, the base with a rectangular top and moulded edge, two drawers with applied geometric moulding above panelled doors, bracket feet, width 174cm, depth 63cm, height 190cm. £500-800  
387 Black Forest Cuckoo clock, circa 1920, approximately 63cm. £150-200 £150
388 Set of scientific balance scales, glazed oak case, width 43cm, depth 29cm, height 50cm. £40-60 £30
389 Pine butchers block, rectangular top, end drawer, above a shelf, 80cm x 58cm, height 93cm £150-180 £130
390 Victorian pine corner cupboard, moulded cornice, upper glazed doors enclosing shelves, cupboard below bracket feet, W115cm x H224cm. £150-200 £130
391 Ladder back chair, an occasional table and a wall unit (3) £50-70 £30
392 Large wooden wheelbarrow, painted green, slat plank construction, maximum width 79cm. £60-100 £75
393 Art Deco mirror, floral form, with peach surround, together with an Art Deco mirror, square shaped with peach surround, 90cm square, (2) £60-100 £80
394 A Victorian dark oak twin pedestal sideboard, with carved decoration of lion masks, scrolls and foliage, adapted raised back, the frieze with three drawers over doors, W178cm, H102cm £100-150 £85
395 Pair of Tiffany style hanging lamp shades, diameter 35cm (2) £60-100  
396 Oak cabinet, shaped and carved cornice, leaded glazed doors, cabriole legs, width 79cm, depth 52cm, height 168cm. £100-150  
397 Victorian rosewood and marquetry chiffonier, the raised back with mirrors and galleried shelves, bow front base with drawers and cupboards, W154cm x D47cm x H230cm £200-300 £300
398 A mahogany bracket clock, carved cresting to the case, circular dial with Roman numerals, signed Frodsham, Gracechurch Street, London, twin fusee movement striking on a gong, (adapted), height 46cm. £400-600  
399 Edwardian oak mirror-back sideboard, carved pediment, moulded cornice, arched bevelled mirror, rectangular base a moulded edge, two frieze drawers above a cupboard, plinth base, width 123cm, depth 52cm, height 228cm. £100-150 £100
400 Arts & Crafts style oak side cabinet, moulded cornice above a rectangular bevelled mirror, two frieze drawers above glazed and panelled doors, each with inlaid stringing, shaped apron, square tapering legs, together with receipt, purchased from Bowman Brothers, Camden Town, 1913, width 113cm, depth 38cm, height 163cm. £100-150 £280
401 Oak china cabinet, glazed doors, bracket feet, width 100cm, depth 32cm, height 114cm. £40-60 £20
402 Oak framed oval wall mirror, bevelled plate, 89cm x 69cm, and a similar mahogany framed wall mirror. (2) £40-60 £20
403 Three metal milking buckets, 50cm. (3) £75-100 £100
404 A George III mahogany D-end dining table, with broad satinwood banding and stringing, inlaid decoration, on square tapering legs, fitted with two additional leaves, overall length 231cm, width 122cm. £400-600  
405 Victorian oak sword chest, rectangular hinged lid with a moulded edge, crved panel front, width 117cm, depth 34cm, height 48cm. £100-150 £85
406 Edwardian mahogany dining suite, comprising extending top with two leaves, carved gadrooned edge, cabriole legs with ball and claw feet, maximum length 209cm, width 109cm, height 77cm; together with a matching set of Chippendale design dining chairs, each with a carved cresting, pierced vase slats, drop-in seats, cabriole legs, ball and claw feet, comprising two elbow chairs, width 60cm, and four single chairs. (7) £300-500 £360
407 Mahogany corner washstand with splash back and undertier having central drawer and two false drawers, inset with later jug and bowl, and later set of wall mounted shelves (2) £100-150  
408 Set of four oak dining chairs, Georgian style, late 19th Century, each with a shaped back, pierced vase splat, drop-in seat, square tapering legs joined by rails. £80-120 £40
409 Victorian style walnut dining table, circular top with floral marquetry inlay, moulded edge, plain frieze, carved column, carved and scrolled legs, diameter 129cm, height 75cm. £100-150 £90
410 Edwardian mahogany tray, oval galleried form, with shell marquetry oval, two metal handles, 55cm. £40-60 £30
