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Antiques & Collectors inc. C20th Decorative Arts

Tuesday 23rd May 2017, 10:00 am

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Description Estimate Hammer
148 Erika Chevalier, five iridescent studio glass items, including a flared form vase, a footed deep sided bowl, small dish, rectangular plaque moulded in relief with a bee, and a circular dish moulded with mushroom design (5) £70-100  
149 Erika Chevalier, three textured glass items, including deep-sided bowl, internally coloured with burnished orange, 12cm high; a clear glass vase, 12.5cm high; and a clear glass bowl with broad rim, the underside of the bowl textured, 29cm diam (3) £40-60  
150 Erika Chevalier, eleven studio glass dishes, mostly clear class with Celtic motif designs, others with acid-etched geometric designs, various sizes (11) £60-80  
151 Erika Chevalier, a quantity of art glass forms, including an acid-etched lamp, the shade of inverted teardrop form, on flared base, etched with flame design (lacking fittings); various dishes, fused marble plates; End of Day dish (12) £50-80  
152 Royal Worcester porcelain model, Clydesdale Stallion No.95, modelled by Doris Lindner, mahogany plinth, height 27cm, appear repaired, some damage to mane, with certificate. £200-300 £170
153 Royal Worcester three-piece teaset, still life painted with fruit, the teapot and cover 14.5cm, signed R English; milk jug 11cm, signed R English; sugar bowl, 7.5, signed Leaman. £100-150 £750
154 Royal Worcester porcelain equestrian model, Prince's Grace and Foal, No.522, modelled by Doris Lindner,mahogany and ebonised plinth, height 24cm, with certificate. £200-300  
155 Royal Worcester porcelain coffee can and saucer, still life fruit painted, signed Roberts, the saucer 11cm diameter. £40-60 £100
156 Two Royal Copenhagen porcelain fish models, including Fantail Fish, 3064, and American Perch, 2553, each 6.5cm high (2) £40-60 £55
157 Central/South American terracotta vessel, the looped handled formed as a jaguar, painted body with panels of figures and stylised borders, 20.5cm high £100-150  
158 Royal Worcester bone china bird models, Pied Woodpeckers No 3363, Sparrow No 3236, Kingfisher No 3235, Jay No 3248 (large), Goldfinch No 3875, Thrush No 3234, Woodpecker No 3249 (large), Beswick Mallard No 750, (8) £80-120 £50
159 Royal Doulton, ''Desert Orchid'' horse figure, DA184, on oval wooden plinth, £40-60  
160 Wedgwood china tea cups with saucers, 'Runnymede' design; Foley china tea cups; and three continental porcelain leaf shaped cruets. £40-60 £20
161 Six items of Langley stoneware, including jugs, preserve pot etc £40-60  
162 Pair of splash glass slender candle holders, posy vase, and waterjug. (4) £50-70  
163 Continental porcelain centrepiece, pierced and applied with floral decoration £40-60 £25
164 Pair of Rubella S&M wall plates, with lattice borders. £40-60  
165 Royal Doulton dinner service, English Renaissance design, including an oval meat plate, 41cm, sauceboat, dinner plates, dessert plates, side plates and soup plates. £50-80 £65
166 Four French crystal glass dishes, formed as a duck, cat, dolphin, and a pear, etched marks, the duck 12cm high £50-70  
167 Small of collection of Flo Blue ware, including four jugs, two oval dishes, and a jardiniere. £30-50 £20
168 Clarice Cliff, a vase moulded in relief with blossoming tree, 19cm, a 'Celtic Harvest' two-tier cake stand and similar serving plate, and another Newport pottery bowl (4) £80-120 £70
169 Whitefriars, a quantity of cut glass bowls, vases, etc (one box) £80-120  
170 Three-piece teaset, blue and white tureen and cover, majolica type jug, Poole cheese dish and preserve pot, Sylvac 'toadstool' vase, chamber pot, etc. £50-70 £45
171 Small collection of table crystal (boxed sets). £50-80 £30
172 Extensive Whitefriars tableware suite - with sets of 6 glasses and decanters. £100-150 £75
Pages 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19 

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