411 Victorian mahogany pembroke table, rectangular top with two leaves, rounded corners, reeded edge, frieze drawer, turned and ringed legs, top 92cm x 101cm, height 73cm. £60-80 £60
412 Edwardian mahogany Sutherland table, rectangular top with canted corners, moulded edge, satinwood cross-banding, boxwood and ebony stringing, central oval fan inlay, turned and ringed legs, the top 61cm x 76cm, height 64cm (2) £40-60 £45
413 Dolls house of a shop front with greenhouse, quantity furniture and models, 48cm wide, 32cm deep, 57cm tall. £40-60 £85
414 Pine chest, four long drawers, width 86cm, depth 44cm, height 85cm. £50-70  
415 Modern oak kitchen table, rectangular top, turned legs, 200cm x 100cm, height 75cm; and four beech kitchen chairs. (5) £60-100 £100
416 Modern Bentwood hat and coat stand, height 192cm. £50-70  
417 Modern Bentwood hat and coat stand, height 192cm. £50-70  
418 Reproduction Georgian style dining table, circular tilt top with ebony stringing, broad crossbanding, reeded edge, turned column, four splayed reeded legs with brass lion paw feet, diameter 122cm, height 174cm. £80-120 £50
419 Set of five Victorian walnut dining chairs, carved backs, upholstered over-stuffed seats, turned and ringed legs, width 46cm (5) £40-60 £42
420 Victorian oak Butler's tray, 64cm x 47cm. (No stand). £30-40 £25
421 Ward Manufacturer, Leicester Square, London A mahogany adjustable reclining campaign chair, blue cloth upholstery, the back reclining with fold-out legs and an with a further reclining foot section on six brass wheel castors, labelled WARD MANUFACTURER, LONDON PATENTEE, width 68cm. John Ward Patentee and Manufacturer of self-propelling and self-acting chairs, ''By Special Appointment to The Queen and Royal Family, The Empresses of France, Russia, etc.'' £1500-2000  
422 Victorian oak hanging corner cupboard, moulded cornice, inlaid door above a drawer, width 72cm, depth 40cm, height 93cm. £60-90 £40
423 Edwardian bone inlaid beech wood double chair back two-seat settee, width 114cm. £40-60 £38
424 Oak hanging corner cupboard, 19th Century, with a cavetto moulded cornice, rectangular carved panel door, brass hinges, flanked by ablind fretwork lozenge, width 68cm, height 80cm. £40-60 £20
425 Three-seater Knoll type settee, lemon stripe upholstery with flowers, length 214cm. £150-200  
426 Brass extending fender and fire irons, depth of curb recess 32cm £40-60 £50
427 Eight Victorian style oak smokers bow chairs, turned spindles, boarded seats, turned legs and rails, width 58cm (8) £500-700  
428 Victorian walnut framed firescreen, carved and fretted, woolwork panel, 118cm. £100-150 £75
429 Victorian style mahogany Canterbury, five division above two drawers, turned legs, width 47cm, depth 39cm, height 57cm. £50-70 £35
430 Modern walnut dining table, circular extending top with concentric leaves and lazy susan, turned and splayed legs, maximum diameter 183cm, together with six matching dining chairs, vase shaped backs, striped upholstered seats splayed legs, comprising two elbow chairs W56cm and four single chairs. £150-200 £140
431 Joined oak single chair, basically 18th Century, back with a scrolled floral carved cresting above slats, boarded seat, with a moulded edge, turned legs joined by moulded stretchers, width 47cm, height 96cm. £70-100  
432 Oak ladder-back elbow chair, rush seat turned legs, width 57cm. £30-40 £25
433 Late Victorian carved oak occasional table, oval top with two fall leaves, and a carved band, baluster turned gatelegs, the top 85cm x 111cm, height 74cm. £60-100 £170
434 An oak drop leaf dining table, frieze drawer with bun handle, square legs with slight chamfer to edge, the top 123cm x 137cm, height 70cm. £40-60 £15
435 Victorian walnut Sutherland table, rectangular top with rounded corners,moulded edge, two fall leaves, turned legs joined by a rail, the top 107cm x 110cm, height 72cm. £80-120  
436 Edwardian wing-back armchair, blue upholstery, square tapering stained wood legs, width 80cm. £60-100 £50
437 Art Forma of Castle Donnington, contemporary two seater settee, on walnut effect feet, length 208cm, and a matching armchair (2) £200-300  
438 Victorian style walnut trumpet worktable, ocatgonal hinged top, tapering box, turned column, carved tripod legs, width 42cm, height 74cm. £80-100  
439 Victorian style oak bookcase, rectangular top, plain frieze, fitted with adjustable shelves with a central divider, plinth base, length 166cm, depth 30cm, height 56cm. £60-100 £42
440 Victorian walnut work table, rectangular top with canted corners, with cross-banding and box wood ebony stringing, frieze drawer above a workbox, later base, width 61cm, depth 40cm, height 73cm. £100-150  
441 Oak side table, nest of tables, dinner trolley and an oval coffee table, (6). £50-70  
442 Brass and onyx coffee table, rectangular, 93cm x 42cm, height 42cm, and a similar standard lamp. (2). £40-60  
443 A Victorian chaise longue, carved walnut frame with turned legs, dralon upholstery. length 178cm £60-80 £50
444 Victorian walnut framed nursing chair, light golden upholstery, with turned and ringed supports, width 55cm. £80-100 £65
445 Modern pine towel rail, Victorian style, 65cm, and a wine table. (2) £25-35 £10
446 Reproduction small chaise longue, buttoned trellis pattern upholstery, stained cabriole legs, length approximately 137cm. £25-40 £10
447 Square top table with mother of pearl inlay, 38cm square, height 52cm. £30-50 £150
448 Standard lamp, turned column, painted finish, with shade, 183cm. £40-60 £10
449 Modern metal standard lamp with Tiffany style shade, height 160cm. £50-70 £42
450 Four piece conservatory set, comprising of table, two side tables and corner stand. £30-50 £30
451 Victorian walnut framed armchair, button dralon upholstery, turned and ringed legs, width 75cm. £150-200 £230
452 Victorian walnut frame nursing chair, button dralon upholstery, turned and fluted legs, width 64cm. £100-150  
453 An Edwardian mahogany rectangular swing toilet mirror, the rectangular base having three concave drawers all supported on corner bracket feet, W42cm (AF) £20-30 £10
454 Victorian walnut-framed chaise longue, scrolled end, railed back with a carved panel, turned and ringed legs, length approximately 172cm. £50-70  
455 Set of oak folding library steps, labelled Arthur Collin Limited, Leicester, three rung, height 167cm. £80-120 £140
456 George IV mahogany writing box, rectangular form, fitted interior, boxwood and ebony stringing, engraved brass plaque, 'Martha Cross, 1824', 40cm. £50-80 £40
457 Royal typewriter, width 40cm. £20-30 £28
458 Georgian style mahogany desk, rectangular top with tooled and gilt leather inset, moulded edge, twin pedestals, nine drawers, bracket feet, width 150cm, depth 90cm, height 79cm. £60-100 £110
459 Elm and beech smokers bow elbow chair, turned legs and rails, width 70cm. £50-80 £65
460 Contemporary metal and cane coffee table, plate glass top, 55cm x 55cm, height 52cm. £40-60 £20
461 Beechwood framed armchair, Bergere cane panelled back, width 54cm. £50-70  
462 Parker Knoll rocking chair, stained beech frame, width 66cm. £40-60 £70
463 Modern oak kitchen table, oval top, turned legs, 214cm, and eight (six plus two) beech kitchen chairs. £100-200 £250
464 Eastern teak barrel form stand, openwork base, height 34cm. £40-60  
465 A George III style oak and walnut wine cooler, oval form, with brass straps and cast brass lion mask loose ring handle, on a separate stand on cabriole legs, width 61cm, height 58cm. £150-250  
466 Oak aneroid barometer, with silvered thermometer, height 81cm. £60-100  
467 A Victorian walnut easy chair, upholstered in sky blue dralon, scrolled arms and conforming legs, width 67 cm £100-150  
468 Composite triptych dressing table mirror, height 81cm. £40-60  
469 Handmade Dolls House, designed as a three-storey timber framed town house, the base 110cm x 52cm, height 98cm. £40-60 £75
470 Dryad Handicrafts bookpress, beechwood and patinated metal, applied label, width 56cm, height 57cm; together with other book binding presses, also formerly of Dryad Works, Leicester. £80-120 £50